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重生金色婚姻»Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Sen Hun Yin

Chapter44: Conflicts

While most peoplelike to do things in a not usual way, but Zhan Yi Fei has an unusual tacitunderstanding with Lin Yu Tong, so he can see that there is a problem with themessage at a glance. First of all, Lin Yu Tong never called him"husband" for no reason, he never calls him "husband"without the expectation of being tossed (xxx) by him in bed. If there anythingto discuss with him they do but to discuss "SAVING MAGNOLIA"? This isobviously a bit unreasonable.

"Little Gao,Little Tong is not there?" Zhan Yi Fei called Gao Wen Liang because hecalled Lin Yu Tong and Lin Yu Tong phone appeared to be shut down.

"He was goingout, saying that there is a friend who came back from abroad who just happenedto pass by. He may be coming to pick up people." Gao Wen Liang said,suddenly, "Is there a problem?"

"You quicklyhurry go chase after him, he sent a strange SMS call and his phone is shutdown. He may be in trouble." Zhan Yi Fei didn\'t take the medicine andafter he finished it. He turned and ran to the outside of the hospital.

"Hey! You guyscan\'t do this!" The doctor frightened and yelled!

However, how isZhan Yi Fei still managing so much? In a flash, Xiang Jun arrived at theparking lot.

On the other hand,Gao Wen Liang also knew the trouble. He patted Da Kuan\'s head. "Da Kuan,go and chase Lin Zi. He stole your candies!"

"Wang!"Da Kuan may not be able to understand most things but candy’s thief chasing canbe understood at a glance. "" it ran out in speed.

However, where isLin Yu Tong gone after stepping outside the gate?

Gao Wen Liangsighed in a hurry and said, "Fuck!" and then quickly went to chaseout!

Lin Yu Tong didn’tknow that Zhan Yi Fei had received the text message at the moment. He was nowonly thinking about his sister’s safety. He hasn’t been able to make my familylive good in the last world. Is this life also going to repeat the same afterthe rebirth?

This is absolutelyunacceptable to him!

"What do youwant to do?" After he got on the car he only had time to see three menwearing black masks in the car before he was blindfolded.

"We don\'t wantit to be like it. As long as you are obedient and cooperate at most you loseout on few days of freedom." The voice of the masked man was quite gentle,but the gentleness did not make Lin Yu Tong feel better. Although these peopledid not tie his hands and feet, it only shows that these people are not afraidof him running.

"How is mysister doing now? I want to talk to her."

"She is verygood, provided that you don\'t have any bad ideas." The man suddenlysmiled. "I heard that Zhan Yi Fei is treating you as a baobei so youshould never make us ruin his heart, which is not good for everyone."

"No problem,as long as you can ensure the safety of my sister, everything is fine. But ifshe gets any trouble..." Lin Yu Tong’s voice became very cold. “I swear,even if I die, I will definitely pull a few of you back to hell with me.”

“Hey! Look at thisbrother who dare to speak out? Are you joking? Can\'t you figure out thesituation?"

Another personseemed very dissatisfied, but Lin Yu Tong closed his mouth and sat down and nolonger made any other movements, only his mind was constantly running at aconstant speed. After he was born again, he always paid attention to his ownattitude. When he was tubing held there, he can\'t think of anyone who he hasoffended, except for the four hyenas headed by Zhan Hong Tu.

Probably because hehasn’t been out of the house for a long time, these people have no choice butto arrest his sister and threaten him. It’s a pity, I’ve predicted and made offthousands of dollars, but I’ve forgotten my sister who is studying abroad.

In the end, he wascareless.

Lin Yu Tong sighedand forced himself to calm down.

He was catching upwith the slow traffic of the morning peak work hours so after entering theurban area, the car often stopped in a place for a long time. But Lin Yu Tongdidn\'t dare to find a way to call for help, after all, his sister is still inthe other hand. But it doesn\'t seem he can’t just not do anything.

What to do?

Zhan Yi Fei is alsothinking, but what he thinks is, what exactly is “SAVING MAGNOLIA”?

Lin Yu Tongwouldn\'t lie to Gao Wen Liang for no reason, and it was even impossible to sendhim such strange information. And recently, due to the tension with Zhan HongTu, Lin Yu Tong rarely goes out, being worried that it will lead to unnecessarytrouble, so he will choose to deceive and go out only for one reason - he was threatened.

"What didLittle Tong want to say when he texted is \'SAVING MAGNOLIA\'?" Zhan Yi Feihad a trace of suspicion in his eyes.

If he was notconvenient to send text messages and make phone calls at the time, it can onlybe done in secret. Is there a possibility of him making a mistake? And hereally can\'t think of anything other than Lin Yu Lan\'s threat, so that Lin YuTong would rather lie and go out. After all, Lin Zhi Song and Lin Yu Fei are stillsafe and haven\'t reacted.

Zhan Yi Fei quicklycontacted Lin Yu Lan, but Lin Yu Lan also did not respond.

Xiang Jun felt thatZhan Yi Fei\'s guess was not unreasonable. He asked Lin Yu Lan\'s address andcontacted some of his friends who he met abroad. Fortunately, at this time,where Lin Yu Lan’s was studying it was not too late at night so they can checkup on her. Xiang Jun said that his friend quickly agreed to help, at least toconfirm if Lin Yu Lan is still safe.

Zhan Yi Fei calledGao Wen Liang, "Have you caught up?"

Gao Wen Liangfrowned. "No, there are too many cars in the city, and the scent is mixed.Da Kuan\'s progress is not so fast. We are now next to the Qianmen Hotelopposite Xihua Road. No one has seen any black car. But then again, how will wefind the car to plug in a while?"

Since Lin Yu Tongis going to do something enough to lie, he may not necessarily have had thetime to let them know.

Zhan Yi Feihesitated for a moment and said: "It may be a little troublesome if youdon\'t catch it for a while. If you determine which car he is on, just followit, and Xiang Jun has sent someone to support you. He will meet you so becareful."

Gao Wen Liang had awarmth in his eyes, but the person was not gentle at all. He directly ignoredthe red light in front, because Da Kuan suddenly started to run wild, so healso ran to catch up with it while ensuring safety.

Da Kuan seems tohave discovered some clues. It didn\'t run for a while as before and then it ranfor a long time

Gao Wen Liangprobably drove another three kilometers and went to the side door of an oldcommunity. There were of rubbish, and the ground was still muddy. As theweather became hotter, it was muddier. Da Kuan rushed to a black car parkednext to the place. The car was locked and there was no one inside, but Da Kuanran there for a while and went straight to the bottom of the car. Gao Wen Liangpiles thought about this car, went down and looked at it. As a result, he founda piece of candy that Lin Yu Tong often eats under the car! Da Kuan probablywanted to eat it but felt that the ground is too dirty. This dog loves to beclean since he was he was young.

Probably couldn\'tstand the temptation of candy. Da Kuan finally took a bit of effort to get thecandy out, but after sticking it, the candy got stuck in the mud. The looked atit and didn\'t eat it.

This sugar wasreally thrown by Lin Yu Tong. There was really nothing to mark on him. Plus,the three people were watching him tightly. He rarely had anything to do andmake a trail, so he only depended on a glimmer of hope. He guessed that Gao WenLiang might bring Da Kuan out to find him and he threw the candy.

Just twenty minutesago, Lin Yu Tong was standing next to the garbage pile. He was very depressedand found that he was playing with his eyes, but the other party was notstupid. When these people got out of the car, they took off their jackets andshoes, and then one of them put on new clothes and they went to another car.After that, the car drove away and the engine sound was not the same. That isto say, even if Da Kuan can really find the place here, it will be misled bythe smell of the dumpster.

At the moment, theboss of the kidnappers put a hat on Lin Yu Tong, so that Lin Yu Tong’s eyecloth was not so obvious. Then he took Lin Yu Tong through the community andwalked in the other direction for about two minutes to a car. After getting onthe car, the speed was obviously faster than before, and they kept drivingfarther and farther, Lin Yu Tong could feel the gradual decrease of thesurrounding cars noises, and at the end it seemed that only one of their carwas left.

Later, the carfinally stopped. Lin Yu Tong was brought into a dilapidated small bungalow. Themain person’s call was not known to anyone. The idea was that the person hadalready gotten the hand and asked the other party to pay the second money.

Lin Yu Tong heardthe phone call of the kidnapper and after being silent for a moment he said,"I want to hear my sister\'s voice."

The kidnappers’ bosssaid: "It\'s too late, can\'t."

Lin Yu Tong stoodup and took down the blindfold and threw it aside. "I said I want to hearmy sister\'s voice!"

The boss did notexpect Lin Yu Tong who quietly cooperate with them on the road, to suddenly changehis attitude, and he hesitated. He did not pay careful attention to thedifference between this person named Lin Yu Tong to normal kidnap victims, butthe moment he saw the other person\'s eyes, he was somewhat hesitant. This is apair of eyes that he has never seen before, were clear and pure, like a water,but at the moment it was covered with a layer of frost, more accurately itshould be someone who is fearless of death.

"You listen!How old are you?" The second kidnapper glanced over in the haze. "Ifyou don\'t want to find trouble and sit down in calm!"

"I can\'t besure that my sister is safe, so how is it you want me to be sitting calmly?"Lin Yu Tong is another person back, but he is still the main thing. "Bigbrother, I know that this year economy is not easy, but if you want me tocooperate without any trouble let me hear my sister voice. Otherwise, why wouldI believe what you said? I came over with you because of my sister, if she isnot safe at the moment, I don\'t have to cooperate. At most, it\'s just a death.It\'s not the first thing that worries me."

The kidnapperslooked at each other for a while, and Lin Yu Tong did not give up, he did notknow what to think, he said: "You wait."

Lin Yu Tong quietly looked at the call of the main thingHowever, the boss phone rang for a long time on the other side without muchmovement, and it seems that someone finally pick up but it was a cry for help:“Damn you!, and this time I will have you killed,"

The boss’s faceimmediately twisted out with the blue veins, filled with hate he went on tohang up the phone.

Lin Yu Tong saw theabnormality and subconsciously swept his eyes around the display, but thesecond kidnapper was moving faster than him. He heard the phone call and got upand stopped at the door. "Why, do you want to run?"

Lin Yu Tongcertainly wants to run. He picked up the thermos on the table and smashes itinto the second kidnapper. But the second kidnapper is not a newbie in thiskidnapping business, and he has escaped the thermos. The thrown thermos bottleslammed on the mirror and the mirror shattered. At this time, the secondkidnapper lifted the chair and slammed it against Lin Yu Tong. Lin Yu Tong wasable to avoid it, he rolled a circle on the ground and took a piece of glass,but he just stood up, and there was a cold thing behind him behind the neck...