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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage« 重生金色婚姻» Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Sen Hun Yin,

Chapter 53: The Apple Called Little Tong

Lin Yu Fei did notthink that he could attract so many people\'s concerns. When he was staying inthe provincial hospital, he had to pay more attention to his rest and healthobservation, so even if some people wanted to see him they were being rejectedby his family. But after they had seen him getting well these twodays, and his speech was still quite good, so his parents could no more refusedpeople visitation. However, his mother agreed with some, his father agreed, andhe agreed to some more. There were several waves of people outside, and theroom that was spacious enough suddenly became crowded and he looked dizzy.

Hua Yu Bai came and Long Le still camewith Cheng Tian, who was trying to shrink into the corner.

Lin Yu Tong originally called Hua Yu Bai toask if he had time to help his younger brother to make up the missed classes.As a result, Long Le followed Cheng Tian and went to visit withhim.

"You said that if you came here, you will bring something too goodfor me."

If it was not because the younger brother insisted that he still wants totake the college entrance examination, and that said little brother had mentioned Hua Yu Bai several times, Lin Yu Tongstill did not give Hua Yu Bai this number.

"What did you say, your brother is not a good brother, look at him, he is here" Long Le looked around and said, "But then, there are somany people who came to visit today Yu Bai almost didn\'t come in."Lin Yu Fei’s own classmates, as well as the YoungMaster Chu, who did not know which leader they lived in.

"Go outside for a while, Little Fei\'s classmates havebeen here for a while, and it is estimated that they are going to need to leavesoon." In fact, people seem to be over because there are many people whoare protecting the outside, plus these people are all tall, at first glance, they“occupied the place."

"Then we will go back first, anyway, we have not been busyrecently, we will wait until there is time, then we will come overagain," Cheng Tian said.

"Don\'t, everyone will go out for a meal and then went away. Wehaven\'t seen each other for a long time."

"Let’s just change the day, Yu Bai is here, we willcome over again with him." Long Le saw Chu Tian Yi hesmiled at him and quickly moved his gaze.

Lin Yu Tong thought that it was true and he sent his friend tothe elevator. When he came back, he could see someone is idling nearthe stairs.

“Is there someone he is waiting for?” Lin Yu Tong said to thebodyguard, after seeing a man standing in the same place for a while.

"It’s Zhuang Hai. He has been here for a while. It seemsthat he wants to see you and Mr. Zhan, but he hasn’t come in,probably because there were so many people coming today. The bodyguard followedand looked at the stairs. Zhuang Hai came for twenty minutes,but never came in the room, he just walked back and forth like an ant on thehot pot.

"Don\'t let him in when he asks." Lin Yu Tong said,turning into the ward.

Zhuang Hai can pull down his face and apologize,that alone is already a great determination, but apologizing in frontof so many people is not within his plan, so he has been waiting in the dark,he hoped people in Lin Yu Fei’s ward can leave early.

However, the students are busy studying tired dogs on weekdays. It’shard to talk about chatting for a while, and naturally won’t rush. Inparticular, some people knew that Lin Yu Fei also wanted to gothrough the preparation for the college entrance examination, and they came toexpressed great support.

Gu Yang and Zhou Tong even said: "If you like, wecould come over to work with you in the future, if you don\'t, you will make amark first. When you send a new paper, we will take it over and solve theanswer and bring it to you. "

They are now nth questions every day, and it’s only necessary to do so.

"That is too late to delay your time. You can help me with thepapers. My family will take a fixed time to get it."Lin Yu Fei was thinking about it. He always has something to doto pass the time. Although it is not convenient to get out of bed now, it isnot difficult to read some learning materials in bed, but he only gets to restmore than usual. Anyway, he has already thought about it. He has been workinghard for so long. He has to test in that examination, and he can achieve the bestgoal. There is no regret as long as he tries.

"That line, anyway, you have our phone there, you can make a callbefore your family comes over. This is for you." Gu Yang tookout a brown envelope from his pocket. "Someone told me to hand it over to you.”

"Then you get better, we will go backfirst." Zhou Tong said, pulling Gu Yang to get up,there are two other students who went back together.

The people in this ward were finally gone exceptfor Chu Tian Yi and Cheng Shi, Zhan Yi Fei andLin Yu Tong, and then Lin Yu Fei himself.Lin Yu Fei thought about trying to get the envelope up first.

Chu Tian Yi saw it and said with a smile:"There is someone still sending a love letter in the third year of highschool. Little Fei you are in a good market."

One room was full of smiles and Lin Yu Fei was alittle embarrassed. Who knows that there was a loud noise from theoutside, and it was so close that they could hear it from their door.

"Zhuang Hai came over. I heard Li Jun say that he has beengoing back and forth for a long time. It is estimated that this time everyoneis leaving he will want to come in and see." Lin Yu Tong cutsthe apple and had sneer to his lips. "I have never seen such a man with athick face."

"Not thick face, no, you guys are going to make him get nuts aboutit." Chu Tian Yi said with a smile.

"That\'s what he asked for. This kind of person has been able toharm many people before he met us. If we even let it go and believe that theywill change, then they will definitely be more arrogant."Lin Yu Fei was eating apples. He didn’t notice thatsomeone was looking at his apple and he was getting red jealous eyes.

“What are you going to do?” Zhan Yi Fei asked Chu Tian Yi withoutturning his head.

"Why? I haven\'t warmed up yet. You want to drive me away?! I saidyou can\'t take me with jealousy?!"

"What jealous?" Lin Yu Tong asked inexplicably.

"Little Fei, Brother Chu is trying to tell you, youmust be careful when you sleep at night. You ate your brother\'s apple, it islike a time bomb."

"Ah?!" Lin Yu Fei Face is arrogant, "Isn\'tit... Just an apple?"

"You haven\'t walked away yet?!" Zhan Yi Fei lookedat Chu Tian Yi with a sigh of relief, and his ears wereslightly red. He is just a little envious of it, because he has not eaten hisApple called Little Tong. Chu Tian Yi,this nosy guy knows that, and he still tried to expose him.

"Well, I am going, can I go?! Little Fei, take a rest, waituntil Brother Chu is free to come seeyou." Chu Tian Yi got up and left with Cheng Shi.When he got outside, he saw the Zhuang Hai that Li Jun had movedto the side. He couldn\'t help but swearto Zhan Yi Fei’s jealous, like a fox, and then walked overwith a smile. "Hey, isn\'t this Mr. Zhuang? How is it you are standinghere?"

"Mr. Chu? Fortunately, I would be lucky. You, you knowme?" Zhuang Hai said that, was he secretly gavehimself a slap in his heart. He came here. How can he still know who he is?

"I have seen you once or twice, Mr. Zhuang you have notanswered my question, what are you doing here?"

"This, this is something I came to see Mr. Zhan aboutsomething, but Mr. Zhan, he did not show up. Right, I heard that you Ihave a close relationship with Mr. Zhan. I don\'t know if you can help meto get in touch with him?"

"Get in touch? Why do you want tosee Zhan Yi Fei?"

"Yeah, or see Lin Yu Tong, OK, let me see one."

"How easy is it, do you still need me to help you get intouch?" Chu Tian Yi turned the corner andpointed Zhuang Hai to a "Ming Lu".

Chu Tian Yi didn\'t make it very clear,but Zhuang Hai was mixed up on the road for so long, and somethings do not have to be said to understand the meaning. Anyway, he felt thathe did not understand his mistake. Chu Tian Yi meansthat Zhan Yi Fei and Zhan Hong Tu are not inthe same league. In the early years, Zhan Yi Fei alsosuffered a lot of losses from his relatives. It is not reliable, soif he can help solve Zhan Hong Tu and the woman named WangBing Yan, Zhan Yi Fei can let him go.

It sounds a bit unreliable, but there seems to be no other way outtoday.

Zhuang Yong’s entry into prison is already a nailing. Thething is that he fought Zhan Yi Fei will not escape apunishment. But that can\'t be ruined by the entire dealer. After all, only afterstaying in the green hills can there be firewood.

So Zhuang Hai gritted his teeth and arranged one of hismost trustworthy hands to inquire about it.

The result is almost exactly the same as that saidby Chu Tian Yi. Zhan Hong Tu and WangBing Yan and their daughter are really not good things.

After Zhan Hong Tu and Wang Bing Yan moved outof the main house, the two became free. Zhan Hong Tu no longerhas to go to the management company, and Wang Bing Yan doesn\'t haveto worry about how to stop Zhan Yi Fei from continuing togrow. In fairness, if they are willing to face the reality and wake up tothemselves, this day is definitely enough for many people to envy. However,there are always people in this world who do not know what is "contentment."

Zhan Hong Tu felt that it was a big loss to get pushedout of the company by a small mistake that he had made, and WangBing Yan hated Zhan Yi Fei for her daughter’smarriage. Although she saw Ye Han Ying\'s true face, when shethought that her daughter would be a laughing stock, she would like topush Zhan Yi Fei and Lin Yu Tong into the abyss.She thinks that Zhan Yi Fei is the ultimate nemesis of herand her children. If he is there, they will not be able to.

Zhan Yi Ning is even more to say, she has beencalculating for a long time, how to make a public fiasco in of Zhan Yi Fei andLin Yu Tong wedding day.

Zhuang Hai felt that this f*cking change is that hehimself has to kill such a family, letalone Zhan Yi Fei himself. However, these are the wordsspoken by Chu Tian Yi. He is also worried that if hesolves Zhan Hong Tu and WangBing Yan, Zhan Yi Fei still will not appreciate it,then he is not busy?

So to say, the key is still in Zhan Yi Fei andLin Yu Tong. Zhuang Hai knew with Zhan Yi Fei\'s attitudetoward Lin Yu Tong, as long as Lin Yu Tong will help to saytwo good words, all problems are no longer a problem.

So in a few days, Zhuang Hai went to the General Hospitalof the Military Region again, and this time he learned to be smart.He did not directly find Lin Yu Fei\'s ear, but asked the nurseto give Lin Yu Tong a good note.

Lin Yu Tong was wonderingwhen Hua Yu Bai gave his brother a question and wentto Zhan Yi Fei. When he saw someone on the note saying that hewas waiting for him at the nurse station, he took the opportunity to look overand see who actually thought. He saw Zhuang Hai waiting there.

Gao Wen Liang came to catch up with people in thefirst time. Zhuang Hai tried quickly to speak. "YoungMaster Lin, I only need three minutes to do it, and that is if it is not aconvenient for you."

Lin Yu Tong didn\'t want the nurses to watch and he walkedstraight out.

Zhuang Hai immediately followed up and said, "YoungMaster Lin, the fight is my son\'s mistake. He will be punished for it. I havenothing to say. I was wrong when I slapped you that day. Ifit wasn’t important I wouldn\'t want to come back with you. But can Itrouble you to let Mr. Zhanraise his hands."

"Raise up his hands? If your son did not beat my brother, but achild of another family, then you would not feel that you need to lower yourhand?" Lin Yu Tong looked at the watch. "Sorry, I stillhave something, I will have to trouble Mr. Zhuang to find the wayout"

"Don\'t! Young Master Lin, if you are not toobusy." Zhuang Hai was anxious, and determined that exceptfor him and Lin Yu Tong, only Gao Wen Liang werearound, he whispered: "It\'s better for us to make a pen trade. As long asMr. Zhan is willing to let go of the dealer, I will help you solvethe problem."

"I don\'t know what Mr. Zhuang is saying."

"You know for sure. And I know. Recently, some people are trying todestroy your wedding with Mr. Zhan. As long as you promise, these issuesare handed over to me.

“Although I don’t know what Mr. Zhuang want to say, peoplewho want to have a sincere cooperation are often directly using the lowestprice to seek the partnership, but that\'s not like you, no rabbit evercooperate with eagle." Lin Yu Tongcalled Gao Wen Liang, turned and went into the elevator.

"It seems that Zhuang is really anxious this time. Hereally listened to Brother Chu/’s words." Atthe Zhan Financial Group, Lin Yu Tonggrabbed Zhan Yi Fei from behind and said in his ear:"He came over again today, suggesting that as long as you are willing tolet go of his family, he will help us solve the Zhan Hong Tufamily. As for Zhuang Yong, he recognized hismistake."

"It sounds good, how did you reply back?"

"I said that he shouldn\'t see rabbits and eagles, beingsincere."

"It\'s really bad. But this way he definitely feels that you willagree with what he said." Zhan Yi Fei got up andpulled Lin Yu Tong and sat down on the sofa. "To behonest, Zhan Yi Ning has been thinking about it for a whileabout how she can destroy our wedding, Zhan Hong Tucontacted a lot of former subordinates asking them to suppress me. They arereally still owe some lessons, so I am too lazy to manage them. Since they liketoss, let them toss enough, as long as their tossing doesn\'t touch my bottomline."

"What is your bottom line?"

"You not being happy is my bottomline." Zhan Yi Fei patted inLin Yu Tong\'s hand, "I spent two days. May have a businesstrip, it will take about three days, will you accompany me?"

"I am afraid this time, I can’t do anything. There are too manyfamily things."

Not to mention that his brother was not discharged, he said that theywould have a wedding in a month. Although he doesn\'t have to do anythingreally, but many things have to go through his word, like the layout of the venue,which style is better, what brand of wine to use on the wedding day, what kindof chocolate should be made? Which piano do you want? Come to play and so on,regardless of size, always he nodded.

The Zhan Family is now seen through. In The Zhan Family, Zhan Yi Fei\'s wordis larger than anyone, but Lin Yu Tong\'s word is largerthan Zhan Yi Fei. So if there is something as long asLin Yu Tong agrees, even if it is wrong, no one will make an issue ofit. Because of the arrival of Zhan YI Fei’s lover, as longas it is Lin Yu Tong\'s decision, even the wrong one he does canbecome right.

It is simply unreasonable.

Lin Yu Tong is never bad in the face of such"unreasonable" Zhan Yi Fei.

That night,under Zhan YI Fei’s direction Xiang Jun appropriatelysuspends the attacks on the dealers, and Zhuang Hai also noticedthe secret in this, and he began to seriously study how to dealwith Zhan Hong Tu... As long as he does not kill, otherwisedon\'t say that he does makes them end up in trouble, that is, Zhan Yi Fei isnot good person at all. After all, how can there be a diaphragm is also arelative, Wan Wan is dead, Zhan Yi Fei andLin Yu Tong\'s wedding was not as good as it was, so he had to thinkof a way to get a family of Zhan Hong Tu, but not to kill them.

The next day, Lin Yu Tong came back from the hospital onceagain to accompany Zhan Yi Fei for breakfast.When Zhan Yi Fei got to work, he took the book and sat downin the pavilion in the yard and started writing novels.

At this moment, several gardening masters were trimming green plants inthe garden. In order to highlight the wedding theme, they also racked theirbrains. What they are doing now is the first pruning. This time, the generaltype for the venue is repaired, because it is necessary to have a self-servicewedding banquet in the garden, so trimming the surrounding scenery isespecially important, but if you hurry in the first few days of marriage, youmust work too late, after all, the greenery area of u200bu200bThe Zhan Family Mansion is toobig, even if a large part does not need to be trimmed, several people are busy.

"For Master Liu, can you give me some plants likespiders?" Lin Yu Tong looked up the gap in the spaces and askedthe nearest gardener.

"You like the spider plant, that\'s fine. But where do you want tohang it?" Master Liu looked at the pavilion. This pavilion isall-wood, and even the tables and chairs inside are all wooden. It is alsoappropriate to say that the hanging green plants are suitable for it.

"Just hang there." Lin Yu Tong pointed to the placewhere he could see when he looked up.

"Then wait a moment, I will bring you a hanging plants catalogue,you can see which one you like, I will go back and get it."

Master Liu rushed to his bedroom and flipped it over, thentook the book out. "Mrs., look …. So what do you like?."

"...What did you call me?"

"Mr. Wang, the housekeeper just called you that, so you don\'t wantto be called Mrs.?"

"That you….. can\'t..."

Callme Mrs.?!

This is to tell him that there is no harm without comparison?!

“Hey!” Gao Wen Liang didn’t know how many timeshe appeared, leaning against the pavilion. “Mrs., do you need me to comfortyou?” He found that Lin Yu Tong was smartass when he wanted.Has he been unable to see it for so long? If no one secretly instructed him,Wang Bo had already changed it, and he would really be called Mrs. To this day.

"Just call me Mr. Lin." Lin Yu Tong said shoutingout: "Da Kuan, your mother is here!"

"Wang!" Da Kuan flew over andcircled Gao Wen Liang. Gao Wen Liang rubbedits dog\'s ear. "How do you remember this fast?"

"It must be that you have a sly scent on your body."Lin Yu Tong smirked, because the preparation for the wedding and hisbrother gradually recovery he was in a good mood.

He didn\'t go to the hospital this afternoon, because this afternoon wasthe time for Hua Yu Bai to tutor his brother to help himmake up for his missed class. Lin Yu Tong felt it was useless to goto him. Besides, the younger brother is now a little harder on his own toilet,but it is not impossible, so he said that he would go at night.

Gao Wen Liang took Da Kuan and satopposite Lin Yu Tong, and did not speak for a while. Speaking ofother shit, in fact, he is quite a bit sad recently. Xiang Jun hasbeen psychologically grooming for a few days, but there is still nothing toimprove on that matter. He didn\'t think it was anything,but Xiang Jun himself cares. Although he don’t say it, butwho hasn’t had any self-respect, especially on such a thing. Butdon\'t hesitate to help, he really doesn\'t know how to help. He has tried allkinds of SM, uniform temptation, forced love, but it is useless, but itmakes Xiang Jun more upset, thinking that he cares about that.

"Lin Zi, you said that we can\'t ask for another signat Yuling Temple?" Gao Wen Liang asked.

"It\'s still need to wait for a success, what\'s wrong?"

"There is nothing, I have just been a little upset recently."He thought that the psychiatrist was an expensive person, but now he doesn\'tlike it.

“So there is nothing bothering you?” Lin Yu Tong lookedat Gao Wen Liang strangely. Recently, Gao Wen Liang and Xiang Junhave been a pair. Gao Wen Liang is still not happy.

It’s hard to say a word. Gao Wen Liang put his headon the back of the chair and swallowed it. After all, this is relatedto Xiang Jun, so even if Lin Yu Tong is now a very closefriend with him, he can\'t say it.

Lin Yu Tong felt it was inconvenient for him to say at first,and naturally he wouldn\'t ask again, but when he was alonewith Zhan Yi Fei, he still speak about it. Mainlynow, Gao Wen Liang and Xiang Jun live with them.They are not brothers but they are better than brothers. If you have anyproblems, he must always care about each other.

Zhan Yi Fei was going on a business trip thenext day, so he went to the hospital this night and stayed withLin Yu Tong in the escort room outside the ward. The bed was only onemeter wide and three meters wide. It was a little crowded when two big men fellasleep, but it was better to squeeze than to sleep apart.

"Do you remember I told you before, when Old Xiang leftschool at his uncle\'s time when he was in high school?"

"Remember, isn\'t he saying that his aunts are particularlymean?"

"I can\'t tell you the specifics, but Old Xiang suddendeparture may have another hidden thing. He did not go to the hospital to go tothe psychological clinic. I was worried that he wasphysically paralyzed and paid attention to it. Only then did he knowthat he might have some obstacles in that matter.

"..." No wonder Gao Wen Liang\'s expressionwas like that but he also mentioned the signing

"What can we do for them?"

"I don\'t know if there is anything I cando." Zhan Yi Fei also wants to help the brothers, butthis is not something that he can help with.

Lin Yu Tong also felt that theyreally couldn’t reach out, so he was ready to be stupid. Who wantedto send Zhan Yi Fei to the airport the nextday, Gao Wen Liang actually gave him a special unbelievablerequest.

"Lin Zi, would you write pornography stories? Help me writetwo short stories."

Lin Yu Tong looked gobsmacked, "ah?!"