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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage« 重生金色婚姻»Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Sen Hun Yin

Chapter42: Wearing a skirt? (Sweet stuffs)

Although it was only a minor operation, but after a few daysin the hospital, the news that Zhan Yi Fei\'s hospitalization due to illnesssoon spread in Zhan Financial Group, and naturally passed to the headquartersand reached The Zhan Family.

When Wang Bing Yangot the news, she said, "He really has a good luck, how he cannot get anincurable disease?"

Zhan Hong Tu satnext to her did not refute this sentence at all, and he was obvious regrettingand also seem to make sense of what Wang Bing Yan said.

Recently, theirsituation in the company is getting more and more worrying. Although he isstill sitting in the position of the top leader, there are more and more peoplewho are not satisfied with him being the CEO of the Zhan Financial Group.Especially after Ye Han Ying returned from Rongcheng, some shareholders won\'ttalk about it, there is nothing to say but their looks said it all.

Zhan Yi Ning wasplaying with the newly bought bracelet. "According to me, now is a goodtime. He is taking medicine every day in hospital. Can you find someone to dosomething about him? Anyway, I think if we don\'t let him lose his managementability, The Zhan Family won\'t be in our hands as of next year."

Everyone fellsilent. After a while, Wang Bing Yan asked Ye Han Ying, who had never voicedhis concerns. "Han Ying, what do you think?"

Ye Han Ying hasbeen to Rongcheng since he got married to Zhan Yi Ning. After running aroundand being overwhelmed by that project he looked thinner than originally, and heseemed to be like someone who could be blown away by the wind, and his face wasnot very good-looking. He heard the words on his right and he looked at thehand - there was a knife wound that he had "accidentally" got afterhe went to Rongcheng, and a scar that was about four or five centimeters stoodin his palm, as if reminding him he can never be careless.

"Theprotection around Zhan Yi Fei is even stricter after Xiang Jun returned. Atthis time, it is not so easy to do something to him, and the hospital they arein is the Army Hospital. The people there know and are in a close relation withZhan Hong Ying and even if you want to, it is hard to do anything to thedrug." Ye Han Ying turned to look at Zhan Hong Tu. "Fourteen yearsago, you shouldn\'t have let him live and come back to The Zhan Family, or elsethere would be so much trouble today. "

"How could Ithink that he can develop to this day?" Zhan Hong Tu was gloomy in hiseyes, mainly because he did not expect that Zhan Yi Fei could complete thetasks he thought could not be completed.....Every time, even if he wanted to suppresshim in the company, he is more and more convinced that Zhan Yi Fei isunstoppable!

"Do we justsit and wait?" Zhan Yi Ning felt angry when she thought she had been seenas an illegitimate daughter for so many years. All the praises were all givento Zhan Yi Fei, and she even had such a difficult to be recognized as thedescendant of The Zhan Family! She was not satisfied!

"It\'s notenough to sit still." Wang Bing Yan poured a cup of tea to Zhan Hong Tuand said carelessly: "In fact, I think we can start from another angle.Zhan Yi Fei\'s own security alertness is high, but the people around him are notnecessarily shielded like he is?"

Ye Han Yingfrowned. In fact, according to his intention, he hopes that the commercialbusiness environment creates a business competition to win or lose, but even hehimself has to admit that he really missed Zhan Yi Fei.

Fortunately, he stillhas a blank card in his hand.


Zhan Yi Fei stayedin the hospital for three days. In the past three days, Lin Yu Tong accompaniedhim every day. He told him stories from time to time, showing what is warm fromthe other half. It\'s just a matter of jokes, "Bird Mao Jun" wasespecially unbearable! There have been several times when Zhan Yi Fei waslaughed at, and he couldn\'t wait to grab Lin Yu Tong and go on fight for a fewhundred rounds on the bed. It\'s a pity that he had a heart now but the physicalcondition is not allowed.

Lin Yu Tong feltthat Zhan Yi Fei was rushing out of the fire. But Zhan Yi Fei was still notallowed to move too fast, and he has been careful in the first few days. Hethen helped Zhan Yi Fei slowly move to the house, who knew that he had notmoved to the steps and he had an accident. Da Kuan flew downstairs and suddenlyslammed into Gao Wen Liang, and Gao Wen Liang instantly burst into cold sweat!

Gao Wen Liang stoodthere and did not move, he was breathing a little heavy.

Xiang Jun who wasclose after seeing the anomaly he asked. "What happened?"

It is absolutely impossible for Gao Wen Liang to whine aboutit!

Zhan Yi Fei and LinYu Tong also stopped, and Zhan Yi Fei said, "Little Gao, are you okay?"

Gao Wen Liang wavedhis hand and moved to the sofa step by step. When he sat on the place, he tooka breath and when he saw everyone watching him with concern. He had anindifferent look and said: "It\'s just a muscle strain, just need to rest awhile. I will be fine."

"Did you lookedat it at the hospital?" Lin Yu Tong asked.

"Looked at,the medicine I have taken them, you don\'t have to look at me like this. Whatare you guys busy with?" He said that he put Da Kuan on his waist andpinched it, then drank his drink acting like someone who didn\'t know whathappened. "None."


"Oh..." DaKuan stood on the edge of the sofa and looked up at Gao Wen Liang. He wasrejected and felt a little bit of grievance.

"Where is themedicine? I haven\'t seen you spray these days." Xiang Jun touched DaKuan\'s black dog\'s head. "Don\'t cry, go play with yourself."

Da Kuan shook histail and put his paw on the coffee table. While watching Xiang Jun\'s eyes andGao Wen Liang\'s, he secretly pulled out a piece of fruit candy from the candydish, then put it in its mouth and winked.

Gao Wen Liangbarked at. "Eat a piece from strangers, look at you."

Da Kuan hurriedlyran away, found a place to tear the candy, and he also sensibly threw the candyinto the trash can because it knows, no more candy will be eaten afterwards ifit litters the place.

When Lin Yu Tongsaw Xiang Jun, he took Zhan Yi Fei upstairs and then went down to the kitchen.Zhan Yi Fei didn\'t eat anything in the past two days. On the way, Zhan Yi Feitold him that he wanted to eat chicken and stewed carrots, but also withmiscellaneous grains and crispy and refreshing vegetables. Lin Yu Tong knowsthat Zhan Yi Fei has been hospitalized for the first time, and that he was illand has no one to cook for him. So it was only a small request, and he is notwilling to refuse.

Xiang Jun glancedat the kitchen. "Lin Zi, do you have any medicinal liquor?"

"Yes, I willshow it to you later." When he came here, he also brought all themedicines bought by Zhan Yi Fei.

"What are youdoing?" asked Gao Wen Liang.

"Don\'t workyourself too tired" Xiang Jun took a pillow and placed it behind Gao WenLiang. "I will give you a moment of rest."

"Is it hardfor you?" Gao Wen Liang had some happiness in his eyes. There is a hint oftemptation in them.

However, Xiang Jundid not answer this question, he turned and he went to Lin Yu Tong to get themedicinal liquor.

Gao Wen Liangsighed sadly and looked at the back of Xiang Jun. There was a lot ofhelplessness and distress in his eyes wishing and not getting the wishfulfilled.


Zhan Yi Fei who ishard man to rest, had to rest for a few days on weekdays. Naturally, Lin YuTong stuck tightly to him and is even stickier than Da Kuan. Lin Yu Tong was writinga novel. He asked Lin Yu Tong to bring the notebook to the bedroom and write itthere. He sat down and watched Lin Yu Tong. He was very fluent and didn\'tbother Lin Yu Tong, but the burning gaze was enough for Lin Yu Tong to feelhurt a few rounds.

Maybe Zhan Yi Feieyes blew the fire from his body, and Lin Yu Tong couldn\'t wait to get a bigcurtain between him and Zhan Yi Fei.

Later, Lin Yu Tongreally couldn\'t stand the feeling of being treated as a sexual desire traitor.He turned around. "How difficult is it to let you rest well?"

If you don\'t read thenewspaper, don\'t read the report, you look at him while looking at variousdocuments, unless you go to sleep at night, this is too much to enjoy!

Zhan Yi Fei said:"Little Tong, I want to take a shower."

Although he wasdischarged from the hospital, the doctor emphasized that he must not touch waterfor the first week. How can he go to the hospital for five days for review anddetermine that the healing progress is good? He is already at the fourth day.He did not take a bath for four days, this period he has been given a spongebath by Lin Yu Tong.

In addition to thefirst time he met Lin Yu Tong, he was not used to not showering for so long.

Lin Yu Tong is alsohelpless, showering is definitely not good, but every time he wipes, Zhan YiFei felt hard, and he is also uncomfortable!

Have to think of away!

"Want toshower?" Seeing Zhan Yi Fei nodding. Lin Yu Tong said, "Yes, wait forme."

"Where are yougoing?"

"I am going tomake you a prop!" Lin Yu Tong went downstairs to find Wang Bo. He askedWang Bo if there is a big clean plastic sheet and rubber band. Wang Bo said no,Lin Yu Tong drove out and bought it. He bought a little thicker one, probablyabout three meters, then he bought an elastic band and needle thread, he tookthe scissors after returning, cut the plastic sheet into a width of about fortycentimeters wide, more than two meters long, then he folded the long side up tofive centimeters, then he stitched the ends thickly, and the two ends foldedinto one pair! Finally, he put the elastic band in and tied it, and a plasticcloth tutu came out...

"What\'s isthat for?!" Gao Wen Liang had doubts.

"Yi Fei saidthat he wanted to take a shower. I am afraid of him getting water on the wound.I made him a wound waterproof skirt and let him shower! Lin Yu Tong threw therest of the things and let the servants clean up, then took the skirt upstairs,leaving a few surprised faces like Gao Wen Liang, and soon after he left, theliving room was turned up the room into a hilarious cackling scene.

That skirt, forZhan Yi Fei?! Isn\'t this like going to force Zhan Yi Fei to "wear thewounded gun"?!

Even Xiang Juncouldn\'t hold his expression, and the distorted face showed how hard he endurednot laughing.

Gao Wen Liang said:"Would you like to go up and see them?"

He was so curiousthat he felt like he was dying!

Cheng Shi waved hishand. "Let\'s go, I still have work to do."

Xiang Jun helpedGao Wen Liang up, "Let’s go."

But in the bedroom,Zhan Yi Fei has seen the masterpiece made by Lin Yu Tong and naturally, for thelife and death he was not willing to wear a skirt, he would be destroyed whenhe wears this!

"Anyway, I cannotlook at other people\'s faces. You tell me what not embarrassed aboutthis?" Lin Yu Tong shook off a little skirt, "Hurry up, you put it onand then go for a shower."

"Stop it Idon\'t want to wear it." Zhan Yi Fei silently looked at the transparent andextremely simple rain prevention tool.

"If you won\'twear it, I am not helping you!"

"Then you wearit." Zhan Yi Fei was so embarrassed. "Appreciate how I can packyou!"

“Hey, pack me up?Come on, come here. Do you I am afraid of you? Paper tiger!" Lin Yu Tonglooked Zhan Yi Fei and said to him. "Mmmh still a hairless papertiger."

"Lin YuTong!" Zhan Yi Fei probably really felt that he can\'t hang on his face. Hejumped up and pressing Lin Yu Tong down on the bed and pressing himself in topof him, although there was some sweat on his forehead, but there was no hint ofretreat in his eyes. He also lowered his body and bit it on the tip of Lin YuTong nose. "Do you think I can\'t fix that smugness from you?"

"You, you getoff of me! Be careful of the wound!" Lin Yu Tong was more anxious thanZhan Yi Fei.

"Am I sofragile? It seems that I have to deepen your understanding of me." Zhan YiFei said, he was still holding Lin Yu Tong with one hand and the other hand wasexploring unto Lin Yu Tong\'s underwear. He fiddled a few times and Lin Yu Tongwas a little unstable, and there were signs of his breathing getting harder.

"Don\'t maketrouble you are hurt!"

"Who is hurt,what is it?" Zhan Yi Fei touched him a few times and didn\'t touch it himanymore. He turned his hand to Lin Yu Tong\'s groin and he gripped it back andforth. Lin Yu Tong was red-faced in an instant, and in a moment his mouth posedout a glimpse of joy and pain.

The two peopleoutside the door waited for a long time, but they did not hear any conclusionsat all. Instead, they were splashed with a dash of marshmallow. This is calleda sweet and cotton taste, and it is almost nowhere they want to be!

Lin Yu Tong triedto control himself not to make a sound, but Zhan Yi Fei was pressing on hissensitive point every time, his fingers are so flexible that he can\'t controlhimself.

Xiang Jun and GaoWen Liang hearing were originally better than the average person. At this time,they naturally knew what was going on inside. Gao Wen Liang said: "It\'sreally enough." Then he walked downstairs. Xiang Jun silently followedbehind him, wondering what he was thinking.