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Rebirthof The Golden Marriage« 重生金色婚姻» Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Sen Hun Yin,

Chapter 50: A Little Bit Of The Past

Master Cheng Guan didn\'t look at Lin Yu Tongand he walked straight past Lin Yu Tong. Lin Yu Tong waslike a wooden stake stuck in the ground. He couldn\'t move for a long time. Heclearly remembered that Zhan Yi Fei said that the seconduncle is dead, but how can this person look like Zhan Yi Fei?That face, the five senses, he is more like Zhan Yi Fei,or Zhan Yi Fei in the photo. There is no such thing as 70%.

Lin Yu Tong muddled through his thoughts. In retrospect, inaddition to Zhan Yi Fei, Wang Bomentioned Zhan Hong Wei, when he asked him about him. As forother relatives of The Zhan Family, they nevermentioned Zhan Hong Wei.

It\'s not that his business ability is strongerthan Zhan Hong Tu, so he was more popular inThe Zhan Family? How come... He became a monk?

Or is it that he is blind and doesn’t believe in his own eyes?

"Lin Zi, what do youwant?" Gao Wen Liang called for a long time only tosee Lin Yu Tong frozen and not moving. He came over and patted him.

"Think...nothing." Lin Yu Tongsaw Xu Ruo coming over. The words he wanted to say, he swallowedthem back and asked: "Are we going to ask for a sign or what?"

"I am going to burn an incense, what aboutyou?" Xu Ruo said.

"I am going to ask for a divination bamboo stick,"Lin Yu Tong said.

"I will go to get that divination stick withLin Zi finishedincense." Gao Wen Liang finished and he moved withLin Yu Tong to the ballot and took a signed bamboo stick and bothheaded to the line for those queuing to get their signs read, heasked: "Are you okay?"

"I saw an individual just now, and he looked especiallylike Yi Fei\'s second uncle.

“Yi Fei\'s second uncle? Isn\'t that alreadydead, have you seen him?”

"I have seen him in the photos." Lin Yu Tong thought that he had just seen him right. TheMaster had a bald head, but his face looked like one ofthe Zhan Family, and even the height was likeThe Zhan Family that is to say he is particularly tall,and Cheng Guan Master seems to have at least one-eighth meterheight.

"Don\'t worry about it, if you really feel that there is a problem,let\'s take another look at himtomorrow." Gao Wen Liang finished, just then it washis turn to take the sign for a Master reading, and he handed the bamboo stickto the master who knew how to read a sign.

What was written on the bamboo stick was: persuade the gentlemanto endure in his conservative life, to set the mind and body to not listento evil thoughts, to wait for someone to care for it, and the garden that wasdead would bloom again.

"The sign on the bamboo, means that the mind should be old-fashioned,it takes time-to-achieve things, and the line is more reversible,you should be quiet and worry-free. This sign is the image of dead tree,and everything is better when you wait and stop being reactionary."

"Can you say something simple that\'s easy to understand?"

Which isbetter to wait or cease to be reactionary?!

"That is..." The Master asked, looking at the face of the manopposite, and his words turned. "It means that everything has its time,and it’s better to wait for the fortune moment. When there is a nobleperson to help you, the gentleman will have some progress something to thinkabout. Remember, there are many good people in this place, and there is noheart in them."

After the session, Gao Wen Liang was given a smalltriangle with a red string.

"To wear?"

"If the benefactor wants to wear it, who else will wear it."

"..." Gao Wen Liang thanked him and tookthe pendant and looked at it. He didn\'t see anything special withit... it was just a peace sign. But when it comes to the most who hewanted to wear, it must be Xiang Jun, so he put it together and askedLin Yu Tong, "What about you?"

"Master, what do you mean by this?" Lin Yu Tonghandled the sign to him... His sign is written as the following: When the timecomes, you should take the opportunity to speak and it guaranteed to makeeverything resolve harmoniously.

"The benefactor these words signed this divination means this,exchanging the thread. It may lead to a laughter, although it may also lead to tears,at least he will get to see it clearly, that in itself is a blessing. Thissigning means there is no happiness without the misfortune. There is also themeaning of one should always have the courage to walk \'courageously forward\' Aslong as the benefactor does not give up, continue working hard, and he will beclose to the happy day."

"Thank you Master." Lin Yu Tong also took a triangleblessing pendant, but he didn\'t leave, he hesitated and did not move, heasked: "Master, can I please ask the Master. How long has he been here?

“Here? For more than ten months, why did the benefactor have thisquestion?”

“Nothing, thank you Master.” After Lin Yu Tong said that heturned around, he heard the aunt who was behind whispering: “It seems that thisis the real spiritual place, there are young men coming to worship here, nexttime I will come back with the girl to ask for a marriage fate, but also to seethe young guys coming over."

Lin Yu Tong looked around, but none, except the monk seems tobe paying attention. It is a man, even if there are very few two foreigners whocame here.

Xu Ruo finished the incense and he also asked for a sign,then he brought the sign to the Master for a reading, after the reading hecame back and his face looked strange. Lin Yu Tongasked what was signed, Xu Ruo did not say anything.

Lin Yu Tong also remembered Zhan Hong Wei\'sbusiness and didn\'t want to stay here for a long time. He proposed that theyshould go elsewhere. Xu Ruo did not object, and when he came outof the temple door, he said: "It is definitely not working!"

Gao Wen Liang said: "Was it quitespiritual?"

At least he felt a little bit interested. In fact, he has really had abit of a sigh of relief recently, and Xiang Jun has become such aperson. He really was sneaking around him, but now he seemed to ease.

At noon, they all decided to treat themselves andwent to eat a hot pot. After eating, Xu Ruo started askingLin Yu Tong tips on writing skills. But eventhis Xu Ruo went there to seek help on his writing skills, butit doesn\'t make much sense to Gao Wen Liang,so Gao Wen Liang wonders if he wants to goto Yuling Temple again.

Unfortunately, he was stopped by Lin Yu Tong.

Lin Yu Tong is not curious, Zhan Yi Fei’sattitude is known. There must be many thingsthat Zhan Yi Fei doesn\'t want to mention, so he thinks itmay be better not to take the risk to speak anything.

After all, Gao Wen Liang didn\'tknow Zhan Yi Fei as Lin Yu Tong did and he heardhim. However, he still went to Yuling Temple and wanted to determinewhether it was Zhan Hong Wei. However, what surprised him wasthat the person named Cheng Guan was not there. The abbot saidthat he had taken a vacation and had something to do. But the abbot did nottell him when he will return.

Lin Yu Tong called Zhan Yi Fei at night,and many times he wanted to mention the issue about seeing Second Uncle, but hedidn\'t say it. Later, he was really upset by this incident.He didn’t stay too much there. He returned directly to B City on thethird day, so when he thought he will have to wait for two daysbefore Zhan Yi Fei come home from Rongcheng, it was asurprise when he heard Wang Bo turned his eyes upstairs meaning thatLin Yu Tong was back.

"Where is he?"

Wang Bo said: "He hasn’t come out of the bedroom since hecame back."

Zhan Yi Fei went up the stairs in twosteps and when he opened the door, he saw Lin Yu Tong sleeping in hissleeping bag.

He didn\'t know that Lin Yu Tong hadn\'t slept well becauseof Zhan Hong Wei\'s business. Yi Fei wentand sat next to Lin Yu Tong and his hand shook him gently."Little Tong?"

Lin Yu Tong slapped the offending arm and continued to sleep.

Zhan Yi Fei looked at him and couldn\'thelp but wondered if he was too tired at night to get up. He decided to waituntil Lin Yu Tong woke up naturally, he asked: "How do you getyourself into this?"

"What time is it?" Lin Yu Tong murmured.

"It’s almost ten o\'clock." Zhan Yi Fei saidthat then he used the internal telephone to ask Wang Bi for a cup of warm milk,and then gently pulled Lin Yu Tong\'s ear. "How come you\'reback so soon? The paper you left for me! Didn\'t it mean that you will be awayfor three or five days?"

"I was frightened when I met something."

"Frightened?" Zhan Yi Fei brows andwrinkles. "What happened?"

"I saw your uncle. I mean... Zhan Hong Wei.Lin Yu Tong looked closely at Zhan Yi Fei’s faceand saw that his face turning slightly cold, but he did not see any anger andhe continued: This time I just happened to go to Yuling with myfriends. I went to worship Buddha, I didn’t expect to see him.Actually, I wanted to say it when I called you, but I was worried that you wouldnot be happy, so..." Lin Yu Tongpatted Zhan Yi Fei’s cheek, "Hey, are you angry?”

"What do you say that? Zhan Yi Fei lookedhelpless at Lin Yu Tong and leaned back. He asked, did he lookalright?"

"He was a monk, I don’t know if it’s he was well, thenI didn\'t talk to him for long. Butthen Gao Wen Liang went to Yuling Temple again,and asked to speak to the second uncle and the abbot said that the man wasaway. "

"He...... probably wanted to come back to see my motherfor the Qing Ming Festival." After Zhan Yi Fei saidthat he closed his eyes and turned away. Lin Yu Tong thought that hedidn\'t want to talk about this. Who knows that the muffled voice spoke again."Little Tong, I didn\'t want to tell you this, but when I was young, Ididn\'t liked Zhan Hong Tu. In fact, I preferred my uncle?My uncle treated me better than Zhan Hong Tu. He would buy metoys and will play with me. Sometimes I often have the illusion that he is mybiological father. I used to wish he was my biological father. I even asked himwhy he couldn\'t be with my mother. Guess what he answered me?


"No. He said that he didn\'t want to, he said it very quietly. Atthat time I turned my back and he thought I didn\'t hear it. But I actuallyheard it."

Zhan Yi Fei rememberedwhat his uncle said but the way he said it, that repression, pain,and powerlessness of the sentence. He was still too small to understand thesethings, but he did not tell anyone, and he always looked forward to the daywhen his mother could really be with the uncle.

However, contrary to expectations, they eventually failed to gettogether, and his mother even died early.

He hadn\'t even finished the second class in the morning, when Wang Bocame to pick him up and told him he was going to take him to see his mother.

"The feeling was very strange. I have never been unable toconcentrate on the first class, and I felt that I have forgotten something veryimportant on that day, but I couldn\'t remember it. Until I went to the hospitalwith Wang Bo and saw my mother\'s body. I remembered it. I had promised her. Iwill grow up and protect her for a lifetime. Even if my father is not good toher, I will take care of her."

"Are you blaming the uncle for not leavingthe Zhan Family with your mother?"

"Doesn\'t this fall on him? If he couldn\'t, why would hedare to let my mother have a baby? If it weren\'t for him, maybemy mom wouldn\'t be dead at all."

"Your mother, she... how did it happen?"