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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage« 重生金色婚姻» Chong Sheng Zhi JinSen Hun Yin,

Chapter 52: Too Late ToSay Sorry

As the doctor said, Lin Yu Fei gradually woke up afterthree hours, but his body was too injured and the face was bruised, and it tooka lot of effort to speak. And after the surgery, he was hurt, and he opened hiseyes and didn\'t sleep for a while.

Lin Yu Tong looked at his younger brother, and the mothercried like something had died. She can’t wait for the boynamed Zhuang Yong to wake up and have a taste of a mother scourge,for Chen Su Ning seeing Zhuang Yong is a social unrestfactor, a waste of national resources!

Chen Su Ning arrivedtwo hours ago, and Chen Su Ning’s eyes were red from crying.Although she raised these children, they were all mischievous, butshe didn’t let them experience hard times from when they were littleto no they are grown up. They have been good. Now the younger son is beingbeaten like this. Who can swallow this breath?

"I don\'t care, anyway, I have to sue all of them this time. It\'stoo much, it\'s just a group of hooligans!" Chen Su Ning washolding her husband\'s hand outside the intensive care unit."Zhi Song, you said Little Fei is hurt like this… How canhe take an examination?"

"Don\'t say this, he can do anything if he can recover."Lin Zhi Song sighed and looked at Lin Yu Tongand Zhan Yi Fei still, and said: "Tong Tong, if youwant go back with Yi Fei it\'s best to leave now... it’s alreadytoo late, you have to rest, and it’s not necessary to leave so many people hereto look after him.

"Don\'t be worried dad, Yi Fei won\'t go to worktomorrow, I\'m free, so maybe you and my mother should go back to rest first,you rushed back and didn\'t even eat, so go home and let Liu Ma cooksomething for you, You will come over and exchange with us tomorrowmorning."

"How can I eat with your brother laying here in the hospital?"Chen Su Ning started crying again.

"Mom, wait a minute! I am thinking about what you have to go backfor and you have to bring Little Fei some daily change of clothes.Besides, how can he stay here for ten days and have nothing to do cause thatwill be boring, you bring him his notebooks so he can wake up andhave a little fun, he is your hyperactive son don\'t you know that? His hands mustalways have something to do or his will start to annoying people. "

"Tong said it right too, you have to giveLittle Fei clothes a wash, so let\'s go back and we will change withchildren tomorrow morning. You, don\'t be embarrassed, if you don\'t look afteryourself, you will be sick again. Isn\'t that going to create more trouble forTong Tong? Hurry, let\'s go." Lin Zhi Song pulledChen Su Ning up and took apatted Zhan Yi Fei’s shoulder."Thanks Yi Fei."

"Dad, you are too good to say so. You slow down withmom." Zhan Yi Fei said, walked with The Lin parents tothe road, and naturally there were people to escort the two back home.

“What are you thinking?” Zhan Yi Fei came back andsaw Lin Yu Tong sitting in a chair in a daze, he could not help butask.

"I wonder, if Zhuang Hai will be able to let thisgo?" His brother had finished an operation for anhour. Zhuang Yong, the kid had to undergo surgery too. It is said hehad a concussion and multiple fractures and soft tissue contusions in thelungs, three of his teeth were lost.

"I can\'t do it too." Zhan Yi Fei took offhis coat and put it on Lin Yu Tong. "Little Gao willfollow up on this matter. This time he will just collect theevidence. Zhuang Yong is also a child, but his age allows him to bearcriminal responsibility, let\'s just wait for his discharge, he should be ableto go to jail for a few years. As for how many years till he can come out... Itdepends on his own performance. You sleep for a while, Little Fei isnot going to move in these two days, let’s deal with him first. After two days,his injury will be stabilized. We will transfer him to a private hospital,he can\'t stay here."

"Alright." There isn\'t even a companion bed here, there aretoo many people. They stayed here because it was the after incident point, butthey didn’t have to stay here anymore.

The efficacy of the analgesic is still there, soLin Yu Fei didn’t have to feel pain. He slept until about5:30 in the morning and then opened his eyes again. Only at that time he wasthe only patient in the intensive care unit. He thought for a while before hereacted to why he was in such a "magic" place. He had never stayed inthe hospital since he was young!

Lin Yu Tong looked at the inside of the ICU room from time totime through the glass, so Lin Yu Fei did not know how long hewas in there and his brother notified the doctor and nurse the firsttime. With the help of the nurse, he changed the sterile clothes and trolled intothe ward, and finally he could say two sentences with his brother.

Lin Yu Tong was afraid that Lin Yu Fei would ina hurry to explain himself and knew that he was struggling to talk, soLin Yu Tong did not wait for him to speak, and said thestatus quo of Zhuang Yong and his classmates. He alsomentioned that his parents had already been there.

Lin Yu Fei has already begun to notice the pain in hisbody at this time, but his attention has not been on this, his attention wasnot even in what his brother said. He frowned, and asked with a voice that wastoo far away to hear: "Brother, what\'s wrong with your face?"

So obvious, it was hit by someone!He did not see this angle, now his brother turned over and he saw it!

"Don\'t look at me, why would I beat yourbrother?" Zhan Yi Fei spread his hands to make innocent,cry and laughter sound. How is itpossible?!

“Zhuang Ha,i that madman took a slap at me, but yourBrother Yi Fei kicked him. He still can\'t stand now. Don\'tworry, brother is fine, you still to mainly ought to focus on your own body. Thedoctor said your physical fitness is good and you should be able to recoververy quickly."

"When can I leave the hospital?"

"If you have a good health, you will be out soon. Anyway, it isalready like this. You will relax. As for other things, don\'t worry about them, let me say, don\'t worry about studying or the Zhuang\'s business. Iwill take care of it with Brother Yi Fei."

"Well, brother, remember to thank Gu Yangand Zhou Tong for me."

"Know it, rest assured."

Lin Yu Tong would like to say a few words, but the nurse saidit will affect the patient rest, so he left. Just as his parents brought food,he and Zhan Yi Fei ate a little and then went back to theapartment together.

In the following days, Lin Yu Tong went to the hospital everyday. Usually, he will go to the class in the afternoon and leave Yu Fei withhis mother. Afterwards he will come back and chat together, or he will tell hima story and let him listen to music. He was also accompanied by him at night,and then he went back the next morning when his mother came over, he will justgo to catch up with Zhan Yi Fei for a breakfast.

At first, Chen Su Ning said that he would not accompanyher, but Lin Yu Fei did not. He is nearly an adult even if hehas a mother, it’s easy to have a brother, because sometimesLin Yu Fei would need changing a pair of pants, with hisbrother to help him change them he was only a little embarrassed, but to let hismother change, he would rather not change the clothes at all!

Although Zhan Yi Fei was distressed,Lin Yu Tong kept working hard in the hospital, but there is no way todo this. He can\'t be jealous because of the little brother?

But when they have breakfast every day, he saw Yu Tong face,and that is still too little.

Within a few days, Lin Yu Tong foundthat Zhan Yi Fei was full of resentment, and he was in agood mood as before eating. Although Zhan Yi Fei didn\'t sayanything on his mouth, he was carrying a kind of -\'I am not happy!\'- face so hedid not stay at home to write a novel in the morning, andtook Zhan Yi Fei and accompanied him to thecompany. When Zhan Yi Fei was busy with his business. Hestayed and worked in the small conference tablein Zhan Yi Fei’s office. He slept on the sofa for a while,or eats something or do something, and he will not be too far awayfrom Zhan Yi Fei.

Zhan Yi Fei likes to see the feeling of being nearLin Yu Tong when he is busy, which makes him feel that all the hardwork makes sense.

Lin Yu Tong\'s fingers were flying at thetime, Zhan Yi Fei got up and walked silently, bent over andput his chin on Lin Yu Tong\'s shoulder to see what he wrote.

"Are you finished?" Lin Yu Tong didn\'t stop, and hishead didn\'t turn.

"Well, after a while, the Personnel Department will bring thecompany\'s employee bonus system amendments and I will have to sign it to finishit. There is nothing to be busy in the afternoon, I will go with you to seeLittle Fei. Yesterday Little Fei\'s school officiallyput Zhuang Yong in expulsion. In addition to the courage to opena case, Zhuang Hai is now looking to bribe to make things goaway quietly. This kid will come to us to find us."

At the beginning, Zhuang Hai heard the police said thathe had kicked the iron plate and he still did not care, he didn\'t learn it. Asfor what happened to him, this is not the first time his son first fightingday. Which time was the situation not settled by him? What happened this time?He does not believe that a lot of money to spend won\'t make this go away!

When Zhuang Yong blinked, Zhuang Hai said:"After the school breaks, you will not go school. I will talk to a goodfriend for a few days. You will go to a better school!"

"Dad, you have got to help me kill that bastard name Lin. Damn, hehurts me." Zhuang Yong grimaced in pain, he feel pain to evenspeak, and gasping also hurt, even moving his ass led to more pain.

"You can rest assured that Dad can\'t let you fight invain!" Zhuang Hai went out and went looking for someoneafter saying this. Many of his brothers have been arrested this time, and havenot yet released them, but he has more people than these he does not believe,this is still not able to find this son?!

On the second week of Zhuang Yong’s hospitalization, Zhuang Hai tookthe money to find the Big Brother who brought him to this criminal path.However, every time he used him as a brother, the BigBrother didn’t want to see him this time, not only did he not seehim, but also let people told him that this time is not good to meet, he willgo to a foreign country for recuperation, and he will not return in the countryfor three or two months!

Isn\'t it clear that he is deliberately avoiding him?!

Later, there was noway. Zhuang Hai went to find an old friend. He used to be on themixed road, but now that old friend was whitewashed from his criminal past andstarted to do business seriously. He went to ask him, who isthis Zhan Yi Fei.

When the man heard it, he suddenly came over with a "you are notsaved" look. "Isn\'t that the big master ofThe Zhan Financial Group? Is it wrong? Now that he heads the entiregroup, what did you do to him?"

"This is not me.... My son was beaten by his little nephew. Say,why haven’t I heard of such a person?”

“Zhan Yi Fei is a low-key person who used to developin Rongcheng before coming to B City at the beginning of last year.The people in that circle are not the kind we can reach, so it’s not unusualthat you haven’t heard of it. I haven’t seen him myselfuntil now. But you don’t know him, but you definitely know YoungMaster Chu, this Zhan Yi Fei, I heard that he and YoungMaster Chu are like brothers."

"..." Zhuang Hai felta "squeaky" sound in his mind, as if an alarm bell was ringing.This Chu Tian Yi, he is too familiar with him. He didn\'tknow Chu Tian Yi and they didn\'t even see each other.Later, he happened to attend his Big Brother birthday party. He was luckyenough to see Chu Tian Yi at that club and he glanced atwhat Chu Tian Yi was doing at the time? It seems that hewas eating with someone who had nodded with him, but the object that he neededwas a simple nod at the time and respectfullygave Chu Tian Yi a drink toast.

"According to me, the only way for you now is to goto Zhan Yi Fei himself and beg and kneel, unless he let goof it, no one and I mean no will help you. I don\'t understand it. How isit you son went to offend someone related to Zhan Yi Fei?"

"Isn\'t this young and energetic scuffle?" If he knew that Lin Yu Fei had this background, he wouldlet his son take a good look before offending the boy! This could be settledwithout much hassle, but now not only the brothers who were in police custodynot be let out, the Zhan family will come to find him, even his storewill also be sealed up, and others reported that he evaded taxes and that’s taxevasion! Damn, these days he will be burn out.

Zhuang Yong didn\'t know how he was in hot waters. After alittle bit of movement, he began to drink and drink, andLin Yu Fei here was ready to transfer.

Lin Yu Tong thought that he would have to wait another twodays, but it didn\'t take long for Zhan Yi Fei to come. Itwas just the phone call from the military academy. The car that was connectedto Lin Yu Fei was ready, and it also came over with three majorswho are medical staff.

Lin Yu Fei was feeling bored here, and his brother followedhim to care for him, but he didn’t even have a good place to sleep.It was hard enough, so when he heard that he will be transferred to the seniorward of the Military Regions General Hospital and didn’t even winkand he agreed to leave. He doesn’t know after they just lefthere, Zhuang Hai came over with a gift.

"Nurse, where is the person who was staying here?!"


"Transfer?? Which hospital?"

"It seems to be the Military Region General Hospital?"

Zhuang Hai couldn\'t wait till this thing fester and blowup in his face. He took the matter and rushed to the Military District GeneralHospital. Then he spent a long time trying to find the ward, and he tried toask for Lin Yu Fei but every time he would hit a wall.