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Chapter57: Pre Wedding Drama

Wedding Invitations were written by Lin YuTong and Zhan Yi Fei, but it is not the same as ordinary people invitations.Lin Yu Tong used the pen first given to him by Zhan Yi Fei. He used the pen andwrote the name of the other party in the place where the inviting person was filled, and then Zhan Yi Fei used thesignature pen to sign it.

Characters are like people. If Lin YuTong\'s words are free and confident, then Zhan Yi Fei\'s words are steady andintroverted but with hidden sharpness. Lin Yu Tong felt that at the beginning,he wrote quite casually. After being involved with Zhan Yi Fei, it brought outa sense of arrogance and pride. It looked like his words, were not like hiswords.

It was Zhan Yi Fei’s proposal to writethis. In fact, at first he wanted to hold Lin Yu Tong’s hand, but after hewrote it, he always felt dissatisfied and it became the current method.

Lin Yu Tong wrote and couldn\'t help butturn to look at Zhan Yi Fei. "Yi Fei, what were you thinking about whenyou sent me a pen? Is there any special meaning?"

Zhan Yi Fei had no idea that he was novelwriter at the time It is even more impossible to know that he has the habit ofhandwriting in a notebook. How can he think of sending Lin Yu Tong a pen?

Zhan Yi Fei wrote the last word on the nameof an invitee and turned his head. "You guess."

Lin Yu Tong really can’t guess. Isn’t itusually a student who send a teacher a pen? Sending something an old man andsending something to a lover, can\'t it be a meaning?

Zhan Yi Fei gently pulled the pen away fromLin Yu Tong and held it in the palm of his hand. "I should have told youthat you are not the first person to use this pen."

"No. But you have engraved my name onit."

"Yes, I engrave your name, and then heldit in my hand every day." Zhan Yi Fei thought of the days when he wascrushing on Tong Tong in the past, always felt that his chance was far away,but it was clear that it was not possible, but now he thinks of it, there is asense of being like a world has gone topsy turvy

“You wanted to hold me firmly that bad?”Lin Yu Tong asked indefinitely.

“Yeah.” Zhan Yi Fei said,“I remember going to buy a birthday presentfor my aunt and passing by a counter selling pens. The salesperson said that giftingthe elders’ with pens is a way to express envy or reverence, to gift pens tothe others is to show that the other person is a collected person in thegifter’s heart, I didn\'t care too much back then. I didn\'t know but when Ilistened to it I felt right. I also tried to buy one. But I always felt that Icouldn\'t get it when I bought it, and there is nothing special about a pen thatcan be seen everywhere. Then I just found someone to make one."

Thenon the day they registered, he used the pen that he engraved. The kind of joy,really only he can understand.

Lin Yu Tong suddenly felt a pain in hisheart. He looked at Zhan Yi Fei and didn\'t know what to say for a while. If he was not reborn again, if he did nothave the impulse to agree to Zhan Yi Fei\'s proposal, what will they be now?

Lin Yu Tong couldn\'t wait to slap himselfas soon as he thought he might have missed this chance like the last one.

Zhan Yi Fei silently puts the pen into LinYu Tong\'s hand. "What\'s wrong?"

Lin Yu Tong\'s tear filled face made Zhan YiFei feel awkward.

"Nothing, just think..." Lin YuTong slammed his head and coughed, he calmed down his emotions, and suddenlygot up, hugged Zhan Yi Fei\'s head and buried it in his arms. "Yi Fei, Imade you wait for so long. I\'m really sorry."

"What a stupid thing to say? It\'salready a lot earlier than I expected." Zhan Yi Fei has bitten Lin Yu Tong\'sflesh bitterly through the soft clothes. "Shall we continue to write?”

"We write, today, tomorrow we will beable to send them out, so many people, I think it is a bit scalptingling."

The LinFamily and their relatives, plus relatives the Zhan Family, as well as friendson the other side, the company\'s partners... The two wrote more than 600 copiesof the invitation.

The Zhan Family is worth a lot of money,otherwise so many people can\'t all arrange into it.

Lin Yu Tong quickly wrote the invitations oneby one according to the list listed in advance, and gave them to Zhan Yi Feiand Zhan Yi Fei wrote his part. By the time the two people had finished thebusy work, the sky was already dark. They were going back to the bedroom toprepare for a break. At this time, the sound of Gao Wen Liang knocking came onthe door came. "Lin Zi, isn\'t there?"

"What\'s wrong?" Lin Yu Tongclosed the pen and opened the door. "Is there something?"

"Let me borrow something fromyou." Gao Wen Liang said, "I remember you guys who bought thelubricant wholesale box. Is there any spare? Is there an extra bottle? I don\'tknow what to buy. I am looking for one. "

Lin Yu Tong:"...... "

"Come with me.”

The lubricants were in the bedroom, Lin YuTong got a new bottle and handed it to Gao Wen Liang, Gao Wen Liang took it andran away, and it is simply a man who ran like the wind.

Zhan Yi Fei came out and watched thedisappearing Gao Wen Liang while standing with Lin Yu Tong. He shook his headsilently.

"If you get mixed, you can put your shameaside." Lin Yu Tong scratched his chin. "It seems they have beenmixed to the extent that they lack shame with the other side, and even bargedto get lube.”

Zhan Yi Fei: “...”

Soon, Da Kuan was driven out of Xiang Jun’sbedroom. It felt wronged and squatted at the door, Lin Yu Tong couldn\'t see itthat wronged so he called it over, gave it some food to comfort its injuredheart, and then took it with Zhan Yi Fei to help him take a shower.

General Da Kuan was not so sad, squattinginto his kennel, his eyes were looking at Lin Yu Tong from time to time.

This is the first Sunday in May, with halfa month left before the wedding.

In terms of invitations, the invitees inthis city were sent by special personnel, but not those in other the cities,like Yan Shu and Bai Yi He. They were sent by delivery, and they were receivedon the third day at the latest. At this point, the new wedding in The ZhanFamily was basically spread in B City. Almost everyone knew that The ZhanFamily only successor is going to marry a man.

Someone thought at the beginning that LinYu Tong was the best of everyone. The result was that Lin Zhi Song’s eldest wasa girl from a wealthy family. He couldn’t help but think, who is Lin Zhi Song?Why has he not heard of this person? Also, the only son marries a man, can ZhanHong Tu agree?

That\'s right, even though many people knowthat Zhan Hong Tu has been knocked down by The Zhan Family, they still feelthat as a father, Zhan Hong Tu will still attend the wedding, after all, thisis his only son. Is this going to cause a drama at the wedding?

In this regard, The Zhan Family\'s eldersalso have some opinions. Although they all know that Zhan Hong Tu was actingtoo much, but at Zhan Yi Fei\'s wedding, if he is not present, they do not knowhow the outsiders are going to talk, so when they sent out in the invitation.

On the third day, Zhan XinHua called him.

"Yi Fei, there is nothing else wrongin the house, I just want to ask you, please don\'t ask your dad to come withthe wife and that daughter of Wang Bing Yan on the wedding day. I am thinkingabout this for you, I feel pleasing words are quite okay, but if you don\'t mind,please don\'t hesitate to ask the unpleasant request to make things clear.

"If they want to come, I won\'t askthem to come. If they don\'t plan to come, it will be useless to ask them aboutthis." Zhan Yi Fei finished with an indispensable tone and smiled alittle.

"When you are not busy,you can come over to talk to me in advance. If you don\'t understand anything,you can ask me."

Obviously, she didn\'t want to mention ZhanHong Tu and Wang Bing Yan, the two of them were the non-desirable.

"Well, I will discuss with you, AuntXin Hua. Before you called, Little Auntie called my phone. She was a bit busyin the army and couldn\'t leave. So she asked me to go to see you with AuntieJia and see where you are not prepared in the arrangements and we can helpyou."

"Well, then call before you come, I amgoing to pick you up from the airport." Zhan Yi Fei finished talking withhis aunt he saw that Lin Yu Tong was a little distracted in the back, he didn\'tknow what to think, and then Zhan Xin Hua said two sentences, then she hung upthe phone.

"What\'s wrong?"

"Also...nothing." Lin Yu Tong hada slight hesitation and said, "There is a strange feeling. Do you thinkthat the second uncle will come?"

Since that time he had seen him YulingTemple, he has never seen Zhan Hong Wei again, but during Qingming Festivalwhen they went to sweep Zhan Yi Fei’s mother’s tomb he heard Zhan Yi Fei saythat the flower that was placed before the tombstone before they were clearlyfrom Zhan Hong Wei. They don\'t know if he had returned after he finishedsending theirs. If he didn\'t go back, he should probably know the news thatthey are getting married.

"He shouldn\'t. After all, he hasn\'tbeen back for so long." Zhan Yi Fei said, "And even if he does come,he can\'t change anything."

For his second uncle, Zhan Yi Fei\'sfeelings are still somewhat complicated. He once saw him as more important even morethan his biological father. He even thought that this person would solve hisdilemma, but obviously, only he himself can help him get out of trouble.

Lin Yu Tong can\'t figure out why he hadgone to mention this, but in the past few days he has thought of this personfrom time to time. Every time he mentioned the other people of The Zhan Family,his mind would flash to the first scene of seeing Zhan Hong Wei in his mind. Hedoesn\'t know if this person looks like Zhan Yi Fei.

In the evening, Lin Yu Tong wrote thedocument and closed the document, he was thinking about going to visit TheAmused Landlord. The Amused Landlord is not living far from Yuling Temple. Heasked The Amused Landlord to help him to visit the Yuling Temple to see ifMaster Cheng returned.

The Amused Landlord agreed very quickly andwent to the next day. The result was that Master Cheng did not return to thetemple. He has been away from the monastery for almost a month, and he hasnever returned.

Lin Yu Tong was surprised that he was notsurprised by the result. He just didn\'t understand that since Zhan Hong Weididn\'t return to Yuling Temple and didn\'t appear in The Zhan Family, wherewould he go?

The Amused Landlord was also thinking alot. He didn\'t see anyone that day, he contacted the abbot directly, and latergave this contact to Lin Yu Tong.

Lin Yu Tong saved the number, but did notrush to contact the abbot

"Yi Fei doesn\'t want you to mentionit, why should you fuck this calmed heart? He comes here, doesn\'t come, don\'tcome, it\'s not a big deal." Gao Wen Liang looked like a man on the sofa."I still have nothing to write. Click on the novel to benefit themasses."

"I didn\'t want to take care of it. ButYi Fei didn\'t figure out what happened in the past. He didn\'t say anything, butI always felt that it had some bad influence in his heart. "

Zhan Yi Fei is rarely angry, but when itcomes to the second uncle, Zhan Yi Fei\'s face becomes ugly in seconds. He doesnot want Zhan Yi Fei to carry hatred in his heart, which is itself a spiritualshackle.

"In any case, as long as I can, Istill want to understand why the second uncle did not leave quietly with ZhanYi Fei\'s mother." When Lin Yu Tong said this, Wang Bo happened to pass by.Originally, Wang Bo had a faint smile on his face, but he did not know what tosay, and he sighed heavily.

Lin Yu Tong always remembers the expressionZhan Yi Fei\'s face when he first mentioned Zhan Hong Wei to Zhan Yi Fei. He wasnot totally resentful, but his face did carry a distorted dissatisfaction.

Zhan Yi Fei, a person who has had a hiddenanger since the day he appeared in his sight, even if it is a regenerativeanger, he had a cold face, and even this time is becoming very rare. But everytime he mention Zhan Hong Wei, Zhan Yi Fei face looked like a little hedgehog,just stared blankly.

Lin Yu Tong also felt that his metaphor wasa bit funny, but he couldn\'t think of it more aptly.

People are very strange. Whether they liketo be alone or just like someone, in the stage of their liking, they alwayswant to be the most special one in their lovers’ hearts. At the same time, theywill never want to let each other pass and look better than them, even to dothings that others can\'t do to prove their specialness.

Lin Yu Tong has no last thought, but he hasthe ones in front if Zhan Yi Fei, and Zhan Yi Fei once said that he is like hislight, dispelling the haze in his heart, then he naturally wants to do hislight duty as much as possible. He wants Zhan Yi Fei to have a better life, andfor him to have no dark corner in his heart. This feeling is even more solidifiedwhen he sees Zhan Yi Fei\'s childhood photos.

Lin Yu Tong, who had taken the old photosfrom Wang Bo, asked his sister Lin Yu Lan to help, but Lin Yu Lan’s ownacademic work, coupled with the kidnapping, meant she worked on one or twoevery while. And then she recently transferred the repaired photos to Lin YuTong. Lin Yu Tong chose a few prints that he liked. The single photo Zhan YiFei\'s face with baby fat was secretly put into his wallet. He now developed ahabit of taking it out to look at it from time to time.

“Little Lin, what do you think in your brain looking sofocused?” Zhan Xin Hua went to the kitchen to find Lin Yu Tong. Because Lin YuTong had promised that she and Zhan Xin Jie had the opportunity to let themtaste his cooking, he was simmering it at this moment. It seems that this timehe should wait for some ingredients, so he stared at the fire.

"Auntie Xin Hua, you are just right,look at this photo, how fun it is."

"Hey? Isn\'t this Yi Fei childface?" Zhan Xin Hua’s face shone. "You said how big he is withnow."

"Yeah, also bun face." Lin YuTong can\'t wait transmigrate back more than twenty years ago. Although he ispinching that face every day, it feels very different. He feels very good atthe meat.

"Yi Fei was happy when he was young.In fact, I have to say it seriously. His mother is really not a big beauty, butZhan Hong Tu as the CEO he would have long been a good parent. When he was a child,he was rushing to hug his son. Hold him. But it was very strange, he only likethe hugs from his uncle.”

Zhan Xin Hua looked at it for a while andreturned the photo to Lin Yu Tong. “Yi Fei has a relative and a second uncle.Have you heard about this?”

"Yeah." Lin Yu Tong said, notonly has he heard that, he has seen him. He put the photo into the wallet."Will the second uncle come here this time?"

"Who knows? He has left the house formany years, and there is no news at all. It was like he just evaporates withthe world." Zhan Xin Hua seemed to have fallen into a certain memory, andthere is nothing to say.

Lin Yu Tong didn\'t say anything anymore.When he saw that the soup was almost the same, he put the tofu, cut into smalldipping and gently stirred it. It didn\'t take long for the tofu to get hot. Hebrought the soup in a big soup bowl, then he turned to Zhan Xin Hua. "AuntieHua you and I will go to the restaurant and wait for it. It will be theresoon."

Because of the large number of people, theamount of food to be eaten is very impressive, so Lin Yu Tong just made a dishand a soup, in addition to the pot of squid tofu that he just got, and Zhan YiFei\'s favorite meat dumplings, all the other chefs have prepared other foods Lin YuTong.

Zhan Xin Hua called Zhan Xin Jie with fullexpectation, then sat down and tasted the soup that Lin Yu Tong had broughtover. At first they showed just a little curious, but after a sip, theexpression immediately became different, and Lin Yu Tong was full of praise.

"Oh, Little Lin, your craft, it seemsthat Yi Fei getting get fat is just around the corner." Zhan Xin Huagracefully sent two more spoons to her mouth, and felt that the fact that LinYu Tong could make such a craft is really rare.

"When I have the time to cooksomething for Yi Fei, I usually cook something he likes. Auntie what I cook is notusually so complex. I just make him some home cooked food and such. If you wantI can make you a complex ones when you come.”

"No, I wouldn’t dare, if we come here often, Yi Fei will bedistressed.” Zhan Xin Jie said with a smile, she put down the soup bowl, lookedat Zhan Xin Hua, and then turned to Lin Yu Tong,“Little Lin, this matter. I shouldn\'t haveasked, but you haven\'t registered with Yi Fei for a short time. You have toprepare for the wedding. Your grandfather has asked me to come over and ask,when are you going to have children?"

Lin Yu Tong stared blankly he didn’t expectthem to suddenly mention this. However, he did not think about this problem,and he replied with kindness. "When Yi Fei wants it. He is not in a hurry,and I can\'t help it."

Zhan Xin Hua said: "You are still young,think twice. The human mind can be understood, and it is reasonable to say thatthis matter you do not need to be anxious. However, Uncle back home is lookingforward to the younger generation having children as soon as possible since heis older, so if you have the chance, you will also remind Yi Fei, and put theidea of things in his mind."

Zhan, Xin Jie smiled and said:" Yes,ah, if you do not know how to take care of the child to then you can find a fewexperienced aunties from our family to come and help, I fear, will not affectyou. "

"OK, I will mention this with Yi Fei,the two aunts you should relieved.”

Lin Yu Tong thinks of the small appearanceZhan Yi Fei’s child in the reality. In fact, he is quite curious about what hischild will look like, and is it estimated that the family may be more interestedabout that than him? He knows, don\'t say The Zhan Family, in fact, his parentsare looking forward to him and Zhan Yi Fei having children.

Originally, Zhan Xin Hua and Zhan Xin Jiewere worried that Lin Yu Tong would not be willing to get children so early.After all, he was still young. They didn\'t expect him to speak so well, andthey couldn\'t help but feel better about him.

Lin Yu Tong casually discussed this withZhan Yi Fei at night, Zhan Yi Fei was happy. "So you want to make a child?Now?"

Lin Yu Tong grabbed the book at the tableand threw it at Zhan Yi Fei. "Stink B ...go take a shower!”

Zhan Yi Fei took the book very easily andput it in its original position. “Let?”

Lin Yu Tong still has something to finish,and now he refused and gave Zhan Yi Fei a change of clothes.

Zhan Yi Fei fidgeting went toLin Yu Tong and pinched his waist, and thentaking advantage of Lin Yu Tong turning to beat him, hequickly got into the bathroom before Lin YuTing could get to him.

Lin Yu Tong thought that Zhan Yi Fei had agood night\'s entertainment, and when he drank the wine, he went to Zhan Yi Feito get the milk. It was obviously sent but he was keener to move himself.

Zhan Yi Fei didn\'t forget to say him whenhe was in bed. "How can you not move yourself when you are in love?"

Lin Yu Tong said with a thick voice:"I am lazy."

He said the truth. In fact, many times heis too lazy to move, moving his fingers and his brain is OK, and other thanthat he is really lazy. When he stayed in an apartment, he will cook or cleanup the house so early every day. In the end, it’s all about healthconsiderations and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Actually, he really wants himto do something like it. So easy.

Zhan Yi Fei said at this time:"Although I really want to have children and we can look for people towatch over them, but I still hope that children can spend more time with us, sowe still have to wait for it later. At least we have to have more people outthere."

Lin Yu Tong heard Zhan Yi Fei\'s meaning.Zhan Yi Fei does not want children to be as carelessly raised as they were.

Kang Jia Li has not been very well sinceshe gave birth to Zhan Yi Fei. According to Wang Bo, Zhan Yi Fei used to betaken care by his mother, but he did not get along with his mother and like thechild of ordinary people.

Zhan Yi Fei was still young at the time. Heonly remembered that his mother often took medicine and would accompany himduring the day, but at night he could only be with the nanny. At that time, hewas most eager to sleep with his mother in her room.

Lin Yu Tong couldn\'t help but say,"You were such a sticky boy when you were young?"

Zhan Yi Fei was lying on Lin Yu Tong\'s legand reading a book and said with conviction: "Now I\'m sticky."

Lin Yu Tong can\'t help with him. The lastchapter of the book was closed and put on his pillow on.

This is the last night they will sleeptogether before the wedding reception, because Lin Yu Tong will return to TheLin Family tomorrow. In fact, he felt that this is simply a matter of takingoff his pants and farting. He has been living with Zhan Yi Fei for a long time.But the elders don\'t think he shouldn’t adhere to wedding customs. They insistthat the two newcomers must not meet the night before the wedding. It isunlucky to meet!

Lin Yu Tong cleaned up the clothes to beworn on the wedding day and returned to The Lin Family. After all, the weddingcomes once in a lifetime, who wants to make a bad luck?

Gao Wen Liang went there directly, and alsotalked with Lin lifetime and it wasn’t about the issue of throwing the pricklypear, but throwing flowers.

Lin Yu Tong was too lazy to take care ofhim. After shower he slept earlier than any other day, and called Zhan Yi Feibefore going to bed. "Mr. Groom, see you tomorrow, remember to go to bedearly at night."

Zhan Yi Fei hopes that the stars will lookforward to the moon. He finally hoped to get married. Actually, he couldn’t sleep,but Lin Yu Tong said, he still agreed, and told Lin Yu Tong that he must goearly tomorrow to pick him up.

Lin Yu Tong smiled and asked: "We havelived together for so long, is there a sense of expectation like that?"

Zhan Yi Fei said earnestly: "Why not?This time is we are going to let everyone know, later you Lin Yu Tong are goingto belong to Zhan Yi Fei.”

Is it more than expectation? He simplywondered if he would be insulted and end up insomniac.

Zhan Yi Fei often loses reason in Lin YuTong’s face, but he has always been so happy.

The problem is that he is not only excitedtonight. Zhan Hong Tu and Zhan Yi Ning are also very excited. Talk about thefather and the daughter, especially Zhan Yi Ning. She didn’t have much to eatand drink for ten days. She couldn’t help but want suck the ice. This time sheis more than excited, she was so excited that she wanted to demolish The ZhanFamily\'s Old Manor!

Zhan Hong Tu also had an incredible madnessin his eyes, and Wang Bing Yan’s heart was straight and cold! She hadpreviously felt that her daughter was strange, but now it is so clear that evenher husband is strange!

Zhan Yi Ning then smiled and said, "Cometomorrow I will do something that will make the hairs on their heads turnsparkly white."

Zhan Hong Tu has been so excited that bothhands are not sure where to go and kept trembling, finally he grabbed the leftand right with his right hand, tried to fix them, and then watched them notmove. He was very happy to do something particularly correct, he had a strangelook on his face.

Wang Bing Yan was eager to say whether shewants to go to the hospital. Who knows, Zhan Hong Tu suddenly screamed at her,"Bring my mobile phone to me!"

Wang Bing Yan was shocked and honestly gavethe phone to Zhan Hong Tu. Zhan Hong Tu edited the text message one word at atime, and the recipient was Zhan Yi Fei.

Five minutes later, Zhan Yi Fei got the newmessage and thought it was Lin Yu Tong, who thought it was actually someone hedidn\'t want to see to talk to again.

He hesitated deleting the information andopening it, then he opened it, and then completely stared there.

Zhan Hong Tu actually told him in theinformation that although his mother committed suicide, it had nothing to dowith his uncle. If he wants to know the truth, he must send someone to pickthem up tomorrow and send them to the wedding.

After Lin Yu Tong was kidnapped once, ZhanYi Fei knew that it was not enough to build a protective wall around Lin YuTong, so he had been secretly sending people to monitor Zhan Hong Tu,especially later, after Zhan Hong Tu lost the management power, he even knewthat Zhan Hong Tu could not leave this quietly, and he made Xiang Jun and GaoWen Liang make some preparations.

Zhan Hong Tu has done a lot of things inthe past day, what is done, Zhan Yi Fei is familiar with it, however, he did notexpect that Zhan Hong Tu would come and give him this.

It has been more than 20 years since his motherpassed away, but Zhan Yi Fei knows that despite his hard work, he still has adark place in his heart. There is a knot that he can\'t open.

Now Zhan Hong Tu told him that this knot inhis heart was not what he thought, even using the word "must".

Mustpick them up.

How long has he not heard such an imperativetone since Yi Fei has become an adult?

Zhan Yi Fei suddenly turned the steeringwheel and parked the car to the north gate of the park where he often went toschool. He took out his mobile phone and dialed a phone call. "Keep him ina tight spot. Don\'t let me see him within forty-eight hours." The otherparty went down and Zhan Yi Fei drove the car back to the street.

He opened it for a moment, but he could notcalm his anger. This feeling is like going back to the same period that hestarted rebelling a few years ago.

At that time he was cold, he was violent,and it seemed that everything could not make him reasonable.

He often had the urge to tear Zhan Hong Tuapart, so he urgently needed to do something to calm his feelings.

Gao Wen Liang didn\'t expect to receive atext message sent to him by Zhan Yi Fei in the middle of the night, and thecontent of this information really made him speechless. He called Xiang Jun andsaid a few words, then he slammed out the bed.

There is a feeling of being a thief thatspreads in his heart.

The Lin Family people have already slept atthis time, and Gao Wen Liang did not dare to turn on the lights when he reachedthe place. He went to open the door and saw the coming person. He scorned thelittle one. "Zhan Yi Fei, if you can do it. Why don\'t you just weldyourself to Lin Zi?"

Zhan Yi Fei didn\'t speak, he went straightto Lin Yu Tong\'s room.

Gao Wen Liang felt a little strange andslammed him. "Is everything all right?"

Zhan Yi Fei "Eemn", he pushed GaoWen Liang\'s hand. "I just want to see him, you will sleep for you."

Gao Wen Liang let go of h suspiciously, andsneaked up the stairs.

They also slowed their movements and didnot start to alarm anyone. When Zhan Yi Fei stood in Lin Yu Tong’s bedroom, LinYu Tong was still rolling in his sleeping bag.

Zhan Yi Fei saw Lin Yu Tong’s face\'s sleepby the moonlight, and couldn\'t help but kiss him gently.

Lin Yu Tong only felt a little itchy in hissleep, and then he scratched his hand. After that, he didn\'t know what he wasdreaming. He used his scratched hand to start groping for a while, and touchedit for a long time and touched Zhan Yi Fei. Finally, he calmed down and slept.

Zhan Yi Fei’s cold face finally showed asmile. Then he did one thing... no matter how many years passed, Lin Yu Tongwas particularly puzzling.

Zhan Yi Fei took off his clothes and gotinto his sleeping bag. He hugged Lin Yu Tong and kissed Lin Yu Tong\'s lips,collarbone, chest and even smooth belly.

He swears that when he came, he really justwanted to sleep with Lin Yu Tong and simply wanted to sleep next to Lin YuTong. He didn\'t even want to wake up Lin Yu Tong.

However, even if Lin Yu Tong reacts slowly,it is impossible to sleep like a pig when someone scolds him, not to mentionthat in his memory, he should have been sleeping alone tonight. And he thinksthat the place to be desecrated is his little brother, the feeling of dampnessis simply!

Lin Yu Tong suddenly opened his eyes. Hecouldn\'t see the other person\'s face in a dim moment, he scared him to pushhard and panicked back. "You..."

Zhan Yi Fei pulled in the pushed position.I lived with Lin Yu Tong\'s hand. "Sorry, did I scare you?"

Lin Yu Tong was not too light, he did noteven know if it was a reality or a dream. He slapped himself, hurting histeeth, and asked indefinitely: "Yi Fei?"

Zhan Yi Fei sat up and grabbed him."Yeah."

Lin Yu Tong took the phone and looked atit. It was just midnight, Zhan Yi Fei, what do you want to do?!

Probably the expression on his face was tooobvious by the light on the screen of the mobile phone. Zhan Yi Fei directlytold him that he was not doing it but doing it.

Lin Yu Tong was overwhelmed, and thelingering kiss fell to his lips more desperate than ever. Zhan Yi Fei doesn\'tseem to want to talk, but his actions have clearly explained his thoughts atthe moment.

He wants him, and he has to have him.

Zhan Yi Fei\'s kisshas begun to fall, andLin Yu Tong\'s breathing moment has been disrupted. He didn\'t understand howZhan Yi Fei came in the middle of the night. Even if he really missed him,aren\'t they meeting tomorrow? And it is not as if he can’t stand the separationfor one night.

Lin Yu Tong took a polite touch on Zhan YiFei\'s hair and prevented him from kissing some more. "What the hell isgoing on?"

Thesudden rush of the big night was over, and he was silent. Going into his house,and actually wanting to do that thing in the wedding night?!

Zhan Yi Fei didn\'t answer. He put out histongue and licked it with a clear desire on Lin Yu Tong\'s chest. Then he tookLin Yu Tong\'s hand on his hair and gently put his finger on his mouth. He washorny.

Lin Yu Tong felt that there was a currentflowing into his body along his fingers. At the same time, he was more worriedabout Zhan Yi Fei. However, this time he did not ask anything, but followedZhan Yi Fei\'s meaning and cooperated with him to let him enter his body.

Zhan Yi Fei finally got a solace in thewarm tight space. He buried his head in Lin Yu Tong’s neck, and his thin andpowerful waist kept swaying forward. Lin Yu Tong caressed his back, and he saidsomething, "If I can\'t walk to the wedding tomorrow, you can\'t blame me...Ah!"

Zhan Yi Fei suddenly slammed a few timesand then did not move.

Lin Yu Tong can feel that he has alreadyshot, and this is almost unprecedented speed.

Theatmosphere in this room was a bit heavy if Zhan Yi Fei came, and Lin Yu Tongalmost laughed.

But fortunately, he didn\'t laugh, becauseZhan Yi Fei didn\'t pull it out, he was still in his body, and after a fewmoments, he moved a few times and then his JB hardened again!

Lin Yu Tong just wants to scold him, ifthis continues how can he get up and walk the next day?!

Who knows Zhan Yi Fei said at this time:"Zhan Hong Tu came to tell me that my mother’s death had nothing to dowith my uncle."

Lin Yu Tong screamed at the moment. “Whatdoes he want now? Won\'t you say he gets over things? This is a threat toyou."

After they were together, they did notexpect Zhan Hong Tu and Wang Bing Yan to let them live happily. He did notbelieve that Zhan Hong Tu had such a big loss this time and could not grasp thechance of screwing with their marriage.

Zhan Yi Fei suddenly became silent. Afterthe silence, he said: "He said that if I want to know the answer, then Imust send someone to pick up their family to attend the wedding tomorrow."

Lin Yu Tong couldn\'t help but spewhatefulness "Look they don’t have any good intentions.”

Zhan Yi Fei said to himself,“So I didn’t even think about picking themup. But I’m still very uncomfortable.”

He was still too young, so many thingshappened when he had a hard time figuring out, and he couldn\'t stop thinkingabout it. He didn\'t think about whether the mother\'s death was strange, butwhen he was capable, he had been working for many years, and he couldn\'t find outabout it.... And even his aunt said, it really was a sign that he should simplystop.

Lin Yu Tong still remembers that when ZhanHong Ying took him to the shopping mall, he clearly mentioned that Kang Jia Lihad entrusted her money to her to manage before she died. In other words, KangJia Li’s death is not a temporary impulse, but a thought out planned thing.

Whatkind of thing can make a woman who loves her son decide to die?

"What are you going to do?" Lin YuTong asked. "Are you going to pick them up tomorrow?"

Is thisthe only chance to know the truth?

"No, if I wanted to pick them up, thenI wouldn\'t come over here. It’s clear that they don\'t want our wedding to gosmoothly, then why should I pick them up? I have prepared for so long to behappily married with you, I will not to let them come to separate us."Zhan Yi Fei said that, and began to move on," baby, I do not want to hearanything tonight, I just want to hear you beg for mercy. "

He wants to know about the past things,but how does him wanting to know going to fix everything…given that it was more than twenty years ago,will it be important now? He suddenly decide to come over because it is notbecause of anything else. He just wants Lin Yu Tong to help him to calm downthe "beast" in his heart.... that is about to stop the anger he wasfeeling.

He must make Zhan Hong Tu tell the truth,but definitely not in the form of destroying his wedding.

At two o\'clock in the evening, Zhan Yi Feiwent back, and this time Lin Yu Tong had been asleep for a while. Zhan Yi Feididn\'t want to let Lin Yu Tong marry him with dark circles, so he was stillmodest. At least he should not be discovered by his father-in-law.

The car galloped again in the night, ZhanYi Fei went straight to sleep for a short time, until dawn, Wang Bo came toremind him... he only got up and began to prepare.

At about 8 o\'clock, the person responsiblefor the layout of the site had basically arranged the arrangement. Zhan Yi Feistood on the balcony and watched where he and Lin Yu Tong were about to holdhands. He smiled and called Zhan Hong Tu.

Zhan Hong Tu was quickly picked up and hisvoice was gloomy. "When will you send someone to pick us up?"

ZhanYi Fei said with a smile: "Soon, just wait."

Then he hanged up the phone, then in lessthan three minutes, there was a knock on the door of Zhan Hong Tu place.

Zhan Hong Tu finished the tie, with a lookof dignified Wang Bing Yan and Zhan Yi Ning who had some calm look since themorning, and together the three went out, but the sight of the visiting personwas not Cheng Shi, nor Xiang Jun, butZhan Hong Wei, who they had not seen for years.