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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage« 重生金色婚姻» Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Sen Hun Yin,

Chapter 51: Down the Memory Lane

It has beenso many years, so many memories thateven Zhan Yi Fei himself was feeling that it was all vague,he can\'t remember the his mother’s face when she died, can\'t remember thedespair of his uncle, and can\'t remember the powerlessness overflowing hisface. At that time, he was eight years old, he did not love his father, themost painful things happened after his mother died since theuncle who he had hoped for left the Zhan Family quietly,and the aunt went to school again. He has never been like that alone for amoment, he spent his younger years hoping that he was not born the Young Masterof The Zhan Family.

Everyone admired that he has a good origin, and only he knows whattrouble is behind this birth.

His mother didn\'t have a good marriage, but becauseThe Zhan Family wouldn\'t let her take the only male grandchild away,she could only stay in The Zhan Family. Without the love of herhusband, she had nothing to rely on, and the whole person was locked in agorgeous cage.

Sometimes he doesn\'t know if he is too stupid, or should life is toounfair. If his mother first met his uncle, it might be all different, butunfortunately he was two or three years old when his uncle liked his mother.His father had already got control of the company and The Zhan Family,and like their family, the things that his mother and his uncles being togetherwere not allowed to happen.

"It’s not so much as I hate my uncle, but I hate myself. WhenI was young, I didn’t understand why my mom refused toleave The Zhan Family. Later, when I was grown up, I knewthat Zhan Hong Tu literally sent people to kidnap me,I could understand why my mother has suffered for so many years. She probablyknew from the beginning that if she was not there, my personal safety would notbe guaranteed. Sometimes I even thought she was eloping with my uncle. Shewould have liked to give me more time to find out, but she may not even thinkof herself. She also believed in the wrong person."

"Was he unsuccessful?"

"Yes, he promised to take me and my mom and leaveThe Zhan Family, but he disappearedsilently. Zhan Yi Fei turned to look atLin Yu Tong. When I know how I started to like you, do you know whatthe first vow I made to myself was?


"I swear that if you can be with me, I will not let you suffer anygrievances, and I will look after youforever." Zhan Yi Fei hugged Lin Yu Tonginto his arms and said him. "You may not know, this ... Ilike a person, but that person had only the feeling of another person, it wasvery uncomfortable, especially uncomfortable for me. It is actually a bitshameful to say. I thought you liked Shen Jun at first, so I wasdepressed because of that for a long time. The marriage thing, I went to talkto your Dad about that I wanted to register marry with you. I was goingcrazy it was a rare impulse in my life. I felt very embarrassed at thetime."

"What about now?" Lin Yu Tong fiddledwith Zhan Yi Fei\'s hair and asked.

"Too wise. The best thing I have done in my life is to tell yourdad that I want to marry you."

"The most sensible thing I have ever done in my life is to agreewith you." Lin Yu Tong backed up andheld Zhan Yi Fei, he felt that he didn\'t want to mention thepast, and then changed the subject along the steps.

In a few days, it reached Qing Ming,and Zhan Yi Fei was able to rest for two days. He went tothe cemetery with Lin Yu Tong in the morning with the things he hadprepared at home.

According to Wang Bo, The Zhan Family occupies alarge fengshui land in the cemetery, and The Zhan Family members havebeen buried there for generations.But Zhan Yi Fei took Lin Yu Tong to go to themost common cemetery. Those who are buried next to eachother, can’t tell who is who.

"This was Mom\'s ownwish," Zhan Yi Fei told Lin Yu Tong. "Ididn\'t see her last face, but she said before her death, if there is a nextlife, she hopes that I will never have anything to do withThe Zhan Family.”

Lin Yu Tong walked for a long time to see that they arelooking for C12 road, while Kang Jia Li was buried in the bottom12 of the third block of the cemetery.

A special tombstone is engraved with the words"Kang Jia Li". The name is next to a photo. The woman inthe photo looked about twenty years old and has a long ponytail. She had thelook of a country girl, but she looked so beautiful, giving people a feeling ofwarmth and smile when they stared at her.

Right now, there were a bunch of white chrysanthemums with alittle water cup holder in the bottom of the photo. The wind blew andthe petals swayed gently.

Lin Yu Tong moved the white chrysanthemum to the left andplaced the flowers he brought with Zhan Yi Fei. Then Iheard Zhan Yi Fei say, "Mom, standing next to me isLin Yu Tong, who I mentioned to you before. He is now yourdaughter-in-law. I should have brought him to meet you for a long time. But Icouldn\'t I have been a little busy, so please don’t be angry thatI came now.

Lin Yu Tong bowed and he didn’t feel how hard it wasto introduce himself to the tombstone. When he finished, he saw Zhan Yi Fei lighta scent sticks there, he put the fruit plate that was brought over,and then pulled Zhan Yi Fei to kneel down. "Mom, wemust come to see you often, today I followed Yi Fei to comeover and to be recognized.”

Zhan Yi Fei poured some wine and said, Mom.... Yousee how sensible he is, I knew you will definitely like him. You used to worrythat no one would care for me, but he cares for me now. He is very good, healso specializes in telling stories, cooking, and falling to theground from time to time."

Lin Yu Tong subconsciouslygave Zhan Yi Fei an elbow jolt. "What is worth to showoff about that?"

Zhan Yi Fei grabbed Lin Yu Tong’s hand andhis heart did not feel pain at all, and continued to linger there.Lin Yu Tong figured it out, and Zhan Yi Fei’s wordsin the past few days have been much better than what he said in the past month.

Lin Yu Tong listened for a while, then inserted a flower fromtime to time, and made the atmosphere less cursive.

No one has to set a heavy mood tosweep the grave. Lin Yu Tong thinks that the factthat Zhan Yi Fei can say something happy like this is quitegood. It’s just that he feels from time to time, asif there was someone coming around. The bunch of flowers that hadbeen placed before the tombstone when they came, looking at the freshness thoseflowers should be placed there today.

Will it be the Second Uncle?

Lin Yu Tong stood up and looked around. More and more peoplecame to the cemetery to worship, but he did notsee Zhan Hong Wei.

Zhan Yi Fei may have had the same idea asLin Yu Tong. He looked up and said, "Come and let’s go back, youwon\'t see him."

Lin Yu Tong put things on,and Zhan Yi Fei went to the cemetery. There were a fewfixed places where you could burn paper money, and he burned a lot ofpaper money.

Zhan Hong Wei did not show up until they got back in thecar. However, referring to Zhan Hong Wei, Lin Yu Tongremembered that the peace and safe symbol that he previously obtainedin Yuling Temple had not been given to Zhan Yi Fei. Heput the wallet open and took it out and put itin Zhan Yi Fei\'s wallet.

"Yours is for me, then do you still haveit?" Zhan Yi Fei eyebrows rose after seeing what itwas.

"Yes." Lin Yu Tong squatted his head and lookedat Zhan Yi Fei. "Isn\'t that what you are?"

"It makes sense. But my peacetime on-call is not just a safe, youare sure that you do want to keep it? I can offer the price if I want it."

"Change your bragging for a day?"

"Change your bragging into a kind of \'humanity instrument\'. I don\'tknow what the Mrs. is thinking?"

"Get out of the way! Mind full of dirty thoughts!"

"Who said it? It’s all foryou." Zhan Yi Fei finished, he turned a corner, tookLin Yu Tong to the supermarket to buy food, and then went to theapartment where they once lived.

Compared to The Zhan Family\'s mansion, the apartment can onlybe regarded as a "dwelling house", but the couple particularly likeit.

In Zhan Yi Fei\'s view, this is a real new house.Because it is the first place he slept with Lin Yu Tong, heespecially cherished this apartment...

Lin Yu Tong planned to make steamed scallops with garlicdumplings. Zhan Yi Fei especially likes to eat dumplings,so Lin Yu Tong occasionally cooks him dumplings to eat, but therehave always been such things in recent days, so there is a long time that hadgone by when he hasn\'t made them.

Zhan Yi Fei stood at the door and looked atLin Yu Tong who was busy. “What do you want me to do?”

Lin Yu Tong said: “Go and put some music?”

All the furniture and appliances here have been replaced, as theoriginal homeowner felt it not always good to buy the ones that hewant to give to the tenants, so Zhan Yi Fei later when hebought the house he changed it all over. Nowadays, there are a verygood set of speakers in the living room, but I haven’t really heardthe music.

Lin Yu Tong skillfully packed up the scallops andput the dumpling out and put them in the boiling waterpot. Zhan Yi Fei then finished turning on the music and hesaw Lin Yu Tong peeling the garlic. Then he took a few to help andthey peeled it together.

A very simple thing, but somehow,it is happiness to be done by two people together.

Finally, three pieces of garlic were left, and Lin Yu Tonggave them to Zhan Yi Fei. "You continnue, I will cut thered pepper first."

Cut the red pepper and a little bit of onion leaves, then he tookthe Zhan Yi Fei\'s peeled garlic and he took it, cut thegarlic, and set the wok on fire. He put the garlic and the red pepperinto the hot oil pan and made a stir-fry. After the scent fizzledhe pour a little seafood soy sauce with a few drops of sesameoil.

Zhan Yi Fei washed his hands and said, "I amgoing to put the dumplings."

Lin Yu Tong nodded. As aresult, Zhan Yi Fei finished, and when he went to look atthe meat and dumplings that Lin Yu Tong had put on the steamer. Theywere actually a heart-shaped dumplings.

Such dumplings as his lover… outward cold but deep inside he is allpassionate!

Lin Yu Tong simply gave the materialto Zhan Yi Fei. "You come and move this around for me, Iwill do something else."

Zhan Yi Fei hasn\'t worked in the kitchen since hewas young, so he is very cautious when he was doing anything,Lin Yu Tong can do things for a long time. However, it was also thecase. When Zhan Yi Fei was busy, Lin Yu Tong\'s othertwo dishes were also prepared. He just needed to stir them.

Lin Yu Tong put the scallops with the garlic ingredients inthe pan and steamed them. Zhan Yi Fei went to get twobottles of wine.

After about twenty minutes, the dishes were all on the table, and thetwo of them sat on the chair, listening to the music, chatting with the littlewine and talking about this and that, don\'t mention how beautiful theatmosphere was.

Lin Yu Tong put a scallopon Zhan Yi Fei plate and said "If you really like ithere, it would be better if we have time to come and live for a day or twohere."

Zhan Yi Fei also had this intention, and the thoughtnaturally passed. He ate a large plate of scallop dumplings and he sighed withsatisfaction. Then he pulled up Lin Yu Tong, who had finished eatingone step ahead of him. "Come, let’s go downstairs for a walk, wewill clean up after we come back."

Lin Yu Tong was a little bit drunk on the wineand he mind did not commit to obsessive-compulsive disorder. Heand Zhan Yi Fei held hands and walked around the greenbelt in the community.

If the mobile phone did not ring in the middle, maybe they would havewalked another one or two laps, but the sound coming from the earpiece afterthe ringing seemed so urgent, Zhan looked at Lin Yu Tongface waking up from the drunkenness

"Mom, what did you say? Little Fei is at thehospital?"

"Yes, Little Fei class teacher gave me a call, Tong, youhave to go to the province hospital surgery room, I am traveling withyour dad, and not in B City, and we are now going to rush to the airportback." Chen Su Ning was so anxious she wasn’t crying."You will call us when you hear from the doctor."

"Okay, don\'t worry, I will go with Yi Fei."Lin Yu Tong hanged up the phone, and remembered thathe didn’t bring the car key. Yi Fei, my mom said thatLittle Fei fought with someone and was sent to the hospital. I wentback to get the car key, you...

“Come back!” Zhan Yi Fei pulled the hand of theperson who started running. "Running back and going to pick up the car istoo slowly, let me do it."

After Zhan Yi Fei said that he pulled Lin fromrunning and hurried and pressed a button on the phones. "Li Jun, drive thecar to the community garden gates."

"They are here?" Lin Yu Tong did not feel anyoneguarding around

"He has always been there, so if you have something just yell inthe future, don’t panic Zhan Yi Fei heldLin Yu Tongs hand and quickly went to the place whereChen Su Ning said.

"Hello, nurse, is there a patient namedLin Yu Fei who was sent here?"Lin Yu Tong couldn\'t even breathe in his breath, and asked the nurseoutside the operating room.

However, the nurse did not know who Lin Yu Tong was talkingabout, but he saw a man in his thirties frowning and he asked: "You areLin Yu Fei\'s family?"

"I am his brother, you are..."

"Hey!" Not waiting forLin Yu Tong to react, the man slapped Lin Yu Ting facewithout warning!

"Apologize to Laozi!" The man pointed to the door ofone of the operating rooms, and stood next to a group of people with bigwaists.

"Apologize?" Zhan Yi Fei,like not seeing these people around, his eyes squinted, he saw red and heraised his foot, kicked at the man\'s stomach, and directly slammed the man tothe wall! He usually doesn\'t want to move his fingers. He is afraid of endingup in a gossip. He is afraid of freezing in his hands. Now someone actuallydares to beat Lin Yu Tong in front of him?!

"When he asked where Little Fei is, this person hit him,so you take him away." Zhan Yi Fei finishedtalking to Li Jun and turned to look at Lin Yu Tong whose facechanged from distressed face. .

Zhan Yi Fei said:"Show me, does it hurt too much?"

"Nothing, anyway, he must be feeling more pain."Lin Yu Tong was a bit angry, this time he was watching the otherperson struggling to get up after a few kicks from Zhan Yi Fei,and as much as he struggled he could not get up.

"You motherf*ckr! You dare to beat me?!" A group ofpeople who they have never met with finally returned to reality after a longwhile, and they wanted fight for their struggling comrade. However,this kind of squad is basically a child play for Li Jun and his men. Li Jundragged a person who was kicked by Zhan Yi Fei and couldn’t sayanything to the door by the hand. The rest of Li Jun\'s team put those youngerbrothers who beat Lin Yu Fei to "get" away, do notlook at one enemy, two or three, it’s like playing andkicking dolls.

The operating room suddenly calmed down, and only the "BigBrother" was sore.

At this time, a nurse came out from the operating room and shouted:"Isn\'t Lin Yu Fei\'s family here?"

"We are here." Lin Yu Tong ran to the nurse."Nurse, I am Lin Yu Fei\'s brother, my brother. How is henow?"

"The patient is currently undergoing surgery. You have to waituntil the doctor comes out and tell you. You should pay for the surgery firstand then go to the hospital ward."

"Reassured, the money is definitely not a problem, as long as itcan guarantee that my brother is fine." Lin Yu Tong said that ashe touched the pocket, and he was cleaner than his face. When he came out,he was walking in a casual outfit with Zhan Yi Fei.He didn’t even think about using money at all!

"Yi Fei, have you brought the money?"

"Yes."Since Lin Yu Tong has given him a peace and safety pendant and heasked he keep it in his wallet, Yi Fei has beencarrying the pendant all the time, sleeping and putting it on the bedsidetable.

"I will go with you." Hesaw Gao Wen Liang coming over.

"Let\'s go." Lin Yu Tong also saw him, just say it,and go with Zhan Yi Fei.

At the payment window, when the financial staff printed the details,Lin Yu Tong asked the nurse, "What do people who send my brotherlook like? Do you have a name?"

Isn\'t the teacher informed? Why haven\'t you seen anyone?

The nurse recalled and said: "One teacher and two students, onestudent seems to be named Gu Yang. I said that they haveto inform the family to prepare the money. They said that they willbe contacting the family, but I didn\'t see anyone when I came out... "

Lin Yu Tong said thanks, he felt that, if the teacher was theone who sent Lin Yu Fei here is it not irresponsible forthe teacher to leave early... And the classmates why haven\'t they seen themyet?

"Yi Fei, can you find the teacherand Yu Fei\'s classmate but don\'t do anything else."The guy upstairs is not a good thing at first glance, in case someone stops himfrom letting his brother, the teacher and the classmates are not needed to preparefor the money? Money is secondary, there is no need to be scared.

Zhan Yi Fei would also like to know, after goingupstairs, he let Gao Wen Liang go directly to the school.This matter has to be checked, how can the little boy be beaten and no oneintervened?

Gao Wen Liang said nothing and went downstairs. Butdon\'t say, Lin Yu Tong\'s brain hole (intuition) is a bit toomuch, but he was right. Lin Yu Fei\'s class teacher and twoclassmates really sent Lin Yu Fei to the hospitalbut they were forced to go away by the guysupstairs. Gao Wen Liang just came out of the hospital doorand he saw a middle-aged woman in her forties carrying two injured studentstalking to police. Because Lin Yu Fei\'s name was mentioned, heturned around and talked to them. "Are youLin Yu Fei\'s class teacher and his classmates?"

The class teacher Wu Yue carefully lookedat Gao Wen Liang, he was not sure if the person with purple hairis a good person or one of the bad guys, he didn’t dare to speak fora while.

One of the police officers asked: "Do you knowLin Yu Fei?"

Gao Wen Liang thought that Li Jun was still guardingthe operating rooms doors. He said, "Yes, police comrades. Justnow, a group of people had been obstructing the doctor fromperforming Yu Fei surgery at the door of the operating room.Some good people went to the room there, and there were a lot of bad guys.Maybe their need your help since they wanted to bring to them to thepolice.” The police heard these words and went directly to the police office.Teacher Wu and her students Gu Yang and Zhou Tong alsofollowed along to identify people.

Gao Wen Liang took the opportunity to call hisacquaintances at the police team. He didn\'t know what he say. After awhile, he saw Teacher Wu and the two students coming out of the police room,but no policemen followed.

Gao Wen Liang walked in a hurry to meet him,"Teacher .... Hello, my name is Gao Wen Liang,Lin Yu Fei is my friend\'s brother, thank you for sending Lin Yu Fei tothe hospital. Can you talk about the matter and how it reached into this stage?"

Wu looked at Gao Wen Liang and after seeing that hisattitude is quite good, he just happened to want to go upstairs to see whathappened with Lin Yu Fei\'s operation, and after saying that bothwent upstairs with Gao Wen Liang.

At this time, the atmosphere outside the surgical operation was a bitstrange. There were many people at the entrance to the operating room on theleft. They were tall, except for the two in casual clothes in the chair. Therest all wore black and blue suits. It’s uncommon, only one was pressed at thedoor, unable to move and could not run. The right side of the operating roomdoor had no one there.

Teacher Wu looked at the leading hooligan parents, and she always got atone and walked over.

"This is the Little Fei\'s class teacher, and hisclassmates. When I went out, I just saw them talking to the policecomrades." Gao Wen Liang said.

"Hello teacher, I am Lin Yu Fei\'s Big Brother. Can Itrouble me to tell me what is going on?" Lin Yu Tong stood upand saw that the other two students had blood on their clothes, and they werein a hurry. He only knows that his brother is also on holiday today, but hesaid that he had made an appointment to play basketball with the classmates andrelax.

"Hey, it’s great that I came over in time. I wasn’t thereat the time. I only knew that the children were fighting when playingbasketball. When I received the news, the children were already on theambulance. So if you are looking for a detailed thing ask the two children totell you since they were there.

Gu Yang greeted Lin Yu Tong and told the situationat the time. However, it turned out that they had a bad time in their thirdyear of high school. He thought that everyone was too tired to study recently.He just had a few good buddies to play with the basketball to relax. He wantedto hit half of the high school grade. That Zhuang Yong kid alsobrought people to join in the fun. At first they thought that the other partywas also playing basketball, and they didn\'t care too much. Later,they realized that those people were directed atLin Yu Fei.

Zhuang Hai is the one who gave Lin Yu Tong aslap in the face for Zhang Yong. Zhuang Yong was trying tochat up a girl at a girl in Lin Yu Fei class. But the girl wasnot happy at all, so she has always avoided Zhuang Yong. However,there was a time when it was so special for Zhuang Yong When the girlwanted to go home, her path was just blocked Zhuang Yong. The girldid not want to go with him and she was not strong in school toscuffle with him. Lin Yu Fei was also on the way home, justthen he happened to see what couldn\'t be ignored. Not to mention that she is aclassmate, he can\'t see such a thing on the stranger and not help, so he wentup and pulled out the girl, and by that he also had some minorconflicts with Zhuang Yong.

Zhuang Yong didn’t do much at the time. Everyonearound thought that he was too much. Who knows that when this kid heardLin Yu Fei was playing basketball with several good studentstoday, and he took the opportunity to find someone to do a little revenge,because he wanted Lin Yu Fei to lose face in public. He broughtpeople from his place. After a short time in the basketball hall, he directlynamed Lin Yu Fei as an instigator

At this time in point of view, it is necessary to take the collegeentrance examination. Lin Yu Fei knows that there is stress andit is impossible to bring together the students, let alone he and his friendsare a total of six people, but the other party namely Zhang Yong hasa dozen of people on his side. He went out and fought directlywith Zhuang Yong, and although Lin Yu Fei’s classmatesstill helped him, Lin Yu Fei was still the one who suffered mostinjuries, because these people were originally trying to revenge againstLin Yu Fei. Lin Yu Fei didn\'t think that he couldescape at the beginning, and he caught Zhuang Yong and tried a deadman dying with someone, and both of them were very hurt.

After Gu Yang finished, he couldn’t help but look at Zhuang Haiwho was kneeling on the ground. At that time, they sentLin Yu Fei to the hospital but because they couldn\'t contactLin Yu Fei\'s family, they could only find the class teacher. Asa result, the class teacher came. He and the teacher were driven away by thegroup. The head of the scuffle is Zhuang Yong. This person is quitefamous in their school, mainly because he is a son whose family can maketrouble. His family has a little money and a black background (criminal connections)at home, and often does not look at people with respect. However many times theschool wanted and tried to drive Zhuang Yong out, but the backgroundof his family left them without anychoice.

Lin Yu Fei is usually very low-key person at school. Hefelt that even if his family has money at home, his parents worked hard to earnit. So in state of mind is that if he does not work, there is nothing to beproud of, so everyone thinks that The Lin Family is better than a well-offfamily. They really thought that Lin Yu Fei was awkward to getinto problems. They never thought that Lin Yu Fei’s brothercould actually stop Zhuang Yong at the operating room door.

This person seems to be only twenty-two, right?

Lin Yu Tong listened about the beginning and end of thematter. Although he knew that his brother was right, he couldn’t helpbut swear in her heart: troublesome boy.

At that time, he didn\'t want a bodyguard because he said thatit was too high-profile, so is it alright now?

Lin Yu Tong was angry and distressed, but he still maintainedhis steady and said. "I really want to thank you very much this time. Atthe moment, Little Fei is still undergoing surgery, and I can\'tleave. If not, you should go see to your injury first, if other students areinjured, please ask them to come over and see medical help, we will beresponsible for the medical expenses. In addition, you don\'t have to worryabout the later things, we will solve them. Then if you have any need for help,you can come over to us at any time."

Gu Yang spoke with a depressed man tone, he said:" the woundedare just us, those few of our friends left. "

If those friends didn’t leave, perhaps they would notnecessarily have to suffer so much hurt. But you can\'t ask everyone to thinkthe same and fight for you.

Lin Yu Tong nodded and then looked at Xiang Jun,"Brother Xiang, can I trouble you to take them to check theirinjuries?"

Xiang Jun naturally agreed. After he took the person away,Teacher Wu frowned and said: "This group of students will take the collegeentrance examination in two months. If they are hurt this much, theywill definitely be greatly affected. It is rare that Yu Fei iswilling to study at this school. There is progress now but after this happeningit is really worrying to Hus studying progress

Lin Yu Tong is really not worried about this. He only caredabout his brother injuries and health. The others are secondary.

After another fifteen minutes, the lights in the operating room werefinally turned off and the doctor first came out. Lin Yu Tongwent up and asked: "Doctor, how is my brother?"

"The operation was very successful, the rupture of the spleen hasbeen repaired, and the fractured place has been contacted by a professionalorthopedics doctor. Someone will transfer the patient to the intensive careunit. In the next few days, we should pay more attention to observation. Aslong as he can spend 48 hours safely, the problems afterwards should besmall."

"Thank you very much. When can we see him?"

"The patient will probably have to wait for about three hoursbefore he can wake up."

"Thank you." Lin Yu Tong said that thenhe called his parents. He hadn\'t got through before, and when stillcouldn\'t get through, he finally sent a message to them.

"Little Gao, escort Mr. Wuhome." Zhan Yi Fei gave Gao Wen Liang alook. Gao Wen Liang would pay attention, and left withTeacher Wu.

"Mr. Zhan, the people who just made trouble have been takenaway by our people. I am really sorry for this kind of thing happening in ourjurisdiction." After Gao Wen Liang left, the peopleunder Li Jun’s team followed. Two police officers came up and one ofthe police officers said. "This is just some unscrupulous people areacting too mad."

Zhan Yi Fei looked at Zhuang Yong and looked atthe two police officers. "In short, police comrades, the patients inthis ward intend to murder my brother, his father has made my lover \'severeinjury\', and I hope you can be as unforgiving about these two people."

"You can rest assured, we will not."

"Bullshit! That fucking slap is also called \'severeinjury\'?!" Zhuang Hai looked Lin Yu Tong and atmost he just slapped him and his face went red, and I can\'t wait to jump on it.

“Does Mr. Zhuang want to fight again?” Zhan Yi Fei’s facewas covered with a layer of frost.

Zhuang Hai was shockedby Zhan Yi Fei\'s eyes, and he was speechless.Later, Zhan Yi Fei and Lin Yu Tong were gone.He couldn’t help but say, "My goodness all that for alittle white face!"

"Little white face is exactly right he is his partner." Thepolice held Zhuang Yong down. "Thatperson\'s family name is prominent, you really kicked the iron plate,and tried for more happiness."

Can\'t you take a slap? This time,I will let you also taste the crushed taste!