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重生金色婚姻»Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Sen Hun Yin

Chapter43: Having an enemy in the dark

Gao Wen Liang waspreparing to close the door, Xiang Jun quickly stepped his leg through theframe and it got stuck in the door. Probably it was because he didn\'t expecthis body to react one step ahead of his own brain. After he finished getting inhe stayed still until he saw Gao Wen Liang looking at him with a confused look.Gao Wen Liang only held the doorknob and the whole person squeezed in.

"What do youwant?" Gao Wen Liang\'s heartbeat missed a beat, but he tried to keephimself from having any obvious facial expressions changes.

"When I finishthe medicinal liquor massage you have to sleep again," Xiang Jun said thatas he rushed into the bathroom in the room. After washing his hands, he tookthe medicinal liquor from his trouser pocket. The medicinal bottle is less thanhalf a palm lengthwise, or it may be because Xiang Jun’s hand is too tall. GaoWen Liang did not see when this person actually put this thing on his body.

"I haven\'ttaken a bath yet. Can you give it to me after I shower?"

"Then I willwait for you to take a shower and then massage it, just as the pores open andthe effect will be better." Xiang Jun said, sat down on the sofa, he tookout the phone and start reading the novel.

Gao Wen Liangquietly watched Xiang Jun for a while, he turned and he went into the bathroom.He began to turn on the water, but he just let the water hit his body and hishands didn\'t move, and the clothes were completely drenched on the body.

Xiang Jun looked atthe phone for a while, and his attention turned. He looked at the door of thebathroom and unconsciously rubbed his phone screen until he heard the sound ofthe door handle twisting. He quickly lowered his head, he did not look like henormally did in the weekdays, and even his expressionless face looked broken.

Gao Wen Liang wascovered by a bath towel and felt vacuumed inside - he had no underwear in thebathroom. However, Xiang Jun didn\'t pay attention to this matter, so when GaoWen Liang went to bed, he went to pull the towel down, the force was slightlybigger, and Xiang Jun saw Gao Wen Liang\'s tight and full ass!

Xiang Jun\'s breathwas paralyzed!

"Hey, what areyou looking at? I don\'t seem to have my waist on my ass?" Gao Wen Liangsaid, but he was not in a hurry to pull the towel up.

"You, whydidn\'t you wear underwear?!" Xiang Jun\'s face was blushing red.

"You didn\'tsay that you wanted to touch my bath towel, and I forgot to bring my underwearwhen I went in." Gao Wen Liang turned slightly sideways, but inadvertentlymade himself look somewhere and Xiang Jun could almost see it. But in fact,because he can\'t see it, and that is infinitely what is fascinating.

"Oh,okay." Xiang Jun stretched his face, and the blue veins on his foreheaddisappeared. He was agitated in his heart, but on the surface it seems that hereally just wants to massage Gao Wen Liang with a medicinal liquor. He gently pressedthe hand to massage Gao Wen Liang\'s waist. "Is this painful?"

"Notthere." Gao Wen Liang said: "Go to the right."

"Here?"Xiang Jun observed Gao Wen Liang. Xiang Jun saw the place where Gao Wen Liangopened the bottle cap, poured some medicinal wine into his palm and began toslowly massage it. His massage was light at first, but the strength of the handbecame more and more serious after the drug was smeared. It made Gao Wen Liangfeel both painful and comfortable.

"Oh... um, canyou lighten it?" Gao Wen Liang bit his lip, and usually he couldn\'t bearanything with his eyes. He can\'t bear it now, but he felt hurt when he feelinga little pain. "Oh, that hurts!"

Then Xiang Jun willreally put a little lighter pressure on the place and made him feeluncomfortable.

Gao Wen Liang bithis teeth secretly, and his lower body has already hardened up, and thefanatic* made him want to rub himself on the bed a few times.

Xiang Jun did nothave the perspective skills, so he could not see the struggle in Gao WenLiang\'s heart.

After massaging foralmost fifteen minutes, the medicinal liquor was finally finished, and XiangJun had a sweat on his face. Originally, he had a pale bronze skin complexion,which was covered with a layer of sweat. And now his skin looked like oliveoil, with a little oily sexy. Gao Wen Liang couldn\'t remove his eyes when hesaw it.

"Sleep, thebed is not too soft." After Xiang Jun said that he turned to leave butwhen he got up, Gao Wen Liang grabbed his hand...

"Do you likeme?"

"..."Xiang Jun tried to push his hand, he seemed to have exhausted the strength ofhis whole body.

Gao Wen Liangrefused to do this anymore. He ignored the force and pulled Jun down on thebed. Gao Wen Liang stopped him from having any reaction to Xiang Jun.:"Why are you doing this!"

Xiang Jun, thoughannoyed, he still took care not to press on the injured place on Gao Wen Liangwaist. He did not turn him over to the ground, but pushed Gao Wen Liang to thebed. Then he got up and looked at Gao Wen Liang with a cold chill, repression,pain, and there was nowhere to vent seem to surround him.

Gao Wen Liangstared at him for a while, and he suddenly stroked his waist and curled up thehand holding the sheets till his bones looked white

Xiang Jun didn\'tknow what happened to Gao Wen Liang, but when he thought about the action thatGao Wen Liang had done before, his feet couldn\'t be moved like they were nailedon the ground, and finally he sat back on the bed again.

"Didn\'t yousay that you won\'t force me?" Xiang Jun spoke with so much helplessness inthe tone.

"Can\'t anymore."Gao Wen Liang bit his teeth, and the calmness he achieved in the bath beforewas completely washed off.

"Oh, youare."

"Hey, you area bastard!" Gao Wen Liang was so annoyed, but he still sat up. "XiangJun, I know you understand my mind, but if you don\'t have the same thoughts asme, then I will not trouble you later. It\'s good to me. Because... I will beserious. For five years, since I met you, I haven\'t had a day of relief in myhopes and disappointments. Don\'t you think this is too cruel? I\'d be better offdying, I had the whole years used to crush on you and you return that by givingme a quick message?"

"Do you really want to know?"Xiang Jun looked directly at Gao Wen Liang\'s eyes, half awkward, and hesuddenly pressed him in his arms and kissed him.

Gao Wen Liangwaited for this day and didn\'t know how long it took before he came back toreality so he was only kissed hard for half a second then he grabbed XiangJun\'s neck with one hand and pressed Xiang Jun tightly like a bowstring,fearing that Xiang Jun would run away. However, kissing and kissing, he foundsomething that didn\'t seem right.

He was already hard on this side, and XiangJun had a reaction to a normal straight man. He was soft, just like usual.

"Do youfinally understand this?" Xiang Jun let go of Gao Wen Liang, he got up andtook a breath, turned and walked out of Gao Wen Liang\'s bedroom.

Gao Wen Liang wascompletely awkward, but when he came back, he chased out after him and he evenforgot the pain on his waist. However, when he went out, he did not see XiangJun at all, but Zhan Yi Fei who was smoking in the corridor.


"Wentout." Zhan Yi Fei had a hint of curiosity in his eyes. "You had ashowdown with him?" He looked a little different when Xiang Jun left.

"I seem tohave done something stupid." Gao Wen Liang licked his hair.

"Who hasn\'thad a dark history in their lives yet, I am not afraid of doing stupid things,I am afraid that I will be stupid all my life." Zhan Yi Fei smothered thesmoke, feeling that his heart was not so loud, and slowly moved into the room.

Lin Yu Tong\'s facewas not completely erased at this moment. He asked Zhan Yi Fei with his quilt."Gao Wen Liang didn\'t sleep?"

He just heard thedoor in the room next door.

"No, heconfessed to Old Xiang I don\'t know what happened but the old man went out alone."Zhan Yi Fei carefully went to bed. "Was it cool?"

"Shutup!" Lin Yu Tong body felt exhausted and he didn\'t want to admit it. Hewas actually pleasured by three fingers!

"You have tochange your attitude after you finish it. Little Tong, you can\'t do thishabit."

"It\'s not likeyou didn\'t feel good about it." Lin Yu Tong touched his mouth, and nowhemp!

Zhan Yi Fei waslying down, holding Lin Yu Tong, but not as tight as in the past. He groaned soidly, letting Lin Yu Tong rest on his arm, as if he had the world in his hand.

Unfortunately, LinYu Tong sat down after a while. "I will sleep on the ground for the nextfew days."

When he was in thehospital, he slept won the accompanying bed. At this time, he also worried thatZhan Yi Fei would be bumped at night. After all his sleeping postures arereally too special to describe, for Zhan Yi Fei\'s safety, he felt that it isbetter to stay away.

Although Zhan YiFei was reluctant, he also knows what Lin Yu Tong said is justified. In fact,before he hugged Lin Yu Tong, he was a little hurting. He didn\'t dare to payattention about it. It hurts and it was a small problem. He mainly worriedabout the delay and the impact and the work.

Ye Han Yingreturned to the headquarters this time, it is absolutely impossible for him tosit back to the position of chief financial officer, so that his purpose isalso half seeing that he doesn\'t. As for the other half, it depends on whathappens on the board of directors held in early April.

Lin Yu Tong seemsto feel that Zhan Yi Fei was not sleeping. He whispered: Yi Fei, what are youthinking?"

Zhan, Yi Fei movedto the bedside, stroking hands droop on Lin Yu Tong cheek," Recently outof what happened we must be careful and you absolutely cannot go out alone youknow that? "

Lin Yu Tong saidwith a smile." I know, I\'m fine I just will not to go out. "

He didn\'t have muchdefensive ability, so what he can do is not to delay Zhan Yi Fei. If there isany problem, he will be the downing force for Zhan Yi Fei\'s efforts after heworked on them for so many years. This is still clear to him.

Zhan Yi Fei ran hishand down Lin Yu Tong\'s hair, and soon felt that the wound was a littlestretched, and he simply fell back to the bed. Although he was not in the samebed with Lin Yu Tong, he was so close in a room. This idea is enough to makethe heart at ease.

Lin Yu Tong had thesame idea, he was just enjoying the cool shade expect, not out three days outof the situation.

Zhan, Yi Fei\'s strong recovery, the fifth dayafter surgery, when the wound had healed very well, so although the doctorsuggested that he should go back to do the review in a week, he rememberedabout company and he went to the hospital on the fifth day. Xiang Junaccompanied him and they went together, there were two other bodyguards in thesame entourage. As for Gao Wen Liang, because he wants to heal his waist assoon as possible, he and Lin Yu Tong stayed at home, he did not follow.

Lin Yu Tong, asusual, finished eating things in the yard for a while, and began to writenovels after preparing to eliminate food. Unexpectedly, he just counted 150steps, and the phone rang. Because it was a strange number, he still wonderedthen picked it up. He didn\'t expect that even the sound was strange. Themechanical sound of the other party seemed to have been modified. It saidcoldly, "Your sister is in our hands. If you don\'t want anything to happento her, you can\'t raise any alarm. If you come out alone, don\'t tell anyone anddon\'t try to go back to the house. I will see you." After the soundturned, it became the voice of his sister Lin Yu Lan, but still strong."Brother, brother. Don\'t come, let me go!"

Gao Wen Liang sawLin Yu Tong standing still for a long time, asking not far away: "Lin Zi,what happened?"

Lin Yu Tong took amoment and smiled and said: "Nothing, I have a friend who came back fromabroad, he is just passing by here, I will go out to see him." After that,he took his mobile phone into his pocket and sneakily sent a text message whilecovering his thick clothes.

The only thing hewas fortunate at this time was that he was still using a keyboard phone.Although he is not sure if he will make a mistake, he can be sure that he willbe able to send it out!

So a minute later,Zhan Yi Fei received a strange message: HUSBAND SAVING MAGNOLIA!