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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage« 重生金色婚姻» Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Sen Hun Yin,

Chapter 37: Lantern Festival (part 1)

Since Wang Bo dismissal, Wang Bing Yan has gotten a new housekeeper named Le Wen. This new housekeeper is about 34 years old, his body is relatively tall and slightly thinner, but he is also considered to be so handsome. When he wore a pair of metal frame glasses, and at first glance, he can be seen like the kind of housekeeper that would appear in some idol dramas. This butler is said to have studied in one of the most outstanding butler schools in a country, and has more than five years of experience in managing the daily locks of the big families.

When Lin Yu Tong and Zhan Yi Fei came to Zhan Yi Ning and Ye Han Ying\'s engagement party last time, they had never seen this housekeeper. According to people familiar with the matter, they left early so they were not there when he was around.

"Wang Bing Yan wouldn\'t have been dying to acquire a new housekeeper before dismissing Wang Bo? He looks pretty good looking." Lin Yu Tong just got off when he saw the new housekeeper welcoming people at the door, he whispered to Zhan Yi Fei

Zhan Yi Fei raised his eyebrow slightly. "Is he good looking?"

"I think he\'s still fairly good looking, but let\'s go in together!" Lin Yu Tong said, "You say that I used to see you every day, how can you grow handsome? In my heart, who can be called a \'handsome\' ..... to me the only person is you, the others are the best looking at most."

"Well, my home, Little Tong, you said everything right."

"Oh..." You are jealous."

Lin Yu Tong walked steadily forward, his eyes sweeping over a luxury car parked on his right hand side.

"Do you like it? If you want it I will buy it for you." Zhan Yi Fei didn\'t want to say it.

"No, I don\'t think it\'s a car I want."

"Oh? It seems you like driving with me."

"Eight out of nine it is not separated." Lin Yu Tong smiled and took Zhan Yi Fei\'s hand and smiled and went to the gate of the main building of The Zhan Family.

The housekeeper, a deputy, saw the two people coming over and walked down the steps in a hurry. "Big Young Master, Young Lin, the two are coming in."

Lin Yu Tong said that this person still has the same merits. At least he will not call him the word "Little Lady". However, if people don\'t call him that, he doesn\'t feel too much anger in his heart, and he still had a smirk when he entered the house with Zhan Yi Fei.

The house was not very lively, and there are at least thirty or forty men and women who are young and old. If you come and go, the servants will count as many as fifty. These fifty people were divided into several groups and they had the same "factions" as before.

Zhan Xin Jie saw Zhan Yi Fei at a glance, and said: "Yi Fei, Little Lin, you can come, come here auntie wants to talk about you.”

Zhan Xin Jie\'s voice is not small. She said that out loud and almost everyone in the lobby has turned to see them including Wang Bing Yan who was talking to Zhan Hong Tu. Wang Bing Yan took two red envelopes from a crystal storage box on the opposite coffee table. She smiled and walked over and said: Yi Fei, you are here, I was just ready to call you to ask if you are coming or not. You said last time that you went to the field with your father-in-law, and you didn\'t even come to the house for a long time. I don\'t know if you married or were married to The Lin Family. ”

“It turns out that Auntie Wang wants Yi Fei to be a girl.” Lin Yu Tong said like a joke.

"How come you say that?" Wang Bing Yan was stunned, the way it was said caused her to have a jumpy heart, and actually panicked, her face changed. She was busy handing out the red envelope. "Hey, hold it, the New Year is a lucky one."

Zhan Yi Fei took over the red envelope, he didn’t take a look inside,, and gave it Lin Yu Tong directly. Lin Yu Tong said in his hand: "Thank you, Auntie Wang. Actually, we really wanted to go home, but no one told us to come here. I heard people say that you all went to Rongcheng to find Yi Ning\'s fiancée for the New Year. So we almost didn\'t come to talk about it, I’m sorry I did not come here with a gift.”

Zhan Xin Hua said with a smile: "Yi Ning Mom, isn\'t this Little Lin first time to come to the Zhan Family Festival since he registered marriage with Yi Fei? You have to get a thick red envelope, how can you give them something like what you give to other children? What\'s more? Isn\'t it a joke to do that? Are the Zhan Family still poor enough to do that?"

Zhan Xin Jie: "Isn\'t it? Yi Fei is the only seedling of The Zhan Family. He brought his lover to the house for the first time, and you gave them two thousand dollars? Were you are not just now arguing about shame? When you are beckoning, Little Lin is here, and Auntie Jie is here too."

Lin Yu Tong unknowingly picked it up. At this time, Zhan Xin Jie whispered: "I have that brooch which was sent by you for the New Year, and thank you for that one."

Lin Yu Tong said thank you, the red envelope was collected, and this is only the beginning.

The Zhan Family has a large number of people and many branches, but all the ones standing in the Zhan Yi Fei team sent red envelopes to Lin Yu Tong, no matter how many. The most hilarious was an old lady in her seventies. She is said to be a distant relative of The Zhan Family. Zhan Hong Tu called her cousin. Zhan Yi Fei is called her grandmother Lu Mei. Grandma Lu Mei thought that Zhan Yi Fei would not come back this year. She didn\'t bring them the red envelope. Her last thought was to smack the jade bracelet worn on her wrist and put it in Lin Yu Tong\'s hand.

Lin Yu Tong couldn\'t smile. "Mrs. Lu Mei, your kindness is in my heart, but this is something you wear close to you, and you definitely like it, so you should keep it yourself."

Grandmother Lu Mei had a strong fight and she gave it to Lin Yu Tong. “This is the first meeting with Grandma Lu Mei. If you say that I take it back it\'s too much shame for me to see.”

Her descendants can also point to making money with Zhan Yi Fei, this gift cannot be returned!

"Grandma gave it to you, just take it." Zhan Yi Fei said to Lin Yu Tong and took a red envelope and gave it to a little grandson of Grandma Lu Mei, and said: "Brother Li Bin has grew his business in the past two years. We also contacted a few days ago."

"That\'s good, this family is always moving more and more successful, and Bin Zi often mentions you at home, saying that you call him with business advice and check up on him."

"How we are all brothers and we have to help each other." Zhan Yi Fei chatted again and then took Lin Yu Tong to Zhan Hong Tu for a late arrival face up.

Anyway, there is always a good time to face up.

However, Zhan Hong Tu does not mingle much. He sat on such a big sofa alone, listening to his son giving him a New Year\'s greeting, and he did not say anything nor did he give a red envelope, the only thing he said for the big holiday. "The bigger they get, the more unruly they are."

He hates the feeling of being robbed of the limelight by his son every time. It is obvious that he is supposed to be the main event of The Zhan Family, but the people in these two years are more inclined to Zhan Yi Fei, and they have to cross the future of the Zhan Family. It makes him feel very unhappy.

Zhan Yi Fei didn\'t expect anything to be able to discuss. He said, "Since you don\'t have any rules, I won\'t appear your eyes."

Lin Yu Tong was not too near at this time, but he definitely heard the voices of the people next to him who asked: "Why it the teacher so strict?"

Zhan Yi Fei looked innocent, "I don\'t know, nobody taught me."

Zhan Hong Tu listened to this and his face was black, and when he saw Wang Bing Yan holding a check in her hand, he was even more confused. He knows that this check is given to Lin Yu Tong, just because of his many cousins jeering!

To say that Zhan Xin Hua and Zhan Xin Jie did not do this with Zhan Hong Tu. They blame him every year. Zhan Hong Tu felt that these two sisters are developing too fast at The Zhan Family, bringing his control of the family under pressure, he tried to suppress them hard but now he has tasted the rebound. For such a result, if he said that he regretted sidelining his sister but now it is useless to regret it, because the two cousins u200bu200band his dear sister stood on a line and became Zhan Yi Fei\'s backers.

Wang Bing Yan gave a 100,000 yuan check to Lin Yu Tong, and she was not happy. She just sat in the bedroom and was chided by Zhan Hong Tu.

"You can\'t find a way to get close to Xin Hua. They have been so stiff for years!"

"I thought about it, but they didn\'t give me a chance at all."

Say good things, send few things, bow low and do small, hasn\'t she tried them all? So why is the relationship not getting worse?

"The urgent task now is to let Han Ying stabilize in Rongcheng project isn\'t it? In this way, their interests will be linked to Han Ying, and they will be trying get close to us sooner or later."

"You said it was easy!" Zhan Hong Tu heard this and he was convinced that it would be better off after he took Rongcheng Shipping project from Zhan Yi Fei. He didn\'t expect Ye Han Ying to go live there! In this way, the person who has not been out of the board for two months at the latest will have an opinion about that. At that time, the money he gave to Zhan Yi Fei will be sent out in vain!

"Well, well, it’s the big holiday, don\'t be angry. Han Ying was originally smaller than Yi Fei. Isn\'t it normal for him not to have more clout?"

"The board meeting is only a month away!"

"A month is also small." Wang Bing Yan sighed low, she opened the door and went out, looking down at the crowd of people who were chatting downstairs, her eyes briefly staying on Lin Yu Tong, she thoughtfully said: "I see Yi Fei is really on this Lin Yu Tong."

"What\'s the use of the heart or love? He can\'t give birth to a child." Zhan Hong Tu\'s impression of Lin Yu Tong was so deeply negative

“Isn\'t it just right to be born?” Wang Bing Yan smiled. “Let\'s go, it\'s going to be a feast. You can\'t be a master who doesn\'t show up to his own feast.”

The Zhan Family\'s largest feast living room was brightly lit, and some of the dim sum on the table of a large table that was put out by ten square tables when everyone went in. Everyone sat in the order of the year, the elders are the first, the juniors are the latter, and Zhan Yi Fei was sitting opposite Zhan Hong Tu. On the right hand side was Lin Yu Tong, on the left hand was Yan Xing He, the son of Zhan Xin Hua.

Yan Xing He is still in school, and he is usually very busy, so the number of meetings he attend that coincide with Zhan Yi Fei is very small, but because of his mother\'s relationship with Yi Fei, his relationship with Zhan Yi Fei is not bad. At least he can say a few words. He glanced at Lin Yu Tong and asked Zhan Yi Fei, "Yi Fei, are you going to live like this in the future?”

Zhan Yi Fei didn\'t understand how he suddenly said this, but he nodded. "Of course, why should I register if I wasn\'t?"

Yan Xing He can\'t refute, but there is something he really can\'t figure out. The Zhan Family eldest son and grandson have to inherit the family business in succession. This must be through the original line. What should be done when there is Lin Yu Tong who can\'t give birth to a child?

He knew that this could not be said here, so he would not ask, but he was really curious.

However, when Wang Bing Yan was psychic, she actually said these thoughts. "Yi Fei, although you registered with Little Lin, you are the grandson of The Zhan Family. Don\'t you have to have a child? Little Lin is definitely not giving birth, how do you plan for this? ”

This problem is obviously, what has been in everyone\'s heart for a long time, so Wang Bing Yan said so, everyone naturally looked at Zhan Yi Fei and Lin Yu Tong.

Everyone is registered, and they don\'t want to say something disapproving when the bad guys, but what about the bloodline continuation of The Zhan Family?