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Chapter 56: Before Marriage

Before marriage rekindling, Zhan Yi Fei hadalready finished reading the rest of the novel. He was very generous aftermaking Lin Yu Tong unable to resist his JB. Look, he leaned on the back of thebed and stared at Lin Yu Tong. In Lin Yu Tong’s face\'s pose, the hand that hadbeen idle after the turning was gently rubbing Lin Yu Tong\'s face and Lin YuTong couldn\'t wait to poke him with his eyes.

You said you can see it. Why do you have tosay two words from time to time?!

What Zhan Yi Fei face seemed to say was "itseems that I have satisfied you so far", and "Is my JB really sopowerful?", and "I originally liked this position"...

Lin Yu Tong squeezed out the last remainingstrength "You shut it."

Zhan Yi Fei smirked, and Lin Yu Tong, whoseear was attached to his chest, clearly heard the joy from the heart.

In general, writing such a "shortstory" is quite rewarding. You don\'t want to say that Zhan Yi Fei seems tolike it very much. He said that Xiang Jun and Gao Wen Liang also had unexpectedprogress as a result of that story.

Gao Wen Liang took the novel to Xiang Jun.Xiang Jun saw that his name was not used in it at first, but Lin Yu Tong wasgood at writing, and he could write every story that poke to the hearts of thepeople, and the humanity changes were just right. So Xiang Jun quickly got asense of substitution of himself with character X, and when he read at it, heforgot why he started to read this novel. He didn\'t have any psychologicalpressure and didn\'t make any psychological hints for himself, so everythinghappened naturally, including some kind of excitement and physiologicalreaction he imagined himself entering Gao Wen Liang in the novel. Everythingwas so unpredictable!

If it wasn\'t for Gao Wen Liang, Xiang Junwouldn\'t even find himself and his JB hard, although it was obviously notenough, but it was a major breakthrough!

Some things are like how things happen whena flood gates are discharged. As long as the brakes are opened, the waters willflow out of control. Gao Wen Liang is so excited... He bit Xiang Jun on thespot!

Xiang Jun just frowned slightly, but hedidn\'t feel pain. He was hot in his heart, and there was a feeling of his heartbeing filled with something. He continued to read the novel with Gao Wen Liang,and Gao Wen Liang did not dare to bite him again, he accompanied him all theway to read it, after...

After Lin Yu Tong’s fixed work, he addedone more one in his Jinfan Network library – Little Pxrn Short story, about whoinspired the written love book.

First,Zhan Yi Fei said that it would be like Lin Yu Tong to find a prince, and thenRong Wang would only love Auntie Wang in his life. He only liked Auntie Wang,and he would open the pet mode every night!

Then again Gao Wen Liang came, saying thathe can continue to write later. Although the current young general and the highgeneral have already promised each other for life, but in the future, in theircapacity, it is certainly impossible to live forever in peaceful days in thefuture, they would have to resolve the martial arts disputes, and to fight inthe battlefield, then write these. Bythe way add more sex scenes, OOXX!

Lin Yu Tong: "..."

The Amused Landlord: Boy, why haven\'t Iseen you writing in the PK group recently?

San Chai Boy: I was arrested, and I had towrite some TT

TheAmused Landlord: Little Pxrn book?!

The Amused Landlord: Can I read it!! !

San Chai Boy: Shouldn\'t you not ask me atthis time?! I am almost not going to write a serious text if everyone keepsasking me for the xx scene.

The Amused Landlord: Hahahaha, do youbelieve it, if I say that you write a small sex book, surely a bunch of peopleask you to write more on it

San Chai Boy: You and they can get off

== Better remove the situation that he willnot want to appear in or else he can\'t do it the right way!

Ofcourse, it is very rewarding to be able to help a friend.

Lin Yu Tong continued to write in theafternoon and went to the younger brother to take care of him at night.

Lin Yu Fei has good health and is physicalfit. He stayed in the hospital for more than half a month, and was finally toldhe can go home to recuperate, but had to come over regularly for a checkup.

It was going to be May by then, and Lin YuTong had no time to spend on other things. It is getting closer and closer toZhan Yi Fei\'s big day, and the most important thing at the moment is this.

In order to facilitate the close care andlooking after, so Lin Yu Fei had gone to stay with Lin Yu Tong at The ZhanFamily House. Since Lin Zhi Song is too busy, the mother sometimes has somethings to do, and if Yu Fei would be without a close carer, he will not beattended to. Although Lin Yu Tong is not an idler, he always has the free time.

The Zhan Family is getting more and liveliernow. People who want to be the best man will come over from time to time. Someeven stay in The Zhan Family House, like Xiang Jun and Gao Wen Liang. Theyoriginally wanted to buy a house, but Zhan Yi Fei and Lin Yu Tong felt that itwas very good if they were all to stay together. Xiang Jun and Gao Wen Lianghave no family. They stay together and can take care of each other, so they didn’twant to move. Now a group of people of the same generation is laughing andjoking all day, how busy and lively, so that Zhan Yi Fei and Xiang Junsometimes feel that they are younger like their younger lovers.

Originally Lin Yu Tong had a good relationshipwith Gao Wen Liang. Lin Yu Tong became a "" and the revolutionaryfriendship was even deeper. Gao Wen Liang, who had decided to be the best man toZhan Yi Fei’ and Lin Yu Ting marriage and now he was betraying him and changingsides and he wanted to be the best man for Lin Yu Tong.

"I am planning to register with XiangJun for Qixi Festival. I will be the best man for you, and you will give best man tome. Others will line up with me," Gao Wen Liang said.

A/N Qixi Festival is a Chinese equivalent ofvalentine day

"Enough speed ah you." Lin YuTong was eating snacks he suddenly smirked, "but when I marry Yi Fei youwill hold flowers"

"Not hold the flower? What does thatmeans?"

"Take a pot the fairy ball, meaningthat the other party is so good, must be \'seek\'. You want you to pick it up, Iwill definitely throw it at you.

Gao Wen Liang: "..."

The phone ringtone suddenly popped. Gao WenLiang glanced at Lin Yu Tong and answered without saying a word. Then helistened and his eyebrows wrinkled. "Are you sure?"

Lin Yu Ting didn’t know what the other partydid not know what to say, Gao Wen Liang listened and said: "Then youremember to pay more attention, don\'t let that kid affect our side. In short,about this thing must be cautious."

"Is there any trouble?" Lin YuTong asked Gao Wen Liang after he had hung up.

"Zhuang Hai\'s kid started a fracas,but there was a little accident."

Zhuang Hai knows that if this project handedto him doesn’t go through and he may lose the entire deal, so he spent a lot oftime thinking. He considered that Zhan Yi Ning was left by Ye Han Ying, and itwas a good time for her to enter the market. He had a good looking and a smartboy that will give Zhan Yi Ning a set of addicting drugs till she was infectedwith drugs.

Zhan Yi Ning\'s hand is not as cash loaded asshe used to be, but she can afford the money she spends, and it is still earlysince she and her father lost everything, and there was still some money shehad.

Zhuang Hai’s intention was to let Zhan YiNing get addicted to drugs, and then use her to pull Zhan Hong Tu and Wang BingYan into the water, but he didn’t expect Zhan Yi Ning to have some problems.

Since he was expelled from The Zhan Family,Zhan Hong Tu has been a bit careful with the finances, often does accounting,and because Zhan Yi Ning is paying more attention than her aunt and Zhan HongTu is quite dissatisfied with her. Zhan Yi Ning initially pleaded with her fatherwho didn\'t care, but then as the time went on she got less and less money forexpenses. She began to react and tried fanning to her father

It happened that Zhan Hong Tu had recentlyhit the wall, and all kinds of dissatisfaction made him lose his temper in bed.After Zhan Yi Ning happened to know about this, she bought a little "goodstuff" from her new friends. Zhan Hong Tu didn\'t even know that herdaughter was taking drugs, so he didn\'t think deeply about it when she gavethem to him. Zhan Yi Ning said that it was a recreational product. It was supposedto be a calming drug, and even Zhan Hong Tu felt that the effect was very goodafter taking said drug.

Zhan Yi Ning didn\'t want Zhan Hong Tu to besuspicious, so she placed the drugs in a box of imported herbal products. Shehas no other meaning by doing this, she just wanted to get more money. As longas her dad can\'t live without the “health products,” she sent, he will naturallyhelp her to buy them. She then will be able to skim off some of the money forher own expenses. Isn’t that good?

Zhuang Hai wanted to pull Zhan Hong Tu andWang Bing Yan into the water, but he didn\'t expect him to be already in it,Zhan Yi Ning went to do it herself, and this is much earlier than he expected,so he knows only hopes that Zhan Hong Tu and Wang Bing Yan won\'t find out tooquickly, otherwise he will be bad for him for a while.

“Would you think that I... Was too rushedto kill?” Zhan Yi Fei asked Lin Yu Tong as he changed clothes.

"A group of people who don\'t want youto live a good life, I don\'t necessarily feel sad when they die, and this isnot a \'killing of innocents\'?"

Andthey didn\'t use guns to force them to die or whatever.

Lin Yu Tong helped Zhan Yi Fei tying his tie."Moreover, it was Zhan Hong Tu who wanted to drive you away from The ZhanFamily and even wanted you to die, isn\'t this the same thing for Wang Bing Yanand Zhan Yi Ning? So don\'t think more of it, don\'t carry any psychologicalburden, I am not the Mary the Virgin, the more they die, the more I feel happy."

Lin Yu Tong patted Zhan YiFei\'s face, "Work hard to make more money, and don’t think of other non-worththings"

"Well, I will go make more money so Ican take good care of my big baobei" Zhan Yi Fei rubbed his forehead onLin Yu Tong\'s forehead and left.

“Yi Fei—” Zhan Yi Fei was going out, andLin Yu Tong suddenly stopped him. “Even if the whole world is standing on youropposite side, I will definitely stand on your side, even if you have nothingin the sky, I am still going to be there.”

“Good.”Zhan Yi Fei smiled and nodded. “Remember ...get more activities during the day.”


“Brother, what do you want?” Lin Yu Fei sawZhan Yi Fei standing still in the same place, could not help but ask.

"Nothing. You have to go for a checkuptoday, are you ready? Well, we will go to the hospital for a while."

"Okay. I say hey checkup is not needed, I also do not feel anything bad, and in fact I feel really very good."

"Then.... It’s time to go.” Lin YuTong bowed his head and found that the clothes he wore didn\'t need a change, sohe took the car keys and went to the car.

At this time, Wang Bing Yan was stillhesitating to send her daughter to the hospital at the same time.

Wang Bing Yan felt very strange because herdaughter had not had a rest for a long time, but could a normal person be ableto play games without being sleepy for three or four days? It’s just like shewas on constant stimulation.

Zhan Yi Ning sucked the ice (methamphetamine),not to mention not sleeping, she didn\'t even eat much, but she still didn\'tfeel tired, she even thought she was never better as she is now.

Wang Bing Yan saw the servant take thebreakfast out of Zhan Yi Ning\'s room. The things on the plate weren\'t eaten bymuch. She couldn\'t help but go to find Zhan Hong Tu. "Hong Tu, whathappened to Ningning these days? She doesn\'t eat or drink, she only plays gamesthere. I don\'t even know if she goes to sleep."

Zhan Hong Tu has been quite happy in thepast few days. He always feels younger and his body felt like a teenager\'s. Helaughed and said: " She likes to play games so let her play, it’s betterthan her making friends who are not in the same world."

Wang Bing Yan looked suspiciously at thedirection of Zhan Yi Ning\'s room and felt that something was not quite right.Did she say that she slept a few nights? But every time she got up, herdaughter was still playing.

Zhan Hong Tu was relaxed and he just wavedher off. "You, don\'t worry about it. If you have this time, think aboutwhat to wear on Zhan Yi Fei\'s wedding day. There are definitely a lot of peoplecoming to attend it. I have to look at him face to face when I give him my giftand see the look on his face!”