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《重生金色婚姻》 Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Se HunYin

Chapter 40: Are you not blushing?

Zhan YiFei didn’t know if Lin Yu Tong would be happy with a long comment today, but hethinks that if other people can do what he can, then he is still doing his job.A job that he never thought about - writing a love letter.

He hasnever written this thing since he was young, but this time he suddenly decided towrite a love letter, because everyone can write this long comment, but a love letteris different. He decided to write a "love letter" that both expresseshis feelings and expresses his appreciation of Lin Yu Tong\'s work.

When hestarted thinking about the penning of the letter it was time to go to sleep andLin Yu Tong wanted for both of them to sleep early at night. Zhan Yi Fei used someexcuses that he was going to solve some work problems and secretly wrote the letterin the study. When he had written about two thousand words, Zhan Yi Fei finallystopped. However, he thought that he cannot send it directly to the Internet becausethen Drunken In The Forest will be found out, he decided to wait patiently, so asnot to be found out by Lin Yu Tong.

When ChengShi found out about what Zhan Yi Fei was doing he laughed like it was a big joke.In the end Zhan Yi Fei could only tell the truth - that is Lin Yu Tong still doesn\'tknow that he is "Drunk in the Forest."

Cheng Shishook his head and said. "To be honest, the name "Drunk in the Forest"is actually quite evil."

When he first helped him to apply for an accountusername, it was done with haste.

Zhan YiFei thought of his own thoughts, and his heart was a little embarrassed. In fact,he initially thought of "Drunk in The Forest Shoulders", but then somehowhe felt that "Drunk in the Forest" is better, he used this until now.

1]....San Chai Boy means Fire Forest Boy so when Yi Fei means Drunk in the Forest it literallymeans he is drunk on Lin Yu Tong

"Ihope you won\'t be discovered. Otherwise, if Lin Zi finds out that you are the localreader who is sad and rewarded him and when you were happy still rewarded. He willdefinitely put you in the no sex corner, I am serious." Cheng Shi was smilingas he said this, he was curious when he thought of such a scene. He has known LinYu Tong for a while, and he dare not say too much about him, but his personalityis basically understandable. His way of doing things with his own lover is his ownand he won\'t let outsiders take advantage of him.

Duringthis time, Cheng Shi and Xiang Jun also stayed in Zhan Yi Fei villa. For one thingit was spacious, the place was enough to accommodate them. The two people stayedclose to work and had many conveniences. Thirdly, Xiang Jun could control the safetymeasures of the house when he was living in it, so the original opportunity to contactLin Yu Tong was not particularly large, and now both people have become more amicable.

Lin YuTong recently noticed that Xiang Jun’s changed attitude towards him was very differentfrom that when he first saw him. If he was once strangely alert, then he is nowcompletely trusting and relaxed around him, he was even a little admired by XiangJun, and he guessed that the latter was probably related to Xiang Jun reading hisnovel.

"I will drive you back later, when I\'m readyand I have finished checking things." Xiang Jun said that as he went downstairs,probably to the garage.

Lin Yu Tong had already packed up the things thatto be brought on the road early, so it took him five minutes to sit in the off-roadvehicle before he waved Zhan Yi Fei off. After going back to school this time, hewill have to go back to his home to stay with his parents for at least one night,so he will not come back the day after Zhan Yi Fei left. Zhan Yi Fei stuck by himfor a while before going to the company in the morning. When he received the call,he still didn\'t feel relieved. All kinds of worries came out, so he wanted to drivewith him.

Now LinYu Tong can say few words to Xiang Jun, he even included his views on his work.Although Xiang Jun doesn\'t like to talk, but when it comes to things of interest,he is not so embarrassed or quiet.

"Yesterday\'supdate just happened to be a cliffhanger. You are not planning to write any moretoday?" Xiang Jun asked Lin Yu Tong.

"Idon\'t plan to do that. I have to go back to the city today." Zhan Yi Fei broughtback the internship proof certificate that he had given him when he came back fromwork last night. Lin Yu Tong wants to take this thing to the school to report itbecause internship was a required part of the course, so there is no important thingafter that.

"Youdon\'t have to go back to school now but when you go please remember to call me."Zhan Yi Fei finally emphasized.

"Don\'tworry, you can\'t forget it. Don\'t sleep too late." Lin Yu Tong said two wordsbefore hanging up.

"Ithink Yi Fei can\'t wait to take you in his pocket," Xiang Jun said while driving."Yeah, he is still sticking to you like Da Kuan today." Lin Yu Tong pattedDa Kuan\'s head, and there was a sense on a smile in his eyes that couldn\'t be concealed."Brother Xiang, I heard from Yi Fei who said that you are better bodyguardthan Gao Wen Liang, is it true?"

"Everyonehas their own strengths. He has a strong latent ability and a close combat strengthcompare but in terms of gun fight my technique is better than his."

"Can you tell me how you both know who isbetter?”

Xiang Jun felt that if he says no it will appeartoo rude so he said: “It’s too long to explain.”

“...”Lin Yu Tong watched Xiang Jun silently for a while. “You really are not much ofa talker?”

How long can you grow this silent all your life?Man you won\'t die if you say more than two sentences!

"Youcan ask it again, I don\'t know when or if Gao Wen Liang will come back. Da Kuanseems to be a little thin. I don\'t know if I want Gao Wen Liang to worry about it.Da Kuan doesn\'t really like anything a normal dog does. If he smell the scent ofthe food he will take it and go smash on the side. It is useless to take him a bath.It is useless to give him a toy, but there is no problem in checking his mouth."

In fact,Lin Yu Tong wants to say that it seems that he is not only a big talker but he isan excited talker, but when he comes to speak about himself, this Xiang Jun swallowsback his words. After all, he didn’t know if Xiang Jun likes Gao Wen Liang, likehow Zhan Yi Fei likes him. Say, what\'s worse,he will say no when asked about the relationship, every time anyone mention GaoWen Liang, Xiang Jun\'s eyes will always have some subtle looks that are obviouslydifferent from others.

Lin Yu Tongthinks that Xiang Jun is actually hoping that Gao Wen Liang will return, but forsome reason he can\'t open this mouth to appear encouraged. Two people were holdingtheir thoughts in their minds, and for the remaining half of the road the car hadbeen silent, but Lin Yu Tong doesn’t know that they are both thinking about GaoWen Liang, maybe he is coming back soon.

At thistime Gao Wen Liang went to a special training playground for a field squad trainingunder the 29th Army squad, there was a man who was demonstrating. The man was likea silhouette, like a fast leopard running at high speed. He was wearing a camouflagesuit and jumping over the obstacles coming from the front, he turned violently andpulled out the flying knife and flicked it without hesitation. The beer bottle thatwas thrown at his front was suddenly thrown into the air.

The bottle was knifed but he did not stop. Instead,he took out the gun and immediately fired a shot before the bottle with the knifelanded. The crisp sounds of bottle bursting into flowers in midair. There was agood applause around him, but Gao Wen Liang just sat silently in the open spacenext to her. Zhan Hong Ying spit into the ground a straw that had been checked fora long time in his mouth. She looked with some regrets in her eyes and turned backand said, "That is already good! You all have to practice like this!”

The restof the squad members did not answer this question because they did not know howto answer it. A clever man would be busy closing his mouth, and that this is a wonderfulthing.

Who canpractice him like this?

But theyhave all been used to Zhan Hong Ying\'s grim and reprimanding tone, and they can\'treply back. What they can tell you is what it means to be " the most unluckysquad members in an only unlucky squad with that squad leader."

Zhan HongYing signaled the soldiers to continue training, he grabbed Gao Wen Liang\'s collarand lifted the man up. "Come, I have something to tell you."

Gao WenLiang did not resist, and he was taken away along the strength of Zhan Hong Ying.He was pulled like a marionette, what did he do?

Zhan HongYing was probably stunned by her own strength. She took off the gloves. "Hey!"She slammed it on his back.

"Hey,you are now in here you never said that that you were that good? Then you have tohelp me, but that is what..... Forty-five seconds, you are too fast. You tell me,what is the fastest record you had in the past?"

"Thirty-nineseconds." Gao Wen Liang said that he could not help but frown at his own record.

Zhan HongYing glanced at him. "Forget it, it is useless to say that now. Anyway, thepurpose of calling you to train here this time has also been reached. If you wantto go back, you can go back. Don\'t become a living education here. What is the pointin sticking here if you\'re that good?

Gao WenLiang shook his head.

Zhan HongYing saw him shaking his head and she took him to the office, handing him a blackbag with no information on it.

Gao WenLiang took over and opened it without hesitation. He took out about six or sevensheets of a4 paper from inside. He looked at it for a while, and his body shookwith incredulity.

"BigBrother, are you teasing me?" Here everyone calls Zhan Hong Ying "BigBrother", because this woman is often more powerful than a man, but they usuallydo not dare to scream it aloud. This time when that shout came out, she can seethat Gao Wen Liang was surprised by the contents of the document.

"It\'ssuch a situation anyway. If you want to go back, go back. If you want to go back.I won\'t chase you."

Zhan Hong Ying didn\'t bother, probably becauseshe was not as young as he used to be. She sat down on the chair and sighed andsaid, "If you don\'t want to just forget it, go back. Little Fei went to Rongchengrecently, and probably also need people around him."

"ThenI will leave." Gao Wen Liang sent the bag in the paper machine.

Zhan HongYing waved him and then sat in her position for a long time without saying anything.She took a photo from the locked drawer, which was two people, one was her, andthe other was her sister in law, Zhan Yi Fei\'s mother. She remembers that her sisterin law was very gentle, she always had a warm smile, and her voice was soft, wispy.Since she arrived at The Zhan Family, she took care of her. Zhan Hong Ying motherdied early. At that time, she felt that her sister in law was like her mother. Hersister in law was a better carer to her than her brother and her dad, and she wasthe best in the world.

It’s apity that a good people don’t live long, but the damned ones are still alive.


Gao WenLiang did not contact Zhan Yi Fei or Xiang Jun immediately after he left the army.He went to the best hospital in the city of B, and looked at his waist. Before thetraining, it seemed that something was wrong, but he didn\'t put much worry in itand he didn\'t even look for a military doctor. When he laid down, it hurts obviously,but he is optimistic.

Fortunately,the doctor said that the problem is not big, it was only some muscle strain. Thedoctor just gave him a pain relief spray.

Gao WenLiang took the medicine from the medicine window, and after a while, he felt thatsomething was wrong and ran to call a number. When it was ringing busy, he returnedto his original house, it was already dark by then. He called the landlord and saidthat he wanted to have him check it out. He met him on the next day, and then helooked at the room that was too messy and he packed up again. Xiang Jun cleanedup the room from the inside out, he cleaned up the house is - goodness this levelof cleaning makes him feel too dirty, like he should throw his clothes off? Is thata scratch on the left side of this refrigerator? He tried to adjust the directionso that it doesn\'t get seen by the landlord. There are also some messy small sportsequipment placed on the open surface that was arranged bit messily and those werethrown into the cupboard so they couldn\'t be seen by the landlord.

It tookabout fifteen minutes to get busy, and Gao Wen Liang threw the mop when hecouldn’t see the original color directly to the floor.

He called Lin Yu Tong

"LinZi, it\'s me, where are you?"

“Gao WenLiang? I am in B City. I am going to submit the internship certificate to the school.I will return back tomorrow. Where are you?” Lin Yu Tong turned to look at XiangJun, Xiang Jun was not far away from him. However, the original response to theman who heard the words "Gao Wen Liang" was obviously acting absent-minded.

"Iam also in B City, then when are you going back to Rongcheng? Maybe we can go together?"

"Well,I am here with my mom, or are you coming over?"

"Okay,wait for me." Gao Wen Liang locked the door and hit a taxi went directly toThe Lin\'s house. Of course, he didn\'t even think of Xiang Jun at this time, so whenhe saw Xiang Jun at The Lin house, he was all overwhelmed. He looked at Lin Yu Tongand whispered, "Why didn\'t you say early that he was here?"

Lin YuTong smiled. "You didn\'t ask."

Gao WenLiang wanted to say something again. Who knows that Da Kuan rushed over, and thetwo front paws clung to him and the dog barked and wailed and how much it has beenwronged. Gao Wen Liang saw that his son was thin and he touched patted him for along time. "Didn\'t you have a good meal for my kid? His hair is not bright."

Da Kuanwas groaning and screaming twice.

Chen SuNing heard the sound coming downstairs. "Is Little Gao here. Come into thehouse, how come you stand at the door?”

Gao WenLiang changed his shoes and greeted Chen Su Ning and glanced at Xiang Jun.

XiangJun was also watching him.

Lin YuTong saw this and went to hold the mother\'s arm. "Yes, Mom, I have somethingto discuss with you. You can come to my room with me."

Chen SuNing was not suspicious of anything. She goes upstairs and closes the door."What is it?"

"Nothing,I wanted to get you out of there"

"Badboy, you scared me! Oh yes! Your dad asked me to ask you, how is Yi Fei doing overthere? Recently, many people have said Zhan Financial Group will have some bigmanagement changes, but us as the parents can\'t help anything."

"Youand my dad are healthy and that is already helpful, and about other things Yi Feihandle them. I don\'t want to talk about you and my dad. Well, even me is the sameas you I can\'t help in anything over there." Lin Yu Tong was also feeling somewhathelpless. "Yes, Mom, this time, after we leave, Xiang Jun will leave a fewpeople here. Usually, if you feel someone is following you don\'t be too nervous,it is to protect you and my dad."

"Doyou still have to have a bodyguard? Don\'t you need them too?"

"Thebest is used in precaution, just in case, after all, anxious people can do anything."In fact, he thinks that Zhan Hong Tu may be stalled from anything bad because wellZhan Yi Fei is his son, but that Ye Han Ying always makes him feel uneasy, giveshim the feeling of a snake like a human skin.

Lin YuTong talked a little more with his mother. He felt that time was almost eveningbefore he went downstairs. He never imagined that Xiang Jun and Gao Wen Liang wouldn\'tbe talking at all because he took the mother away. But he didn\'t defend himselffor that. At this time, Xiang Jun was still reading the novel, and Gao Wen Liangwas staring at him.

It’s almostnine o\'clock in the evening, and Lin Yu Tong really couldn\'t sleep.. However, thereis really no one who can play chess with him. When he thinks, he decides to pretendnot to see the two.

He founda place to sit down and called Zhan Yi Fei, but Zhan Yi Fei did not pick up as quicklyas before. He has been around him for a while and he felt that Zhan Yi Fei soundand his voice was a bit different.

"LittleTong, miss me so soon?"

"YiFei, are you okay?” It was still Zhan Yi Fei, but Lin Yu Tong can hear that hisvoice sounded a bit wrong.

"Nothing."Zhan Yi Fei shook his head and told the doctornext to him to not touch him. He continued, "I may have worked too much thesetwo days. I didn\'t get enough rest. You haven\'t slept yet? "

"Yeah....."Lin Yu Tong glanced at Xiang Jun, and he was suspicious in his heart. Zhan Yi Feiwas able to toss him in bed for several hours and the next day he still woke upas lively as a tiger. How could he be tired because he didn\'t have enough rest?

“Im notfeeling well that why my voice is a bit off."

"Whereare you not feeling well?" Lin Yu Tong didn\'t feel relieved

When hefelt that he thought that Tong will want to go. "I\'m fine, would I lie to you?"Besides, you will be back tomorrow, what would I lie to you for? Zhan Yi Fei saidthis with a smile. "I would you like to see you"

"Mealso... or forget it, you are already tired enough, you have a good rest."


"Cough,wait a minute." Lin Yu Tong went back to the room, and said "mua~"sounding it out, and he blinked after a while.

"Yousaid that you know that you have to wear it tomorrow?" Cheng Shi shook hishead and looked at the bandage on Zhan Yi Fei\'s abdomen silently.

"Hehas too many things to think about every day He uses his brain longer than the averageperson, so he always has a good night\'s sleep."

"Howcan the person who bought a whole bag of lube say this without a single blush?"

"...Ididn\'t buy them myself." "

"Doyou think I will believe it?"

Zhan,Yi Fei: ”...... "