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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage 《重生 之 金色 婚姻》 Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Se Hun Yin.

Chapter 5: Vacation

"You can\'t say that you are going fishing." Chu Tian Ye said as he saw Zhan Yi Fei get up, he looked at him with a look of doubt. He and Zhan Yi Fei have known each other for more than 20 years. There aren\'t brothers who know each other better than them. For so many years, he has never seen Zhan Yi Fei even go on a date.... Is this the second spring of youth Ah!

"I\'m going, is there any problem?"

"Yes, which beauty is it? Is it not convenient to bring me your assistant to meet?" Assistant Cheng Xiao said.

"Lin Yu Tong."

"Him? Weren\'t you the one saying that he already has someone he likes?" Chu Tian Ye face had the look of gossip monger. "I say ... you wouldn\'t really have gone to Lin\'s family to find Lin Zhi Song to kiss up?

" Um."


He then asked Lin Yu Tong if he could bring two more friends. After getting a reply, Zhan Yi Fei with Chu Tian Ye and Cheng Xiao drove to Fuliu Mountain Villa. Lin Yu Tong took two tickets to pick up the extra people. Because there was one more, when Yi Fei came he said he can just buy another one. But when he was paying, Lin Yu Tong stopped him. Lin Yu Tong said that this time they were treated as guests, so Zhan Yi Fei doesn\'t have to pay.

Zhan Yi Fei hesitated for a moment, but he did not compete with him.

At this time, no one thought too much, but when the baggage was put, the problem came - a total of three rooms, how should this be divided?

Two of the friends who wanted to come with Long Le were couples so they booked their one room together but they didn\'t come so there were three rooms available in total, but now there are six people and the next day Xiang Chen Tian is coming and everyone here is currently single.

Lin Yu Tong said: "I am going to ask my classmates he should know the manager here."

Long Le was working with Hua Yua Bai to prepare the fishing gear. Lin Yu Tong went to look for him. He came out with Lin Yu Tong and saw the people standing at the door. After three people, he opened his mouth and hanged his eyes and couldn\'t speak. He pulled Lin Yu Tong aside and sneaked a look into the direction of Zhan Yi Fei with his friends. He said, "Don\'t tell me that they are yours extras. "

Lin Yu Tong was smiling when he said:" Yes ah, what\'s wrong?"

Long Le looked at Lin Yu Tong silently. "You asked a high society prince to come to these thatched cottage? You still ask what\'s wrong?!"

Zhan Yi Fei is the second generation son of the B city! Zhan Yi Fei is the eldest grandson of the Zhan Family and is the most top person in the Zhan Group. Chu Tian Ye is the Young Master of the Chu family. The most important successor of the Chu family. Long Le was worried and though why would Lin Yu Tong let these two people come here ....in this ordinary mountain village for the Eleven holiday?

Long Le quickly asked the manager if there were any extra rooms. The manager is a friend of his father who has business dealings. If there is that extra room, there is no problem. Unfortunately, the manager said: "I can\'t help you, Little Long. Now it\'s the tourist season. It was already booked a month ago. There really is no extra room. Can you look at it like this... Uncle is going to be looking for someone to get you an extra bed. Anyway, the rooms are big enough."

Long Le said: "Then I will go back to discuss with my classmates sorry to trouble you Uncle Li."

The current room is a double bed, because Long Le has a double bed VIP room. The bed there is big enough. If you squeeze a little, it is not a problem to accommodate three adult men, but who is sleeping with whom? That is the big question.

Long Le said: "If you don\'t like this, Xiang Chen Tian has not come yet. Today, I will stay with Lin Zi and Yu Bai first. Mr. Zhan, you and your friends will be divided into two rooms and tomorrow will explain the work day." Lin Yu Tong did not speak, he looked at Zhan Yi Fei.

Zhan Yi Fei said: "So aren\'t you guys too crowded?"

Long Le immediately said: "Then I will stay with Yu Bai?"

Cheng Xiao smiled, "I can stay with Chu Tian Ye."

Chu Tian Ye eyes looked at Yi Fei and flew back and forth to Lin Yu Tong and finally said: "Then you two can only stay in one room."

Lin Yu Tong nodded. "Then let\'s do that first, we are going to go fishing, you wanna come?." The person Lin Yu Tong asked is Zhan Yi Fei. "If you go,we can go together."

When Zhan Yi Fei and a few people came over they did it so abruptly, so they didn\'t bring fishing gear. The luggage they brought was just something to work with, like a notebook. How can the computer help a man fish, so Zhan Yi Fei would have had to share the fishing gear with Lin Yu Tong. Fortunately, the Long Le brain is also quite a big and each person has a fishing rod and there is still some left.

When the squad set off, Long Le followed Hua Yua Bai, where Hua Yua Bai went, he followed. The key thing is that his equipment is quite full but it will not hook fish and Long Le is also not used to being with the elite rich guys like Zhan Yi Fei. It is more stressful to even think about.

Cheng Xiao and Chu Tian Ye are 100% curious about Lin Yu Tong, so the two of them excused themselves while fishing, then they left Zhan Yi Fei and Lin Yu Tong alone. Six people, were divided into three groups.

Zhan Yi Fei looked at Lin Yu Tong\'s pole, he went and stood behind him and said, "I thought I had to wait until the 7th to receive your call."

Lin Yu Tong smiled and didn\'t look back. "So it will have taken that long.... For youto just pick up the call?"

Zhan Yi Fei went to help Lin Yu Tong move the chair so they can sit and talk, "Is there an answer?"

Lin Yu Tong asked: " First of all tell me why did look come for marriage to Lin Family? Or should I just say... Why is it you picked me?"

Zhan Yi Fei was silent for a long time before answering this question, "Because I think you are the best fit. You must have heard that I have a lot of contradictions with my father. Although I\'m a Zhan family male heir but his bigger expectations are placed on my half-sister, if at this time, if I found a lover with a strong background, my father will only have fear of me, which is not conducive to my future development because he will try to restrain me. But if I just find anyone, they will not believe its a real lover they will just think I\'m making moves behind the scene so I have to find a lover from a not do prominent or financial well off family."

Lin Yu Tong did not want to say: "You don\'t have to necessary find a lover or marriage after all, you are still so young."

Although he seemed calm and introverted, with a faint intimacy, he is only twenty-eight years old. For anyone, this is still a good time. Right?

Zhan Yi Fei was somewhat helpless. "It is not because I\'m seen as young, but it is because of the idea of not being settled, so there are always people who want to control me. My stepmother especially wants to find me a wife who can help her to fluff the pillow."

Fucking hell! Isn\'t it dangerous for me to marry you? Have you been looking to use me as a shield for a long time? !

Zhan Yi Fei quickly saw Lin Yu Tong\'s thoughts and stressed: "You can rest assured that I will protect you. And if we are together, I will definitely help you with any troubles in the Lin family. I will help Lin Family as much as possible. Expanding their development. You can still lead your life, I will not interfere in your life much, whatever you want, I will try my best within the scope of my ability to get it for you."

Lin Yu Tong felt that this is almost the same as what he thought about it and finally asked a question, "Mr. Zhan, what do you value about me most?"

Zhan Yi Fei solemnly said: "The Lin family is not in the public sphere, the family style is very good, but the most important thing is... I think when we are together, at least you don\'t have to worry about being betrayed."

Zhan Yi Fei remembered that he once met Lin Yu Tong at a birthday party of a wealthy businessman. In fact, it was only the birthday of his little nephew Xing\'s tenth birthday, but it was done very extravagant. At that time, he was not willing to go to the party, but because he had to meet more useful people, he had to go and Lin Yu Tong was in a similar situation as him at that time, but when he was busy greeting the elders, Lin Yu Tong was drinking juice quietly on the other side. Later, Lin Yu Fei asked Lin Yu Tong at the corner as to why did he not play with everyone?

Lin Yu Tong whispered that he didn\'t like the birthday boy, because the birthday boy\'s mother is the one who was married the poor husband and became a wealthy businessman mistress. Today, Lin Yu Tong hates people who are disloyal to their spouse feelings.

In fact, Lin Yu Tong was only 13 or 14 years old, but his thinking was already very positively matured.

Lin Yu Tong listened to Zhan Yi Fei and could not help but smile. "You remembered things even if it was so long ago, your memory is really good. In fact, there was a reason for me to react like that. The woman who married the poor husband. The child was not needed to be involved in this and the child is just a middle school classmate. I felt that this kind of person who is not loyal to her marriage is really disgusting and I would rather ran the knife through her black heart."

Zhan Yi Fei felt, if everyone knows what is called responsibility it is like what you described.

Lin Yu Tong said at this moment: "But Mr. Zhan you\'re too sloppy. After so many years, I have changed."

Zhan Yi Fei said with great certainty: "Nope, because your eyes have not changed."

They\'re Still Clear.

Zhan Yi Fei silently added that sentence in his heart.

Lin Yu Tong didn\'t say anything more and Zhan Yi Fei thought that the appointment for the answer was on the 7th, so he thought that Lin Yu Tong might still want to continue to consider it, even to just give him a secret evaluation during his period in the mountain village. He will do not more chasing that answer.

Unexpectedly, when someone came to ask if they would like an extra bed at night, Lin Yu Tong said in public: "No need, after all... Mr. Zhan will soon become my fiancé."

Long Le\'s mouth instantly became an "O". Hua Yua Bai mind at that moment processed the information too slow. Cheng Xiao and Chu Tian Ye faced each other.

Even Zhan Yi Fei was startled because he was ready to be kicked under the bed by Chu Tian Ye. He really wants to know why Lin Yu Tong agreed to it so soon, but he was afraid of any further changes, so he did not mention this.

At this time, only Lin Yu Tong had a casual smile on his face. He pulled the mans tie off and put it on the door. He leaned on the door and said, "Mr. Zhan, you can sleep in bed, I will sleep of the floor, you have any opinion?"

Zhan Yi Fei frowned. "I will be sleeping on the ground."

Lin Yu Tong said: "Thank you, I hope you won\'t regret it."

Zhang Yi Fei\'s fast brain analysis analyzed this sentence and its words, thinking that this does not means that Lin would not be sleeping on the ground, or did Lin ask to sleep with him on the bed?

As they settle to sleep in the middle of the night and he knew that it was the former. Because he slept soundly, Lin Yu Tong "fell from the sky" and slammed on his body!

For the first time in Zhan Yi Fei life , the Young Master scoffed and then he watched Lin Yu Tong crawling back to the bed with his eyes closed to continue to sleep.

He thought, okay, maybe he just love to roll around in bed and bared not teeth to sleep.

However, just after he switched to the right side of the bed for a second time, Lin Yu Tong actually fell again! And this time his head hit Zhan Yi Fei nose!

Lin Yu Tong fumbled back to the bed. He seems to be familiar with this set of moves, he was very skilled and has no signs of waking up.

1]... Han Dong Syndrome

Zhan Yi Fei tried but he couldn\'t sleep. He sat up and began to think seriously about going to sleep on the bed. In the end, he silently moved to the ground a little more farther and then did not sleep for a long time, only to listen to "Ah!", Lin Yu Tong fell again. Hearing the falling sound, Zhan Yi Fei also knew that Lin Yu Tong had hit his head on the ground.

Lin Yu Tong probably felt a pain. He didn\'t climb back to bed immediately. He opened his eyes and rubbed his eyes for a while. He was trying to remember where he was, whose room he was sleeping . Then he got up and walked over to wake Yi Fei by shaking Yi Fei hand and spoke with a hoarse voice, he said: "Okay you can take the bed and give me the floor?"

Zhang Yi Fei thought that it was dangerous for Lin Yu Tong he will always fall on the ground, but then again if he proposed to hold Lin Yu Tong to sleep at this time, it would not be appropriate.

Lin Yu Tong got onto the floor and quickly fell asleep. Zhan Yi Fei had to admire his speed of falling asleep and soon he fell asleep.

In the middle of the night, the temperature has decreased and Zhan Yi Fei feel a little cold and he can\'t help but remember a sleeping Lin Yu Tong. He got up and turned the bedside lamp on and wanted to see how Lin Yu Tong slept. As a result, Lin Yu Tong was not on the floor The kid was rolled up in his sleep and rolled under the table!