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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage« 重生 之 金色 婚姻» Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Sen Hun Yin,

Chapter 35: Your Lord

Lin Yu Tong originally wanted to give each of his parents a big red envelope, but considering Zhao Dehua\'s problem, he changed his mind and gave his father a red envelope and a small greeting card with only 10,000 yuan in it. The rest of the two checks that were originally to be distributed to the two were given to the mother, a total of 1.2 million.

When he first came home, he saw that his mother was banging the calculator screaming at it. Lin Yu Tong was a little worried about whether the family was short of money, so when the excess half of the money was sent for his mother, if the family was short it would be better to come from his mother\'s place. His father is a good man, and sometimes his feelings get him in trouble. Although there is nothing wrong with remembering people who have done him kindness, it is a problem. So this time you still have to pay attention to it.

Chen Su Ning naturally understands her son\'s intentions, but she refused the money. "Son, Mom knows you\'re being filial, but this money mom can\'t take it. After you really have the skills, Mom won\'t be polite with you. As for now you still have to listen to Mom, you still have to collect money for yourself, and Mom has been with your dad for so many years, how can we not spare money in our hand? You don\'t have to worry."

Although Chen Su Ning thinks, Zhan Yi Fei couldn’t be as unreliable as the rich second generation that the accountant in the company was married to but there are strange things happening in this year, so she can\'t help but thinking about her son. At least she doesn\'t want to hear someone say that her son has been with someone for his or her money. When he started the wedding, he began to scrape money for his parents\' home.

Lin Yu Tong knows that he is now taking out so much money that his family will still feel that the money is all from Zhan Yi Fei, so he wasn\'t feeling normal. It was also that he thought too simple. No wonder Zhan Yi Fei said that the money was enough to send out. He was depressed to recover the red envelope, and some were not convinced that Zhan Yi Fei knew his parents better than him.

Chen Su Ning sees her son being quiet for a long time and she asked, "Is there something else?"

Lin Yu Tong took a bunch of keys from his pocket and gave it to Chen Su Ning. "Mom, this is a building. Yi Fei has honored you for the New Year. He told me that you would definitely not collect the money, so I bought this for you. I have already completed the transfer process, saying that it is in Huayun District, you will only need to wait for the rent to be collected.”

Chen Su Ning opened her mouth. “How is this done? It is too expensive.”

This is B City. One of the busiest streets in the city, it’s the real prime location.

Lin Yu Tong shrugged. "I didn\'t know it until today. He once asked me what you like, he asked about my dad and Little Fei and my sister. I said that you like my dad, my dad likes you, and says Little Fei likes to have a holiday, Lan Lan likes Mona Lisa. As a result, he was probably stunned by my explanation and went to think about it.”

Chen Su Ning “ha-ha”, “Your mouth is really wide. Where is Yi Fei? I want to thank him."

After the transfer was completed, Chen Su Ning would not say anything else but showed a red face.

Lin Yu Tong said: "He must be playing chess with my dad. He bought a set of white jade chess for my dad."

However, this game is really not played. Lin Zhi Song thought that the chessboard was too expensive to be used for playing chess. He decided to keep it as a collection and he will not be able to play it.

It\'s just that Zhan Yi Fei doesn\'t really want to think about it, because he can easily win with his eyes closed, but he can\'t do anything to win and feel like he bullied the old man for is ignorance. Now he\'s just stupid, forcing himself to lose.

When he went downstairs, Lin Yu Tong asked Chen Su Ning. "Mom, I am his partner now. Why do you take it when he gives it to you, but not when I give it to you?"

Chen Su Ning said with a smile: “Can that be the same? This is what your lord(man) who took the initiative to give us.”

Lin Yu Tong almost groaned. “I am not passive (the girl)!”

So, do you still think that this money is from Zhan Yi Fei?

It\'s too bullish, but it\'s more as it\'s really like that. Although he got his hand and made a lot of money, it is also true that the initial capital was provided by Zhan Yi Fei.

It seems that he has to work harder. Now they can all rely on Zhan Yi Fei, but he can\'t be lazy for it. He has to work harder and become a solid backing for Zhan Yi Fei!

In the evening of the Spring Festival Evening, the family gathered around and ate and watched, they ate a lot more than usual, and when the fireworks were released, everyone went out, and the laughter and became one big thing. Lin Yu Tong even chatted with her sister and listened to Lin Yu Lan complaining on the other side of the sea. "Brother, you are getting married with Yi Fei brother. I can go back if you are getting married."

Lin Yu Tong said: "I really want to but you can\'t be arrogant, no one is \'pregnant\' yet, Lan Lan, you wait."

Lin Yu Lan couldn\'t help but laugh, Zhan Yi Fei turned his head and looked at Lin Yu Tong with a smile.

Lin Yu Tong suddenly felt guilty. He gave her notebook to his mother and pulled up her younger brother. "Little Fei, go, wanna go to play?"

Lin Yu Fei shook his head. "I don\'t want to go, I am going to wash and sleep."

Lin Yu Tong looked at the wall clock on the wall. "This is still not even ten minutes. After the New Year, why are you sleeping so early?"

Lin Yu Fei said: "Hey, I promised to help Brother Yi Feido something tomorrow, so I have to get up early tomorrow..”

Lin Yu Tong turned to see Zhan Yi Fei, Zhan Yi Fei let him guess but did not tell him.

Originally, Lin Yu Tong was ready to pay a price for the words "wife" and "pregnancy" this evening, but Zhan Yi Fei actually only done it once, and the performance was very different.

He also knew the next day that Zhan Yi Fei wanted to do photograph with him on the first day of the New Year.

Early in the morning, the day was still not bright, Zhan Yi Fei got Lin Yu Tong up. "Hurry up, Little Fei is awake and waiting outside."

Lin Yu Tong barely opened his eyelids, but he was really sleepy. Even if he was really but as soon as Zhan Yi Fei was so interested, he just got up, and then went to wash his face and brush his teeth.

Zhan Yi Fei chose a pure white casual suit from the same model. As a result, the button on Lin Yu Tong buckle was asymmetrical. He had to help button it again. "Would you like me to go out? When I am so sleepy? Yesterday didn\'t you let go of me so I could sleep sooner?"

Lin Yu Tong pinched his forehead. "I can\'t figure out why you put me to sleep so quickly. You were prepared to get out of bed early today."

Zhan Yi Fei couldn\'t help but laugh. "What about you? Why didn\'t you ask me?"

Lin Yu Tong said as he walked, “I’m afraid there is nothing to look for."

The two whispered downstairs and Lin Yu Fei, who was waiting at the door.

Lin Yu Fei whispered: "Now go out, it is estimated that you can take the whole process."

They want to shoot the photo with the sunrise, but also take pictures of the first sunrise of the new year.

Lin Yu Tong gradually came to the spirit and asked Lin Yu Fei. "It used to make it easier to get up earlier than to climb the sky. How did you get up so early today?"

Lin Yu Fei said with a smile: “Brother Yi Feipromised to send me a set of Zeiss telescopes. Don\'t say that you get up early, that didn\'t make me sleep. ”

Lin Yu Tong turned his leg and couldn\'t resist kicking his brother\'s ass. "You really are my brother, do you want to be paid for a photo?!"

Lin Yu Fei evaded it fast, Lin Yu Tong went to kick him again and he ran forward with his photographic equipment, and shouted in his mouth: "Brother Yi Fei, manage your wife!”

Lin Yu Tong did not bother to chase him.

Zhan, Yi Fei smiled and hugged Lin Yu Tong\'s shoulder, then Lin Yu Fei stopped, turned and said:" Do not move! "

Zhan Yi Fei and Lin Yu Tong stopped at the moment. Lin Yu Fei took his camera out, and adjusted the lighting and focus, shooting a good few snaps the time was bright beginning, but there are some tourists around, it seems they also came out to see the sunrise.

Lin Yu Fei usually had photography hobby, but high school homework made him too busy, and for a long time he had not had a day when he spent it filming the photo, he rattled over, "Brother, stand in front of Yi Fei brother, you two put your sleeves up, act naturally, and you can you unlock your two top buttons? Yi Fei is right next to you. Are you still afraid of people stealing him hurry up! "

Lin Yu Tong knew that his brother aesthetic is good, so he did it according to his brother instructions, as he finished he felt the winds touch his chest and making him kinda cool, but fortunately he was still not cold.

Zhan, Yi Fei asked Lin Yu Fei," What action are we supposed to put on? "

Lin Yu Fei waved his hand," No, you will naturally point, play something, or both together, how you usually get along with just how you always do, so it was natural to shoot, I\'ll be wrestled to capture it ”

Lin Yu Tong wanted to roll his eyes. Usually he and Zhan Yi Fei are together its always on the bed doing bed exercise, or under the bed, that is, he cooks or do housework, either write the words or read books, Zhan Yi Fei all he does is work, read a newspaper, or read some data and financial news that he always this fainting look when he looks at it. At this time, they occasionally turn around and look at each other\'s figure, but it seems that there is nothing to play here.

Zhan Yi Fei probably thought of the usual mode of getting along. Knowing that it was not suitable to do that here, he suddenly stopped, and then he did not hesitate to hug Lin Yu Tong and held his head while Lin Yu Tong was at a glance. Kissed deeply. The people around who saw this scene were all dumbfounded, including Lin Yu Fei, who took a moment to remember the purpose of coming out with him today, so he shot and tried to capture every good moment.

It wasn\'t until Lin Yu Tong kissed and panted when Zhan Yi Fei stopped, and the dim light didn\'t cover his affectionate eyes. Lin Yu Tong quietly looked back at him and said with a smile: "Happy New Year."

Zhan Yi Fei leaned forward and leaned against Lin Yu Tong\'s forehead against his forehead. "Happy New Year."

Lin Yu Fei patted himself, he was unconsciously moved. Most of the time he used to shoot scenes, and there were very few people taking pictures, so he promised Zhan Yi Fei to help him take pictures. He was really worried that he couldn\'t shoot well, but now he has no such concerns, because he found that as long as it is a lens the two men in the line of sight are the most beautiful scenery.

Lin Yu Fei took another photo of the two walking along the beach. When they came out, the sun gradually rose from the horizon, just a shallow golden rim, but now it has revealed most of its face.

Zhan Yi Fei took Lin Yu Tong to find a place to sit down and asked Lin Yu Tong casually, "Are you hungry?"

Lin Yu Tong said: "It\'s okay, maybe the stomach is still asleep."

He finished painting a small tree on the ground.

Zhan Yi Fei saw a picture of a pair of small trees on both sides of the tree, smiled, and he said, "To help you keep out the wind and cover the rain."

Lin Yu Tong said that he leaned on Zhan Yi Fei\'s shoulder.

This is the last photos taken by Lin Yu Fei. On the opposite side of him, two extremely good brothers are together, facing the first round of the New Year\'s Day, recording the warmth and bit by bit. From this moment on, he felt that he seemed to know what kind of love he wanted in the future.

When three people were about to go back, Chen Su Ning\'s phone called the younger son\'s cell phone. “Little Fei, where have you been?”

Lin Yu Fei answered the question: “Mom, I want to get married soon.”

Chen Su Ning frowned," it’s too early in the morning to say this kind of nonsense right. "

Lin Yu Fei finished and he laughed," It’s nothing, I, Brother Yi Fei and brother at the beach and we will immediately go back. "

Breakfast was the restaurant and the menu provided was, according to the local New Year customs, they filled a table, he wished he could not fold the table legs, but unfortunately Zhan Yi Fei just ate two chopsticks and he was called by the friend who checked the results, and he left the table halfway.

The person who came to the phone was a student who studied with Zhan Yi Fei when he was studying abroad, called Nick Patrick this man now runs a law firm in the country. He told Zhan Yi Fei that many of the previous drafts of the book were fake, especially the research of the formula for health care products, which were unknown in the industry and the ones written did not prove their capabilities. Moreover, those seemingly formal licenses are mostly forged, especially the inspection certificate, the data is more than one and a half points away from the standard required. Nick was particularly surprised to say: "Yi Fei, where did you get such a ridiculous thing?”

Asked in standard Chinese, he heard Zhan Yi Fei was also a reply on helplessness. "In a few words, I can\'t tell you. In short answer, since you found it, you can send the result to my mailbox."

"It can be, but you should not forget the conditions you promised me."

"No problem, when you receive the mail, you can easily take them."

Nick quickly sent some relevant evidence collected by him to Zhan Yi Fei, and Zhan Yi Fei printed these and sent them to Lin Zhi. Song\'s hand - explaining to him several times that this deal is not as good as Lin Zhi Song thought.

Lin Yu Tong packed some food for Zhan Yi Fei and when he came back to eat he said. "You let your dad see it yourself. You should eat something first. You must be hungry, so early."

Zhan Yi Fei is really hungry and smelled at the table. After eating some, he only listened to Lin Zhi Song who shouted: "Tong Tong, come on!"

Lin Yu Tong "Yeah!"

"Come to Dad!"

Lin Zhi Song handed the file to his son, "You help Dad to translate."

Lin Yu Tong did not learn much English, but the general content can be understood. He told the father about the problematic place he was in, and then he was somewhat angry. "Dad Your old classmate is too wicked. In the past, he helped our family this cannot be ignored, but he can\'t lie to you to push you into the fire pit?"

Lin Zhi Song is also annoyed, "把" he smacked on the table and didn\'t talk for a long time.

When he promised to invest, it was really based on the trust between the old classmates, but if Zhan Yi Fei\'s results are true, then this old classmate is too much simply too much, how can he trample on his trust?

"Although you signed the contract that promised to invest, but he is obviously a fraud, we can also sue him." Lin Yu Tong put everything together and took it back when he left.

"When Dad goes back to see him, let\'s talk about it. Dad didn\'t really think that he would use this method to defraud the investment. In short, this is his father\'s owed consideration, but Yi Fei..."

Shaking his head, Lin Zhi Song showed a half-deprecating smile. If he doesn\'t understand what is going on now, it will be alive for so many years. "In short, Dad should thank him very much for saving you from thus mayhem."

"Thank you, he didn\'t have to go that far. If you look at it, he will feel the score." If you want me to say that you don\'t want to do anything that is risky for us in the future, health care products are all food supplies after all. Foreign countries are stricter in this aspect than domestic ones, so what\'s wrong is more than just I can\'t get back the cost."

"Well, Dad will tell Zhao Dehua clearly. Go, Yi Fei seems to be waiting for you."

It was too early in the morning, Zhan Yi Fei wanted to go to sleep with Lin Yu Tong. Lin Yu Tong also had this intention, but Zhan Yi Fei just finished eating and he didn\'t seem to be in a mood to lie down immediately, so the two simply went to the pool in the yard for a while, Lin Yu Tong was swimming, Zhan Yi Fei was sitting on the side watching the flesh of his white wife.

Lin Yu Tong was like a free-spirited mermaid. Seeing that Zhan Yi Fei wants to take him into the pot and stew him. Who knows that just like this, Lin Yu Tong took a handful of water to splash him!

"Ha ha ha, cool? Is it not?!"

"Cool!" Cool, he suspected that this is pouring water or oil! Made him feel like smelting fire! Zhan Yi Fei jumped into the pool and grabbed Lin Yu Tong. Lin Yu Tong was so scared and tried to swim away but unfortunately he was caught back in a while. Zhan Yi Fei trapped him in his arms and bit his ear. "Don\'t dare?"

"No, I won\'t dare..." Lin Yu Tong was so excited that his body felt crisp. Zhan Yi Fei\'s voice is originally lower than that of an ordinary man, so every time he whispers to him, Lin Yu Tong has a feeling of numbness.

Zhan Yi Fei listened to the unsettled person in his arms and was busy releasing his hand, because he knew very well what the consequences would be. He took Lin Yu Tong\'s hand to the shore, although he didn\'t say a word, but his mind was clear.

Every day in the city of H, it seems to be the same, happy, moving, feel the love, warmth, and integrity of the other party happiness anytime, anywhere.

If it was not because Zhan Yi Fei was busy, and Lin Zhi Song had something to do, Lin Yu Tong really wanted to stay a few more days. Unfortunately, the tickets for the sixth day have been booked, and their group should end this journey on time.

The temperature that changed when they got off the plane made everyone shiver to adapt to it for a long time. What surprised Lin Yu Tong was that Xiang Jun and Gao Wen Liang were the people who picked them up from the plane.

After a year, Gao Wen Liang seemed to be a little fatter. As for Xiang Jun, he still has that face that looks like it has just been taken out of the cold storage.

Gao Wen Liang seemed to be in a good mood. He smiled and helped pick up his luggage. He greeted the elders and asked Lin Yu Tong: "Lin Zi, how was it?"

Lin Yu Tong said: "It\'s good, I will give some to you. I brought some special products, remember to take them away later. Say you are finally looking a bit fat, whose skill is it?”

Gao Wen Liang smiled, “hormone, I don\'t know what is allergic, it\'s not good, itching me. I took a shot."

Lin Yu Tong wanted to say he thought it was the credited to Xiang Jun. It was not...

Several people guided The Lin Family on a large commercial vehicle. Lin Yu Tong didn\'t take a break and took out some of the specialties he brought back. Coconut sugar and coconut milk balls can basically be eaten. Only one coconut shell that has been drilled a few holes and made like a toy. There are also two bells that are clinking, "This is for you."

Gao Wen Liang played for a while, "Thank you. Yes, we will go out for dinner tomorrow night. We have to gather together for the New Year.... Yes?. "

Lin Yu Tong said OK, then Chen Su Ning took out two red envelopes, he gave them to Xiang Jun Liang a person with Gao Wen Liang," The first time you come to the aunt, aunt has nothing to give, the New Year gift is a must… so here."

Gao Wen Liang was not polite, he thanked her and went to take over, Xiang Jun was a bit startled, he looked at her for a while and seemed to think of it:." Thank you, Auntie,”

In addition, later with Xiang Jun left with Gao Wen Liang, Zhan Yi Fei told Lin Yu Tong that Xiang Jun was an orphan. It was the first time that he has received a red envelope.

Lin Yu Tong suddenly felt that life was a special melodramatic.

Zhan Yi Fei still has not finished, "Xiang Jun was living in his uncle\'s house when he was a child, but his aunt was not good to him. His aunt may be very mean, saying that Xiang Jun is cursed person he made his parents die, and after arriving at her home, her business was not good, and Xiang Jun did not like to talk, and her scolding was particularly strong. It has not changed over the years, and he was used to it. "

Lin Yu Tong asked: “Did you skip classes to become his classmate because of that

Zhan Yi Fei took Lin Yu Tong\'s hand. "You also know that everyone will have a rebellious period during their growing up. Xiang Jun was very tall when he was in high school, and he ate too much. Maybe his aunt was there. It\'s too hard to talk. He probably thinks that he can\'t stay at home, and he went to live out. However, the middle school class is heavy. He was going to school and trying to make money to support himself. This is a very difficult thing. I remember that he was in class during the day, and went out at night to take advantage of his physical strength and work hard. He also loves to be clean, and he always works in the class. At first everyone thought he was only diligent, but then later did they knew that he was under the control of his aunt, and they developed a habit, especially if he couldn\'t get used the dirt thing. He just packed up things, and the classmates in the class drank the drink and left the bottle that he had thrown away. At that time, my father was cold at home, and I felt that he pities me. I often borrowed notes from him and often asked him to go out to drink water. After all, we were at the same table, and he was the one with the highest marks in the class. Later, I was familiar with him. We were famous in the class for being indifferent and difficult to get close to. "

"But when I saved you back, some things are different.”

Zhan Yi Fei still remembered that Xiang Jun suddenly had no head or end when it came to him: "You are different from before.

Zhan Yi Fei said with a smile: "He is the first person to know that I like you. I told him that I have a light in my heart."

Lin Yu Tong gently scratched his nose with his index finger, he spoke half a joke and half true. Q: "Are you sure that he didn\'t hate me after you said this?"

Zhan Yi Fei looked at him strangely. "How come? So let\'s say, if you say that Gao Shi is a friend, then Xiang Jun is like my brother, he has a good relationship with me, but how can a bowl of water be flat? In short, if you have any trouble in the future, but can\'t find me, you can also find Xiang Jun. Of course, I will be with you on the first call. So, so this is just an analogy."

Lin Yu Tong nodded and wanted to say something, but he couldn\'t help but think, is he thinking about it?

When the next day was updated, Lin Yu Tong decided to talk to the old man. Maybe another person can brother see?

The Amused Landlord: You mean, they have known each other for more than ten years.

San Chai Boy: Yes, it is an unpleasant gap.

The Amused Landlord: 10 years ah? They have been able to get along with each other for more than ten years. You have been married in less than half a year. Who can\'t see it? You are being a sorrowful jealous.

San Chai Boy: But I always feel that this person\'s attitude towards me is particularly subtle.

The Amused landlord: Is there any other reason? Since you have said that if you think that this person is a resentful person, then you can ask directly.

San Chai Boy: It makes sense.

It can be said that, but Lin Yu Tong still feels that it is easy to ask Xiang Jun if he was prejudiced against him. Unexpectedly, at night, when he was outside, it was very clever. Lin Yu Tong shoved his hand and washed his hand next to the sink. Xiang Jun came in. Lin Yu Tong saw that he couldn\'t help but feel awkward and forgot to turn off the water.

Xiang Jun said with a slight disapproving gaze: "Wasteful."

Lin Yu Tong bowed his head and said, "Oh!" He was busy closing the faucet and then he asked him a chance at this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. An absolutely stupid question. "Did you come to pee?"

Xiang Jun probably didn\'t expect Lin Yu Tong to ask this question. He almost blushes for a long time and nodded. "Yeah."

Lin Yu Tong: "..."