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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage« 重生金色婚姻» Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Sen Hun Yin,

Chapter 38: Lantern Festival (part 2)

"When necessary, I will find someone to surrogate. Anyway, this is not a difficult thing." Zhan Yi Fei has known since he went after Lin Yu Tong that if he wants his own child, then there is only this choice.

"If this is the case, isn\'t it against the ancestral training? When your grandfather was alive, he will say that whoever inherit must be a long-term grandson and a child born with the original couple to inherit the family business. However, if you look for surrogacy, how can you say it is from the original match? Is it true that all the children of The Zhan Family born out of the original couple can have inheritance rights in the future?"

“Well, Auntie Wang, originally as you said, you still think that I am blind." Lin Yu Tong put down the chopsticks and smiled at Wang Bing Yan.

"Where, I am just talking about things. Little Lin, you may not know, I have been married to The Zhan Family for so many years, but Yi Ning has not yet had the right to inherit the ancestral wealth of The Zhan Family, so the rules of The Zhan Family are very strict. I am also worried about you. You said that you are a boy and married with Yi Fei, it is impossible to add a half-woman to The Zhan Family in the future. You are now young and okay, and Yi Fei likes you. Can you be willful about it? What about after you are old? There is no one\'s own children, this is Yi Fei, what if he changed his mind someday..."

"You can stop worrying there will be no such day." Zhan Yi Fei categorically said: "I, Zhan Yi Fei don\'t have the ability to let make him give birth to a child, but he has the ability to live with me for the rest of my life and be my only wife. Of course, I will let the children he raised with his own hands inherit The Zhan Family.”

“When you say it, do you still have to account for the rules?”

“Not counting the rules? This generation, only Yi Fei is a boy of direct original couple line if we do not let his children inherit the family business, but also let a foreign surname Yi or Ye something inherit the The Zhan Family wealth isn\'t that a spit in the Zhan surname? What is this nonsense?" Zhan Xin Hua said with a laugh: "Even if I agree, The Zhan Family\'s ancestors will not agree another surname to take over the family ah."

1]… I love him

"Yes. In addition, people always have to learn to be flexible. Although the ancestral training is about it, the long-term grandson and the original couple children can inherit the family business, but there is always an exception. Yi Fei likes Little Lin, although Little Lin is a boy, but the two of them are together with sincerity. When the old man was like that and at the time, he was most loyal to the family, so I feel that even if the old man was alive, he will agree with Yi Fei. Besides, the surrogate is also the blood of The Zhan Family. If there is any problem in training him then I believe that Yi Fei\'s ability can definitely educate the descendants of The Zhan Family.” Zhan Xin Jie said that she didn\'t know what to expect, and she suddenly laughed. “However, I really have something to remind Yi Fei."

"You said, we can talk about it."

"Genes are very important. If you have children, you can\'t do things only by smart. You have to find a mother who has good genes. Otherwise, the child born will not be as health as some people’s children or child, so when you look for surrogacy, you have to find a little ink in your stomach."

"What you said is what I planned." Zhan Yi Fei nodded solemnly.

Wang Yan Bing was so angry that the silver chopsticks in her hand were bent. What Zhan Xin Jie said about good genes.... isn\'t this like turning her eyes and said that she has no brains like her daughter?!

Zhan Hong Tu\'s face was not likely to look good. Zhan Yi Fei is obviously saying that his feeling and inputs are not specifically need to be input in his family. The cousins u200bu200bare not the first to suggest that he has found a vase. However, what about him? At least five or six of the top ten shareholders of Zhan Financial Group have stood on the side of Zhan Yi Fei. Even if Zhan Yi Fei doesn\'t take advantage of the shares in their hands, they still have a big head!

The most hateful thing is him as a father. If he dies, he will die and failed at curtailing his son rise. He will not hand over the inheritance to him it will fall to him either. Otherwise, why did he make it like this, and advance and retreat? Not only do they have to be spoiled, but also now, they still have to look at the people faces and know that they were out maneuvered by their son.

Zhan Hong Tu will wake up one day when he thinks about the remains of his father when he died.

Zhan Yi Fei doesn\'t have to look up to see how deep Zhan Hong Tu hates him now. However, he still appreciates his grandfather, if it was not his grandfather, he may not be alive today.

Zhan Xin Hua suddenly got up. "Xing He still has classes tomorrow. I will leave soon. You eat slowly. I will take the child back first."

The atmosphere at the banquet really made people unable to appease. As Zhan Xin Hua got up and soon other people followed, and stood up to say goodbye. This meal was only halfway through, and the people on the table had already gone by a third.

Zhan Yi Fei felt that eating the food here was not as good as eating the noodles cooked by Lin Yu Tong, and he followed up. "We also are gonna go back first, Dad, Auntie Wang, you eat slowly, and elders and brothers and sisters, I wish you good health and good luck all the year."

The seated naturally responded, and all kinds of good words were passed to Zhan Yi Fei.

Lin Yu Tong took a big red envelope and a jade bracelet, which was very convenient to carry, because he had brought the bag, but he didn\'t really mean to really come in with it, so the bag is still in the car. He glanced around and finally grabbed his coat and waved.

Zhan Yi Fei took Lin Yu Tong\'s shoulder, walked outside, and whispered, "How do you feel now that you have received so many red envelopes?"

Lin Yu Tong wants to say that of course, he is happy, but he hasn\'t opened his mouth, someone waved beside them. However, who else if not Yan Xing He?

"Brother Yi Fei, Brother Lin, my mother said that she didn\'t have enough food, let\'s go find a place to eat some?"

"Well, let\'s go, what does Auntie Hua said she wanted to eat?" Lin Yu Tong did not eat much.

"Go to Jinwang House? My mom has it all arranged. Brother, do you know where it is? If you don\'t know, then you can follow my mom\'s car."

"I know, let’s go."

Lin Yu Tong got on the car, this time he discovered that his peers were not only with Zhan Yi Fei but also with Zhan Xin Jie. A group of people came to Jinwang House. The people here may have received a notice. They have already prepared the dishes. They started serving when they are seated.

Zhan Xin Jie said: "Yi Fei didn\'t return to the main house during the Lantern Festival in the past two years, so I know that he did this because of you. This person, there must be three times when you are in a good mood. One is when you eat, the other is when you sleep, and the other is when you are pregnant. Today, The Zhan Family is no longer alive than when the old man was alive. At that time, our family was so busy, and there was no such thing as an easy life. I felt that it was a special delicious to eat peanuts, but not like now."

Zhan, Xin Hua sighed," This is not like the past years. "

This is probably why many people don\'t like Zhan Hong Tu and Wang Bing Yan. They have a good family and they don\'t get intrigued. If someone has a son like Zhan Yi Fei who is just perfect, then the father\'s happiness should be full, but Zhan Hong Tu sees his child as an enemy. Wang Bing Yan is not even a good thing, she wants him to die, he will not be a person at all. However, when she knows something, isn\'t Zhan Yi Fei\'s relationship with Zhan Hong Tu not like this? Zombies?

Zhan Xin Jie\'s husband slapped Zhan Yi Fei\'s shoulder, "Yi Fei. After you get the control of the family, the Zhan Family can hopefully return to the days when the old man was there, but it\'s all up to you.”

Yan Xing He said: "Yi Fei, I don\'t think anything else, I hope that you will become the Master of The Zhan Family in the future. When the New Year is over, the red envelope can hopefully be changed back to 20,000. Don\'t be like Wang Bing Yan, hey, two thousand yuan, is too stingy I really can\'t stand her. "

Zhan, Yi Fei smiling, asked:" Are you sure of this thing that you told me? "

Yan Xing He was stunned, he suddenly realized, he looked at Lin Yu Tong, "Brother Lin, this matter will be yours to handle in the future, and I know we will be happy for the New Year!"

Lin Yu Tong happily nodded," Do not worry, if you really want that much more to the day I\'m certainly are going to give more than Wang Yan Bing, in particular, and I will remember to give you a little more than others."

Yan Xing He eyes shined in front of his face" How much more? "

Lin Yu Tong:" One?"

Yan Xing He: "Ah?!”

Zhan, Xin Hua patted his son\'s head," You\'re greedy! "

Lin Yu Tong then took out two red envelopes and, turned to Zhan Xin Jie," Auntie Jie I would have thought that your sister would come, who knows but this red envelope, can you just give it to her. "

Looking at the red envelope was Lin Yu Tong\'s own preparation. The pattern of the red envelope is different from the big red used by The Zhan Family. This red envelope is specially designed with a pair of calves on the envelope head.

Xin Hua, was watching it and but Yan Xing He and Zhan Xin Jie both received it, Zhan Xin Jie said "Thank you"

Yan Xing He said: "All said successful men must have a clever wife behind them, I want to say, Brother Yi Fei, and you have won half with Brother Lin.”

Lin Yu Tong was a bit more arrogant than Wang Bing Yan! He thought that when Wang Bing Yan came to The Zhan Family for the first time, she also wanted to show the prestige of the Master family. She was not easy to be approachable, or it was later that they didn\'t buy it before she started to succumb to annoy people with small things, but she did not get the respect she deserved, and later it was even more impossible to give her face.

Zhan Yi Fei didn\'t really know that Lin Yu Tong had prepared these in private, but he didn\'t poke him about it on the table. When he went back, he asked Lin Yu Tong, “Why did you think about preparing a red envelope for the Xing He and the Xin Jie?”

Lin Yu Tong was opening the envelopes calculating today\'s harvest, "The person who is good to you, I will remember them in my heart. My mother said that this is a characteristic of both parents, if their children are liked by others, and they are happier than if they are liked themselves. So I prepared for the Xing He and the Xing Yu, but at the time, there was no chance for me to give them. This is exactly the right time.”

Zhan Yi Fei saw Lin Yu Tong\'s red envelopes and said with a smile: “Are you happy today?”

"Of course, is there anyone in the world who is not happy with the red envelope?" Lin Yu Tong said, then suddenly stopped and looked at Zhan Yi Fei sideways. "But really, today\'s red envelope is not my happiest thing."

What he is most happy about is what Zhan Yi Fei said to Wang Bing Yan - although Zhan Yi Fei didn\'t have the ability to make him give birth to a child, but he has the ability to let him live with him for the rest of his life and let Lin Yu Tong be his only wife. Of course, he will also let the children raised by him personally inherit The Zhan Family.

He really doesn\'t want much in terms of feelings. Only two words can be used - loyalty.

Zhan Yi Fei also seems to think of what he said. He smiled and looked back at Lin Yu Tong. "If you let the children see you like that, what would they think?"

"Is there anything wrong? I am free to work. Besides, when Little Fei and Lan Lan were both playing with me when I was a child. I will retreat 10,000 steps back. Even if I really can\'t bring my children, then there is my mom. I don\'t want to hire her for ten or eight babies and she will be the first nanny granny there. It is always possible to raise the children. In fact, it is not difficult to support the children. It is difficult to educate and not spoil them."

"Well, we have the same idea. But now it\'s a bit early to say anything about babies, I haven\'t had enough of you yet.”

“Me too, oh. Right, I still have something that makes me wonder, how can Wang Bing Yan not have a few more children? Although The Zhan Family\'s ancestral training requires the long-term male to inherit the family business. Does it mean that if this person does not have the ability, how can she choose another one? It is unreasonable for Wang Bing Yan to not to make more efforts on this matter.

“She couldn\'t give birth. After she had finished Zhan Yi Ning, her body wouldn\'t work, otherwise it might not be born."

"That\'s really God\'s eyes retribution." Lin Yu Tong took the bag back and got off.

When they got home, they knew that there was no home at all. When entering the door, Lin Yu Tong suddenly said: "Yi Fei, why don\'t we buy this apartment?”


“It’s the place where we lived together for the first time."

“It’s very memorable, right? Therefore, I bought it long ago. "

But what he thought when he bought it was, is that here is the place where he first got Lin Yu Tong in the bed.

"You have evil thoughts in your eyes. Lin Yu Tong took Zhan Yi Fei into the bedroom and kissed him. "You go to take a bath first. I will find some clothes to wash and come wash with you after a while." ”

Zhan Yi Fei entered the bathroom. Lin Yu Tong first collected the red envelope and found that he received more than 300,000 worth in the red envelopes. Then he found that there was a bracelet left. He was not sure about the specific value, but he was sure that going by the color it was not too bad. He thought about it and felt fresh, and tried to put on his hand. Lu Mei\'s grandmother is very fat, this bracelet is not small. He took a lot of effort, but he really put it on.

Lin Yu Tong raised his wrist and enjoyed it for a while. He felt that it was quite strange for a man to wear this thing. He wanted to pull it off. Who knows how hard it is to wear it, but it\'s not so easy to be pulled off. He spent a long time and stuck in his hands!

What to do?!

Zhan Yi Fei shouted in the bathroom: "Little Tong, I am finished washing, are you still not ready?"

Lin Yu Tong shouted: "Come on!"

He hurriedly got up and tossed for a while, after about five minutes. After taking the washed clothes into the bathroom, Zhan Yi Fei has almost finished washing.

"Would you like to go out first, I will wash out and blow your hair right away."

"Alright, hurry up." Zhan Yi Fei muttered in Lin Yu Tong\'s ear and couldn\'t help print a kiss on Lin Yu Tong\'s forehead.

The eagerness of Lin Yu Tong\'s heart was raised, but he didn\'t know what to expect. His expression was a bit too sleepy.

Zhan Yi Fei went out and Lin Yu Tong opened the shower and started washing. He was absent-mindedly washing then he went out, this is good time to help Zhan Yi Fei to dry his hair, but Zhan Yi Fei has been unable to wait, he pressed him on the bed and did not care whether the hair was wet or not.

Lin Yu Tong\'s thoughts were quickly influenced by Zhan Yi Fei. The things in his mind were all gone, and there was a Zhan Yi Fei tongue left.

Zhan Yi Fei pulled Lin Yu Tong hand down the towel and a fiery hard object was straight dawdling under Lin Yu Tong body, he gently pecked at Lin Yu Tong\'s mouth, "wait for me."

Said I have to get a small rubber and lubricant, but he saw the rubber but the lubricant was not found!

"Baby, where is lubricant? Isn\'t there some left?"

"I, I used it."

"Used?" Zhan Yi Fei whispered, "What did you do with it alone?"

"I just use a bit of it on the bracelet that Grandmother Le Mei gave me I couldn\'t can\'t get it off, just... you are so smart, and you must have guessed it.”

Lin Yu Tong moved backwards with a guilty conscience.

Zhan Yi Fei: "..."