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Chapter 54:Dark Evil Mr. Zhan

Online pxrnographic stories are easy tofind, whether it is male and female, male only or female only, is easy to find.However, since Gao Wen Liang opened this discussion deliberately, it must bebecause the online search he did does not meet his requirements. Later, Lin YuTong asked, and sure enough, Gao Wen Liang wanted the storyline that was inline with his own and Xiang Jun drama, and it was particularly irritating, withsome plots that people could produce as much empathy as possible.

Even the names are the same.

Lin Yu Tong felt speechless. How do youwrite this?!

Writing anything the first thing that onemust think about is the plot and then how to convert it into words. That is tosay, if he really wanted to write Xiang Jun and Gao Wen Liang\'s erotic novel, hemust first imagine up for those erotic things that will happen. This is toomuch a test him. And to imagine the bed activities of two friends who he knows,this does feel a bit vulgar right?.

Gao Wen Liang did not hold back anymore. Hebegan to confess to the psychologist (Lin Yu Tong) who knew that Xiang Junliked to read novels. Lin Yu Tong suggested that Gao Wen Liang should go to seesome of Xiang Jun favorite ones, and bring back some novels with erotic theme, but Xiang Jun’s novels always have a high-quality fantasy or a martial arts theme,but this kind of novel is not one with this kind of themes and those novels arestill heterosexual, so...

Lin Yu Tong’s new written story should havenearly 300,000 words of framework manuscript, and with his hand typing speed,as long as he knows the plot, writing four or five hours a day is not aproblem, that is, a short story in a day or two is not a problem to be writtenup, so there is no problem in him writing a novel for Gao Wen Liang. But thatbed scene is really a bit troublesome.

However, Gao Wen Liang rarely had to openhis mouth and ask for help from him. If he didn\'t ask for help, he couldn\'t sayit.

So on the afternoon after Zhan Yi Fei\'sdeparture, the following scene appeared in The Zhan Family\'s old house.Opposite Lin Yu Tong was the usual laptop, behind the laptop is Gao Wen Liang.Gao Wen Liang recalled the process of how he got along with Xiang Jun andnarrated it to Lin Yu Tong. Lin Yu Tong listened to him and made a record ofit. After finishing the work, he was prepared to arrange the timeline and forman outline for him to write the short story.

"Would you say that this is not a customnovel? Or is are you going to be an expert in it." Gao Wen Liangespecially looked forward to Xiang Jun reading these narrated situations.

"It\'s not that no one writes as a realperson with genuine events, but I use the real person as a fantasy to enter themartial arts novel. This is also the first for me to writea martial arts theme. As for being an expertin it ...the end of the year or the next year, it should be almost the same."With his current qualifications, it is said that the "Great God" is alittle bit reluctant. Although he has been tagged with the "GreatGod" tag by the people in the site, there are still too few works he made,and only one which was finished. But next year, at the latest, the next year,if there is no accident it will definitely be no problem.

"Right, does Brother Xiang know aboutthis? Aren\'t you worried about doing something wrong?" If Xiang Jundoesn\'t like it, isn\'t this whole thing going to end up wrong?

"He didn\'t know that I came to seeyou, but I hinted at him, and he didn\'t object. I\'m sure it\'s okay, you canrest assured."

"That\'s good." Lin Yu Tong lookedat the recorded information and asked Gao Wen Liang, "Is there anymore totell still? Although it is written from your perspective, the incident aboutBrother Xiang is still a little too weak plotted and plot holed. It may be thatthere is a feeling that the characters are not full enough. Would you like toask Yi Fei again?”

ZhanYi Fei and Xiang Jun were classmates and good brothers for many years. Theywill certainly know a lot of things about one another.

“Yes.” Gao Wen Liang got up. “It’s hardwork, so I will wait for you to finish and I will invite you to dinner.”

"Brother, you don\'t have to be polite.If you think of something in the middle, come over and come to me at anytime." Lin Yu Tong said that he quickly entered the text and seemed tohave a general direction of typing.

Speaking of Xiang Jun, this man has alwaysbeen the kind of decent and steady heroic image, and that image does not violatethe sense of martial arts novels lover. As for Gao Wen Liang, he is obviously ayoung general who looks he was forced in the military camp but has the courageto do something. Lin Yu Tong decided to let them come to the encounter of avery "melodramatic meeting! “

For example, the high general gave orders toprotect a certain princeling. Unexpectedly, they were attacked on the road, andthey were outnumbered. He almost couldn’t complete the task. Fortunately, aheroic and justice leader of the squad could help them escape and so on!

Thehead of the protective task has a thousand miles, and the name is...

Lin Yu Tong’s eyes fell on Da Kuan, who ranon the grass and was chasing the butterflies. He silently changed the word “DaKuan” to X. "Ink cloud."

He spent an afternoon tidying up the outlineof the story. Then he called the hospital, he called Zhan Yi Fei and asked somethings about Xiang Jun. Then he started writing the text at night, and becauseof obsessive-compulsive disorder, he was like diving in this short story. Whenhe wrote the beginning, he was going to finish in the end, so he had a rarenight, and when the day was bright, he finally wrote about the feelings of the younggeneral to the high general!

When Gao Wen Liang came to pick up Lin YuTong, he got a part of the manuscript and couldn\'t help but slap Lin Yu Tong’s shoulder."Lin Zi, you are too powerful!"

"Print it together, I will go to sleepfirst." "Mr." Lin Yu Tong was so sleepy that he couldn\'t findnorth or south. He hasn\'t stayed up that late for a long time, plus Zhan Yi Feiwas on a business trip. He had to ask him several times the night before aboutXiang Jun and he didn\'t sleep for a long time. It was really unbearable.

"Hurry, I will tell Wang Bo not tobother you." Gao Wen Liang took the manuscript and left in a flash.

Lin Yu Tong waved his hand and heard GaoWen Liang\'s voice coming from the front the door. He slammed into the bed andhad already forgotten that Zhan Yi Fei was not at home. What would happen tohis own bed? So he didn\'t sleep for three hours before he fell to the floor,and the bed was not too high. A thick blanket was placed around the bed, so hedidn\'t feel pain when he fell. It was the warmth of the day, and he felt alittle hot when he slept in the blanket for a while, then climbed back to thebed.

The sleeping man didn\'t get up until two inthe afternoon. Lin Yu Tong sat for a moment with a chicken coop hair. He sawfrom the mirror that he was not even clear and found that his hair seemed to bea bit long. He asked the hair stylist hired to come at home to trim it, andthen he took a photo of himself and passed it to Zhan Yi Fei.

Zhan Yi Fei has just joined a media companyand was signing up to be ready to go eat with the other party. He saw themessage from Lin Yu Tong, as he was preparing to reply, he heard Cheng Shisay,"I guess it is Lin Zi."

"Why do you say that?"

"Anything that cause that pride andhappy smile that reaches the eyes and cause everything to shine. It can only beregarded as an extraordinary thing. Only when you got Lin Zi, you realized thejoy of success. Outside of Lin Zi you rarely smile from the heart, if you smile,it must be Lin Zi’s doing. "

“Yes, I haven\'t seen the assistants inrecent years. You know me." Zhan Yi Fei said that and was told that thechairman of the RK Group came over, the two stopped talking and went to thehotel in advance with everyone...

Drinking for a bit at night, Zhan Yi Feiwas a bit late when he returned to the hotel, but he still sent a text messageto Lin Yu Tong.

Paper Tiger: Sleeping, or not sleeping,baby?

Deaf child: No, I was going to call you.

Zhan Yi Fei saw the information and calledthe phone directly. "Is the wife checking up on me if I have seen haveseen the post?"

Lin Yu Tong laughed. "No, you wait aminute." After he left his brother\'s ward room, he went to theaccompanying room and lowered his voice. "Wasn\'t someone asking me to helpme write something exciting? I am here. How to write it, it feelsstrange."

"It\'s a bit strange. But you don\'thave to imagine them doing it, you only need to remember in your mind when Iwork hard on you."

Zhan Yi Fei may have been a little tipsywith that alcohol. Therefore, the content of the speech was much more naught thanusual. "For example, when I first entered you... and when you first askedfor mercy, the first time I forced you to call me \'husband\' while we were doingit. What did I look like??”

Lin Yu Tong:"...... "

After looking around making sure obviouslyno one was around, Lin Yu Tong had a guilt look and after he looked around andsaw there was no one around. He coughed, "Those are meant to be saidlater, and how can I see what you are doing?"

"As for the first time... It was verysexy, and aggressive, it was particularly obvious at the time, I was surroundedby a strong horny field." Lin Yu Tong wanted to reply, but suddenly hefelt that the throat was a little dry, so he drank a half cup of water.

“Do you want it now?” Zhan Yi Fei laughedlow when he heard the sound of Lin Yu Tong drinking water.

"Well, come back sooner." Lin YuTong said, and hanged up without waiting for Zhan Yi Fei to say anything. Henever hides his desires in bed, but it is quite embarrassing to admit thesethings blatantly anywhere outside the bed.

"He really hanged up, look when I comeback and see if I won\'t charge you with interest on top of the usual.” Zhan YiFei sighed at the phone, took all the photos in the presence and looked at themover, then chose one of his favorite ones, set it to the wallpaper. He thenwent with it into the bathroom and put it in a place where water won\'t driponto it. After a while, the phone automatically darkened and he started takinga cold shower.

Lin Yu Tong fought again and stayed upwriting for a night, and finally he finished the whole novel with a dramaticscene in a ship. There were more than 90,000 words in total, and there was aplot in the flesh. Initially, it should meet all the requirements put forth byGao Wen Liang, but only it was awkward to write the protagonist "XiangJun" and "Gao Wen Liang", so in Xiang Jun\'s place where he usedthe letter X instead, and Gao Wen Liang replaced the letter G.

Lin Yu Fei came out and saw the big blackeyes that the brothers had and he said. "Brother, what are you doing?!Howdid you work like your life depended on it!"

Lin Yu Tong finished, and he felt excited. Hesaid: "Helping a friend writing something, and you don\'t have to worryabout it tonight. How have you been feeling in these two days? Is there anyuncomfortable situation?"

"It\'s good, it\'s a flustering to stayin this place. Brother, you said that I live in such an environment. I stillfeel bored. What if I stayed in a normal ward for a month or two? I have towork hard not to be hospitalized in the future. It’s really too abrasive. I can’twait to fly out my wings now.”

“Oh, got it, you didn\'t see that ZhuangYong, I heard that he had a bad day in the past two days."

Zhuang Yong was in the intensive care unit,and later he was sent out to the general ward. The general ward of theprovincial hospital was also clean, and everyone can accept it under normalcircumstances. However, the Young Master of Zhuang Family is used to seeinghimself above everyone and better than everyone. Where is the four peopleliving in it? And there is no TV or network in the ward, and the only fun is tolook at the movies and TV in the laptop. But this is okay for two days, who cansee who is suffering every day? Zhuang Yong is not likely to read or studyanything like Lin Yu Fei, so every day he felt like he was getting old, and thewhole person is getting long and hairy, and he was going to leave the hospitalall day long.

Zhuang Hai did not worry about his songoing to jail during his hospital stay, so he did not mention his currentexperience to Zhuang Yong. Zhuang Yong thought that he was the Young Master whocan stir up troubles. So he was too bored during the hospital, and he wasalmost taken back to the police station by the hospital patrol.

Unfortunately, it is a dog eat shit, ZhuangYong had been unable to keep his face with his own friends, not two days passedand he asked his father, "Dad, I asked you, but in the end you did not helpme to revenge against that boy Lin Yu Fei ah?"

Zhuang Hai voice showed his sulking."What do you want to payback? Is it still not enough, you fought withhim?"

Everytime he thinks about it, he is glad that someone sent Lin Yu Fei to thehospital in time. The spleen rupture is not a trivial matter. The death ratecan be very high. Now Lin Yu Fei has been saved and the situation was still sotroublesome. If Lin Yu Fei was dead, then this thing will not allowed to be buried!

Zhuang Yong didn\'t look very happy."Dad, are you afraid of The Lin Family?"

Zhuang Hai tried hard to get up. "Youdon\'t think what will happen when the people below us are bigger than us. Whatare we going to do? Lin Yu Fei, his brother, it is not enough for your kid todie ten times. From now on, you will calm down and tend to your injury! I won’task for more in the future!”

He saw it this time, in front of someirrelevant things. Everyone is a good brother and a friend, good relatives, butonce you have a big trouble, those run faster than his mother! So in the finalanalysis, you still have to be strong on your own.

Zhuang Hai looked at his only son andsighed heavily.


Chen Su Ning would go pick up after the sonwho had to go to class every morning, but this day she had something to do, soshe didn\'t come in time. Lin Yu Tong stayed in the hospital for another night.In the morning, he asked Gao Wen Liang to help me. At noon, he knew that Hua YuBai was coming over, so he just called the hotel to order a meal. The ward isbig enough and spacious, and a bunch of young people can stay there to eat anddrink.

Long Le has already negotiated with hismother, and does not plan to take a postgraduate degree, but he will help byworking in the company in advance before starting school. And Cheng Tian isready to do business as he is. As for Hua Yu Bai, it seems that he is also lookingfor an internship unit.

"I mentioned that to Yu Bai, but he didn\'t agree." When Hua Yu Bai started to tutor Lin Yu Fei,he said this to Cheng Tian when he went out to smoke with Lin Yu Tong. As forLong Le, he can\'t wait to bury it in Lin Yu Tong\'s deposit box, so he didn\'tcome out with them.

"Yu Bai should have some concernstoo." Lin Yu Tong thought for a moment.

The conditions for the Cheng Tian familyare fairly good. Although they are not rich and wealthy, they are definitelyworthy of being called well-off, so even in the last life, they can give moneyto their son. However, Hua Yu Bai is different. His family looks to him, so hemust ensure that he has a certain income every month. But if he goes with ChengTian plan, u200bu200bthereare too many uncertainties.

"Lin Zi, you said that I have to bestrong enough to make him live with less worry? I don\'t think he will have anysense of security." Cheng Tian sighed with a hint of frustration on hisface...

"It\'s not how strong you want to befor him, but how much you can do for him. It\'s not that strong people can givetheir lovers a sense of security. Some people can feel safe even if they don\'thave a strong man. Do you like Yu Bai?”

"Yeah, for two years now. I think Longsaw it, you did not see it?”

“Yeah, but yours is too deeply hidden, soeven Yu Bai did not see it. Do you think you still are not qualified...Go gethim or... Do you want to be stronger, be strong enough to reach your goal inmind before you can try to pursue it?"

"Yes. Although some people say thatthey have enough water, I think the thing like \'love\' is too ethereal. If Ican\'t give him a substantial help why should I talk about love?"

"That’s not it at all, although the\'love\' thing is really ethereal. But it is possible to bring about substantialchanges without a strong financial backing. It doesn’t have to be about money,it can be a kind of motivation, that you can\'t see, can\'t hear, but it existsin people\'s hearts, can make people become... infinitely powerful. Let\'s justsay, compared to Yi Fei, I am a poor ten times over, but I can give him a senseof security in the spirit, making him walk forward against all odds."

Lin Yu Tong was silent for a long time and heexhaled, he felt a little dizzy, then he took two breaths and he just annihilatedit. "And in your current state of mind, if you can\'t hold it well, themeat in your plate will be taken away by other wolves, and he will be gone,then when he is really is gone. Is your worry going to be worth it?"

Nothing to say... Cheng Tian seemed to bethinking about something.

Lin Yu Tong can\'t help but think that hewas like this the last time, and it was the same for Cheng Tian. If he wants tobe ready, then go to the confession, so everything is not left too late? Atthat time, he left B City, so he was not as good as the one who contacted ChengTian, u200bu200bbuthe did not hear about Cheng Tian and Hua Yu Bai until later. But at the sametime, he did not hear that the two were with other people.

But then again, how did Gao Wen Liang andXiang Jun just come together, he has to worry about Cheng Tian and Hua Yu Bai?He is not an old man...

Cheng Tian finished the cigarette and lookedat Lin Yu Tong. It seems that he has made up his mind.

Lin Yu Tong gestured to him, "Go, youare the next one to register marriage."

Nodding and Cheng Tian was u200bu200breadyto go back to the ward.

Lin Yu Tong suddenly pulled him."Right, you have to start a business and remember you know me. If you don\'tobject, I want to get to work with you in it in that business venture."

He smiled at Cheng Tian. "Your money isspent for a few lifetimes."

"Finished? Still want tocontinue talking about it?"

Lin Yu Tong smiled and said."It\'s not the same."

Afterhe registered marriage with Zhan Yi Fei, his worth had skyrocketed. Among hismoney, there was some which Zhan Yi Fei gave to him, and he also had his ownstocks and investment and the income from his writing as for How many times Zhan Yi Fei contributed to thatis unclear. Zhan Yi Fei never cares how much money he has. Zhan Yi Fei onlycares about whether his money will help him.

But he also has his considerations. Peoplein this life may not be able to meet today, what will happen tomorrow, so heenjoys the stable life created by Zhan Yi Fei, but he also understands theprinciple of “taking care of the peace of mind”, so Zhan Yi Fei does not ask,he does not intend What do you say on your own initiative, but this does notmean that he will not do anything and just relax and be lazy.

After Hua Yu Bai helped Lin Yu Fei tofinish the part he understood, he followed Cheng Tian out. Lin Yu Fei pointedhis brother to the place where Hua Yu Bai and Long Le could not see them. Thenhe listened to his brother and asked: "Brother What kind of secret do youhave with Cheng Tian?"

"Brother Cheng Tian wanted to confesssomething to Hua Yu Bai, I only wished him good luck." Lin Yu Tong said,went to buy some things for the brothers to eat, after the two brothers haddinner together, and played chess. Lin Yu Tong lost, then sat down on the sofaand called his mother. "Mum, it’s too late, don’t come over today, LittleFei is fine.”

"I Know, Mom was going to call you,when you sleep at night, remember to not forget putting the carpet under thebed."

"Do not worry, I will never forget,even if I forgot, there is a reminder called Little Fei." He fell off atthe hospital, and the movement was a bit big, and his brother was frightened.

"Mother will bring you food in themorning, you remember to sleep with Little Fei." Chen Su Ning said that hehung up.

"Brother, I have to read the bookagain. You haven\'t had a good rest these days. Go to sleep first," Lin YuFei said.

"Don\'t stay up too late." Lin YuTong warmed up the glass of milk and put it on the bedside table, then lay downto the accompanying bed.

Zhan Yi Fei sent a text message.

Paper Tiger: Are you asleep?

Deaf child: Just laid down, when are youcoming back?

Paper Tiger: Thinking of me?

Deaf children: Nonsense.

Paper Tiger: Go take a look.

LinYu Tong sat up "whoosh" and said to Lin Yu Fei, "Little Fei, Iwill come back after a while!", then sprinted straight out with slippers.Originally he thought that Zhan Yi Fei was back, but it was only Li Jun in thecorridor.

"Young Master Lin, is there anything?"

"No..." Lin Yu Tong took thephone in his right hand and rubbed his wrist for a while. He was about to senda message, but he heard "!"sound, then Zhan Yi Fei pulled the suitcase open and the dust fell as he came from inside the bag.

"It seems to really be thought after."Zhan Yi Fei smiled and set the box aside and looked at Lin Yu Tong.

"Come on!" Lin Yu Tong waved him.When Zhan Yi Fei came closer, he slammed him, and regardless of the occasion,he kissed Zhan Yi Fei\'s lips.

"Cough, let’s go in." Zhan Yi Feigot a small, convenient and he wanted a bigger kiss to flaunt perversely . Afterentering, he saw Lin Yu Fei’s room was quite quiet, so he whispered Lin YuTong, "Little Fei is already asleep?"

"He is reading a book." Lin YuTong took Zhan Yi Fei and sat down, "You came directly from theairport?"

Otherwise, it is impossible to carry asuitcase. Me

"Isn\'t this me rushing to see you agood thing a lover can do, isn\'t it necessary for you to give a reward?"

"First, let me owe you, and I will giveit to you tomorrow. Have you eaten yet? If not, I will let people buy some foodfor you." Lin Yu Tong said that and went to help Zhan Yi Fei to pour a cupof warm water.

"I have eaten on the plane, this timeI\'m not hungry." Zhan Yi Fei took the water to drink some, then opened thesuitcase and pulled out a lot of food from the inside, there are pineapplecakes, and the meat that was roasted, and he handed the snacks to Lin Yu Tong."Give these Little Fei. When you have nothing, eat some time."

"Hey, Brother Yi Fei you\'re tooparticular." Lin Yu Fei saw the snacks and quickly threw the book aside. Withthe snacks in on the one hand, he said to Zhan Yi Fei "Get my brother outof here, you have to go out and rekindle the marriage, and don\'t worry aboutme, I won\'t leave this room tonight." After shouting that he added:"Thank you Brother Yi Fei, you can take my brother out now!"

"Do not speak that much nonsense! It\'slate, don\'t eat too much, it\'s not good for the stomach." Lin Yu Tonghelped pick up and set the book aside on the table and he went out, and sawZhan Yi Fei seriously turning a copy of A4 paper.

Could it be a document?

Lin Yu Tong approached, glanced at thedocument and his eyes suddenly widened. "You didn\'t?!"

Luckily he considered the seriousness toaffirm the most important document. The result was that Zhan Yi Fei changed thebed scene characters he wrote to "Lin Yu Tong" and "Zhan YiFei"!! !