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Rebirthof The Golden Marriage« 重生金色婚姻»Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Sen Hun Yin

Chapter49: Clarity

The AmusedLandlord promised to look for an opportunity to meet with Lin Yu Tong. One isto ask Lin Yu Tong how can he write novels as fast as he can, because hethought if he listened to Lin Yu Tong, writing speed It is not impossible toimprove his own; secondly, he wants to ask Lin Yu Tong some questions aboutwriting skills. Although he has a small success in Jinfan Literature Network,he is still worse than Lin Yu Tong. When he talks in person, he thinks theremay be a good advice.

Lin Yu Tong hadplanned to go out for a walk. This was a good time. He promised himself to restfor a few days. He feels good. Anyway, hiding from his parents is definitely abusy job. It is better to go far away from home unless Zhan Yi Fei wasthere.

Although the citywhere the meeting was is located is not the famous in China, there are alsoseveral good tourist attractions, and the climate is just right here thisseason.

After making anappointment with Xu Nuo about going Lin Yu Tong shouted: "Gao Wen Liang,where are you?"

Gao Wen Liang cameand looked with Da Kuan from the second floor. "What?"

"I want to goout and go to a book friend. We are going to talk about writing a novel, thatis, he is the author of "The God of the Sea", called \'The AmusedLandlord\', do you know? I also recommend that book to Brother Xiang looked athis book two days ago."

"Do you knowif he is also in the city?"

"No, I want togo to K City, do you go?" He is always used to go out alone but now incase of trouble, it is always a matter of his own security, so he is not goingto sneak away.

"It\'s notimpossible to go out and turn around, but you have to call me \'Brother\' in thefuture. I am a lot older than you. Why did you call Xiang Jun and Chu Tian Yebrothers? But you only called me by my name?"

"I just thinkthat you are more like a friend, but if you want me to change the name, I cando it."

Anyway, he is called"Brother", he didn\'t want to think about it. Gao Wen Liang is alsoonly twenty-six. He hasn\'t had a big life in his life. He called the Xiang Junand Chu Tian Ye "brothers" because he has never been together withthem in his two lifetimes.

"What wouldyou call me?" Gao Wen Liang asked curiously.

"...Da Kuan’s mother?"

"Go andgo!" Gao Wen Liang just finished, and Da Kuan, who heard his name, ran inand jumped over to him, "Wang!"

Lin Yu Tong had astomachache and really started packing after eating. Gao Wen Liang saw andcleaned up. He also had the responsibility to protect Lin Yu Tong. Secondly, healso wanted to try what little marriage couple live like.

Since the day that Lin Yu Tong was rescuedfrom the group, he has not been separated from Xiang Jun for more than a day.He wants to know if Xiang Jun will call him on time.

The two mensecretly drove out of the door, Lin Yu Tong left Zhan Yi Fei a note saying thathe was leaving home for a while, and also attached the destination he was goingto go and the date of return.

It is going to beQing Ming Festival soon. Lin Yu Tong still remembers to worship Zhan Yi Fei\'smother, so he said he will come back for three or five days.

After Zhan Yi Feicame back from work, he couldn\'t catch up with the note. He could only call LinYu Tong and told him to not forget to pay attention to safety. By the way, hetold Lin Yu Tong that the clothes that are to be worn on their wedding day havebeen designed. He looked at the picture today, the style is quite a catchy andhe was waiting for Lin Yu Tong to pick up the style. Anyway, the implication isthat Lin Yu Tong don\'t play there for too long!

Lin Yu Tong sighedand agreed, and finally Zhan Yi Fei said, "When I am not at home, do youhave to work hard to get long hair?"

"You catch onthis and you will not let it go, right?" Zhan Yi Fei was angry. .

"Well, what,remember, don\'t work too tired." Lin Yu Tong said that and he hanged updirectly, and Gao Wen Liang scorned him.

"You say isn\'tit more convenient to take a car? Anyway, your friend said that there are carsand he can come directly to you. You have to drive him yourself." Gao WenLiang thinks that Lin Yu Tong is nothing to look for, or they can directly comethrough the train station and he will just pick him up, why is it that thisplace is unfamiliar?

"That\'s youdon\'t know Yi Fei. He values doing things together for the first time. I haveto leave it to him to ride the first time on the train." Lin Yu Tongdidn\'t mean to say that he was a little used to Zhan Yi Fei\'s habits, so manythings that people haven\'t done together will be subconsciously left off andthen they will finish the memory together.

"Stop thepresses, don\'t tell me that the two of you did the first thing you did underthe ass!"

"Cushing!Don\'t speak nonsense, how is it possible?" Lin Yu Tong almost hit the caron the trash can. Gao Wen Liang was talking about what he said before, but itseems to be the first time that it is so straightforward. It is estimated thathe was really shy.

Gao Wen Lianglooked at Lin Yu Tong\'s shifty eyes he smiled with no heart, and then afterpassing a square, finally knowing how to go.

The two went tofind a more reliable hotel chain, they booked the room and waited in the hotellobby according to their agreement.

"You are notafraid to encounter a slap in a while - what about trivial men checking youout?" Gao Wen Liang was bored and opened his mouth to start aconversation.

"You also wantto start with me, what am I afraid of? Then..... He knows that I ammarried." Lin Yu Tong said that The Amused Landlord was a vicious andhandsome person but he is very reliable, so it does not exist this possibilityof - trivialized or cheated.

"The personwho started me, your brother is still healthy." Gao Wen Liang said that hewas 2,500,000. When he saw someone in glasses coming in at the door, he askedLin Yu Tong. "Is that person him?"

"Yes, that\'shim." Lin Yu Tong got up," Old Cai, here! "

He seems quiteanxious to catch up, not on a hot day he was stunned out of a sweat, he walkeduncertainly and reached out, "Boy? I said that you are too young!"

Isn\'t that amarried man? How does he look like a student?!

"I amtwenty-one this year."

"Heaven above!It’s really you?" Xu Nuo looked at Gao Wen Liang who had been staring athis eyes. "Is this the other half of your marriage?" Lin Yu Tongwanted to say that he brought a security over.

"No, this ismy buddy, Gao Wen Liang."

"Hello."Gao Wen Liang reached out and shook hands with Xu Nuo. He found that Xu Nuo lookeda little like Ye Han Ying when he was wearing glasses, he was like anotherspecies that looks like Sven, but is actually sheepskin. Ye Han Ying is asnake. This kid is a bit like a rabbit. He is a bit awkward but not bad.Especially how he was wearing a pair of black-rimmed glasses, half of the eyesare covered, he looked harmless.

"Hello, I amvery happy to meet you, call me Old Cai like a boy or call me Xu Nuo." Prompthe pointed out the direction of the door. "You haven\'t eaten yet? Let\'sgo, I invite you to eat local food."

In Lin Yu Tong\'sprevious life he and Xu Nuo did not meet in this city, so he is really unclearwhat is delicious here. He was also polite with Gao Wen Liang, they went to XuNuo car and he went to the local food street.

Thinking of hismemory of Gao Wen Liang eating stinky tofu, Lin Yu Tong suddenly felt a bit ofegg pain, but he never thought that the more painful is still behind coming, hepromised to have a special taste with Gao Wen Liang, eating stinky tofutogether! ! !

Smoke Lin YuTong...

Say hello to localflavors?!

Xu Nuo said:"This is one of the local characteristics. This place stinky tofu isdifferent from other homes."

Gao Wen Liangnodded. "Spicy enough, the sauce is not bad."

Similarly, he wassprinkling dry materials on the other side." Lin Yu Tong couldn\'t standmoving the chair and eating other things Xu Nuo gave to him, including magnoliasteamed cake, magnolia squid, magnolia tea, etc. These were said to be a localspecialty, all made with new jade orchids as ingredients. These foods areparticularly fragrant, and they taste good. They have finally comforted Lin YuTong\'s fragile sense of smell.

When he paid thebill, Xu Nuo said: "The main reason is that you came too suddenly.Otherwise, I would have inquired about what is delicious in the local area. Iusually do not come out from home, and I don\'t like to make new attempts ofsocializing. I like to eat closer to home there is a family restaurant that Ihave been going to eat, unless that restaurant is not doing well or closeddown, or I will not change places. You just wait till for tomorrow, I will takemy cousin out and let him be a guide."

Lin Yu Tong said:"I am being troublesome to you."

Xu Nuo waved hishand, "It\'s rare to meet someone from the Internet, and it\'s polite."

Lin Yu Tong didn\'tleave him because he promised to review the manuscript, so he agreed to meetthe next day. Then they scattered. Mainly because Lin Yu Tong wrote an amountthat could be written in an hour. He promised to keep writing for a long time.Lin Yu Tong was a bit unbearable and took too much time writing.

When they got backto the hotel it was about nine o\'clock in the evening, Lin Yu Tong looked atthe time and seeing that it was still early, simply went to write for a while.His current speed is almost 5,000 per hour. One day, he can save 20,000 wordsin four hours, and it is possible to save more than three or four thousand. Nowthe time for the new novel is not too long, so he only wrote 5,000 words a day,but he wants to save enough. When he gets married, he may get to write two orthree thousand a day, because he won\'t get to write anything during thehoneymoon. He would concentrate on Zhan Yi Fei.

Lin Yu Tongprobably wrote till it was about 11:30 when he went to sleep in bed, but he didn\'tknow that The amused Landlord was working hard to knock out the word count forthe next day.

So the scene wasdestined to be full of various blows...

On the followingday, Lin Yu Tong went out to pick up him up, he and Gao Wen Liang and he wentto the Yushan Mountain with the Amused Landlord. This mountain is still famousin the local area. Now you can see the peach blossoms in the mountains andplains. When the wind blows, the petals float down like a fairy, and the groundis dyed with a touch of powder. After Lin Yu Tong got out of the car he took acamera and started snapping, he always felt that this beautiful natural scenewas especially inspirational.

Because it was aearly morning, there were not many people going up the mountain. Lin Yu Tongand Gao Wen Liang carried a travel bag and stopped before they reached thestone monument. There are not so many flowers around, but there are quite a fewlarge stones to sit and rest. The stone seats were a bit cold, and Lin Yu Tongsat for a while and felt that the buttocks were getting frozen so he stood upagain and continued to take pictures. When the lens tilted slightly and aimedat the mountain, he saw The Amused Landlord walking up and there was still somedistance from them.

"Does it seemthat he is a little bit interested in you? This is such a romantic place. Ifyou let Yi Fei know, he will be jealous." Gao Wen Liang said with a smile.

"You don\'t saythat he naturally doesn\'t know. And I advise you not to say the best, otherwisehis jealous object is likely to become you." From far away, Gao Wen Liangis still not allowed to lay a gun in the vicinity?

"Then I haveto say more. You don\'t know. I always thought that Xiang Jun likes Yi Fei andthat was what made him turn a blind eye to me, so I privately felt and lookedat your husband as something not pleasing to the eye for a long time."

"...I thoughtit was Brother Xiang who likes Yi Fei." Lin Yu Tong said, he somehowsuddenly remembered the situation when he first saw Xiang Jun. Xiang Jun atthat time did indeed take some precautions against him, but this kind ofdefense became weaker, and their relationship became quite good. He forgotthis. But now he still felt a little weird when he thought about it.

Gao Wen Liang seemsto think of something too, he did not say anything for a while.

Xu Nuo finally cameup, he said that the cousin he wanted to bring was not here. He pointed to theupper peak and said, "Would you like to continue climbing for a while?There is a Yuling Temple on the mountain. There are many people who burnincense and worship Buddha. I heard that it is quite spiritual."

"Yes."This is what Gao Wen Liang said. When he heard that it was quite spiritual, healso wanted to donate some sesame oil. The key thing is that Xiang Jun has beenwatching a psychiatrist recently, because Xiang Jun problem in bed is notcaused by physical but it is caused by psychological reasons, so he reallyhopes that Bodhisattva can liven him his spirit.

"Old Cai, areyou sure?" Lin Yu Tong asked. Before he came, he promised to go out toplay, but he had to get the work done.

"Today\'supdate on the draft when I go back and I will write another point tomorrowevening." Speaking on Xu Nuo face looked like someone in pain, "Ihave come today and requested Buddha to increase my typing speed."

"Fast handspeed and light does not work, you still have to make you storyline thinkingfaster, or you can have one line in mind and you cannot type fast for a singleworld.”

"Makes sense.How about you? What you want to ask? "

"I\'m seekingfamily health." Lin Yu Tong said, seeing the pilgrims began to go into thetemple, they also followed the flow of people into it. There are threeBodhisattva\'s in the temple. When Lin Yu Tong saw everyone in the queue, he wasnot in a hurry to go to the incense, and then he turned around and turnedaround. He saw that Gao Wen Liang was asking an aunt how to give sesame oilmoney here, and Xu Nuo was staring at a bunch of old men selling things at thedoor, so he went to a place where there were few people.

"Comeon..." Lin Yu Tong suddenly heard an old voice yelling. He curiouslylooked for the sound, and saw that the abbot master here stopping a disciple.The disciple looked very tall and faintly gave Lin Yu Tong a familiar feeling,but he couldn\'t tell.

"You are goingto call Yun Xin." The abbot said again.

"YesMaster." The disciple named Cheng Guan turned around. Lin Yu Tong glancedat him and he suddenly took a step back.

"Second,second uncle?"