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Rebirthof The Golden Marriage« 重生金色婚姻»Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Sen Hun Yin

Chapter48: This is the current report.

Until the night, someone came over and took Wang Bing Yan\'sfamily of four. The secret observers said the group went to Ye Han Ying\'s residence,including Zhan Hong Tu, who left the company and he went directly to Ye HanYing’s apartment, they would probably stay there for the time being.

Zhan Yi Fei didn\'tcare about this. He only cares about when Lin Yu Tong is going to sleep, and heregrets that when Lin Yu Tong entered the house, he didn\'t cover Lin Yu Tong\'seyes, because Lin Yu Tong started to busily arranging all the things in thehouse after he entered the house, but all the things related to Wang Bing Yanwere basically cleaned up. Before they were sent out, they were given theirclothes and shoes, bags, jewelry and the like were put in the garbage bag, andthe ones collected are variety of skin care products and furnishings, includingall kinds of plush toys, clay sculptures, and sports goods. Anyway, those arenot the new owners and they are impossible to use.

The time wasgetting late, Zhan Yi Fei feels that they can go to sleep first, and the restwill be said tomorrow, but Lin Yu Tong is still busy pointing.

Zhan Yi Fei sat onthe main steps leading to the second floor, he was holding a chin in one handand watching Lin Yu Tong commanding the maids there. After a while, he went tothe left and took a look at the right side, with a small top that has beenturning.

Finally, Zhan YiFei really couldn\'t help it.

He stood up and puthis hands on his stomach. "Little Tong, I don\'t feel well, you come overand help me." Lin Yu Tong noticed that he was making Zhan Yi Fei stay uplate.

"Whathappened? Were you too tired to rest before me?" Lin Yu Tong quicklyhelped Zhan Yi Fei back to the room. Zhan Yi Fei\'s room was not much furnishedin the past. Later, he didn\'t come back here. Wang Bing Yan made peopledirectly think of his room as a storage room, so the place where they could staytemporarily is still a room.

"Maybe, canyou rest first today?" Zhan Yi Fei put on a weak and sick look. "Ifyou are not satisfied with things, just tell Wang Bo and he will arrange forpeople to do it. You should not supervise it yourself. I will say this afteryou got kidnapped this time, if I can\'t see you, and I\'m worried."

"...Do you wantme to fall asleep, do you want to take a shower?"

"I havealready showered. You see how much you have ignored me? I feel sad."

"Cough, do notstart making a fuss. It\'s easy to get crazy." Lin Yu Tong had a dim sum, hehelped Zhan Yi Fei see to the wound, and when he saw nothing on the top, hejust laid down.

"Yi Fei, ifZhan Hong Tu does not agree to transfer the shares to you, do you really wantto sue him?

"If he hadnothing to do with what happened this time, I may not. But now, unless hetransfers more than 20%, I will definitely tell the police. And even if I don\'ttell the police, my aunt can\'t let him go, because my aunt has already takenaway the information I collected from people. My aunt is upright, she can\'thave any knowledge that someone in the family has repeatedly sinned and ignoredreporting it. As for the punishment or the lesson, it depends on Zhan Hong Tuhimself. "

"In fact, there is no difference? WithZhan Hong Ying as a person, even if it is a lesson, it is not a generallesson."

"This is amatter of opinion.”


By heart, Zhan HongTu definitely doesn\'t want to transfer the shares to Zhan Yi Fei, but hecertainly doesn\'t want to go to jail, but he was like Zhan Yi Fei, he reallycan\'t swallow. this tone.

Wang Yan Bing wasfuming all day, she was on the edge of an outbreak, which burst wide when sheheard Zhan Hong Tu saying Zhan Yi Fei wants the shares in his hand or hethreatened to take the matter further, she slapped her chopsticks directly to"pop ! "On the table. "Why didn\'t he just let us die? ! Oh, thecompany is now controlled by him, and the chairman position, he has alreadytaken it. Now he wants the shares in your hand? ! Isn\'t he trying to force usto die? ! "

Zhan Yi Ningwhispered softly. "If you can simply transfer the shares to me. It\'simpossible for them to fall to him."

"What did yousay?" Zhan Hong Tu was really hesitant to transfer the shares he had underthe name of Wang Bing Yan or Zhan Yi Ning, this is his black face. This is likegiving a gift to a person, if you take the initiative to gift it, you will becalm in your heart, but if you were being asked, it is another feeling alltogether, let alone judging from Zhan Yi Ning tone, she is like saying shedoesn\'t care whether he does or doesn\'t jail!

"I said thatyou have to transfer the shares to me, so it is impossible for them to fall toZhan Yi Fei."

"What aboutme? I\'m your dad? You don\'t think that Zhan Yi Fei will really take me court, Iwill have to go to jail!"

"Ning Ning,how can you have this idea?" Wang Bing Yan glanced at her daughter."Now we have to find the family unity soon , and I have to go talk to LuoYi on this matter."

"The problemis that we can\'t find him at all. We can\'t be too loud about finding him. And Idon\'t think we can do it given there is Zhan Hong Ying. You think about it,it\'s safer except where she is. "

Ye Han Ying frowned,his eyes flashing with a hint of dissatisfaction. Although Zhan Yi Ning isindeed a straw bag he is still used to being a temper temper girl because afterall she a jewel in the hands of Zhan Hong Tu, so he always feels that hershortcomings are not that bad, but this time after the incident, how did he (YeHan Ying) feel that he had no future if he were to stay with this family?

"If you wantto be safe Hong Tu, you can transfer half of it, and then when Zhan Yi Fei isnot so angry, we can find that family again?" Wang Bing Yan really can\'tthink of any other way.

"Why? Whynot?" Zhan Yi Ning said: "Dad, I said that you are too scared aren\'tyou? Maybe they are bluffing, in fact, they have no evidence in theirhands.You don\'t know how much 27%shared value is, even if it\'s only half of it, it\'s enough to keep peopleliving lavishly for two lifetimes. How many years have you got left?"

"You shut up!You should be cooperating with your dad, what are you doing now? How can younot worry about him? I, how did I raise you such a white-eyed wolf!"

"How do I looklike a wolf? I haven\'t robbed your company have I? I said that you should passthe company to Han Ying. You didn\'t listen, now it\'s bad, the duck in yourmouth goes directly into others people pots!"

"I was tryingto make Han Ying show some achievements to make the people in the company moreconvinced when the time came to pass him the company! You said it was good,pass it to him, I could try passing it directly to him but who is going toagree? You are still very annoying trying to say this! I gave you the bestteachers, the best schools, but you have not learned anything in the dog\'sbelly these years. Even Zhan Yi Fei who didn\'t have your chances is doingbetter than you!" Zhan Hong Tu said this and he felt awkward.... Why didhe not care about Zhan Yi Fei, the kid became a capable person, and this timehe provided the best conditions for the girl but she turned out worse!

"Then go tohim! Why live in your daughter and the son-in-law apartment if you have a sonsuch as him!"

"Whyyou!" Zhan Hong Tu was so angry that he screamed, "You are a deadbrain girl, dad usually let deliciously, whatever you wanted dad gave it toyou, and now you treat your dad like this?"

"Ning Ning,why don’t you apologize to your dad?" Wang Bing Yan couldn\'t help buthurry to pacify the situation.

However, Zhan YiNing has never forgotten the situation where she was being insulted by Lin YuTong and Zhan Yi Fei during the day. She feel that this blame is on her fatherfor not being decisive enough, so she felt like she was not wrong at all. Shegot up and kicked the chair and walked straight upstairs. Ye Han Ying apartmentis a two-storey villa with bedrooms on the second floor.

Ye Han Ying alsohad no mood to eat, he put down the chopsticks and he went upstairs.

Zhan Hong Tu lookedat it for a while, frowning, and couldn\'t help but think more ways to settlethe temper girl.

Now that he hassome capital in his hand, Ye Han Ying feel that this marriage was not bad forhim, but what if he really has nothing to gain? Even a daughter can do this toher own father, let alone him as anoutsider. He didn\'t think that there would be destitution like today, so henever thought about such a problem. He always felt that as long as the daughterliked him, the others were secondary, but now he couldn\'t help but think aboutit.

Wang Bing Yan seemsto have some concerns. After half a while, she said to Zhan Hong Tu:"Would you like to find someone move the renters in the Olympian City sowe can move there to live."

Zhan Hong Tu noddedbut said nothing. But on the second day, when they wanted to clean up, ZhanHong Ying came to the door. Zhan Hong Ying did not bring any court summons. Sheonly took the share transfer documents, pens, and inks that Zhan Yi Fei hadtaken out, and indicated that Zhan Hong Tu need only to sign using thefingerprints.

"Article 239of the Criminal Law of the People\'s Republic of China stipulates that for thepurpose of extorting property or kidnapping others as hostages, one shall besentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than ten years or lifeimprisonment, and shall be fined or confiscated of his property. If there aresecondary criminal acts, several crimes shall be punished separately. I thinkthat in your case, sitting fifteen years in jail is not a problem, and Ye HanYing, Zhan Yi Ning, Wang Bing Yan, each of you were informed, and involved inthe kidnapping incident, so they are accomplices. Do not think that sinceLittle Lin is okay that means you can escape the crime."

"You are toomuch! Hong Tu is your brother how can you say that to him?!" Wang Bing Yanheard that she was also guilty and implicated and she scared to jump on thespot.

"Brother?He-he." Zhan Hong Ying\'s face has never been so indifferent. "I losta brother the day you messed with my sister in law. Don\'t say I didn\'t give youthe chance to change your ways. Now sign this document quickly. I didn\'t havethe ability to protect Yi Fei. But unlike today, I promised my sister in law thatI would take care of her son and I will do it."

"25% is toomuch. What is the difference between killing and kidnapping?" Zhan Hong Tusaid: "I will give him at least 7%."

"Do you thinkI came to bargain with you? 25%, not one point less. Also, don\'t think that itis okay to transfer your shares to someone else or sell them, because the boardof directors will not agree. Your only way out now is to transfer your sharesto Yi Fei. Of course, you also can\'t turn around, but I can assure you herethat this money will only be given to Yi Fei. If you don\'t believe it, you cantry it."

"I need toconsider it." Zhan Hong Tu secretly gritted his teeth!

"Yes, then youcan look at these and think slowly." Zhan Hong Ying took out severalphotos, not only the bills that Zhan Hong Tu\'s had given to the kidnappers butalso the money he given to the family of the prisoner who agreed to giveevidence of the testimony, and after Lin Yu Tong was kidnapped, that one wasolder than the evidence provided by those kidnappers who kidnapped Lin Yu Tong.

"I askedmyself where I went wrong with you for years." Zhan Hong Tu tried tosoften his tone. However, Zhan Hong Ying just looked up at the watch and pressedthe countdown function.

"If you don\'tsign within five minutes, the police outside will come in. Don\'t blame me fornot reminding you in advance."

"No! HongYing, that percent is too much! And how can we believe you? Will you not regretit later and still go to the police?" Wang Bing Yan obviously disagreed.

"She won\'tregret it, I don\'t know why but I know that if don\'t sign, I will have to go tojail. Are you against this? Is it because you want to watch me go tojail?" Zhan Hong Tu glanced at Zhan Hong Ying gloomily and said that heopened the cap and he should sign the place with his name. Although his sonleft him with only 2%, at least the dividend from that percent is enough tosustainable quiet life with absolutely no problem. But if he doesn\'t sign, thenthere is no such quiet future. He is in his fifties. If he spend more than tenyears in prison, what other life is there when he gets out?

"Press thefingerprint on the name." Zhan Hong Ying bowed her index finger andknocked on where Zhan Hong Tu had written his name.

Zhan Hong Tupressed the button and Wang Bing Yan was angry and anxious but there was no wayshe was going to voice it Who knows that when Zhan Yi Ning came downstairs andsaw Zhan Hong Ying force his dad as he just pressed the fingerprint on thedocument, she wanted to rush down to stop it. In what world can she be fasterthan Zhan Hong Ying? She failed to stop it.

Zhan Yi Ning lookedat Zhan Hong Tu incredulously. "Dad, you didn\'t really sign it? Are youcrazy?! How are we going to live after we lose these shares? What did we doagainst Zhan Yi Fei?! "

Zhan, Hong Turepeated the phrase," If I don\'t sign do you want me to go to jail inexchange for this stuff?!"

Zhan Yi Ningsaid:" You don\'t tell me that you put all of the shares and transferredthem to Zhan Yi Fei."

"Only25%." Wang Bing Yan answered her question.

Zhan Yi Ninginstantly screamed "Ah-! How can you do this! It\'s not even enough for meto live for ten years or eight years! You are so old enough you have enjoyedenough good days, how can you not think for me. So much money is gone!No!" She shouted and suddenly looked at Zhan Hong Ying, "Zhan HongYing, you are a curse! It\'s all because of you, you are not a good thing, Iwill fight with you!"

Zhan Hong Ying was not a good thing and shebanged the door" bang! “ And then it was opened, and two police officerscame to control Zhan Yi Ning.

"She attackedthe military personnel take her away." Zhan Hong Ying finished and left.

"Let me letgo! Let go!" Zhan Yi Ning also knew that she was afraid at this time. Sheshouted: "Dad, Mom! You have to help me!"

Wang Bing Yan wasdistressed, but she did not stop them from taking her daughter down, and Zhan HongTu just closed his eyes, but his body did not move.

The loud screamsmade by Zhan Yi Ning reached Ye Han Ying who was on the second floo, but evenif he had heard them it was not until the police took Zhan Yi Ning away that hecame downstairs.

Zhan Hong Tu andWang Bing Yan are not stupid. Where can they not see the shifting gaze in YeHan Ying\'s eyes? But now they are living in his house Wang Bing Yan also saidone or two at most, after all, it is useless to argue.

Wang Bing Yan didnot know that Ye Han Ying had already begun to consider the possibility ofdismissing the marriage contract with Zhan Yi Ning, because he thought that shewas always helpful in his scheme to screw Zhan Yi Fei\'s life, but he did notexpect to for those plans to be skewered by Zhan Hong Ying halfway.Zhan Hong Ying suddenly broke his foot, andZhan Hong Tu actually ended up with a criminal record! Ye Han Ying can see thatthe meat on his hand was flying away. Fortunately, he still left a hand, and henever said anything about his own knowledge of the old issues.


Zhan Yi Fei wasoriginally accounted for 19.3% but was only left with 16.3% after hetransferred some to Lin Yu Tong, it may seems to be a little too little. Butnow that Zhan Hong Tu gave him 25% of the total, Zhan Yi Fei shares in ZhanFinancial Group directly exceeded 40 percent. The price has skyrocketed. For atime, his name circled in the major financial news.

Most of the newssaid that Zhan Hong Tu wanted to retire early, so that the son with outstandingability would come to pick it up after Hus father However, only the partiesthemselves know what is going on. In short, Zhan Hong Tu is now unavailable so it’shard to confirm. He and Wang Bing Yan eventually moved to the Olympian CityCommunity. It is about 200 square meters house it is definitely a big house foran average person, but it is different for them. It was bought by Wang Bing Yanfor a teacher who she wanted to give it to Zhan Yi Ning, but then did not sendit for a variety of reasons. Of course, these are not the only ones, but othershouses they have are not in the city.

In short, a deadcamel is bigger than the horse. It is really impossible to say that Zhan HongTu is poor now, but his life is really no match with the past frivolous life.In the past, Wang Bing Yan and Zhan Yi Ning said that they wanted sport carsthen they changed cars. There is no more than 200,000 yuans set aside forbuying a bag, but it is different now. Zhan Hong Tu didn\'t give them money asthey used to, so some of the luxury parties they used to attend they couldn\'tgo. The ladies who had been treated as invisible to them before had seen thisgirl and were filled with cynicism jeering for them.

Wang Bing Yan andZhan Yi Ning had no face to go out for a long time, especially since Zhan YiNing had not in the first time came to find out how to get her out, and thenshe went to Ye Han Ying for a new job. After the place was smashed and thefamily was retired, the girl was stunned by the turtle.

To say they\'reangry is not fair, whether it is Zhan Hong Tu or Wang Bing Yan, or Zhan YiNing, there is anger in their hearts, and even if they want to retaliate theydo not dare to do, although they feel like they were wronged, they can onlygrind the front teeth and swallow.

In this way, at theend of March, the flowers in the old house of The Zhan Family were all smashedout and Lin Yu Tong and Zhan Yi Fei had a good time. When Lin Yu Tong was fine,he took Da Kuan out for a walk in the yard. As for the two serious shitheadsthey seems to be very busy, sometimes not coming.

Since Zhan Yi Feiknew that Da Kuan had made great achievements in the search for Lin Yu Tong, DaKuan\'s treatment was so high that Zhan Yi Fei not only bought Da Kuan a lot oftoys, but also delicious candies every day. He also gave it a super luxuriousbig kennel. Now Da Kuan\'s hair is still shiny and watery, and the sun isshining straight off of it.

Gao Wen Liangespecially liked Da Kuan\'s hair now, and Lin Yu Tong originally liked it. Butin recent days, Lin Yu Tong saw Da Kuan\'s hair on his face with a worried look.As for the reason, Lin Yu Tong stayed silent.

He thinks this isthe current report.

He remembered thatafter Zhan Yi Fei had an operation, he always laughed at Zhan Yi Fei that he hadbecome a "hairless paper tiger." Now the "Tiger Hair" hasgrown, and it is still in the long stage, not too long, but especially hornyphase! So the two energetic young people just wanted to try the joy of fish andwater for a long time without a taste of good stuff, but he paid their good bedtaste with a painful price!

Zhan Yi Fei\'s hairis inherently harder than others, and Lin Yu Tong can only say that he is nowtrying harder and harder every night.

At night, when thenight is quiet, obviously it is a good time for inspiration, but Lin Yu Tong isvery hopeless that there is a night!

However, Zhan YiFei took out the lubricant again...

Lin Yu Tong huggedthe quilt, "I told you Zhan! Resolutely no!"

Zhan Yi Fei hadalready taken off his pants, but what can\'t be done? He bounced and shook ownstraight JB. "How can you not see it and worry about it?"

Lin Yu Tong is alsoconvinced of Zhan Yi Fei\'s ability to misinterpret things. "I don\'t dowant to do it anyway! It\'s a long time to say another two centimeters!"

In the past two days, his poor ass was sifted into the sieveby the "tiger"!

Zhan Yi Fei smiledand slapped Lin Yu Tong\'s ass. "Whoever told you to laugh at me? Now ofcourse I have to give you a long memory. Hurry up, don\'t push me tounbearable."

Lin Yu Tong stayedsilent and held on the quilt and didn\'t let go. Finally, Zhan Yi Fei had torush to the top. He used his fingers to completely mobilize Lin Yu Tong\'sfeelings, and then took the little brother to poke in and enjoy the other halfto bring warmth.

Lin Yu Tong mustadmit that when Zhan Yi Fei had just entered his body and had not moved, hereally had a kind of unusual satisfaction, but when he moved, he felt that theneedles from all over the world were poking his ass. !

So in less than twominutes, there was such a scene in The Zhan Family\'s largest bedroom. Lin YuTong was trying to crawl forward like he wanted to avoid something, and Zhan YiFei who was behind him firmly held his waist saying that he wouldn\'t let go ofbis waist even if the world was ending and his waist was like an electricmotor, and he was gonna keep going even if he was exhausted.

In the end, Lin YuTong was really unable to stand it, and the sex was almost comfortable anditchy. He sat on the legs of Zhan Yi Fei and panted and said, "You have akind of sleep! Sleep, I will take it absolutely, take the tape and stick yourhair! Ah! Oh... slow, slow... too fast ...Yi Fei..."

"Well, Iam..." Zhan Yi Fei kissed Lin Yu Tong\'s ear and whispered, "Silly?Baby?"

"Slow down youbastard, um... I said slowly... ah!"

Zhan Yi Fei wasvery obedient, and he really like slowed down, but the strength of each entrywas heavier than before. Lin Yu Tong was able to come twice at the beginning.Later, even this strength was gone, and he found that his ass had beenparalyzed for a long time. He was simply adaptable (?)

And the fatiguebrought by madness. It was also very impressive. When the next day when heblinked his eyes open Lin Yu Tong felt that there was no pain in the wholebody. Fortunately, I don\'t have to worry about Zhan Yi Fei\'s breakfast problem,he can still sleep however long he wants to.

He decided, andafter he recovered his strength, he will say that he had to go to work withZhan Yi Fei for a few days!