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重生金色婚姻»Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Sen Hun Yin

Chapter45: Zhan Yi Fei is crazy.

"Motherfucker, I will make you regret that!" LiJin, the second kidnapper, took advantage of Lin Yu Tong\'s frozen because ofthe gun on his back and took a chance to punch a fist on Lin Yu Tong\'s stomach,followed by a kneeling, "You f*ck you to run?! If you dare you try!"

"Ah!" LinYu Tong bent down and felt the pain, but he didn’t let go of the glass on hishand. He gasped for a few times, endured the most intense pain in thebeginning, then smiled and said, "I will try it!"

It was late, then hegot up fast, Lin Yu Tong rotated around Li Jin. He pulled Li Jin collar andpulled and exchanged positions with him and in an instant, the boss\'s gun wasaimed at Li Jin.

Lin Yu Tong flashed the broken glass againstLi Jin\'s throat, and the sharp corner of the glass had already pierced and lefta bright red and spattered with blood.

Li Jin was cut, anda cold sweat was drenching everywhere on his forehead.

Lin Yu Tong asbefore his eyes stared back at the old boss "I have the ability to killwithout caring, not to mention this time you cannot get a penny if I die, andif you thought of quiet days you should think again!"

The old boss lickedhis lower lip. "Do you really think I wouldn\'t dare to shoot?"

Lin Yu Tong said:"Of course you would dare, but the rest of your life is set in stone whenyou do shoot."

He nodded,"just as you said." He put away the gun, but just Lin Yu Tong thoughthe might want to negotiate with him, there was a son of b*tch who shouted fromoutside: "Guo and Li you both come out to me!"

It was originallyvery quiet and then there was a sudden sound of silence outside the quiet, andthen two people came in. The two came in and directly looked at the whole room.

Lin Yu Tongcouldn\'t help but swear - Cat balls your uncle, how come there are people?!

At this time, theboss kidnapper third man is called Guo Zi. "Yu, what do you want totell?"

He was so angrythat he threw the gun at Guo Zi. "You look at this kid, I have to gosleep."

Lin Yu Tong held abroken glass a drenched with blood and pointed at Li Jin at this moment, andheard a good egg pain. It\'s obvious that once you let go, it’s over!

Guo Zi pointed agun at Lin Yu Tong. He laid on the bed and said: "Boy, I don\'t want tohave a conflict with Zhan Yi Fei, but if you don\'t know, then it\'s a differentmatter. Some people do but I don\'t want to see you die."

Lin Yu Tong asked:"Who?"

He didn\'t answer,he closed his eyes and finally said, "If he dares to mess up, don\'t askme, just take a shot and kill him.”

Guo said yes, andtook the gun. Lin Yu Tong saw it, after thinking he knew that he couldn\'t beathim. Then he looked at Li Jin back, and finally loosened the hold on the brokenglass. When Li Jin was lifted out if the crisis he immediately wanted toretaliate back, Guo Zi grabbed Li Jin. "Don\'t make trouble."

Li Jin face wasfull of hate and Li Yu Tong sighed.

He can still try tokill both, and he really didn\'t have any way to kill them. Even if he didn\'twant Zhan Yi Fei to be worried, he didn\'t even want to try both. It\'s hard tolive a happy little day, he hasn\'t lived enough yet.

Zhan Yi Fei, ZhanYi Fei, you have a fight! Don\'t drop the chain!

The room suddenlybecame quiet, and it seems that no one dared to disturb the rest.

Lin Yu Tong canfinally look at this person for a while. This old person is actually not tall,probably about one meter seventy-five, but the whole person reveals anundetectable enthusiasm. Lin Yu Tong originally wanted to say how much theother party gave him that he could double or even triple, it but after anotherthought, this kind of person certainly does not put money before the job.

But as you saidZhan Yi Fei, this time the whole person was on the verge of the eruption, helike a lion full of anger. He has already identified Lin Yu Lan\'s safetyissues, but he does not know where his heart is.

Zhan Hong Tu cameover the phone and said only one sentence, "I have sent you severaldocuments. If you think about it, you can sign it."

What documents arecoming? It is nothing more than letting him abandon the right of inheritance,give up management, give up property rights, and finally give up the control hehas.

Cheng Shi asked:"What are you going to do?"

Lin Yu Tong\'sposition has not yet been confirmed, but Zhan Yi Fei\'s cell phone has receiveda photo, and Lin Yu Tong\'s face does not look very good. Although there were noobvious injuries, the lip color was white. Zhan Yi Fei gently touched thescreen when he saw it. The depth of love contained in his eyes wasmulti-layered

Outside there wasdoor ringing, Wang Bo went to open and came in with a young man withgold-rimmed glasses, but it was not Ye Han Ying, but a lawyer Zhan Yi Fei hadalso seen around the company. This lawyer surnamed Lu, is called Lu Yan.

Lu Yan took severaldocuments and a box of ink from the briefcase and put them on the coffee table."Mr. Zhan Yi Fei, I am entrusted by Mr. Zhan Hong Tu to send you severaldocuments. Mr. Zhan Hong Tu said, Sign. You will know when you look atthem."

Zhan Yi Fei didn\'teven look at it, and Cheng Shi picked it up and turned it over, but it\'s actuallyno different from what it expected, but it\'s possible that Zhan Hong Tu has nolower limit than they expected. That man shameless face is not only to show theancestral products left by the old man, but he also wants all the shares, realestate, and cash in the hands of Zhan Yi Fei, even his car and independentcompany, as long as it is worthwhile, It is clear that he wants Zhan Yi Fei togo out and drink with the rhythm of the northwest wind and ending up sleepingon the street.

Cheng Shi couldn\'thelp but frown. "Lawyer Lu, when you took these documents, you didn\'t askMr. Zhan Hong Tu whether he had taken the wrong medicine."

Lu Yan said:"I am only trusted by the signing. Other issues are not within myresponsibility. Mr. Zhan Hong Tu said sign, please don\'t waste your time askingme about it."

He just fell,someone put a steel knife on Lin Yu Tong\'s finger, and also it was taken into apicture and sent to Zhan Yi Fei.

After seeing thepicture, Zhan Yi Fei had a deeper sense of murderousness. He said: "I cansign these documents, but I want to see Zhan Hong Tu face before I sign."

Lu Yan couldn\'t doanything naturally he called Zhan Hong Tu. Zhan Hong Tu and told him there weresome contradictions. After all, he didn\'t want to admit it. In fact, he wasstill afraid of Zhan Yi Fei, a son who had never been recognized by him. Butwhen he thought that Zhan Yi Fei might give up his property, he would not bearit.

So thirty minuteslater, Zhan Yi Fei\'s car drove into the door of The Zhan Family\'s old house.The strange thing is that there are as many as seven vehicles.

Wang Bing Yan andZhan Hong Tu, as well as Ye Han Ying and Zhan Yi Ning, all four of them sittingon the couch and chatting while eating. It seems that things have not yetarrived and they are celebrating.

When Zhan Yi Feicame in, several people actually had smiles on their faces.

Wang Bing Yan wasbeckoning, "Yi Fei you\'re back, come over and sit down. "

"Where isLittle Tong?" Zhan Yi Fei sat directly opposite Zhan Hong Tu, just likeevery meeting in the company, they always sit opposite.

"I don\'t knowwhat you are talking about." Zhan Hong Tu didn\'t look at Zhan Yi Fei,lifted the tea cup and blew it.

"Did he elopedwith someone?" Zhan Yi Ning said as if he heard a joke, and giggled."Didn\'t I say it? The little guy is unreliable just by looking at hisface. This may mean he is lying in bed with his lover right now.”

"Do you thinkeveryone in this world is like you and your mother?"

Zhan Yi Fei glanced at Zhan Yi Ning and asked Zhan Hong Tu"Where is Little Tong?"

"Are you more deafthan anyone else? Many answers in the world aren\'t about to make somethingchange." Wang Bing Yan\'s smile also completely cleaned up when he heard theword "like your mother", if she is not considering Zhan Yi Fei hasnot signed a contract, she probably really let people directly kill Lin YuTong.

"Didn\'t yousay that?" Zhan Yi Fei suddenly stood up.

"What do youwant to do?" Ye Han Ying, who has never spoken, suddenly feels Zhan Yi Feiis a bit strange.

"Li Jun, comein!" Zhan Yi Fei screamed in a rare moment. Li Jun quickly came in with abucket and he unscrewed the lid and did not hesitate to spill all the thingsinside to the four people other than Zhan Yi Fei!

"Ah!!!"Zhan Yi Ning screamed with Wang Bing Yan almost at the same time. "Zhan YiFei are you crazy?"

Even if the nose isnot good enough, you can smell it as gasoline!

"Zhan Yi Fei!What do you want to do?" Zhan Hong Tu\'s face changed. "You don\'tforget Lin Yu Tong current situation!"

"I haven\'tforgotten." Zhan Yi Fei smiled and leaned against the fireplace not faraway. "Because I haven\'t forgotten, I will just let you wake up. I am agrown up now, how do you compare to me to a little child? It\'s clear that if itwas not for Little Tong, I would\'ve burned you back and forth a few times, andstill had to wait until today?"

"Little Tongis my heart light only he can dispel the haze left by your scum in my heart.So, you better think about it. If you annihilate this light that keeps me sane,what else do I have to live for?"

It can only be endlessdarkness!

“Cough", ZhanYi Fei light a cigarette and gently spit out the smoke. "I will ask again,Little Tong, where is he?"

"In...in..." Wang Bing Yan was a bit dumbfounded. She neverthought that Zhan Yi Fei, who has always been known for his stand for reason,would do so.

"Shutup!" Zhan Hong Tu said slyly and glared at Zhan Yi Fei. "As long as yousign the property transfer document and the documents and give up the ancestralproperty, I promise that Lin Yu Tong will come back to you safely. Otherwise,it would be useless to burn us all. We are dead, Lin Yu Tong is not going tolive"

"Is it?"Zhan Yi Fei nodded. "I was waiting for that."

After he finished,Zhan Yi Fei turned looking at the door, the door was opened, and all therelatives of The Zhan Family came in. From their expressions, it was obviousthat everyone had heard the words spoken by Zhan Hong Tu: as long as you signthe property transfer documents and the documents that gave up your ancestralrights. I promised to let Lin Yu Tong come back to you safely.

Zhan Hong Tu andWang Bing Yan faces were silly because they not only saw the family, but alsosaw Zhan Hong Ying who from the angry red face she had, she was almost ready tospurt fire!