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Rebirthof The Golden Marriage« 重生金色婚姻»Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Sen Hun Yin

Chapter47: Kicked out of the house

The atmosphereat Zhan Financial Group today was somewhat different from the past, probablybecause the shareholders gathered in the non-regular days, so Zhan Yi Fei andLin Yu Tong entered the company building and felt a subtle tension. Thistension is of course not present in the shareholders, but in the employees.There is no impenetrable wall in this world, and before Zhan Yi Fei went to Rongchengto replace Ye Han Ying, sensitive people may have guessed it already recently,the company is likely to have major changes.

Zhan Yi Fei firstwent to his office.

Cheng Shi hasarrived in advance, he handed a meeting summary to Zhan Yi Fei. "After youleft, it was not long before people dispersed. Later, Zhan Hong Tu and WangBing Yan contacted the shareholders who were not present at the time tosolidify the relationship. But we are also prepared, so you are very likely tochange your office this time. In addition, some of the kidnapper got caughtlast night and they confessed to the transaction at the time. Unfortunately,there is no evidence to prove Zhan Hong Tu is related to this incident."

Zhan Yi Fei justtook the phone and played a recording, but what about the period that Zhan HongTu threatened him? Only Zhan Yi Fei recorded Zhan Hong Tu forcing him to signthe document before releasing Lin Yu Tong, and the latter "burningdeath" threat was not mention in the recoding at all.

"Although this does not fully provethat Zhan Hong Tu arranged for Little Tong kidnapping but it is OK to add onein his old case."

"What oldcase?" Lin Yu Tong was not present at the time, so I did not know.

"I can see youmore than ten years ago, thanks to Zhan Hong Tu who wanted to drive me awayfrom The Zhan Family." At that time, he was young and unable to find toomany things, but later he gradually became capable and naturally learned a lotthrough insiders, including why the person who kidnapped him suddenly committedsuicide. And Zhan Yi Fei kept this secret for a long time, because the evidencewas not enough at the time, and the second is because he wanted to keep the keymoments to himself before adding more and blowing the whole thing wide open.

"Then you aregoing to expose the matter which happened more than ten years ago?"

"This is thebest policy. If I can, I still want to change something real....For example,Zhan Hong Tu\'s shares?"

"The secretyou told me last night wouldn\'t be about this?" Lin Yu Tong wasspeechless. He thought about it for a long time last night. If it wasn\'t toolate, it would be really bad for Zhan Yi Fei.

"Oh, what doyou say?" Zhan Yi Fei raised an eyebrow and looked at the time, going to theconference room.

At this time,basically everyone has already arrived, including Chu Tian Ye, who owned only1.7% of the shares. What surprised the people present was that there were no YeHan Ying and Wang Bing Yan in the audience. In the past, each of these twopeople will follow into the shareholders meeting for the fun, but why haven\'tthey attend such a big thing today? Also, why did Zhan Yi Fei bring his loverover?

The people presentat the event attended Zhan Yi Ning\'s engagement banquet, they are no strangerto Lin Yu Tong.

Zhan Hong Tufrowned at the moment. "This is a shareholder meeting. Don\'t you know sowhat is your little lover doing here?"

"Sorry, Iforgot to say it to everyone." Zhan Yi Fei sat down in his position, indicatingLin Yu Tong seat next to him and said, "I have decided to transfer myshare in the company to my lover Lin Yu Tong, so he is not an irrelevant personnow."

"If that isthe case, then let’s get started." Zhan Hong Ying turned and said:"Li Jun, close the door, no matter who wants to come in during thisperiod, you don’t let them interrupt the meeting."


"As thetemporary convener of this shareholders meeting, I am here first. I would liketo express my sincere gratitude and apologies to the shareholders who took thetime to attend the meeting. Let me talk about the reasons why I did this."Zhan Hong Ying looked to Zhan Hong Tu, "I am the deputy director of theBoard of Directors of Zhan Financial Group. Today I officially proposed todismiss the post of CEO from Zhan Hong Tu."

Zhan Hong Ying\'swords came out, and the rest of the people looked at Zhan Hong Tu invariably.

Some peoplereceived Zhan Hong Tu bribes last night, but Zhan Hong Tu did not say thereason for the bribe at the time, so those who greedy collected the moneyfirst, felt awkward, especially when Zhan Hong Ying asked to vote to removehim. At that time, they can\'t wait to return the money directly back to Zhan HongTu.

Zhan Hong Ying didnot say that Zhan Hong Tu was suspected of criminal offences because she had totake into account the respect of The Zhan Family, so if Zhan Hong Tu wants tohe could convince the board.

Chu Tian Ye said atthis time: "I seconded Ms. Zhan Hong Ying and add a clause proposal thatMr. Zhan Yi Fei, the vice CEO, be the chief executive officer and chairman ofthe board. In recent years, Mr. Zhan Yi Fei has worked a lot for the companyand what he scored is obvious to all. The group needs a leader who can makeaccurate judgments on any issue like him. Besides, I think... With such acapable son, Mr. Zhan Hong Tu can let go of the work and collect the pensionand how many people should be envious."

In the end, Chu TianYe had smiles in the eyes, and there was indeed no envy of people like Zhan HongTu. If there is a son like Zhan Yi Fei, isn\'t it really a great virtue on theancestors?

Probably only Zhan HongTu felt that this was something that made him particularly disgusting. He saidwith a gloomy face: "What about you Li and Fan?"

Li Yan suddenlysighed in his heart: Man you are a wicked thing. Although the company issuesare decided through a shareholding system, it is actually the company thatbelongs to The Zhan Family. After all, the people of The Zhan Family hold morethan 60% of the shares, so if the people of The Zhan Family agree to revokeZhan Hong Tu, then they will have no objection and even if they have it willnot be of great significance. After all, voting is not based on the number ofpeople but on the share portions. Zhan Hong Tu himself accounted for 27%, hecould not oppose himself, and Zhan Yi Fei plus the remaining Zhan Familymembers and Chu and the left two, together, can gather almost 40%. So it isespecially important that the rest of them agree or not.

If they agree withChu Tian Ye\'s proposal, then they will offend Zhan Hong Tu, but if they object,they will inevitably offend Zhan Yi Fei and Chu Tian Ye. With Zhan Yi Fei\'sability chances are nine out of ten the company will belong to him. If they donot agree that will mean they are not with him? And by disagreeing they arealso offending the Young Master of Chu Family.

Li Yan frowned."I approve from proposal from Ms. Zhan Hong Ying and Mr. Chu TianYe."

Zhan Hong Tu\'s faceflashed a bit of vicious light.

Fan Lei was alittle hesitant in his heart. Although he was relieved of the money he hadalready received, he agreed with it for the long run. In the end, only tworelatives of Wang Bing Yan\'s family chose to oppose the motion but this did nothelp.

Zuo Si Kai took thelead and smirked and said, "Congratulations to you Yi Fei."

The Zhan Familyalso applauded, so the rest of the people naturally did not have a silly reasonto oppose, and the conference room was full of applause.

Zhan Yi Fei stoodup and thanked him. Zhan Hong Tu had accumulated a few years of hatred as ifonly they could become a sword, he would love to stab Zhan Yi Fei on the spot.However, he also knows that he can\'t get anything maneuvered today. Now he onlyhopes that Wang Bing Yan and Ye Han Ying will not let him down.

Zhan Hong Tu lookedat Zhan Yi Fei before leaving, and did not say a single sentence. Although hisbehavior was really unsatisfactory, the people present were not too surprised.After all, Zhan Hong Tu did not look at Zhan Yi Fei in any day.

It\'s strange thatpeople have a profitable nature. It\'s obvious that you can have more meat with ZhanYi Fei. Who will back the next loser?

Zhan Hong Tu closedthe door and called. "Han Ying, how is it, did people find it?"

On the opposite Ye Han Ying\'s voice came. "No, Dad, whatabout you? Zhan Yi Fei didn\'t say anything?"

Zhan Hong Tu didn\'tanswer because he heard the sound of the doorknob. He hung up the phone and sawZhan Yi Fei pushing the door and coming in.

"Ye Han Yingis looking for someone?" Zhan Yi Fei put a portfolio on Zhan Hong Tu deskand asked.

"I don\'t knowwhat you are talking about." It is a common sentence that can\'t beordinary, but Zhan Hong Tu was stiff.

When the person whokidnapped Zhan Yi Fei was arrested, it was not long before he died. This is notgoing to make anyone suspicious, but there is something that keeps Zhan Hong Tuin fear. That is, the family of the dead person disappeared overnight. Hedidn\'t find them after he found out about the death. Zhan Yi Fei is a man whomust see the blood in his sword. He never speaks only acts, so when Zhan HongTu heard Zhan Yi Fei mention the kidnapping more than ten years ago he guessedthat he must have obtained evidence. The first thing he thought of was thefamily of the kidnapper, because he could hardly think of the truth about ZhanYi Fei.

The portfolioopened, and sure enough, there was a copy of the evidence on behalf of the personwho had done the kidnapping work under his hand. And this person is also one ofthe people he can\'t find now.

At that time, ZhanHong Ying and Zhan Yi Fei did not have the status they had today. Zhan HongYing was not married to a powerful person, so Zhan Hong Tu even if he did notfind the family, he did not fear from it. But now it\'s different. If Zhan HongYing is sure that her brother did what he did that year, then even if he is herbrother, he will definitely be going to .prison!

Zhan Yi Fei hasbeen sweeping his eyes in the office carelessly, regardless of whether Zhan HongTu is silent or not. He called Lin Yu Tong and asked Lin Yu Tong to come over.Then he asked Lin Yu Tong in front of Zhan Hong Tu. "Little Tong, do youwant to renovate here?"

Lin Yu Tong said: “Ofcourse, you have to renovate it. You see this color, it\'s gloomy. People whowork in such an environment for a long time tens to and up depressed and havemental retardation. Do you know how much color affects people? Listen to me,let\'s use warm colors. A little bit of color can change everything."

Zhan Hong Tu\'s facewas so dark that the ink dripped on Zhan Yi Fei and you would not see it, andpromised Lin Yu Tong. At this time Cheng Shi took two documents and walked inwith a lawyer.

Zhan Yi Fei tookthe documents from Cheng Shi and handed them to Zhan Hong Tu. "I have tothank you for the share transfer agreement that you prepared for me. I justclicked and modified to use it."

"You thought Iwould sign it?" Zhan Hong Tu looked pale.

"If you don\'tsign, you can always sign the same between this document or the courtsummons." Zhan Yi Fei said that he put the document down and left with LinYu Tong. However, Zhan Yi Fei went to the company\'s legal department, and LinYu Tong returned to The Zhan Family with Zhan Hong Ying.

Zhan Hong Ying hadalready asked Zhan Hong Tu to pack things away, but Zhan Hong Tu and Wang BingYan both seem to hear it in one ear and see it leave in the other ear and theyseemed to have no intention of moving out. Zhan Hong Ying decided to finish thematter here and go herself.

Wang Bo had alreadyreceived the news in advance, and he was just in the apartment, Lin Yu Tongwent to pick him up and he went back to the old house with him.

The servants in theold house already knew something was going on but they were masters at bothends, and they didn\'t know who to listen to. Until Wang Bo came, they had thebackbone. Many old servants in the house are familiar with Wang Bo. Wang Bo hasbeen taking care of them since he was there before almost everyone, so they arewilling to listen to Wang Bo. Wang Bo now only listens to Lin Yu Tong and ZhanYi Fei.

When Lin Yu Tongentered the door, he saw Wang Bing Yan sitting on the sofa as if she was themaster of the house and no one could drive her away. He smiled and walked overto sit opposite her. "Are you still not packing?" "

Wang Bing Yansmiled and said: “This is my home why would I pack up?"

Lin Yu Tong nodded."Wang Bo, let\'s go get some garbage bags and clear things out."

Wang Bo went to doit, and took three dozen garbage bags all of which were as big as sacks. Infact, he doesn\'t know what Lin Yu Tong wants to do. Is there so much garbage inthe house that need to be thrown out? Hearing Lin Yu Tong asking: "Whoknows what Wang Bing Yan likes most?"

The servants facedeach other and some don\'t understand, but there is always a lot of sensibilityin following words and not questioning. He said, "I know. The lady likesthe bag she bought most, and her jewelry box is also very precious. She alsohas pairs of shoes, with pink diamonds, she has to wear it out from time totime."

Wang Bing Yan heardthe servant answering and she frowned, "Lin Yu Tong, what do you mean bythat?"

Lin Yu Tong ignoredWang Bing Yan, called the little girl to lead the way, he went to find thethings she said, and then he put them all into the garbage bag.

Isn\'t Wang Bing Yannot leaving? Then he will send her things away first.

"Lin Yu TongAre you crazy? Those are my things, what do you do with them!" Wang BingYan saw Lin Yu Tong really put her treasured shoes and jewelry the garbage bag,and rushed to grab it.

"It\'s yourthing so I will have to trouble you to put it in your own place, this is YiFei\'s home, not yours. If you don\'t take it away, I think I have the right todeal with it and throw it away. After all, I have already reminded you."After talking to other servants, each person was given a garbage bag and letgo.

At first, somepeople didn\'t dare, but when Zhan Hong Ying came and yelled, they didn\'t care,they followed suit. Ten people were scattered around. Some people pulled WangBing Yan stuffs, some people pulled Zhan Yi Ning. Zhan Hong Ying is the mostenergetic with Zhan Hong Tu\'s stuff, regardless of the three seven twenty-one,everything was thrown into the garbage bag whether it was expensive or not,seeing Wang Bing Yan burst into shock, walked around she can\'t take it, for a whilethen she shouted, "You put those down!" After a while, she grabbedsomething and pulled it in her arms. "Can you afford it if you breakit?!"

Zhan Hong Ying couldnot help but laugh: "You guys despite the warning you didn’t listen....it\'s a bad thing for me."

Wang Bing Yan is soangry that she can\'t control it, no matter what she wants to do Zhan Hong Yingis an army general.... then the phone rings.

"Mom, thereare people at the door who are not allowing me to enter the house!" ZhanYi Ning, who was pushed out by Li Jun, was shut out, and she was so angry thather breathing was coming out in short. "Mother will you come out and pickme up!"

"Wait for me"Wang Bing Yan went out and she went to the door and was followed screaming atZhan Hong Ying, but she didn\'t listen at all, and she directly pulled herclothes and threw them at the door."

"You bastard!This is my home! I am going to sue you!" Zhan Yi Ning took out the phoneand really hit 110.

"Oh, thanksplease ask the police to come over and see what is unreasonable." Lin YuTong took the people out and put them out of the door, and leaned against thedoor to see the girl who was in a hurry trying to enter. He was happy and useshis phone to record this scene and prepared to keep it for Zhan Yi Fei.

Later, the policecame and asked about the actual situation. After they knew that the owner ofthe house was not the mad dog at the door. They didn\'t care about this. Theyonly supervised the people inside and moved all the things belonging to Wang BingYan out. Then they left.

Wang Bing Yan andZhan Yi Ning couldn\'t get in at first glance, and they didn\'t want to wait anylonger. They couldn\'t move the things all at once!

Zhan Yi Ningfinally couldn\'t stand it. She called Zhan Hong Tu. "Dad, our stuff hasbeen thrown out by Lin Yu Tong. He still doesn\'t let us into the house. What doyou say?" Ah?"

Zhan Hong Tushouted: "How wwould I know what to do!"

Zhan Yi Ning lookedat the phone incredulously. "Why are you shouting at me? It\'s not myfault!"

Zhan Hong Tu hangedup the phone, because he is also being rushed here. Later, his office will beused by Zhan Yi Fei. These people can make a timely shot and started moving histhings directly to the CEO\'s office!

Zhan Yi Feiremembered Lin Yu Tong and simply finished the main things in the company. Therest was handed over to Cheng Shi, and he returned to the old house.

At this time, LinYu Tong moved to sit at the door and took a cup of hot tea to enjoy theugliness of Wang Bing Yan and Zhan Yi Ning screaming. The two originally wantedto take some important things and leave. As a result, when the bag was lifted,a bag was broken, and the underwear that had fallen off the ground was blown bythe wind. Someone laughed in the door and made Wang Bing Yan and Zhan Yi Ningangry and shameful.

Zhan Yi Fei\'s carwas driving at this time. Li Jun signaled that the security opened the gatedoor and the driver drove the car directly. After coming in, the door closedagain and Zhan Yi Fei got off the car at the door. He stood next to Lin Yu Tongand watched the girl outside the door with Lin Yu Tong.

Wang Bing Yan sawZhan Yi Fei\'s gaze and remembered that every time she and Zhan Hong Tu tookZhan Yi Ning out, Zhan Yi Fei used them to look at them from the door. She usedto think that it was envy, so she always felt secretly happy, but now she onlyreacted. Zhan Yi Fei looked at them at that time, perhaps he was not envious atall, but was looking forward to having such a day when they will be kicked out?

Zhan Yi Feisuddenly smiled and told Li Jun, "In the future, no matter what if thesetwo people come, don\'t open the door. Ye Han Ying is the same as Zhan Hong Tu."

Li Jun said:"You can rest assured that it’s done."

Lin Yu Tong asked:"Do you have to write a card saying that Wang Bing Yan and the dog are notallowed to enter?"

Zhan Yi Fei grabbedLin Yu Tong\'s shoulder and took him to the house and said, "Be carefulwith Da Kuan and your candies."