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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage« 重生 之 金色 婚姻» Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Sen Hun Yin,

Chapter 34: Suspicions

On the afternoon of the 29th day of the lunar calendar, Lin Yu Tong was writing a greeting card, and somehow used the pen which had no ink. Later, he couldn\'t help but to borrow a pen from his brother to use. Who knows that there are not a few words and that pen also had no ink, which made him somewhat upset.

Zhan Yi Fei bought a new pen when he went to the customer service and tried to write a few words before giving them to Lin Yu Tong.

Lin Yu Tong wrote the small card that he would put in when he gave his parents a red envelope. He put the cheque in the red envelope and asked Zhan Yi Fei if it was okay Yi Fei said indefinitely. "We are coming out for the New Year. Is there any problem with The Zhan Family? "

Zhan, Yi Fei said:" No, if there was something, then someone will notify me, you don\'t have to worry about this point."

Lin Yu Tong nodded, but he still felt a little confused, he took the wallet could not help it, he said: "we can go out right?. "

Lin Zhi Song with Chen Su Ning at the moment had gone out shopping, Wang Bo and Lin Yu Fei were playing chess. Zhan Yi Fei long as it is with Lin Yu Tong together, he will go anywhere, so he put on a pair of sunglasses with Lin Yu Tong and they went out together.

The temperature here is obviously much higher than that in B City. The B Ciyt forecast is now more than 20 degrees below zero. Here, it is still hot and warm and the almost 0 degree temperature is like a toned down temperature.

Lin Yu Tong and Zhan Yi Fei were wearing the couple styled clothes, the piece above is a static version of the white T-shirt, plaid shorts with a finger width buckle, they walked by the sea with a slow step. The landscape paintings are all eye-catching.

Zhan Yi Fei said with a slight sigh: "It\'s a pity that I\'m always too busy, or I should always take you out and walk like this. Your time is flexible, and looking at different scenery is good for your writing. ”

Lin Yu Tong said casually, "You have this kind of thought for me it harder than anything, and when I say that my main writing is illusory, the story is not close to reality, mainly it\'s because its imagination, so I don\'t have to go to see many places. It\'s okay.”

Zhan Yi Fei listened to Lin Yu Tong\'s emotions when he spoke, and took him to find a place where there were few people and sat down. “What\'s wrong? Still not happy about what happened?”

Lin Yu Tong unconsciously used his toes to rub the sand. After burying his and Zhan Yi Fei\'s feet in the sand it took a while for him to say: "No, I just feel that some things are not practical. Do you think that Dad will he take advantage and go to invest in Mr. Zhao?" The last mother told him. She also knew about Zhao Dehua\'s investment.

"Should Not? Wasn\'t Dad saying that he has not promised the other party? And if Dad wants to invest now, he can only borrow money to invest, but this must be a small amount of money, even if he wants to borrow it has to be a mortgage. The Lin Family can now be mortgaged in addition to the villas that your parents are currently living in, as well as their cars, some of the things in the company\'s name. They can also be mortgaged after the new year.

Or else it is impossible to go abroad to borrow usury?

"Well, if you are feeling so uneasy about it, I will pay attention to this after we go back."

"I am mainly afraid that Dad has signed some contract and so on. It will make him necessary to adhere to it."

Zhan Yi Fei looked at Lin Yu Tong thoughtfully. "But I don\'t understand. You haven\'t read the project plan. How can you be sure that this investment will be a bogus one? And I think you haven\'t even seen this Mr. Zhao and don\'t want to."

Lin Yu Tong said: "Yes, I don\'t want to see him."

Who is the person who ruined my a family and almost did someone die? Will you want to see that person? Zhao Dehua got a broken health care product company abroad, and the products he made were not up to standard. He was found to be in trouble after less than half a year after he listed. He would have to be punished by paying hundreds of millions of yuan at a time. How much did his dad get pulled into that?

But how can he tell Zhan Yi Fei about this?

Lin Yu Tong thinks, he will not say, he is sorry for Zhan Yi Fei\'s trust in him, but saying that this is a bit too ridiculous. And how should he explain his last life? Also, he can\'t tell Zhan Yi Fei, he knows that he will have problems with his family and with Zhan Yi Fei.

Although he knows the truth now, it is a fact that his motivation at first was not pure. But this truth will hurt Zhan Yi Fei\'s heart?

Zhan Yi Fei saw Lin Yu Tong\'s hesitation and couldn\'t help but sigh. "Little Tong, can\'t I earn your full trust?"

Lin Yu Tong shook his head subconsciously. "I do believe you, but... Yi Fei, Do you believe in ghosts?”

Zhan Yi Fei\'s eyes were firm, “As long as you said it, I will believe.”

Lin Yu Tong looked at Zhan Yi Fei\'s eyes and suddenly thought of the sentence Zhan Yi Fei said before – between husband and wife. Being honest and trustful is the way to preserve the marriage long-term.

Then the lie came to his lips and I couldn\'t say it.

“Is it hard to say?”

“It\'s a bit. If it\'s complicated, it\'s that there are a lot of different things in my novels. In order to write more realistically, I did a lot of homework in metaphysics before I wrote, so in some things my view is not the same as many people. My dad, he is really not suitable for trying new projects this year, because the family\'s fortune is inherently predicted. If he wants to force his own fortune, he will definitely break his fortunes, in short, so I\'m really worried if should he cooperate with Mr. Zhao about it. This simply to say it, that is, for some reason I know that something is likely to happen in the future."

"For example?"

"For example, Zhao Dehua will come during this Chinese New Year, and this is the biggest reason why I suddenly decided to travel them out here."

"Really?" Zhan Yi Fei was really a bit suspicious. He hooked Lin Yu Tong\'s foot with his toes under the sand. "Is the reason that I didn\'t help you to flatten this Zhao Dehua? You weren\'t sleeping well at night?"


" Oh, then I know. What\'s going on, you can rest assured that no matter what method he use, I will definitely not let your father suffer. This is OK?"

"We can\'t do anything wrong."

Zhan Yi Fei was very upset, but when he heard the words "We are", laughing: "Okay, let\'s not lose."

Lin Yu Tong immediately became happy, lying back and shouting at the sky: "Sure enough, the world counts my Little Yi Fei is the most reliable!"

Children with sand piles not far away sat and glared at the pair with big round eyes, and his mouth slid.

Zhan Yi Fei was very comfortable, and he is lying next to Lin Yu Tong. "Little Tong, can you help me calculate my fortune?"

Lin Yu Tong turned his head and glanced at Zhan Yi Fei, laughing. : "Viewing the face of the king, this life will be rich and richer, and the person named Lin Yu Tong will be with you till you\'re old and you will be happy for a lifetime."

Zhan Yi Fei raised his eyebrows. "Mr... You really predict fine, this Mr has no thoughts, not now.... Does the body have expectations? "

Lin Yu Tong caught the sand and turned to Zhan Yi Fei. "You are not allowed to think about that before you go!"

God knows him this isn\'t what he meant, but he was tired, when they got back in the room he was going to toss by Zhan Yi Fei till himself and both of his legs are floating.

Zhan Yi Fei smiled and touched Lin Yu Tong\'s face, then grabbed his hand and said with a sigh in his eyes: "You know it, you look scared."

Lin Yu Tong kicked and kicked Zhan Yi Fei, getting up and said: " I want to buy food, you go or not?,"

Zhan, Yi Fei quickly got up to keep up with him "What would you like to eat today, I feel very good about noodles, can we eat that??"

Their voice was getting farther and farther away, and the original oppressive atmosphere seems to have disappeared.

Lin Yu Tong played with Zhan Yi Fei for an afternoon before returning to the rented villa. They were in all happy bubbles, and Lin Yu Fei wanted to fall in love again. Chen Su Ning came out from the kitchen and asked: "Tong Tong, would you make dumplings?"

There is no custom of eating dumplings in Chinese New Year, but Lin Zhi Song and Lin Yu Fei both like to eat them plus Zhan Yi Fei also likes it. So, Chen Su Ning and Lin Zhi Song bought some ingredients when they went out in the afternoon, and planned to pack some of them. The key to living here is the kitchen, which is quite convenient in all aspects.

Lin Yu Tong said: "Yes, Mom, when do you want to pack?"

Chen Su Ning said: "Now, come help your mother to cook it anyway, there is a refrigerator, we can do it today, eat it straight tomorrow. I ate some at the party, and I had to wait halfway to get dumplings.” Lin Yu Tong gave half of the remaining bananas to Zhan Yi Fei, went to the kitchen to help, and Wang Bo helped pick the vegetables as if he was at home.

Chen Su Ning was preparing for the meeting.

Lin Yu Tong had wanted to stuff the meat - his mother was eating healthier so she didn\'t buy the kind of meat that Yu Tong wanted. - As a result, when the mother got the flour, he simply put the meat first. On one side, "Mom, let me do it."

Chen Su Ning said: "Then I\'m going to cook the meat."

Lin Yu Tong felt that it was OK, but the mother took the meat to the air.

Later, he remembered that since his family\'s living conditions were good, she had been hiring people to cook and clean up the house. His mother did not do housework. It seems that the last time she cooked was on Zhan Yi Fei\'s birthday, she made two dishes, and the rest were prepared by the servants.

Wang Bo looked at the cutting board from time to time, his eyes were superb. He always thought that his Young Master wife cooking was inherited from his mother. Now it seems that he thought too much.

Lin Yu Tong quickly put on the working face and took over the work of the mother. "Mom, you scan done the stuffing for a while."

Chen Su Ning saw his son moves were more flawless than hers, and she quickly spoke some praises, "Tong Tong, you can cook like this. Why didn\'t you say that you have this talent before?"

Lin Yu Tong put the meat on the side, then took Wang Bo to help pick the vegetables, he smiled and said. "I will give you a hand for a while."

It wasn\'t long before the kitchen was the sound of pans moving. Zhan Yi Fei and Lin Zhi Song used the sound as a background in the living room and chatted while playing chess. When it was almost halfway down, Zhan Yi Fei said with a little embarrassed: "Dad, there is something... I don\'t know if it is wrong to say it."

Lin Zhi Song is killing, and said: "We are all family, what? Can\'t you say?"

Zhan Yi Fei said: "This is the case. I made some private investments. This is only known to me and Little Tong. The Zhan Family is not aware of this. This investment has recently required a second phase of investment. The amount is probably about 30 million. I don\'t have this money on my own, but if I leave my account, the Zhan Family will definitely know about it, so I would like to ask you to do me a favor, first one from The Lin Family. The money can be invested in the name of The Lin Family. Of course, I will not let you take this risk in vain. I will transfer the shares under my name to Little Tong, and the value will only be more than this amount. In addition, the profit part of this investment I will also give you a dividend according to the proportion of your investment. Can you help me with this?"

Lin Zhi Song was in a bit difficult time. If he did not agree with Zhao Dehua before, then Zhan Yi Fei said that this matter it would be inevitable that he will jump in to help. Zhan Yi Fei is now his half son. Secondly, the child is so sensible, he is afraid that he will think more, even of the transfer. The plan for the shares has been made, and he has to pay dividends. However, he has already promised Zhao Dehua to invest in him what can he do? !

He\'s stopped and breathed in the air for a long while. Lin Zhi Song looked at Zhan Yi Fei and couldn\'t help but think that the partner that his son had found was not an ordinary person. The lie he wanted to hide in the past two days was already seen right?

Zhan Yi Fei then sighed in his heart, and the heartwarming woman was not thinking about it. It seems that this adult really lied to his son.

Lin Zhi Song looked at the light that Zhan Yi Fei had revealed in his eyes, and suddenly he was stiff and somewhat self-confident. He couldn\'t help but think that if he helped Zhao Dehua this time and does not help Zhan Yi Fei, Zhan Yi Fei and his son would know this situation, then how should he look up in front of Tong Tong when he promised him he wouldn\'t sign new projects? Besides, his wife must not find out about it.

Zhan Yi Fei, decided to play stupid, he said: "If you feel that it is not feasible, then I will find another way, mainly because the most credible person around me is you and my mother-in-law except Little Tong, so I talked to you.... I apologize Dad if this mouth has made you embarrassed."

Lin Zhi Song did not speak for a while, the key is that he signed Zhao Dehua\'s written contract, this is really not easy to back out of.

Zhan Yi Fei never took the initiative to mention this, as if nothing had happened, he continued to wait for Lin Zhi Song to fall on him

Lin Zhi Song\'s game is completely incompetent, because he thought that Zhan Yi Fei has helped him a lot since he first visited his family. This is the first time he has asked him for a help back, but also because of his favorite things, if he refuses even this, then the "Dad" word he heard will twist his guilty conscience.

In the end, Lin Zhi Song couldn\'t help it. The decision was still frank. After all, it was a classmate and a child on the other side. His child was still close to him.

Zhan Yi Fei saw that Lin Zhi Song didn\'t intend to continue, he took the chess piece. Then he listened to Lin Zhi Song who said: Yi Fei, you are married to Tong Tong, we are a family, and it is reasonable to say that your father can\'t ignore it. But Dad does have some difficulties. It is the person named Zhao Dehua who came to Dad before. He was an old classmate with Dad. About ten years ago, we, The Lin Family, were dragged once for a project. I had no money at the hands. I couldn\'t get the money from the engineering team. The engineering team\'s people made trouble, and the bank\'s side frequently urged us to pay. I hit the wall all the time. It was this person named Zhao Dehua who helped me, so The Lin Family is stable today. This time he came to me to invest in him. In fact, according to my intention, I would like to give him a one or two million directly to return the kindness of the year, but this can\'t be done, so I told you that I didn\'t say that day. I had agreed, but in fact signed a written contract with him. ”

As Lin Zhi Song said that his old face is a little red, and he felt that it is truly good to help the old classmates, but it is particularly inappropriate to lie to the family.

Zhan Yi Fei secretly smiled. "So, how about this? You can show me the written contract and the planning book. If you can, I will help you with my business. You will invest in this uncle Zhao as per arrangement." Lin Zhi Song nodded. "Then wait a minute."

Ten minutes later, Zhan Yi Fei finished reading the contract and plan book that Lin Zhi Song took. Not to mention, he can now understand why Lin Zhi Song would agree to the investment. This planning book has been done very carefully. For product developers to R&D personnel qualifications, food and drug inspection and quarantine results issued by local government departments, production licenses, and a series of public programs are all done. At first glance, only lack of funds was stopping the company.

Lin Zhi Song asked: "What do you think?"

Zhan Yi Fei said: "Dad, the foreign food and drug inspection and quarantine standards are different from those in China. I think the test standards of this plan seem a bit wrong, so this I will be looking for a local friend to find out. Let me use this plan first. Let\'s wait for the New Year to pass. My friends are just years old. I can fax them it to them.”

Lin Zhi Song has no objection and Zhan Yi Fei went to work. There was no fax machine in the residence, but after he was looking for a service staff to help, this matter was quickly completed.

Zhan Yi Fei left a copy of himself and returned the plan to Lin Zhi Song.

Lin Yu Tong noticed the movement from Zhan Yi Fei. The rest of the dumplings were left to the mother and Wang Bo and he found an excuse to go upstairs. Zhan Yi Fei knew that he was concerned about the results and did not take long to go upstairs. Lin Yu Tong closed the door and asked quickly, "How is it?"

Zhan Yi Fei handed a copy of the contract and the plan to Lin Yu Tong. "Dad has promised that the other party that he will invest in the other party. I told him that I also need him to pay for my investment. Dad was very embarrassed, but he was still standing on our side, so there should be no problem for a while now. But Dad must still invest in the other party. After all, the contract is signed. Fortunately, the money has not been sent yet, and there is still a turning point. Let me ask my friends to help me to see if this project can or can\'t work. If it can, I will arrange for it. If it can\'t, then I will talk to Dad and will talk to Mr Zhao. Since he is an old friend, do you have any questions?"

Lin Yu Tong breathed a sigh of relief. "Okay, but my opinion is still not doing this business."

Zhan Yi Fei said that he understood the plan and went to see a few friends who worked in foreign countries to get some information. This is the evening, but because of the jet lag, or the early morning the person wanted to refuse, but Zhan Yi Fei\'s personal charm seems to be working in whichever country, the person there had no complaints and agreed to help.

Lin Yu Tong asked: "Hungry?"

Hearing Zhan Yi Fei said that he was hungry. He was hugged with Zhan Yi Fei. "Did you cook the dumplings to eat?"

Zhan Yi Fei snorted gently on Lin Yu Tong\'s mouth. "Yeah"

When Lin Yu Tong and Zhan Yi Fei were upstairs. Lin Zhi Song probably told Chen Su Ning briefly and concisely about his contract, so Chen Su Ning face didn\'t look good. But she probably didn\'t want to make everyone unhappy, so she didn\'t mention it. The family sat down and talked about the dinner with a smile, and then played mahjong for a while. At this point, the atmosphere is still good, but when the group has gone back to the house, there are no different situations in each house.

Chen Su Ning looked at her husband with a sullen look, but her voice was depressed but she couldn\'t cover her anger. "Lin Zhi Song, Lin Zhi Song, you are too embarrassing even looking at Yi Fei! If it was me, Yi Fei simply knows what you do and decided to help you recover the loss, it\'s not so good to poke you in person. You said that you are so confused! Zhao Dehua, he wants to do biomedicine, you can lend money to him, or you can vote less? Why did you promise to borrow money to invest in him? What is something happening in the middle of the problem, the company\'s losses plus bank interest, how much would we have to pay in the inside and outside?”

Lin Zhi Song did not speak.

Chen Su Ning sighed. "You must understand this anyway. After all, it is really troublesome, but it is a matter of dragging your son\'s hind legs. Originally, we had a big gap with The Zhan Family, and we couldn\'t help our son. I don\'t want to add chaos to his life. I want to say that Zhao Dehua is also not a good friend. If he wants to build a factory. He can borrow money from someone else Why does he want you to invest? The co-operation makes us have the need to bear the risk.”

Lin Zhi Song said, "Isn\'t this a possible way to make money? Is there no risk in doing business?"

Chen Su Ning said: "Yes, you have to take risks in doing business, but he knows that we don\'t have so much cash now. He wanted you to take a mortgage. Is this something a friend should do?”

Lin Zhi Song smashed his forehead. “You shouldn\'t get agitated and angry. To be honest, I only promised this because its Zhao Dehua and on the other hand, I want to give my son more family security. You said that Tong Tong is also a boy. He is with Yi Fei. Now how equal can the relationship be. Can we do it later? I recently thought that these two people and the gap between them should not be too big. Do you know what the accounting squad in our company are gossiping about? Someone married a rich second generation the year before. I heard that their relationship was good at the beginning, but now the two have no enthusiasm for each other and one is saying that the other party is not good for his family. So, I am a bit worried that my son will be wronged."

Chen Su Ning twisted Lin Zhi Song ear. "You, people are people. What kind of person did Xiao Lian marry? It is a pure second generation. He has the essence of being successful same as Yi Fei." The difference is the difference between them. You see Yi Fei, he is thinking about Tong Tong, and he would even dare to buy a ticket, even if one day he really has a bad luck, he will never complain about the boy. But you can look at Xiao Liang, I don\'t know how you can blame Yi Fei when they encounter some problems. I am also eager to say that if she was a man. Would you still compare him with Yi Fei?”

Lin Zhi Song was silent.

Lin Zhi Song barely slept this night, but he couldn\'t sleep alone.

Zhan Yi Fei, was holding Lin Yu Tong, thinking of what Lin Yu Tong said during the day - Yi Fei, do you believe in ghosts?

He unconsciously tightened the arm holding Lin Yu Tong, because he also remembered that on the night Zhan Yi Ning was engaged to Ye Han Ying, Xiang Jun also asked him the same.