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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage« 重生 之 金色 婚姻» Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Sen Hun Yin,

Chapter 39: Going To Rongcheng (sweet stuff)

In fact, Lin Yu Tong just didn\'t want Zhan Yi Fei to see him sneak up and put on the bracelet and didn\'t want to use the hand sanitizer. He always felt a little shamed by it otherwise, he could take the bracelet off with the hand soap. Now it\'s too late to say that since he\'s been with Zhan Yi Fei these days, it\'s the first time he\'s been hurt. He was lying on the bed, only to feel the pain in that hard-to-open place.

When Zhan Yi Fei saw that Lin Yu Tong doesn\'t have to go to class, and he was not at all polite when he banged him.

It is true that after he finished the banging work, he will regret it a bit.

Zhan Yi Fei was smearing the anti-inflammation cream on Lin Yu Tong butthole, watching that place which looked red and swollen, and not closed, Zhan Yi Fei also felt distressed. However, when he thought about the cause of all this, he was a little angry and didn\'t say anything.

"You say.... I have seen you in this way. Is there any embarrassment necessary to hide from me seeing you wearing a bracelet?!"

"Then how you can\'t be so unrestrained? I told you that it hurts."

"When you say it hurts. Did I do it again when I finished it?" When they got pleasures to the bones, where can he stop other from wanting more?

"In short, you can\'t do this next time. In fact, it was quite pleasurable at the time, but it hurt so badly in the end." Lin Yu Tong saw Zhan Yi Fei helping him put his underwear on, he was carefully trying to turn over. Nevertheless, when he turned half, he felt uncomfortable pain and went back. He looked at Zhan Yi Fei and patted Zhan Yi Fei\'s face and said, “You can put ten days off any sexual activity.”

“Ten days? Is it a bit too? More?”

“Would you like to spend a month without it?”

Zhan Yi Fei immediately shut up and turned off the light before saying: “I am a poor planter.”

Lin Yu Tong felt a bit pitiful, so the next day he bought a whole box of lubricants, a full ten bottles!

On the day the courier delivered the purchase to the door, Lin Yu Tong was able to walk. After he signed the lubricants, he opened it. The store also sent some small gifts, including a pure black thong and two ultra-thin wet condoms and a deck of cards with various XX- positions

Lin Yu Tong also reacted when he saw the invoices inside, and the shop he bought online was doing promotional activities.

While Zhan Yi Fei was not with Wang Bo at home, Lin Yu Tong sneaked the thong and put it on, and the lubricant was also put in the place.

This day, Zhan Yi Fei came back late, after he saw Lin Yu Tong lying in bed, slightly curious for a while. Most of the time he went home, Lin Yu Tong was either code-based or doing something for him, rarely lying in bed like today.

“Are you in pain?” Zhan Yi Fei sat down at the bed and kissed Lin Yu Tong with a concern.

"No, are you hungry? If you are hungry, I will cook you something to eat."

"No, I have eaten outside. I will take a shower first, if you really want to give me something to eat..." Zhan Yi Fei is very Color-love touched the quilt on Lin Yu Tong\'s buttocks.

Lin Yu Tong coughed and stupid, but the temperature of the body changed instantly, especially in the place touched by Zhan Yi Fei, as if it was about to burn.

Zhan Yi Fei said how strange today is it? Is he thinking too much?

When he came out of the bathroom, he found that the mood in the room felt even heavier. Today\'s Lin Yu Tong was not the same as before. Zhan Yi Fei pulled the bath towel and dropped it to the side. He laid down on the bed and hugged Lin Yu Tong. "What happened to you today?"

After he finished, he paused, because he felt that Lin Yu Tong was different under the quilt!

Sleeping bare bottom?!

No, it seems that there is still something...

Zhan Yi Fei reached into the quilt and touched it. Then he opened the quilt and almost fainted from the nosebleed on the spot!

Lin Yu Tong was seen wearing a black thong. It was somewhat uncomfortable, but he felt that it looked like a bit of fun and good taste. He didn\'t make any excuses for himself, but pressed Zhan Yi Fei and said "When I bought the lubricant, the seller gave it as a gift, looks good yes?"

Zhan Yi Fei was so angry in his chest that he wondered if he would die because of the speed of the heartbeat! He grabbed Lin Yu Tong with one hand and grabbed a hand on his ass, he said hoarsely: "Good-looking, you look good."

Lin Yu Tong\'s breathing was in a mess, he was watching Zhan Yi Fei\'s eyes carrying a hunger that he had never noticed. This eye, looked like a certain command, which was instantly activated by strongest desire in Zhen Yi Fei\'s heart. He turned hard and pressed Lin Yu Tong down and kissed Lin Yu Tong\'s lips, as if he was a mad male lion, he can\'t wait for the other person\'s body to be their own.

The temperature in the room changed subtly in an instant. Lin Yu Tong leaned on his neck and suffered a slightly rude kiss from Zhan Yi Fei, and he could not think of other thing in his mind. The place where Zhan Yi Fei kissed was like a fire, and the flame burned more and more in the place, making his whole body hot and hot.

Zhan Yi Fei\'s patience is also not restrained. If he had prepared for it in the past, even if he had no lubricant, he would be very careful not to let Lin Yu Tong get hurt - it was a punishment for before - but this time he obviously can\'t wait. He looked at Lin Yu Tong, and the rest of his words were only suppressed to the desire near explosion.

"Get the lubricant out, hurry up..."

"Let, hey!" Lin Yu Tong was heavily sucked on his neck, and his sensitive body couldn\'t help but tremble. He was still thinking about taking the deck of cards and show to Zhan Yi Fei. Which kind of posture would he like to use? Which one would he remember at this time?

Every time he press on Lin Yu Tong, Zhan Yi Fei feels that he is not himself, especially at this moment. His reason is probably swallowed up by Lin Yu Tong\'s fascinating eyes. The only remaining impulse is the most primitive impulse... probably because of spring of youth, everything is in turmoil, and Zhan Yi Fei and Lin Yu Tong are no exceptions. He took a break in the bed and took a break from everything.

Zhan Yi Fei glared at Lin Yu Tong like a big cat who couldn\'t walk. He said with a smile, "Isn\'t there a ten-day stay off sex? It seems that it hasn\'t reached ten days yet."

Lin Yu Tong was still enjoying the high - after wave, he whispered and said, "There is less money and less sales."

Zhan Yi Fei horniness was even tighter.

Lin Yu Tong didn\'t get up early the next morning, but there was always something to eat in the refrigerator, not to mention catching up with the New Year. The family was eating a lot more than usual, so Zhan Yi Fei was not hungry. . After eating the meal, he changed his clothes and went to work. Before leaving, Lin Yu Tong said: "If you have nothing to do, take a day off. Call me if you have something happening."

Lin Yu Tong blinked hard and looked at Zhan Yi Fei\'s face, he hesitated a little and said: "There is nothing... but this is all New Year, we don\'t have to go to the mother to sweep the tomb or something..."

He wanted to ask this question for a long time, however, there are some concerns, mainly because Lin Yu Tong doesn\'t want to make Zhan Yi Fei unhappy after just a few years. After all, Zhan Yi Fei rarely mentions his mother.

"When the Qingming comes, as for the New Year... some people will go see her." Zhan Yi Fei said that and Lin Yu Tong did not wait for the message although it was not like an angry look, but obviously Zhan Yi Fei doesn\'t want to say more about it.

Lin Yu Tong can\'t help but think that if someone goes to see it, that doesn\'t affect Zhan Yi Fei seeing it?

“Wang Bo, Yi Fei\'s mother\'s death date?” Lin Yu Tong asked Wang Bo, who was sorting out the old things while eating.

"It was on July 17."

"Is Yi Fei always going to clean the grave every year?"

"Not necessarily. Young Master goes once every once in a while, sometimes he only stays clear and avoid the day."

"Oh." Lin Yu Tong was a little absent-minded, and licked the purple rice porridge in his mouth, only to take a bite on the spoon for a long time.

"Little lady, you see, this is a photo of when the Young Master is a child." Wang Bo pulled out a photo.

This photo looked it was taken twenty years ago because Zhan Yi Fei in the photo looked like five or six years old, and it had a small radish head. However, although he was still small, you can still find similarities with the present, such as the pair of eyebrows. When he was a child his eyebrows were similar to the present, and it was very special with the repair, but it was not as strong as it is now.

"Wang Bo, are there more photos?"

"There are a lot here, you look in there slowly." Wang Bo handed Lin Yu Tong an old album, and the corners of the album were a little worn.

Lin Yu Tong took it over and looked at it for a while, and he found many photos inside not only of Zhan Yi Fei, but of also some photos. The strange thing is that most of the photos look a bit dirty, not the kind of fading feeling caused by the ages, but the very dirty, just like falling into the mud and even being stepped on and at the same time only someone tried to wipe it.

“Wang Bo, who is this?” Lin Yu Tong pointed to a man who looked similar to Zhan Yi Fei but not Zhan Yi Fei.

"This is the second uncle." Wang Bo said, he took the photo out and gently wipe it with his sleeve. In fact, where can be wiped clean has become some habitual action.

"What about this?" There was a young woman who was thin, not too beautiful, but still pretty. She was holding Zhan Yi Fei and is feeding fruit to Zhan Yi Fei.

"This is the Mrs." Wang Bo sighed. "Before Miss Yi Ning threw these photos, I took it back. I was afraid that Young Master would be sad. I didn\'t show this to the Young Master.”

“Wang Bo, can I borrow these photos? I can fix them now. I want to find someone to fix these photos and make new ones.” Especially that one where Zhan Yi Fei is alone, Lin Yu Tong wanted to take it and then collect it. It was so cute. At that time, Zhan Yi Fei had some baby fat on his face.

Wang Bo always hoped to clean these photos, and there is no objection to the request from Lin Yu Tong. So the next day, Lin Yu Tong went his sister who was studying abroad to help him with these repairs. His sister learnt to paint and is also a master in retouching. This might delay the time of the process because the site is studying but at least he doesn\'t worry that these photos will flow outside to the paparazzi.

Lin Yu Tong scanned each photo with a high-definition picture scanner and sent it to her sister. Then he went to his study and started to write. During the night, he was sent a message saying that his "Ghosting" game copyright had been sold to Yiyou Technology, and the planning of the other company was very eager to see him.

Thinking of Ye Zhen\'s curse, Lin Yu Tong felt a little bit of headache, so he didn\'t agree, but he did receive a call from Ye Zhen in a few days.

"Lin Zi, are you really San Chai boy?" Lin Yu Tong name was signed on the contract. Although the consignee was the sole agent of Jinfan Literature Network, Lin Yu Tong name was above, and it was still the original author\'s name.

"Well, I am sorry, Ye Zhen I have let you down."

"No wonder you said that your chest is full, you two couple are really bad! Especially your husband!" Ye Zhen stopped bumping his chest, he just wanted to crash. Well, this two-dimensional male god of fiction writing who was taken away by the same person! He hope that he will not leave it to anyone. This is too depressing.

"Then we welcome you to come to vent when we get married."

"Did you grab the groom?"

"No, he grab the groomsman, but we have a lot of groomsmen."


Ye Zhen hated to hang up, not knowing that he was invited to Lin Yu Tong\'s wedding day was really a bit of a poke in the eye.

When Zhan Yi Fei heard Lin Yu Tong say that, he whispered in his heart, “Ye Zhen, you deserve it!” and then asked Lin Yu Tong, “have you considered your internship?”

“I\'m thinking about it, wait for you to give me an internship certificate, and then I will present to the school when I start school."

"That\'s great, can you come with me to Rongcheng?" He is worried about being separated from Lin Yu Tong, this is really not any better.

"You are going to Rongcheng?" Lin Yu Tong knew that he would go, but did not expect it to be this early.

"Yeah. Ye Han Ying can\'t control it anymore. After a year, Zhan Financial Group\'s dissatisfaction with Ye Han Ying is getting higher and higher."

Zhan Hong Tu can only let Zhan Yi Fei face these pressures by having him re-take over Rongcheng Shipping.

"Well, then I will go with you, but before I leave, I have to go to my parents and tell them, lest they should want to contact me."

Zhan Yi Fei naturally has no opinion. It took him about two days to transfer his work with Zuo Si Kai. He and Zuo Si Kai have the same position, but during his time at the headquarters of Zhan Financial Group, Zuo Si Kai can act as a temporary executive Vice CEO.

Zuo Si Kai actually wants to go to Rongcheng together with Zhan Yi Fei because Cheng Shi and Xiang Jun will go with Zhan Yi Fei. Today, Gao Wen Liang is not there anymore. At that time, only he and Chu Tian Ye would be left in the city of B. Chu Tian Ye, was like a ghost, hey, if they were just two of them, they would not be able to get along.

Zhan Yi Fei patted Zuo Si Kai\'s shoulder. "I will always come back."

Zuo Si Kai sighed. "Be sure to be careful this time, pay attention to someone jumping over the wall (harm you)."

"Yeah. You help me look after my father-in-law over there, don\'t let them eat anything (get scammed)."

“Do not worry."

Zhan Yi Fei had lived in Rongcheng for almost four or five years, so he has a house over there, as long as he can live in there with Lin Yu Tong he doesn\'t have much to ask for. Except for the safe that is filled with piglets, it is basically used every day. Rongcheng is warmer than B city, and the clothes don\'t need to be thick. If it is spring, it will only get warmer in the future, so they can only bring some clothes and shoes that have been recently bought and then each person carries a laptop to Rongcheng.

After getting on the car, Lin Yu Tong signaled that Wang Bo should not forget to buckle the seat belt. Then he listened to Zhan Yi Fei and said, "Wait a minute, I seem to have forgotten something."

Lin Yu Tong didn\'t think much, who knows after a while, he saw Zhan Yi Fei holding the box of unused lubricant!

Cheng Shi and Xiang Jun saw it too and Cheng Shi joked, "Do you guys drink it?! Why would you buy so much?!"

Lin Yu Tong glanced at Zhan Yi Fei. "You really couldn\'t put those in a bag?!"

Zhan Yi Fei touched his nose. "The house has been maintained up by you. I don\'t know where to find a single bag."

Lin Yu Tong thinks this is a strong word with many a meaning!

When Xiang Jun drove the car, a modified big hummer followed him by two cars. Lin Yu Tong was the first to find Zhan Yi Fei was careful. However, he can understand it if he wanted to come. After all, The Zhan Family may have to change, and everything can happen in these prominent families.

What makes Lin Yu Tong speechless is that after arriving at the house in Rongcheng, Zhan Yi Fei told him that Xiang Jun would protect him in the future.

“Old Xiang is a little worse social than Little Gao, but his skill is better than Little Gao. Besides, if it is to protect you I have to find a trustworthy one."

"But the brother\'s face is also very intoxicating. If you forget that, I won\'t bother to worry about these things anyway. You can do it. If you are not afraid of dragging your hind legs, I really don\'t think there is anything that needs protection."

"In the short term I will arrange for the old place it’s, larger than the other places where we live in the apartment before, so after having the maids clean the place you will feel at ease to do your own thing, if you\'re not busy, then you can cook your husband something delicious. As for the activities, if you want to do something you can go to the yard to play basketball, or take a walk or something. If you have no activities during the day, don\'t worry, I will increase the amount of activity in the night. . " " ...... "

"Yes, you like dogs? Little Gao always bring Da Kuan when he goes to places, if you like, then you can ask Old Xiang to bring him over, Da Jian is highly vigilant and can keep guard."

"This is awesome!" Lin Yu Tong liked Da Kuan that dog was with the cleverness, it is best to have a few Da Kuan in the future, then the villa is estimated it’s even livelier. Xiang Jun knelt down - he touched Da Kuan head for a while, but Da Kuan didn\'t seem to be too happy. After a while, he sniffed from Xiang Jun from time to time and then ran around. "Brother Xiang, Da Kuan is not to sending his - love?"

Lin Yu Tong saw Xiang Jun. "Male dog hair - love is not regular, if he wants Liang."

"Liang Liang?"

"Little Gao"

"Ah, after all, they have always been together, so I\'m thinking this is normal."

Just you call it.... When you are bright, you have a feeling that you can\'t tell. Do you know Mr. Refrigerator?

Xiang Jun brought Da Kuan at night, Lin Yu Tong was very special to it for a while, but unfortunately, Da Kuan finally found that this person had no candy, so he twisted the dog\'s head and went to shit. Xiang Jun seems to be thinking about it, and then probably he finally couldn\'t help but want to figure out the ending and asked Lin Yu Tong: "Can I see the manuscript?"

Lin Yu Tong: "..."

At night, Lu Mei\'s grandson Li Bin and Rongcheng Shipping second hand came over and was reporting the situation to Zhan Yi Fei. Here, Xiang Jun printed the novel on the printer and sat down to read.

“I heard from Yi Fei that you are a writer so are you writing a novel?” Xiang Jun asked suddenly.

"Ah, yes."

"Can you show me?"

"Is there anything wrong with this?" Lin Yu Tong told Xiang Jun the pseudonym. Then Xiang Jun didn\'t say anything, started looking online, sat down on the sofa in the room, and read in silently.

Half an hour passed and Xiang Jun didn\'t move.

An hour passed, Xiang Jun still did not move.

Two hours later, Lin Yu Tong went downstairs and planned to make some snacks for Zhan Yi Fei. Xiang Jun was still sitting there.

In the evening, Zhan Yi Fei came back from the shipping company and asked Lin Yu Tong while removing the tie. "What is Old Xiang doing?"

With the point being bitten, the whole person does not move, only the fingers would move every time he click for a while.

Lin Yu Tong shrugged. "Probably reading a novel. He asked if he could read the novel, I wrote. I told him its name and he has been sitting until now."

Zhan Yi Fei: "..."

Xiang Jun only moved when it reached time for dinner... Zhan Yi Fei smiled and asked him, "Do you see "Ghosts"?" When he remembered going to middle school, Xiang Jun\'s only hobby seems to be watching martial arts novels and the likes.

Xiang Jun said: "Good-reading."

"Cough, Brother Xiang, if you like it, I have an electronic manuscript. When you are not busy, you can take it to pass the time." This was the first time Lin Yu Tong supported by an acquaintance of Zhan Yi Fei, he was a little embarrassed.

There is an electronic manuscript, but he feels that he has always been uncomfortable with the electronic products, and he prefers the words on the paper.

Cheng Shi was sorting out some information and waiting to use the printer. He can\'t help but say, "It really pays to be close to you. So many people will stretch their necks every day and wait for updates. You saw the ending first. You said that if I say this out, how many people want to scratch you your eyes for what you read?"

Xiang Jun said no more: "I don\'t know. But I know that if there is such a day, I only need to kill you." "

Cheng Shi:”...... "

Even after reading with electronic draft, but after reading it he still went to buy the genuine copy and went to Lin Yu Tong profile and wrote a very handsome long comment, as" ghost crossing” Which again pulled lot of new readers.

After Lin Yu Tong, finished reading the comment his heart was so happy that he couldn\'t look at Old Xiang. Xiang Jun looked at his mouth, but the writing was really good enough. A long commentary not only gave the focus review and talked about the most attractive part of his content that he was involved in and he made some guesses boldly. It is all those who have a desire to explore the novel at first sight. Those who didn\'t want to see it couldn\'t help but go reread it

"When you publish it, you can send him a set of signed books. It is estimated that he will like it. Of course, the first set must be sent to me first as your husband," Zhan Yi Fei said.

"This is definitely no problem, but how can you be sure that I can publish the novel?"

The publishing department is already talking about the price, but this has not been disclosed yet?

Zhan Yi Fei sold the plot and said: "I just know!"

In order to stop being checked after the reward, he has secretly bought the entire Jinfan Literature Network!

Lin Yu Tong looked at Zhan Yi Fei for a while, he didn\'t see anything and when he saw nothing was out of place he went to write a novel. "Ghosts" has officially ended on this side. He intends to open his new novel The Nine Colors Miracle, ten days before the end of the text.

Zhan Yi Fei knows that Lin Yu Tong was going to start a new novel, and he has long been prepared to give him a rewarding list, and he has an allied force this time!

Lin Yu Tong was working on writing the novel, Zhan Yi Fei finds Xiang Jun who is reading the novel. "Old Xiang, go back and write a long comment."

Xiang Jun didn\'t even raise his head. "What long comment?"

Zhan Yi Fei said: "Little Tong wants to start writing a new novel, called The Nine Colors Miracle, you write a long comment, then I will grab the first one."

Xiang Jun finally pulled his gaze from the A4 paper and said, "I write, you send you mean?"

Zhan Yi Fei said: "Well, my writing is not good."

Xiang Jun sent a word Zhan Yi Fei with a blank expression - "F-ck off"