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Chapter 55: Going in a car for this

The novel was brought to him by Gao WenLiang. Afterwards Zhan Yi Fei replaced the names, then had it printed. Hestarted reading after the plane was on the air. At this time, Lin Yu Tong has seen two protagonists Bring it, you will see the key places.

Lin Yu Tong grabbed it, "Don\'tread!"

In order to achieve high-intensity stimulation,at the time he wrote this Lin Yu Tong used his and Zhan Yi Fei\'s bed fantasy,which is called a hot, intense! If this is read Zhan Yi Fei, where is he goingto hide his face!

Zhan Yi Fei is not afraid of Lin Yu Tingtaking the paper with the sex scene, anyway, there is an electronic version inhis mobile phone. But he still expressed his little dissatisfaction. "Howcan Xiao Gao and Old Xiang be allowed to read it, and I can’t read it?"

Lin Yu Tong is also wondering why. He doesn\'tknow how, obviously Zhan Yi Fei is the person he is closer to, but when hethinks that Zhan Yi Fei wants to read the bed play he wrote, he is particularlyawkward!

“Gao Wen Liang and Brother Xiang had tohave their names changed to other names to read. Are you not changing thecharacter to our names? It feels weird.” It’s not only weird to read a bookthat you’ve been used as inspiration. It’s crazy!

"Is there anything curious written inthere, let\'s say, like you imagining and writting the feeling of me enteringyour body? I want to see what it is. Anyway, I was so happy when I was doingit, I didn’t know what you were feeling, I am very curious... "

Lin Yu Tong was tightly clutching hispaper" What\'s to be curious about, doing that thing is enough. You don\'tneed to read...absolutely no need to read, how hurry? Quickly go shower and goto sleep! "

Zhan Yi Fei heart hearing that the more hewanted to see it!

Lin Yu Tong rolled the printed novel into atube and walked over to Zhan Yi Fei\'s suitcase. This suitcase was prepared byhim. The change of clothes also arranged by him. It was only a three day trip,and there should be fresh pajamas that have not been used.

Zhan Yi Fei took clean panties and pajamas."I didn\'t say I wanted to sleep here, but it seems that you really missedme."

Lin Yu Tong quickly took his clothes andput them back in the suitcase. He said in a serious way: "Would you liketo go back? You can have a good night\'s sleep at home."

However, Zhan Yi Fei made up his mind tofollow Lin Yu Tong here so they can sleep together in the same bed, it isimpossible to go like this. He grabbed Lin Yu Tong, smiled and whispered low inLin Yu Tong\'s ear.

“Didn’t you say that tomorrow I am going toget my reward?” Lin Yu Tong was pulled and someone from behind was biting hisear, and his body stiffened, and he felt that the blood of his body began toaccelerate.

"I can\'t wait." Zhan Yi Fei\'shand was already moving into Lin Yu Tong\'s clothes, stroking Lin Yu Tong\'stight waist and abdomen. "Can you come out with me for a while? I have asurprise for you."

“Come... where?”

“You will know when you come.” Zhan Yi Feisaid that and he knocked on the door of Lin Yu Fei’s room. “Little Fei, I willtake your brother out and maybe come back later. Whatever are you doing? If youneed something call Li Jun, or give us a call."

"I know, but if you do not come backthat will be okay." Lin Yu Fei smiled naughtily between words, thenadded," Brother Yi Fei, if you come back early I will hate you. "

"Heard you." Zhan Yi Feifinished, and he just took Lin Yu Tong to go out, and when he got to the doorhe returned to get the printed "Little Bed Scene Print"!

Lin Yu Tong thinks that this is too strange.Although it is a younger brother of his own family, he doesn\'t have to hide hisaffair with Zhan Yi Fei, but it is just a shame to run out in such a bright andbeautiful way with the younger brother knowing he is going to have sex.

Zhan Yi Fei took Lin Yu Tong out of thegate and went straight to the parking lot. Lin Yu Tong saw that this was notthe way to go outside, he followed Zhan Yi Fei, but there were some doubts inhis mind. When he came out, he thought that Zhan Yi Fei would take him to finda hotel or something, but now it seems obvious as to where it’s going tohappen.

“Would you like to go back to the apartment?”They are closer to the apartment forheaven\'s sake!

“No.” Zhan Yi Fei said that and he stillwalked to the parking lot and eventually took Lin Yu Tong to the front of awhite big car.

"What is this?"

"Bought it for you, go in andsee." Zhan Yi Fei unlocked and took Lin Yu Tong into the bus.

The size of the bus is not small, it wasabout meters, there were tables, chairs, bookshelves, TVs, small wine cabinetsinside, and even an open kitchen. It looked like something that one can use tocook. You can also take a shower. Yes, it still has a bed.

Thebed is a soft leather in beige, it can be folded when not in use, and then putdown when need to be used, not only that is very space-saving and looks verycomfortable, the most special is that although it is folded, the design iselegant, when it\'s put down as long as the support frame is completed stretched,the load-bearing capacity of the said bed will be super strong. What makes LinYu Tong even more unexpected is that, at first glance, everything in here isrounded and rounded, so there is no need to worry about the problemsencountered when he falls and roll on the floor. It seems to be an easy"corner" designed for him.

Zhan Yi Fei gave the key to Lin Yu Tong,and the key was engraved with "LYT".

It seems that it was booked very early?

"If you have nothing to do in thefuture, you can go drive out and find a place you like to stop, write a novel,or shoot, and fish. You always stay at home. It\'s not good to stay in one placefor long, you should go out and go see things. This is good for physical andmental health."

"You don\'t have to say it, it looksreally good." Lin Yu Tong closed the door, sat on the sofa, touched thisand touched that and see which one was cooler.

Howcould he not think about it before?

Since moving out of the apartment, therehave been people waiting to serve him and it was making him seem to be"lazy" again. Every day after eating, he would be reading a novel orwriting a book or listening to music. Walking to the yard with Da Kuan is theonly exercise he has time and that doesn’t go on for too long. These days heeven broke the habit of rebirth, and worked through the night!

Zhan Yi Fei also saw Lin Yu Tong\'s darkcircles. He was not really calm after seeing that. He thought he wasn\'t thattired. Now, after seeing him, he frowned and his fingers touched Lin Yu Tong\'seyebrows. "Didn\'t you sleep well for a few days?"

"Ah, for two or three days, I waswriting a short story for Gao Wen Liang." Lin Yu Tong retracted his handand touched his eyelids. "Two days... No, it’s good to sleep well thesetwo days.”

“Are you reminding me that I can’t work youtoo hard for a while? But I have to collect that interest today.”


“Well, I asked if you wanted it that night.Who said "thinking of it" and then hanged up the phone?"

Zhan Yi Fei\'s waist was slightly curved, andthe slender arm was placed on the back of the sofa where Lin Yu Tong wassitting. Lin Yu Tong was trapped in the corner settee, and he leaned forwardand kissed Lin Yu Tong. He kissed him for a moment, then stopped, then went ongently licking Lin Yu Tong\'s earlobe, licking it wet, and he whispered in LinYu Tong\'s ear and said: "I see the glory of the short story you wrote, youknow it’s when and what time that the prince has to allocate some of you timefor his princess?"

"You, do you want to read it?"Lin Yu Tong in heart was beating so loud that he felt like he could hear it. Itwas only a few days before they were separated. It must have been read by ZhanYi Fei countless times, but when he is watching him this way, he still feelslike a jumping heartbeat, and the ear seems to be able to hear the sound of"plopping".

"I want to see, and you want to seewhat I am going to do next." Zhan Yi Fei finished, he pressed Lin Yu Tongon the sofa, and his hand reached into Lin Yu Tong\'s pants. He felt all warmed.The hot hand came and went, kneading between Lin Yu Tong\'s waist and hips. Thepalm was like a fire, and Lin Yu Tong\'s neediness was lit.

LinYu Tong can feel that the things pressing on his stomach were getting harder andharder, showing the vitality coursing through it. He couldn\'t help but want toget more of it. Zhan Yi Fei noticed his intention and gently lifted his waistto encourage the rubbing. He stroked his trousers for a while until Zhan Yi Feilooked at him. It seemed that he couldn’t stand the feeling. He helped pullZhan Yi Fei’s trouser chain...

When the thing was held in his hand, Lin YuTong even had the illusion of being burned by that warm hot thing. Hesubconsciously retracted his hand, and Zhan Yi Fei held his wrist first."Come and touch it again."

Lin Yu Tong rubbed the warm stiff thing inhis hand a little. "It feels so excited, then if I keep on touching, thatmay lead to it blowing up!"

Zhan Yi Fei "Hey!" Felt his ballsgo sour he bit his teeth and straightened up, the he pulled Lin Yu Tong\'s pantsdown.

Originally because he was prepared to go tobed, so Lin Yu Tong wore knitted cotton black pajama, which was very loose.Zhan Yi Fei pulled it under his knees and revealed a pair of straight andslender legs.

Lin Yu Tong may be white because most ofthe time he spent indoors. Zhan Yi Fei bowed his head and grabbed the specialwhite skin on the insides of Lin Yu Tong\'s thigh, and bitten it.

Lin Yu Tong gasped "!” He felt a little painful, but with asense of excitement. He subconsciously grabbed Zhan Yi Fei\'s hair and he wantedto calm down the feeling. Who knows that Zhan Yi Fei has taken his Little TongTong in his mouth and was slurping it! The man\'s hand was not honest eitherit kept rubbing between his butxcrack. Under this double pronged stimulation, Lin YuTong quickly became a pool of water.

The atmosphere in the RV was getting moreand more awkward, and in a short while there was a burst of intermittent buzzinside. However, the RV came with the soundproofing effect and not one soundwas heard outside, only through a careful observation can feel the subtleshaking of the RV body.

After a long time, Zhan Yi Fei’s gasped onLin Yu Tong’s back and slowly stopped the pumping rhythm. He kissed Lin YuTong\'s sweaty cheek and closed his eyes for a moment before returning to hisposition.

Lin Yu Tong still maintained his originalposition, and he seems to be too weak to even move his fingers. He felt thatall his energy had been drained and he had to wait a little longer to gatherenough energy to speak.

"Little Tong, how are youfeeling?" Zhan Yi Fei fiddled with Lin Yu Tong\'s hair and asked with afaint smile.

"Okay." Lin Yu Tong looked at ZanYi Fei\'s unique sexy face in the original position and suddenly smiled.


"Nothing, it feels too noisy. How doyou drive the car in?"

This car has to occupy a few cars. And thislooks too windy.

"Won\'t tell you."

“Won\'t you?” Lin Yu Tong flipped twice andpressed Zhan Yi Fei on his back and proceed to gently rub Zhan Yi Fei\'slower body, whispering something in his ear. Zhan Yi Fei heard the words, andhis breathing became heavy again, and he wheezed and landed a slap on Lin YuTong\'s ass. "Hey! You will take care of this for me, right?"

"Take a light shot! And I feel like asa steamed bun!" Lin Yu Tong groaned. "Won\'t you say that?"

"Won\'t say, but you can open your legsagain, you can take a good look at how my JB comes in." Zhan Yi Fei wasjust caught up in the fire, and it was easy to get in the tight twitchingchrysanthemum because of the previous lubrication!

"Look at it goingin, just likethis."

Lin Yu Tong: "..."