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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage 《重生 之 金色 婚姻》 Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Se Hun Yin.

Chapter 4: Invitation

Zhan Yi Fei almost thought he was seeing doubles, because he did not expect Lin Yu Tong to reply to him and even him sending message to Lin Yu Tong was impulsive. He did not expect that Lin Yu Tong not only replied, but also accurately assuaged his identity. So it seems that Lin Zhi Song has already mentioned the marriage.

After hesitating for a moment, Zhan Yi Fei called the phone and said, "Lin , I am Yi Fei, about the marriage."

Lin Yu Tong accepted the words and said: "If Mr. Zhan is sincere, then please give me a week, I have invited my classmate to stay at home, I should talk about hospitality and focus on looking after them. I will contact you before I return to school, provided that you can wait until then."

Zhan Yi Fei said: "No problem. On the 7th, I will wait for you to reply."

Lin Yu Tong hung up his mobile phone and went to take a shower and suddenly his heartbeats could not be calm. In fact, he does not know whether it is right or wrong to do so, but so far this seems to be the safest way to preserve their home from crumbling under financial hole and also he really can\'t stop his curiosity. He wants to know why Yi Fei came to his home and specifically why he chose him.

Originally, Lin Yu Tong thought that he would lose sleep over it. As a result, he wouldn\'t have to write novels to make money and he didn\'t have to remember to update. Instead, he slept in a very sweet and lazy feeling. The next day, if his brother didn\'t call him, he might still be continuing to sleep.

Chen Su-Ning smiled and said: "Bad boy, asking the students to come home to play and sleeping late, what is this behaviour?"

Lin Yu Tong said with a shameless face: "A younger brother who is in another bedroom, how can\'t you pay so much attention to him?"

He put a string washed grapes to Hua Yua Bai. " Third child told me about you, you can treat this as your own home. If you are hungry, look for mother. If you are sleepy, go back to the room and sleep. If you want to eat what you want, don\'t be polite. Yes, if my brother asks you to answer questions for him, please ignore him. This kid likes to sharpen his knife and ask other to cut for him. He shouldn\'t be alive at all ."

Lin Yu Fei was holding a question paper to find Hua Yua Bai, after hearing to these words and "snap" he spoke, "Brother, are you my brother? Your younger brother, I will take the college entrance examination in less than a year. You will not help me with tutoring even when I asked...... You want to also destroy my teacher will... brother!"

Hua Yua Bai was embarrassed he scratched his head. "Little Fei, you can rest assured that I will help you."

Lin Yu Tong sat down on the steps and watched his brother\'s appearance. He silently took the cigarette.

Chen Su-Ning came over and took the cigarette away. "How old is this kid, why are you coming home only at this time? Take less time and know that this thing is not good for your health." After the servant came, he took a cup of milk and came over. "First drink this and then have lunch at lunch. You can\'t eat for a while now."

Lin Yu Tong said with a smile: "I know Mom, I will try to smoke less."

Chen Su-Ning patted her son\'s head. "This It\'s the best news I heard today."

Lin Yu Tong handed the empty cup to her mother. "I\'ll go upstairs first and then call me after dinner."

Although there is another chance to do things after rebirth, But God gave him the opportunity and he is going to learn how to grasp it. Jinfan Literature Network has just been founded for a few years, but it has also went through a period of rapid development. At this time, he has to hurry to write a few high-quality novels to establish his position in the site and even in the whole circle.

Of course, he must balance with his body.

In the last life, in his family, there was an economic crisis. His father owed a large sum of money to the bank. Lin Yu Tong had to pay for the money for a long time in order to help him. Although he earned more and more, the readers were happy, but his body got tired. But one day is not as good as the other day. This world can no longer be like this. He has to remember that he is a son of the Lin\'s. He must have a good body no matter what, at least he can prop up this home when there is a problem at home.

Lin Yu Tong opened the website and carefully pondered it after getting on the platform. He now has only one novel to start with the pseudonym "San Chai Boy" and it is quite immature at the beginning. He intends to rewrite all of them after settling. Anyway, he did not write 50,000 words in total. Besides, he did not sign the contract and did not charge for readers to read his novels. Therefore, the text does not need to be approved by anyone. It is very simple.

After doing the work, Lin Yu Tong created a new folder. First, he saved all the names of the novels he had written over the years. After that, he remembered the general content of each story and wrote the personna from the beginning of the most wanted writing set up and story outline. In the past few years, he has written at least 30 million words worth of novels, which add up to almost ten novels. So it is impossible to remember every character, but those major characters, impressive characters, he remembers them clear and those classic storylines he can also rewrite them out one by one.

He is clear about no inspiration no gain and he is convinced that there will be no inspiration for the past few years, because he can take all the previous novels and rewrite them and can correct some imperfections in the past. This is really great news for an perfection obsessive-compulsive.

When Lin Yu Fei went upstairs and knocked on the door again, Lin Yu Tong\'s main character set in the first novel had already been written. It was inevitable that he was tired again. He divided the documents into several places before he went with his brother to eat.

"Brother, you really shouldn\'t want to get married to Zhan Yi?" Lin Yu Fei asked when they went downstairs.

"Why do you say this?"

"Zhan Yi Fei now has a stepmother. Isn\'t there a saying that \'stepmother I have a bun in the oven\' fast marriage? Yi Fei is still young, I heard that at The Zhan family. You can\'t be too conspicuous, the father is very fond of his wife. You say... if you really go with Yi Fei isn\'t it too difficult to living there?"

"Even if it\'s a fast marriage, I value him, not anyone his relatives. Little Fei, you have to know that it is idiocy to depend on the family. I want someone who is absolutely capable."

"How can you be sure that he is capable?"

"I have a good eye?" With his own strength, he is capable of developing out a company that is more powerful than Zhan Group\'s owned by the Zhan family and Yi Fei is the leader.

"In short, you can rest assured, there should be no doubts in your heart." Lin Yu Tong ruffled his brother\'s head.

"Hey brother, don\'t touch my head! I can\'t easily get them in this style!"

Lin Yu Tong listened more and deliberately messed up his brother\'s hair, then ran away to eat and Lin Yu Fei caught up.

After eating, Hua Yua Bai was taken by Lin Yu Fei to see the questions model he was doing. Lin Yu Tong was sitting in the restaurant and drinking tea with his mother.

Chen Su quietly looked at his son for a long while, "Tong Tong, what happened recently?"

Lin Yu Tong thought that she knew the child, Mo Ruomu, but the expression on her face was very relaxed. "There is nothing special, Mom. Why did you ask so?"

Chen Su-Ning said: "I just think that you are not the same, but I can\'t tell exactly how."

Actually, she feel that since her eldest son came back from the holiday. It seems that he has left a lot of people in the daze and his temperament seems to have changed. She knows the child she gave birth to best. He used to be more convinced of his own ideals, but now he seems to be open-minded and flexible and he speaks with a bit of maturity.

Lin Yu Tong smiled and put his face forward. "Mom, do you want to say that I am more handsome than before I left for school?"

Chen Su-Ning pushed his son\'s face away, " Get off!" After watching.... Lin Yu Tong took a snack to go, she quickly stopped him. "Wait, your dad told me yesterday that you want to try marriage with Zhan Yu Fei... Are you serious?"

Lin Yu Tong thought of the information he sent at night and nodded. "I said to him that I will meet him on the 7th."

Chen Su Ning has been standing there dumb for a long time and the question buried in the bottom of her heart was not asked.

Holidays always go faster than when they they\'re at school. In the first two days, Lin Yu Tong was at home, not eating or sleeping, to make up for the feeling that the last life that he didn\'t get enough done. When he is not hungry, he will sort out the novels and when he can\'t remember the plot he puts it aside and recall what special money-making projects in the last generation are suitable for investment. Hua Yua Bai is similar to Lin Yu Tong, except that when Lin Yu Tong sorted out the novels and investment materials, he was either asked by Lin Yu Fei or asked by Lin Zhi Song to play chess. Two days later, he blinked and time passed.

So on the third day, Long Le came over and said that he had not gone to the resort and two of the friends who had to go on holiday together had now became enemies, wasting his feelings and money. Lin Yu Tong thought, anyway, staying at home is also like staying at the resort he asked Hua Yua Bai, "Third child, do you want to go to a resort? Little Long said that his friend is now his enemy the ticket are in his hands with no purpose."

Hua Yua Bai said: "But Little Fei still has questions to ask me."

Lin Yu Tong glanced at his younger brother. "You don\'t owe him. It is enough to give him two days of tutorship without him having to pay for it. He will do the rest himself."

Lin Yu Fei also said: "Yeah, brother, let\'s go play, my remaining questions are not that hard, I will study it slowly." After watching his brother he sneered, "Lin Yu Tong, you are really my brother!" "

Lin Yu Tong pinched his brother\'s face.

Hua Yua Bai thought about it and he Lin Yu Tong got along well, but in front of the elders, it was quite awkward, especially when he played chess with Lin parent, the loss would be seen and he won himself and felt uncomfortable, so he had to go out with Yu Tong

Lin Yu Tong drove, the two went to find Long Le and Long Le gave a call to Xiang Chen Tian and invite him. Xiang Chen Tian agreed after listening to the three brother together. and said there were four people in the plan.

Long Le had six tickets in his hand, "that means we still have two extra ... Yu Tong why didn\'t you bring your brother ah?"

"He had two days off then he will have to return to school, coming up here is no good for him."

"That count..... Let\'s talk about it later."

When they went to the resort, it was in a car driven by Long Le and Lin Yu Tong was sitting on the pilot driver. Long Le saw and asks: "What do want to say?"

Lin Yu Tong was silent for a long while. "I want to call another person. I am not very familiar with this person, but there are probably many opportunities to get along with him."

"Is it.... The gentleman who we saw when he first came to your home?" Hua Yua Bai asked.

"Ah? You have seen him Yu Bai?" Long Le said.

"Seen him." Hua Yua Bai patted the back of a chair, "I can see ah, gentleman .... your eyes are very subtle."

"Subtle my foot... I have only seen him a few times."

"Hey.... No, I am smelling something fishy? Hurry, call him." Long Le likes to watch a drama unfolding, he can not help but urge them.

Lin Yu Tong thought, if we are really married, I will definitely look up and see you later. At least we now need to understand each other\'s nature and see if I can manage to hold a talk together with him. Otherwise, I will find that we are not particularly accustomed to each other later in the marriage. That is also a horrible thing. In general, when I get along with him and go out to play together, I can see the his character flaws, so this is a good opportunity.

Zhan Yi Fei was not free. He was watching an acquisition plan when he received a call from Lin Yu Tong. There was men who sat on the left and right hands and both of them looked at him while the mobile phone was ringing, because they keenly found that Zhan Yi Fei did not pick it up immediately and he frowned when he saw the caller ID until the call ended he expected the ringtone may not ring

It did....again ..... soon.

He only said "Hello?", then listened to what the other party said for a while and asked indefinitely: "Go fishing?"

"Yes, my classmates has two extra tickets, including food and shelter, a fishing trip, are you coming? You can also roast all the food here."

"..." After Yi Fei fluttered and hesitated, put down the things in his hand he said: "Send the address to me."