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重生金色婚姻» Chong Sheng Zhi JinSen Hun Yin

Chapter46: Zhan Yi Fei Fall

"Where is Little Lin?" Zhan Hong Ying\'s bloody eyeswere nailed directly to Zhan Hong Tu, as if they could pin Zhen Hong Tu\'s lifeinto the ground.

"I don\'t knowwhat you are talking about." Zhan Hong Tu faced so many relatives, andthere was some guilty conscience, how could he tell the truth.

"Hong Ying,haven\'t you been busy in the army recently? How do you think of it...?”

"Wang BingYan, shut the f*ck up!" Zhan Hong Ying sat down to where Zhan Yi Fei hadbeen, "Zhan Hong Tu, You\'d better confess me when I still see you asfamily, or you will not look like one in a while!"

"咣啷", Zhan Hong Ying lifted the cup and she wentout, and directly took out the painting that was opposite her ten meters awayand she threw the cup at the painting.

"Zhan HongYing..... Are you crazy?" Zhan Hong Tu stood up, hurts, and his bloodvessels looked like they were going to open.

That is his favoritepainting!

"What do youfucking mean, I am crazy? Who is crazy in the end? Yi Fei is your own son. We,The Zhan Family, are so unique. Even if you don\'t treat him well we kept quiet,you still want to break him. Are you sick in your brain?" Zhan Hong Yingslammed her leg and kicked the tea table opposite her and it hit Zhan Hong Tu\'sknee!

"Ah!"Zhan Hong Tu felt sore, his face was white, but no one in the whole room daredto speak for him. Some don\'t dare, some don\'t want to. Which one in this housedoes not know that Zhan Hong Ying has killed people and trained a group of SpecialForces male soldiers? The murderousness aura in her body is released, and sheis almost like a ghost. If anyone dares to speak for Zhan Hong Tu, it islikened to painting bulls’ eye of the gun point to their mouth.

"Zhan HongYing, what do you want to do?" Zhan Hong Tu hands shook and he pushed uphis glasses, and he was so angry that his face was red.

"I am the most annoyed person, either youtell me where Little Lin is, or you go in and pack things and from here you aregoing to a dark place!"

"Is itdifficult for my aunt to drive us away? But why are you?" Ying just spokeand her head was slammed forward and hit the teapot. It turned out that she didnot know when Lin Jun stood behind her and slammed his foot against the sofashe was sitting on.

"General Zhan isspeaking, how dare you intervene?"

"You!"Wang Bing Yan was always silent, but she don\'t know why she suddenly got fired."Zhan Hong Ying, do you want to hit your niece? Isn\'t she a Zhan? Zhan HongTu is the eldest son of the old man, and he should have the right to inherit ,he is of the ancestral birth right! What is wrong with this! It is obviouslythe father who is confused!"

"The ancestralhome is ours, The Zhan Family, the ancestors of The Zhan Family passed to myfather. That is my dad\'s. Who is my dad who is willing to give it to other thanhis son? Is it possible for you to have a foreign surname come here to prop upyour claim? You are just a shackle of a destructive family, just fuckoff!" Zhan Hong Ying turned her head, "Yi Fei, you let Lawyer Zhoucome over and also call Si Kai. Your aunt has a lot of tasks this year. When Icame out, I have to solve these problem and go back. "

"What do youmean?" Zhan Hong Tu snorted and felt that what Zhan Hong Ying his sistersaid was not right.

"Speak it to the living room, don\'t stand yournose." Zhan Hong Ying ignored Zhan Hong Tu and took the lead in going tothe largest living room in the house. There was a large oval conference tableand 30 chairs, enough for everyone to sit.

"Do you stillwant me to make it clear to him?"Li Jun looked at Ye Han Ying with a republic soldier character face.

"Hong Tu hasyet to graps it cousin, you really made us open our eyes." Zhan Xin Huaglanced at him and followed Zhan Hong Ying with a group of relatives out.

Zhan Hong Tudoesn\'t even want to move, because these people in the house came out one byone, except Zhan Hong Ying, who is not afraid of him, but if these people areunited and headed by Zhan Hong Ying, then it is not easy to avoid thingsgrowing out of proportions!

"Never let anyharm fall on Lin Yu Tong!" Ye Han Ying glared at his forehead andwhispered to Zhan Hong Tu.

"Even if youdon\'t let him go, I can always find him." If Zhan Hong Ying is here, isn\'tit just a matter of looking for an individual? Some people are already out lookingfor him. If he can\'t find him at this time, maybe she can!

"Then theywill kill him then it\'s useless to find them!" Zhan Yi Ning said this whenher eyes were full of viciousness, and she couldn\'t wait for Lin Yu Tong toappear dead in front of Zhan Yi Fei\'s face.

"You go ahead,my head hurts I will go rest for a little." Ye Han Ying finished, he stoodup in the same place for a while, and just as he got out the phone, Li Jun cameover and took it away, "The General said you can\'t use the phone."

"That is robbery! Infringement of myrights!" Ye Han Ying gasped through his teeth.

"Yes I justrobbed it, what can you do?" Li Jun held his neck up high, overlooking YeHan Ying for two seconds, then he turned back and continued to stand. That typeof man is like a mountain! What can Ye Han Ying do?

A group of people changed the place, thelawyers and Zuo Si Kai arrived fast.

This time Zhan HongYing sat in the main position, opposite Zhan Yi Fei, and then Zhan Hong Tu camein and took the rest of the family. About 70% of Zhan Financial Group\'s majorshareholders were present.

"All thoseleft in the will by the old man when he died are here, everyone has read it, soI will not repeat the content." Zhan Hong Ying slammed the chin at ChengShi. "You will come here to outline the development of the company inrecent years. . .”

"Okay, nowshares the chairman Mr. Zhan Hong Tu in the Zhan Financial Group is 27%percent, Mr. Zhan Yi Fei, The Vice CEO, accounts for 19.3%, accounting for Ms.Zhan Hong Ying is 7.5%, Mr. Zuo Si Kai, Executive Vice CEO, accounted for4.7%... In the past three years, the Group\'s key projects have been theOlympian City Community, Rongdu Community, and Rongcheng Shipping and HongweiReal Estate. The Century New City Hi-Tech Industrial Park, as well as HuashangDepartment Store and Xinyu Department Store, etc. Among them, the averageannual turnover of Rongcheng Shipping, which Zhan Yi Fei is responsible for is52.53 billion yuan, and the net income is the total turnover 37% of that. TheCentury New Town Industrial Park was officially completed in June last year. Itwas sold at the beginning of this year and was well received by the localgovernment and the owners. The profit is as high as..."

"That is, ZhanFinancial Group .....In the past three years, more than 60% of the profits werecreated by The Vice CEO from drawing implementation to developing saidprojects." Cheng Shi finally said.

"Yes, now Ihave two sentences." Zhan Hong Ying looked at the information that ChengShi gave her. "I remember that the board of directors has stipulated thatif senior leaders are involved in major violations of the law, three or morewrong decision-making which ends up costing the group and leadership.Regardless of which of them, the board of directors has the right to ask him togive up his or hers management rights, as long as the votes in favor of morethan seven board members can be agreed. Everything happened today, and theother two leaders are inferior in their ability. Everyone knows better, so Iproposed the director of Zhan Financial Group, Mr. Zhan Hong Tu give up theposition of CEO. In the future, Zhan Yi Fei, The Vice CEO, will take over hisposition. The board of directors meeting will be held tomorrow. I willofficially ask this question."

"Don\'t eventhink about it!" Zhan Hong Tu suddenly "hey!" and started toshoot glares. "Who is the Master of the family here?"

"It is definitelynot going to be a criminal suspect." Zhan Hong Ying looked at him before.Zhan Hong Tu was a disappointment in her eyes, but now he has no expression."If you don\'t say where Little Lin is, you will go to the police stationand say it. Now in this room there is no lack of witnesses. "

"Are you notworried about the company\'s share price being affected?”

In power whoevercommitted crimes has to be brought into the police station, Then The ZhanFamily good name will be screwed.

"Even if thereis an impact, I will make it temporary." Zhan Yi Fei\'s voice was not big,but it is hard to doubt the weight of his words.

"Temporary?" Wang Bing Yan held a fist and looked at Zhan YiFei\'s face with hate and spoke. "You are not afraid of a certain someonenot coming back?"

"If he can\'tcome back, your family will have to be buried along with him." Zhan Yi Feisaid this sentence and looked at everyone here. "Aunts, and uncles andaunts, thank you for your special trip today. For many years I have been inthis family and you grew up with me, you all saw how much I paid for The ZhanFamily, how my father treated me, I think everyone should be very clear aboutit, even though I still don\'t understand where I did wrong, but me and Zhan HongTu\'s father-son relationship is obviously impossible to recover. I was abductedmore than a decade ago, I believe everyone knows it, but you certainly don\'tknow, this was done by my own father, Mr. Zhan Hong Tu, who was looking forsomeone to kidnap me. I thought he was hoping that I would not come back,because grandfather had long intentionally passed the ancestral birthright tomy name and not my father. He said that The Zhan Family did my mother wrong goingby how my father treated her, so at least the children she had must be treatedfairly in fact, so many years I have been working to try to get Mr. Zhan HongTu accept me as his son, but unfortunately, it takes two to tango "

"I have no othermeaning so much, I just hope that if have done so much for him to see he willbe a father to me, later on when I found out that I have no father in him, Idid not want to be a good son, but he was simply unwilling to give me thisopportunity."

"Opportunity? You say it again." Wang Bing Yan eyeswere red like they were bleeding, "Someone has to give you fairness, whowill give me fairness? Zhan Yi Fei, do you know that it is because of you, myson is gone? It is because of your mother that I have no more children! If itwasn\'t because your mother insisting on leaving with you, how could the old manmake me abort my five-month-old pregnancy!"

"Wang Bing Yancan you point your own fault to your face?" Zhan Hong Ying said: "Inorder to inherit the father\'s company, Zhan Hong Tu took the initiative topursue my sister in law. My nephew is the big grandson of The Zhan Family. Whatare you? Even if you have children, they are called illegitimate! Is it greatthat you had feelings with Zhan Hong Tu? If you have the feelings, you tried touse your pregnancy to force my sister in law to divorce?! Zhan Hong Tu isbetrayal incarnate.... why don\'t you blame him for making you have illegitimatethings instead blaming others!"

"But I am theeldest son of The Zhan Family. I am still alive. The company should have beenmine! The old man threatened me with this!"

"Did dad put aknife on you? He just gave you a choice. He told you to choose to give up theperson you like if you want to inherit the company!" Zhan Hong Yingsquinted at Zhan Hong Tu. "Either you guys now say Little Lin\'swhereabouts and then pack it and leave or you wait till you enter the PublicSecurity Bureau. Don\'t say that Zhan Hong Ying doesn\'t care about bloodrelation feelings… brother, I have already endured your nonsense for manyyears!"

The house suddenlybecame so quiet that Zhan Yi Fei\'s cell phone ringing sounded when everyonelooked Zhan Yi Fei.

Zhan Yi Fei wascalled by Gao Wen Liang and quickly picked up. "How?" He said"Hm" a few times. "Okay, I will come over."

"Auntie,uncles, Little Tong has been found." Zhan Yi Fei suppressed hisexcitement. "I must hurry to pick him up now. I must be guilty of leavingand meeting you the next day."

"It\'s good tofind someone, say what is there to sin! Yes, Go and go, save your wife."

"Then I willgo first. If you have any questions, you can ask my aunt, she can represent anyof my opinions." After that Zhan Yi Fei left the Zhan Family House. Therewas a helicopter waiting for him. Gao Wen Liang sent him a message saying thatthey have found Lin Yu Tong but the number of opponents is also quite large,and there are weapons, so considering the safety of Lin Yu Tong, they aretemporarily hidden and cannot take action without Zhan Yi Fei go.

However, the factis...

"Oh, brothersyou do not have anyone in this family!" Gao Wen Liang shook his head inthe dark.

In order to letZhan Yi Fei have a chance to perform in the mission he asked the people whobrought them to hold another group of bad guys to catch them all, and thenlocked Lin Yu Tong in the house!

How long till YiFei arrive?" Xiang Jun asked.

"Fortyminutes, Big Brother arranged for a helicopter." Gao Wen Liang touched DaKuan. "Good son, I told you, waiting for uncle Yi Fei to come, do you wantto ask for a reward from him?" "



This time, if itwasn\'t because Da Kuan smelled the direction of candy, they couldn\'t find LinYu Tong so quickly.

Xiang Jun took offhis coat and put it on Gao Wen Liang. "Is the waist still hurt? Goingthere without hurting, I seem to see a small river when I come. "

The moon is quitegood today, and it seems that it is not bad to take a walk together.

Gao Wen Liangactually had a backache. When he was supposed to take a break this fiascohappened how can this torment be more painful today? Although he later dealtwith them, he and Xiang Jun didn\'t notice Lin Yu Tong\'s attention, but he drovefor a few hours, which was really uncomfortable. But this also prevented himfrom walking with Xiang Jun! But how can he say no when this the first timeXiang Jun proposed? Inviting?

Two people took Da Kuan to the river. Thereis naturally someone paying attention to the safety of Lin Yu Tong, so Lin YuTong\'s safety is no problem. He is just hungry and then very bored.

He is alone in thehouse. There are no TV sets, and his mobile phone is not here. He doesn\'t knowwhat happened to Zhan Yi Fei.

Lin Yu Tong thoughtabout falling asleep, but he seemed to be faintly hearing the sound of theblade turning. It seems to be a helicopter?

Zhan Yi Fei?

Lin Yu Tongsquinted openly and slammed into the window, he wasn\'t too worry. This group ofpeople who came later is obviously much more powerful than the one whokidnapped him. Just listen to the gunshots and know that the gap is very big!Don\'t worry about Zhan Yi Fei coming in!

He didn\'t know howlong it took, the plane fell. Lin Yu Tong saw a few gunmen outside, and he didnot dare to go out, but he has been paying attention to Zhan Yi Feis situation.He saw someone on the plane coming down, he was very tall, and he looked likehis Little Yi Fei, and the person standing outside the door pointed his gun atthe direction of Zhan Yi Fei! So he didn\'t want them to shoot at Zhan Yi Fei,he stood at the door and screamed "Hey!", he slammed the door open,shouting "Be careful!" in his mouth, and then rushed out at the speedhe had never had in his life, and rolled down with Zhan Yi Fei!

A gust of wind blewthrough, and he don\'t know who was "squatting"!

Zhan Yi Fei openedhis mouth and looked at Lin Yu Tong, who was nervous.

He said with asmile: "Baby, you are so enthusiastic." When he landed, he knew thatLin Yu Tong was safe, but to look at him. He was touched in his heart.

Lin Yu Tong slammedhis head and looked at him He saw everyone laughing and looking at them. He washolding a gun in his hand, but the gun was exactly the same as those brought byZhan Yi Fei!

So in a shortwhile, the empty land was filled with a roar of roaring, "Xiang Jun, GaoWen Liang, you two bastards!!!"

Xiang Jun and GaoWen Liang walked and suddenly stopped, almost unanimously said: "Do youwant to go back?"

Lin Yu Tong scannedthe surrounding circle and found no one. Finally, he said, "Forget it, anddon’t look for him. I am so hungry that I can eat the next elephant."

Zhan Yi Feilistened to his distress and took him to the helicopter, made a phone call toconfirm that Xiang Jun and Gao Wen Liang did not take off he got on thehelicopter back, and he took Lin Yu Tong to leave.

On the way back LinYu Tong took advantage of the compressed biscuits contributed by the pilot. Itwas too much. He asked Zhan Yi Fei, "How is your family? Are my parentsare all right?"

"Nothing, it\'sall good." Zhan Yi Fei thought for a moment. After asking: "Would youlike to move to The Zhan Family to live there?"

Lin Yu Tong wantedto say something but he ate a bit of compressed biscuits. Zhan Yi Fei quicklyhanded water to him, who knows Lin Yu Tong almost squirted out, frowning andgoing backwards. "Pain, don\'t touch."

Zhan Yi Fei was busy asking: "Whathappened?"

He thought that LinYu Tong was not injured!

Lin Yu Tong alsohad no chance to tell people, and he also felt that he didn\'t have to makeeveryone nervous. However, this time he relaxed, and the injury caused by LiJin\'s fight began to hurt.

Of course, it maybe that he saw his lover and he wanted to sympathize with him.

Zhan Yi Feidirectly allowed people to drive the plane to the hospital. At the time of theinspection, Lin Yu Tong opened the clothes, and Zhan Yi Fei saw a few largepieces of blue and purple, and he was so sad that he did not burn Zhan Hong Tu!

"Who hityou?"

"I don\'t knowwhat the name of that person."

"Nothing,anyway, I will catch him, I can always find him." Zhan Yi Fei said to thedoctor, "Why didn\'t he feel it?"

"Notnecessary, but it is best to take a look at the insurance, because some peoplemay not feel very strong at the time, but they may have bones hurtinside."

"Thenshoot." Zhan Yi Fei personally took a lot of inspections with Lin Yu Tong,and also called Zhan Hong Ying and said that Lin Yu Tong was safe. As for howZhan Hong Tu is, he didn\'t ask at all.

"You shouldhave this kind of thing when you have a good rest. Is the wound okay?" LinYu Tong waited for the results. No one left Zhan Yi Fei\'s clothes to look atit. Seeing how good it is.

"I want to eatfish soup and stewed eggplant." Zhan Yi Fei suddenly said.

"That will bedone for you tomorrow."

After about fifteen minutes, the film came out. Lin Yu Tongreally fell from a young age, and there was nothing wrong in the bones. Just treatingthe trauma and he will be well. The doctor gave some anti-pain, and Zhan Yi Feitook Lin Yu Tong back. Since they had to go to the board of directors of ZhanFinancial Group the next day, they were in B City, and the two returned to theapartment.

Lin Yu Tong glancedat the time and wondered that Lin Yu Lan was doing there that day, and calledher.

Lin Yu Lan may havebeen a little scared, he had some high fever, and her voice is dry. She said:"Big brother, I want to go home. I don\'t want to study here anymore."

Lin Yu Tong thoughtof a bad place, but he didn\'t dare to ask. He could only say, "There is noproblem if you want to go home do you want brother to pick up?"

Lin Yu Lan wassilent for a while. "No, I just said this. Now the teacher who taught ushow to paint oil paintings is freaking handsome. I just can\'t bear to go. I ammore depressed now, because this time I was kidnapped and someone had to saveme. That brother is also very handsome, so I have to leave my love."

Lin Yu Tong asked"What do you want?"

Lin Yu Lan sneered,"Brother, can you tell me who came to save me? Where does he live, is he married?Does he has a girlfriend or a boyfriend?"

Lin Yu Tong shookhis head in silence. "You, I\'m scared to death. But the big man who savedyou I don\'t know about him. When I know clearly, I will tell you. As for now,your brother is going to sleep. Yi Fei called me."

Lin Yu Lan said,"I really want to have a same sex lover there is no difference!" Thenshe hung up.

Lin Yu Tong took ahair dryer and blow Zhan Yi Fei’s hair. He asked casually: "Is it reallynecessary to move to the old house to live?"

"Well, Grandpaleft the ancestral home to me, including the old house, but in the past, I hada little arm that couldn\'t be screwed to the thigh, and then it was not soenough to drive away the elders for no reason. This was it was Zhan Hong Tu andWang Bing Yan for so many years. Now they don\'t want to leave, they have to go,if they don\'t leave, don\'t say I don\'t do it, that is, my aunt can\'t agree withother relatives to let them stay there. After all, wheat Zhan Hong Tu did thistime was too much. Unfortunately, although he can cancel his position as CEO,he still has shares in Zhan Financial Group. This can\'t force him to hand itover immediately."

"This is alsoa no-brainer, but after all, there is a good beginning. If they all rely ondividends, then they will be fine, but if you want to toss them something,there will always be other opportunities for them to fight back. But after morecareful job, especially that Ye Han Ying, you must stay far away from him, hegives me a sense of a particularly sinister feeling. "

"Now, tomorrow they probably no air to control us."


"Secret. Youcan take things for change." Zhan Yi Fei said that as he followed Lin YuTong and said, "Yes, do you want to go with me to the companytomorrow?"

"What am Igoing to do?"

"Leader\'sleadership, it is reasonable to go and inspect."

"That is alsotrue." He appeared so "unscrupulously", can you also make Zhan HongTu mad at them?

Zhan Yi Fei didn\'tdare to say that he was really scared. He didn\'t know what to fear for a longtime, but when he couldn\'t find Lin Yu Tong this time, he experienced a feelingof fear. In the future, if he really want to go anywhere he can take it withconfidence if Lin Yu Tong is there. Otherwise, if Lin Yu Tong is not be there.Who will illuminate his way?

The next day, LinYu Tong endured the pain of the wound. He went out to buy eggplant and fish inthe morning and made a fish soup stewed eggplant for Zhan Yi Fei. It was rarefor the couple to enjoy a warm breakfast with only two people and then went toZhan Financial Group.