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Rebirth of The GoldenMarriage« 重生金色婚姻» Chong Sheng Zhi JinSen Hun Yin

Chapter 41: NotAllowed To Laugh

Lin Yu Tong was lying in bed and flipping over and overthinking too much, after that he simply called Cheng Shi. However, Cheng Shiphone was shut down, he couldn\'t call the home phone and ask Wang Bo.

Wang Bo has beeninstructed, even if it feels wrong, but still what he should say to Lin Yu Tongis this: "Young Master has already taken a break. It may be that dealingwith the mess here has left him exhausted recently. Would you like me to callhim up?"

"No, its fine.Ok. Wang Bo, you don’t have to worry too much, I will come back tomorrow."

"Okay, youhave a good rest." Wang Bo hung up his phone and shook his head, sighingdeeply.

Lin Yu Tong openedthe notebook and wrote something, but in the process, Zhan Yi Fei\'s strangevoice always echoed in his ear, making it difficult for him to concentrate. Inthe end, he simply did not write anything and closed the book, after wards hetried to force himself to sleep.

However, he did notfall asleep as quickly as usually. Zhan Yi Fei\'s voice did not echo in his ear,but it was replaced by another problem.

Wang Bo and Zhan YiFei would not lie to him purposely?

Zhan Yi Fei wouldnot be in trouble, but he is afraid of worrying him, so he will not tell him?

Lin Yu Tong neverknew that he was so cranky that he won’t be able to sleep. He turned thebedside lamp on and took the book he hadn\'t finished to read. When it reachedmidnight, he still couldn\'t easily sleep, but he knew that by that time he hadhe had fallen into dream again. He dreamt that there was a little monkey onthe mountain, and he came and he went to find food. The monkey was very clever,but after he found the fruit, he ran out, but the little animal fell on theground and got hurt. Lin Yu Tong wanted to go and help, but the little monkeyran into an alley

Lin Yu Tong went tochase and he chased it for a long time without catching up. Instead, his bodyaccidentally bumped into the "stump". The "squeaky" soundwas especially loud. He blinked an, woke up saw that it was the table legs inhis room.

This is definitelynot the first time he hit the table legs, so the legs in his house have roundrods, hitting one won\'t have his head turn blue.

The question iswhat did that dreams mean?

He rarely dreams,especially after Zhan Yi Fei told him that the pig was full, he almost neverdreamt.

What does he dreamof monkeys?

Lin Yu Tong tookthe phone and opened the browser, and entered the words "dream ofmonkeys", but he did not press the search, because he suddenly thoughtthat Zhan Yi Fei was a monkey. This strong argument made him unable to sleepagain and he went to Xiang Jun and Gao Wen Liang.

The sound of hisknocking on the door was not loud, and he only knocked the door of Xiang Jun’sroom which was the one near him, but the man was alert as if he had heard themovement in the first place, almost at the same time Lin Yu Tong was reachingfor the door and Xiang Jun opened the door. "What happened? Is theresomething wrong?"

"I always feelthat my heart is worried, should I return to Rongcheng now?" Lin Yu Tongglanced in the direction of his parents’ room, because he didn’t want his currentvoice volume to wake his parents. But if he wants to go there, how can he sayit in advance?

"Okay"Xiang Jun said.

"Let\'s go,anyway, the house can be reached at any time." Gao Wen Liang waved hishand at Da Kuan, who was glaring at him.

"Then wait forme, I will talk to my parents." Lin Yu Tong knocked on the door and saidto her mother, "Mom, I have a hospitalized student who is sick and has nomoney. His family is far away. I will go through and look after him I may notcome back tonight."

"Then youshould go to help him, do you want to me go with you?" Chen Su Ning wasnot at ease.

"Don\'t worrymother, Brother Xiang and Gao Wen Liang are all there, no big deal, I will callyou again when I get there. You and my dad can justgo back to sleep."

"It’s a bitcold and windy at night, you all wear more clothing." Chen Su Ning saidthat as she watched Lin Yu Tong\'s door and didn\'t doubt him because ever sinceher three children were so small they rarely lie.

"You really don\'t have a red face andyou can\'t jump, you can pull it out, and you are worried about a hospitalized astudent?" Gao Wen Liang looked cross. "What! Can\'t you do ittomorrow?"

"Tomorrow, letme say this, if I say its Yi Fei now. There may be something happening withFei. My parents will worry about me staying overnight. If you don\'t want to goto Rongcheng with us, it\'s too bad and you can stay here and wait fortomorrow."

Lin Yu Tong was shameless and told them that he wants to bewith Zhan Yi Fei. So that he decided to go back temporarily. Anyway, as long ashe can make sure for himself that Zhan Yi Fei is fine.

B City is aboutfour to four and a half hours drive from Rongcheng, but this is for ordinarypeople, with Xiang Jun\'s car driving skills, basically three hours are enoughto get to the place.

Probably seeing theuneasiness on Lin Yu Tong\'s face, Xiang Jun said: "Do not worry, if thereis any trouble, I can move people there."

Gao Wen Liang alsosaid: "Yes, Yi Fei\'s lying skill is generally not good, let\'s say that hereally has something to do with Cheng Shi and he is resting fromtiredness."

"But I dreamedthat a monkey was rolling around with a stomachache." Lin Yu Tong feltthat the scene was particularly clear, and he still remembers it now. Thelittle monkey looked pitiful.

"You won\'t goback because of this sudden decision?" Gao Wen Liang was speechless.

A dream?!

"Not onlybecause of this. When I called him, his voice was not very good. I always feltuneasy."

"Isn\'t it justdiarrhea?" Gao Wen Liang rubbed is stomach, like a person who haddiarrhea.

Xiang Jun said atthis time: "There is nothing wrong with being cautious."

He always felt thatpeople sometimes have certain six sense abilities, especially among those whoare close to each other, and it’s because of this that he will agree to Lin YuTong to return to Rongcheng. At this point, plus the fact that they have beenbrothers for many years, he knows that if anything has happened to Zhan Yi Fei anything,it is possible that he will not let them worry and conceal it.

The driving speedwas a little faster, and after the high speed, it is even more like galloping.Lin Yu Tong felt that Gao Wen Liang\'s guess seems to be not unreasonable. IsZhan Yi Fei really just having a bad case of diarrhea?!

Can diarrhea evenhurt so much to make one roll around on the floor?

On the other place,Zhan Yi Fei had slept for a long time, and Cheng Shi stayed in the hospitalwith two accompanying bodyguards.

He stayed here untilfour in the morning, Xiang Jun drove the car into the villa. Someone came overto say hello at the door. "Brother Xiang why are you coming back at thistime?"

Xiang Jun asked:"Is Mr. Zhan with Secretary Cheng?" The bodyguard said: "No, Mr.Zhan and Secretary Cheng did not come back tonight, Brother Li (one of thebodyguards was staying in the hospital) said that Mr. Zhan is not very well. Hemay stay in the hospital for the next two days, what he also said about Mr.Zhan is strange but because it is not a big problem, so he said I don\'t have toinform you and Young Lin."

Xiang Jun called LiJun directly, and Li Jun quickly picked it up. "

"BrotherXiang." Cheng Shi heard the voice and directly passed the phone."Xiang Jun, are you in Rongcheng?"

Xiang Jun said"Yeah" and then he added "Lin Zi is worried about Yi Fei, so Icame back in advance. What happened?"

Cheng Shiwhispered. "It is acute appendicitis. He had to have a minor operation. Hewill be fine. He was afraid you will not keep it from Little Lin so he didn\'ttell you."

So, Lin Yu Tong\'sdream was really not fake?

Lin Yu Tong had asix sense, and his dream is so accurate. A group of people rushed to thehospital, and before even the morning light came up, but he saw Zhan Yi Fei,and his heart was finally calmed down.

Zhan Yi Fei wasprobably really tiring, or his was in a lot of pain during the operation, andhe was still asleep. Lin Yu Tong looked outside the ward for a while. When hesaw him, he didn\'t go in. He was worried that he would wake him up and hewanted him to rest well.

Cheng Shi said:"You don\'t have to worry about it, you guys are tired being on the road soyou can go back to rest and come back during the day."

Lin Yu Tongcouldn\'t immediately talk to Zhan Yi Fei. Besides, Xiang Jun and Gao Wen Liangwere so tired that it was showing on their faces. They nodded, but he didn\'twant to go back, but he told Xiang Jun to follow. Gao Wen Liang and Cheng Shiwent back and he would stay here to take care of him.

Cheng Shi alsothinks that this seems more appropriate, but Xiang Jun and Gao Wen Liang thinkthat this time they should pay more attention to his safety, so in the end LiJun and another bodyguard took Cheng Shi away.

Gao Wen Liang andXiang Jun rested in the escort room outside the ward, Lin Yu Tong couldn\'tsleep, he took out the notebook and wrote for a while, and finally updated thetwo chapter novels early and left a message saying that his little monkey wassick and hospitalized, and the latest update will be the last at for now andall PM messages are suspended.

There are night owlreaders who have seen a worried emoji some asked: San Chai Boy, do you stillraise monkeys?! No way?! Is it difficultto get married, that you have to love a monkey?

Lin Yu Tong almostlaughed and spewed his throat, he closed the notebook, and saw some hints oflight in the sky, and sneaked into the ward.

Zhan Yi Fei alsowas about to wake up. He heard the movement and slowly opened his eyes. He sawLin Yu Tong in the room. It seems that the reality is a dream. He looked at himfor a while before he called out, "Little Tong?"

Lin Yu Tong satdown at the bed and held Zhan Yi Fei\'s hand. "Well, how do you feel? Stillhurt?"

Zhan Yi Fei said: "It hurts.”

Lin Yu Tongimmediately tensed up," is the wound hurting? Do not you want me to callthe doctor? "

Zhan Yi Fei shookhis head. "It\'s useless to call the doctor." He said that as hegrabbed Lin Yu Tong\'s hand and touched it. "They said that I should nothave sex for a month after the operation. You are here. I\'m so worried I won\'tstop myself."

Lin Yu Tong was still worried. He smiled and squeezed Zhan YiFei\'s big worm, but he was there when he was almost holding it.


Zhan Yi Fei lookedat the expression of Lin Yu Tong\'s thoughts and instantly blushed, and smiled.He then yelled: "Not allowed to laugh!"

However, it was toolate. Lin Yu Tong didn\'t say anything, but his shoulders couldn\'t stop shakingwith silent laughter. He really didn\'t think that Zhan Yi Fei would have beenticked up.

What a day!