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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage« 重生金色婚姻» Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Sen Hun Yin,

Chapter 36: The King

Gao Wen Liang leaned back against the aislewall and smoked. When Lin Yu Tong came out of the bathroom he patted his mouth,he couldn\'t help but have a good time teasing "Drinking more? You havenothing to do yourself?"

"Don\'t mention it. Just now, thebrother went into the bathroom. You said that I should say hello and ask whatwas wrong with him and why he is giving me the cold treatment. I asked him if he was going to pee."

"Hey! Why don\'t you ask him if he isgoing to shit - Ah?"

"Will that comfort him?" Lin YuTong looked speechless.

"No." Gao Wen Liang continued to smoke, "Lin Zi, you are quite funny when you make a compliment."

"Fuck off!" Lin Yu Tong wasprobably a bit dizzy with the alcohol. He spoke straightforwardly. After hereturned to the private room, Gao Wen Liang continued to smoke in the sameplace.

After a while Xiang Jun came out, Gao WenLiang looked up and gave him a faint look. The narrow phoenix eyes were coveredwith a trace of sorrow. "I say that it is a physically strong person whoeven has a big bladder. The entire pee stream is longer than others."

Xiang Jun walked over to Gao Wen Liang andstopped. "It\'s better than people who don\'t remember to wash their hands after using thetoilet."

Gao Wen Liang snorted. "Just one time,you still intend to remember and remind me for a lifetime?"

Xiang Jun ignored him.

After entering the private room, Lin YuTong felt that he had to find something to distract him. Otherwise, his seriousobsessive-compulsive disorder could easily replay the stupid things he had donein his mind.

He took all the bottles of wine around him and swallowed them one by one.Zhan Yi Fei knows that he can drink, but seeing him take so much he stilldidn\'t understand what he wanted to do.

Lin Yu Tong then opened the wine and filledthe table with at least ten cups, and some even filled and dripped out.

"Come here, brother, let\'s do agame? Isn\'t it boring to drink and chat?" Lin Yu Tong took the remote controland lowered the volume of the music being played. "Losing and drinking,playing without playing are y\'all game to it?"

“How do we play?” Chu Tian Ye responded thefastest, because it is his favorite to play, and he has played the most.

"We have a total of seven people, oneperson is to be king, he does not participate in the game, then there are still sixministers. These six ministers in turn raise a question to the first person ontheir right hand side. Any question can be asked and has to be answered. If youdon\'t want to answer you have drink, you can ask the next person. The next person willanswer, if someone can\'t answer or don\'t want to answer, then you must drinkthree glasses of wine, and you must accept the punishment from the king. Theking has the final say, but there is one point. The king can\'t watch the game.When the ministers play games, the king wears a headset, listens to music, andlooks at everyone, which means he has to know who is going to be punished so he can put out the punishment content, so there is no specificity and fairness.After the king had punished the person, he has to go back to the position wherethe person who was punished and sit there, and the person who was punished is aking. Is there a problem?"

"This line, I agree." Chu Tian Yeasked other people, "What about you?"

“There are still many young people doingthis.” Zuo Si Kai said: “I have no opinion.”

"I also agree, Brother Xiang and Little Gao how about the two of you?" Cheng Shi flashed a wink in his eyes,especially when he looked at Gao Wen Liang.

"Good! Good!."

"Why there are so many ghostideas." Zhan Yi Fei smiled and handed Lin Yu Tong a handful of honeydewmelons cut into small four squares. "Try it."

"Oh, delicious. Come on, let\'s takethe first king of poker, and pick up the position, from big to small, whoeverdraws a can ask the first question." Lin Yu Tong took seven cards. Inaddition to a big king, there is A 2 3 4 5 6, he handed it out, let everyonepick one, and the last one was left to himself.

"Old Xiang left luck is good, the first onewho drawn the king." Chu Tian Ye pointed to a place, "Go there andplay with yourself."

"I want to change position with Brother Cheng." Lin Yu Tong waved his hand and arranged it in a row. After everyonesat down, he, Chu Tian Ye, Cheng Shi, Xiang Jun, Zhan Yi Fei, Gao Wen Liang started playing the game.

"Put a question and ask the first oneon the right hand side." Lin Yu Tong looked at Chu Tian Ye, before ChuTian Ye asked.

"Do you have a left-handedheadset?"

Zuo Si Kai didn\'t even listen to the voice.

Chu Tian Ye asked: "Brother Cheng, if youwake up from the bed one day and find a little sleepy person at the bedside,and you are meant to be responsible, what will you do?"

"If it is my responsibility, I willbear it but if it is not my responsibility, then I have to ask the other sidewhat do they want to do to save face." Cheng Shi finished answering Xiang Jun,"Old Xiang, if tomorrow is the end of the world. Who are you likely wantto hug at the moment?"

Everyone looked at Xiang Jun, but Xiang Junjust thought for a moment, lifted up the glass and drank it, followed by thesecond cup, the third cup...

Almost everyone in the scene saw the painin Gao Wen Liang\'s eyes.

Lin Yu Tong got up, took a shot of Zuo SiKai’s shoulder, and motioned him to take the headset. "Left brother, don\'tlook back, now someone is going to be punished. What are you going to punishhim?"

Zuo Si Kai didn\'t know who was punished,but in order to achieve the best entertainment, he seriously thought about itwhen he listened to music. When he opened his mouth, he would come. "Iwant to punish the person by making him wearing a wig and putting on false eyelashes."

Lin Yu Tong and Chu Tian Ye nearly sprayedtheir drink on the spot, and even Zhan Yi Fei and Cheng Shi did not hold backtheir smiles. Needless to say, Xiang Jun cold face almost did not stretch.

"Can you change to another one?"

The king said: "No!"

The most indispensable thing like this kindof luxury club is the variety of services. As long as you have money, whateveryou want you can get it, Chu Tian Ye will soon call a princess who works inthis club.

The girl was pretty, and the wind is notheavy. When she heard it from the supervisor at the beginning that she was going tosupervise princes of the city she neatly put on the makeup herself and when Chu Tian Yecalled her, she was happy to die. Who knows that she was told to bring her acosmetic bag. The wig and false eyelashes made a sigh of relief in her heart,and she didn\'t know what Chu wanted to do.

"All is right? Come, you willbring the wig you brought to the gentleman, and give him a false eyelash."Chu Tian Ye couldn\'t help but laugh.

"Mr. Chu, this, how can I dare dothis?" The little girl couldn\'t even smile, she was nervous and sweaty, andlooked at Xiang Jun with uneasiness.

"Nothing will happen if you dare, rest assured, ifyou really can\'t do it, you teach me, I will help you and do it myself." GaoWen Liang walked over, took the wig, and made a stroke on his head. Is it likethis?"

"Yes, but the gentleman who has towear is short, so just buckle it and get it right. It should be fine."

"What about false eyelashes?"

"Use this glue on the root of thefalse eyelashes, like this, then stick it over the eyeliner, just be carefulnot to let the glue into your eyes."

"Ok, you can go out." Gao WenLiang gave the girl a tip, and when the person left, he closed the door andhooked Xiang Jun. "Come on, what are you waiting for?"

"Hey, my brother is too embarrassed,you are not afraid that you can\'t answer the question for a while?" Lin YuTong just thought of the image where Xiang Jun wears a wig and wears falseeyelashes and he wants to laugh but since he couldn\'t he had a stomachache.

"Which I know is Xiang Jun, but don\'tsay it, he wears these to highlight the contrast effect, Hahaha." Zuo SiKai put down his headset and sat down where Xiang Jun was sitting.

Gao Wen Liang put on the wig on Xiang Jun.This is easier. Although Xiang Jun’s face is too hard, the black hair cut intoa plated face standing like a javelin. No problem. False eyelashes are not sosticky, not smashed and stuck. It took a long time to get one to stick, andthe sweat on Gao Wen Liang head was coming down. This is especially tiring thanfighting!

Xiang Jun had no patience to see it, he wasfrowning and urging Gao Wen Liang. "Come on."

Gao Wen Liang was also a little anxious, hedid not control the strength, and put a lot of cosmetic glue out, not only theroot of the eyelashes, but also the hair part. In this way, he still didn\'tgive up. The eyelash was glued to Xiang Jun, and Xiang Jun\'s own eyelashes wereglued together!

However, in the confusion, Xiang Jun stillsaw Gao Wen Liang white clean face.

He quickly lowered his eyes.

Gao Wen Liang put on his dress and raisedhis chin in a rogue manner. "The beauty is really beautiful."

Bring a the livening to a the room...

This time it was Zuo Si Kai turn to ask,Xiang Jun also honestly sat on the headset. Zuo Si Kai took the positionprevious occupied by Xiang Jun, so his first hand was Zhan Yi Fei.

"What if Lin Zi says he wants to breakup with you?"

"I will find out the reason why and thenchase him and get him back." Zhan Yi Fei said to ask Gao Wen Liang, "What are youmost afraid of?"

“Lonely.” Gao Wen Liang asked Lin Yu Tong.“If you must use toilet paper when you finish the toilet and you find that there is nopaper in the toilet, no one can help you, and the phone battery is dead. Whatwill you do at this time?”

"I will... what is your problem!"Lin Yu Tong was crazy, hate and replied, "I will probably wipe withclothes and throw them away." Then he asked Chu Tian Ye, "Who isLi? The flute was scattered into the spring breeze, and the night wasstill young. What is the next sentence?"

Chu Tian Ye was forced to drink threeglasses of wine in one go

Lin Yu Tong went to Xiang Jun, Xiang Junsaid: "Jumping belly dance."

Chu Tian Ye: "..."

How can this still be fun?!

Chu Tian Ye, is a big one in the size ofone meter and eighty-five. He weighs 81 kilograms. Can you watch this behemoth do a belly dance?!

Nevertheless, no one cares so much, Zuo SiKai said, "If you look at Xiang Jun, you have to hurry! I especiallywant to see how a big guy twerk?"

Chu Tian Ye asked Lin Yu Tong to play the song,and the hard-boned body began to twist, and a room full of people laughed andcouldn\'t close together. Recalling that this is really the craziest thing theyhave played together, so there is no such thing! Chu Tian Ye has regretted whyhe agreed to play this strange game!

Xiang Jun returned to the position held byChu Tian Ye and Chu Tian Ye became king, and he began to rack his brains topunish the content. Xiang Jun took off the wig and false eyelashes and askedCheng Shi, "If you like someone, you can\'t be with him for a lifetime, andwhat do you do?"

Everyone calmed down to look Cheng Shi andturned to see Xiang Jun. Xiang Jun rarely speaks so many words at a time, and whomis he referring to?

"I will hope that the person is happy,and within the scope of my ability I will help him be happy."Cheng Shi asked Zuo Si Kai, "You and your male boss are naked - and haveto cross the river, but that is a special river. There are the fish that bitethe bird (penis), and you don\'t have any tools that can help you float acrossthe river, and you can\'t use your hands to cover the bird, because you stillhave to swim, how will you cross through this river?"

"You are too bad! How you thought aboutthis problem?!" Zuo Si Kai brain was filled images of Zhan Ho Tu, and he let out a sigh. He knocked on his own head. "If I am interested in killing myboss, then I will take the opportunity to use his body as the fish bait. It\'s easier,if I don\'t mean it, I can only stun him put him in front of me and swims withhim." After speaking Cheng Shi, he asked Zhan Yi Fei, "Which times arethe three happiest times you have had in your life so far?"

“When Little Tong promised to register marriage withme, the first time we really became a husband and wife, the first time I heardhim in bed... when he called me husband.”

"Hey, hello, you are red-naked-naughttrying to show off!" Zuo Si Kai was almost envious to death, how can he beso difficult to see people?!

“It\'s just showing off.” Zhan Yi Fei lookedat Lin Yu Tong and smiled. He asked Gao Wen Liang, “Is it difficult to put downthe inherent insistence?”

“It\'s not too difficult to be thatdifficult.” Gao Wen Liang asked Lin Yu Tong, “When did you find Zhan Yi Feilikes you?”

"He was afraid that I will cold, hewent on to put air conditioning in our school." Lin Yu Tong looked at ZhanYi Fei when he answered. After watching it, he looked at Xiang Jun. "Cool,is the person you like beautiful?"


"Hey! You really like someone? Whyhave we never heard of you saying it?" Zuo Si Kai was curious, he alwaysfelt that there was something tricky between Xiang Jun and Gao Wen Liang, buthe couldn\'t figure it out.

"Yes." Xiang Jun said, continueto ask, then listen to Chu Tian Ye shouting: "Hey, you havefinished!"

Why can someone who is punished react soquickly when he is a king? Is it slow to him?!

No one cares about Chu Tian Ye, butfortunately, he only asked the minister who was punished, and this minister wasXiang Jun.

In fact, the question is still quite simple,Lin Yu Tong asked, "What is the first time you saw the person youlike?"

Xiang Jun thought about it, but did notanswer.

Chu Tian Ye finally waited until hepunished himself. Naturally, he would not be polite. He looked at the play andsaid: "Look for a person in this room, hold his hand and confess to him,and then hug and walk for two laps.”

Everyone looked at Gao Wen Liangsubconsciously, except that Chu Tian Ye, who did not know who was punished,prayed in his heart that the penalty was not Zhan Yi Fei or Lin Yu Tong.

Everyone thought that Xiang Jun would lookfor Gao Wen Liang. Unexpectedly, he was not looking for Gao Wen Liang, not ZhanYi Fei, but Cheng Shi. He stood opposite Cheng Shi and politely asked:"Brother Cheng, can you cooperate with me?"

Cheng Shi shook his head, smiled, and said,"No."

Xiang Jun looked at Zuo Si Kai. Zuo Si Kaiwas a little embarrassed, but in the next second, Gao Wen Liang got up and hungan unprecedented smile on his face. "You play slowly, I am a little aheadof time."

The door was slammed, but Lin Yu Tong feltthat the inner fire of Gao Wen Liang might not even burst out.

Everyone looked at Xiang Jun, and finallyChu Tian Ye couldn\'t help but speak first. "I said Old Xiang, whathappened to you with Little Gao? You are not jealous, don\'t tell me you can\'tsee that he likes you."

Zuo Si Kai nodded. "I also think thatif you don\'t like him you can say it clearly. You will not be entangled in a guesswork.But what do you like to hang him?"

Xiang Jun didn\'t say anything, he was justdrinking wine one by one.

The next atmosphere was obviously not aslively as before, and even the music did not come out, so it was quiet as if hecould hear everyone\'s heartbeat.

Lin Yu Tong can\'t help thinking, who isXiang Jun\'s person who he can\'t be with together for a lifetime?

Zhan Yi Fei then helped Xiang Jun to fillthe empty cup again, and Cheng Shi said: "Old Jun, some people, look forit for a lifetime and missed it, you have to think clearly."

Xiang Jun once again bottomed out and said,"I know what I am doing."

Going one more.

There are only five people left in theprivate room. No one knows what Xiang Jun is thinking, but everyone agrees withthe question Lin Yu Tong asked before. - Brother, do you like that person who looksbeautiful?

Xiang Jun replied "beautiful",and although Gao Wen Liang is a man, but can he really afford the word"beautiful"?

Zhan Yi Fei looked at the time with hiswrist. "Would you like to disperse first? It\'s late everyone has to goto work tomorrow."

Chu Tian Ye sighed, "Oh, it\'s hard toplay something fresh, you saY, what the two guys are doing."

Cheng Shi and Zuo Si Kai went to getclothes, and they didn\'t understand what Xiang Jun wanted to do.

When he went back, Lin Yu Tong said:"Yi Fei, I think that when Brother Xiang looked at Gao Wen Liang, he was not socalm. Have you noticed it? When Gao Wen Liang gave Brother Xiang a false eyelash, Brother Xiang had been watching Gao Wen Liang for a while and was particularlyfocused. ”

Zhan Yi Fei recalled it and thought of thatscene.

"In fact, Old Xiang has never saidanything to people, but I knew that he will come back once or twice a year, andevery time he comes, he will just secretly goes to see Little Gao."

"Then you still said that the old guy took Little Gao as a younger brother? Which one is going to like a youngerbrother?"

"But you said that every time he came,he only stopped and went to see Little Gao. How do you think that he likes that person?"Zhan Yi Fei said without hesitation: "I know that when I like you, Ididn\'t know what I thought. How many times I wanted to have you pressed youdown..."

"Shut up! Say it then!"

Theydidn\'t see the driver on the driver who frequently looked at the rearviewmirror?!

"In short, it may be that the brotherswho are related to iron again that he can\'t say anything. I don\'t understand what OldXiang is thinking. Maybe one day he will really be forced Little Gao to know theresult."

"I think it\'s already urgent."Gao Wen Liang looked at the sling, but he wasn’t really a faceless skin. Thistime, Xiang Jun was so eager to come to him, can he still be like that before?Everyone\'s self-esteem is a bottom line, and it was touched. The consequencesare really hard to say.

The next day Zhan Yi Fei packed up and wentto work. Lin Yu Tong was still on vacation, and after the update in themorning, he went to follow Zhao Dehua. His father had already thought abouttelling the old classmates that the investment is definitely not a play, now hewill see what Zhao Dehua said.

Lin Zhi Song was going to see Zhao Dehua inthe afternoon. Lin Yu Tong was not at ease, but he was not good at calming down,so he will go with his father.

Chen Su Ning was angry, and worried thather husband would care for her kindness, and she went to clean up and pick upLin Zhi Song\'s car.

Lin Yu Fei has already taken all the photostaken in H City into the computer. Lin Yu Tong took a test into his notebookand then began to wonder if he would apply for an internship in the nextsemester.

The phone ringing, Lin Yu Tong looked at itand saw Zhan Xin Hua, he hesitated for a moment before picking up, "Hey? ChineseNew Year is good."

"Little Lin, you are also good for theNew Year. I received your gift. You said that your child, what kind of work areyou doing?"

"Yes. I was going to give you a NewYear\'s greeting when it was in the first day, but this year we all went to theNew Year in the field. I am worried that you are busy, so I sent a textmessage. Are you and uncle well?"

"We are okay, good, you have a heart.I asked your parents goodbye. I haven\'t seen you for so long. When it’s thefifteen, everyone will gather at The Zhan Family. Then I will be with you. Thisaunt is also going to the city of B. You must ask your parents to come out andwe gather together. I still remember about you cooking for me."

"Well, then come and contact me anytime."

"Well, then you are busy, my aunt willnot pull you to chat, and when you have time come to aunt\'s house toplay."

"Okay, aunt, goodbye."

Lin Yu Tong hung up and couldn\'t help butfrown. Why didn\'t he know that the Zhan Family had a get together?! Didn\'tlisten to Zhan Yi Fei.

Zhan Yi Fei rarely went back in the pastfifteen years because he didn\'t like the atmosphere. A family is gatheredtogether but it was not like a family, yin and yang, and he always felt that heis also the extra one, so in the past he made an excuse to work on a businesstrip or find a place.

However, this year...

It doesn\'t seem to go back.

Going home, he went to ask Lin Yu Tong\'sopinion, Lin Yu Tong said: "We can go, why not go? It is my first year atThe Zhan Family, I want to see, Wang Bing Yan so embarrassed when she doesn\'tgive me a red envelope infront of so many people."

Zhan Yi Fei almost forgot, in fact, hiswife still has some potential to become the aunties’ idol

"Right, how is Dad going to see Mr.Zhao?"

"Mom said that he would break off withthat person, and it is naturally impossible to make an investment. It will besettled." There is no other loss except for Zhao Dehua who said it is moredifficult to hear, but he does not need to say anything else other thanlistening to Zhan Yi Fei.

"It\'s okay, then let\'s go back to theapartment tomorrow? I want to eat the dishes you made."

"Well, I want to cook anything foryou."

"So if I want to eat you? Do you wantto do it?"

"Don\'t you get tired?! Mr. Zhan, youhave to understand that that place also has to rest. How can you keep wantingto planting your seed?" Lin Yu Tong kicked Zhan Yi Fei. "You stay faraway from me, otherwise I don\'t feel safe in this place."

"Small conscience, throw it when yourun out? Well, don\'t laugh. Today, I told you that I wanted to go back to thearmy for a while, and my aunt should agree. I will give you more informationlater for individuals, you know my heart on the line. "

"Well, there were you?”

“And the other 15th back to The Zhan Familytime with a big point of the package, a little red dress I\'m afraid you\'re not.”

In the blink of an eye, Lin Yu Tong andZhan Yi Fei joined the Zhan Family in the same casual wear, and Lin Yu Tongtook a big bag.