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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage« 重生金色婚姻» Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Sen Hun Y,

Chapter 32: Cutting Nails

Zhan Yi Fei hasn\'t confessed to Lin Yu Tongyet, so he promised to help him look into the company\'s business soon. Theconclusion he had reached afterwards is that although the qualification of BaiYang Company is worse in terms of economic, it is not when it comes to acooperation. The main object is that only by the two sons of the company\'s boss, the eldest son is honest and hard working and a real person who can workwith them on projects that will lead to benefits, but the second son is veryincomparable, he can do anything for the sake of profit he can even give up hisprinciples, that one is not suitable for partnership business. Therefore, ZhanYi Fei concluded that this single contract has been signed, and there is noneed to tear it up and bear the loss, but it is necessary to find a way toprevent The Bai Yang Family from intervening and screwing up the project..

Lin Yu Tong didn\'t know much about thebusiness. Naturally, after listening to Zhan Yi Fei, he told Zhan Yi Fei\'ssuggestion of his father, Lin Zhi Song. Lin Zhi Song knew that Zhan Yi Fei wordis justified, and he did it according to Zhan Yi Fei instructions. At thispoint, Lin Yu Tong finally put aside his mind worries.

On this day, Zhan Yi Fei took a planeticket when he got off work, which was booked for Lin Yu Tong, and he flew inthe business class on the morning of the 18th. Lin Yu Tong hesitated for amoment when he got the ticket and asked Zhan Yi Fei, Yi Fei, "You saidthat we went out to travel during the Chinese New Year. "

Since there is no direct relationshipbetween Bai Yang Company with him bankruptcy, then the most important figurewho will cause his family economic devastation is his father\'s old school mate- Zhao Dehua

By his mother\'s view, she said that thisZhao Dehua said that after New Year he would come to China and take with himthe plan and investment plan and present to his father with a cooperative idea,and his father was very interested in it. Then what can Lin Yu Tong do? Can hetake his father to another place at this time? Can the person not find himthere? Even if it is only a short time he had to find a way to delay him, andtry block his father from contacting Zhao Dehua, then he can think about othermethods to block Zhao Dear his forever from his father.

Zhan Yi Fei didn\'t know Lin Yu Tong\'sconsideration and thought about going elsewhere. He grabbed Lin Yu Tong\'s handand said apologetically: "Sorry Little Tong, I haven\'t taken you out totravel after we registered. If you want to go there, I will accompany you, aslong as we come back by or before the7th day.

Lin Yu Tong knew that Zhan Yi Fei wanted toto come, but can\'t tell the truth, he went in to tell Zhan Yi Fei,"Where do you want to go, I am not going to force it, then everyone is notdoing it. After the wedding, you wanted to go out to play (honeymoon)? Honeymoonis good in May. It\'s just that I wanted to go out to travel mainly because Iwant to take my parents out. Although my family is doing well in other peopleeye\'s but there are three children in the family. My parents are veryembarrassed about themselves that they can\'t afford a trip due to expenses oflooking after three children who are all in school. It is rare that they canrest and relax during the Chinese New Year. I just got the bonus from YiyouTechnology, so..."

"Ooh, you should have told me what itwas for the parents, if they think I didn\'t want to go, OK. Let\'s hurry up.After all, the ticket is not very good at this time."

"On that line, I will go to my mothertomorrow."

The next day, Lin Yu Tong drove the carback to his parents\' home. When he entered the house, he only saw his motheralone. In the count anything up, the table was filled with a variety ofdocuments on the coffee table; Lin Yu Tong by looking could estimate that thereis a pile together sixty-seven cm thickness.

Chen Su Ning didn\'t even notice him when hecame in, she was still playing with a calculator. She sometimes frowned andscratched her face. It seemed that the amount she got was not always right, soshe had to turn the bill and recalculate it.

Lin Yu Tong has long been desperate forthis family when he died early. He walked over to sit next to his mother."Mom, what do you do to concentrate on this?"

"Isn\'t this the end of the year? I\'mcalculating the account." Chen Su Ning put down Calculator, "Hey? Howcome you came back? Yi Fei didn\'t come with you?"

"He still has something to do with his company. Maybe he will come over at night. What are you? Do you want me to helpyou?"

"No, it\'s not something important. Ifyou have nothing to do go rest.." Chen Su Ning put the documents together and set them aside. She said with a strong heart: "I called Yi Fei thatday, he told me about you. He said you studied and wrote novels and dohousework. It is also very hard. I also asked how can I give you more security.I listened to the way he talked at the time. The frustration in his words wasespecially strong. Son, are you giving yourself a hard time? Is the marriagepressure is too big?”

“Not too big, I just want to do more thingsthat someone can do when they\'re young. Don\'t say this, Mom, I want to ask youthis time, would you like to fly out to New Year with Yi Fei, let\'s find a funplace and relax. You and my dad are usually busy with work and have no chanceto go out. Why don\'t you just go out and let go of the hard work?"

"This... Also.... It\'s not exactlyimpossible, but I have to ask your dad\'s thoughts.”

“Well, anyway, the family is going tocelebrate the New Year, I feel my dad will agree.” Lin Yu Tong knew his father,when his father listens to his mother his ear become the softest, only when hismother is willing to say, this thing nine out of ten is guaranteed to passthrough.

In the evening, Zhan Yi Fei came back,because he came back late, and just picked up Lin Yu Fei who had been studyingat night. The mother helped the two people who came home by cooking a meal.Others who had eaten first were watching the side while the couple were eatingand drinking milk and chatting.

Lin Yu Fei heard that he was going totravel for the New Year, and the rice in his mouth had not been able to swallowand he said: "I agree! I have been really tired recently, I want to go outand relax, mom, anyway, every year we celebrate it at home. There is nothingnew about the Chinese New Year here, even if you go to a small city that isordinary, it is stronger than your home.”

Chen Su Ning didn\'t talk and she turned tosee the head of the family.

Lin Zhi Song said: "Since all of youhave agreed, it is useless for the No to come from me alone. Go, you choose aplace, and your parents have no opinion."

LinYu Tong had thought about a few places the night before. Hisobsessive-compulsive disorder has this advantage, and what he wants to do can\'tbe dragged to the next day. He feels that he wants to go to H city or go to Xcity. The main reason is that the time is too short. If he wants to go abroad, he may have some visa issues otherwise it is a good choice to go to Europe.It\'s strange to blame himself for preparing too late.

Zhan Yi Fei listened: "Let\'s go to H city, but aren’t you supposed to be going to S city to attend the annualmeeting? Are you going towait till you come back or are you flying directlyfrom the city?"

Lin Yu Tong has not chosen the first oneand he did not choose the second one, he chose to bring his parents to thecity, and then go to the city after the annual meeting.

Zhan Yi Fei felt that this was also thecase, and he decided to rush him alone.

The ticket at this time was very tight, butZhan Yi Fei still made several first-class cabins on the 18th. Lin Yu Tong tookhis parents and younger brother to the city.

Yan Shu and Bai Yi He came to pick up themup from the plane. The two were informed in advance that they did not have topick them up, because Lin Yu Tong said that he would travel with his family,but Yan Shu and Bai Yi He still came over, and the car that came over was alarge business car, everyone can sit down and not feel crowded at all.

Lin Zhi Song and Chen Su Ning also believedat this time that their sons was not only writing novels, but also startedinvesting and making money. Naturally, this money does not need to be asked,because they intended to give money when the child is married, so although theeldest son has already registered, they have not given him any large sums ofmoney.

Yan Shu said: "At that time, it wasthanks to Mr. Little Lin, we can develop into what we are today. After a while,Uncle Lin, Auntie Lin, and Lin Little Brother, if you are not busy, you cancome to the new site with us. Many people are waiting for Mr. Little Lin."

Lin Zhi Song was also very curious aboutthese people to do the gaming systems, naturally, he agreed to go.

Lin Yu Fei was being a stick pandering andhe hugged his brother. "Brother, you are too great, you really are my brother!"

Lin Yu Tong saw the doggy skin plaster andgenerally removed his brother. "Don\'t you want to take a test at theuniversity about these things? You can feel the atmosphere here in advance.”

Lin Yu Fei really wants to understand thingshere, and Wen Yan and Bai Yi He were asked a lot of questions. The stinky boydoes not let go of all the opportunities to talk to the beauty. "If I canreally test it, you can welcome me to work here Sister Bai ." Bai Yi Hesaid at this moment : "You brothers are all handsome guys, there will bepeople fainting everywhere. You are welcome. The last time Mr. Little Lin came,there were people in the company who asked him if he had a girlfriend. As aresult, he said that he has a legal spouse. We still don\'t believe it, but hereally left many broken hearts.”

Lin Yu Fei had a heavy focus. "Mybrother must be handsome, but he did register. He will be married in May thisyear. Sister Bai and Brother Yan I don\'t know if there is time...."

Yan Shu and Bai Yi He or the whole Thepeople of Yiyou Technology were very curious. What kind of person can make LinYu Tong enter the marriage hall so quickly, and naturally say that it is notenough to take time to participate.

Lin Yu Tong said with a smile: "I willsend the invitation in advance."

Yan Shu and Bai Yi He naturally stressedthat they will definitely go.

As they celebrated the New Year, more andmore people buy new year\'s goods, and there are more cars on the road. It tookmore than an hour to get there something that in the past would have taken some40 or 50 minutes. The people in the company were a little anxious, and thereare many new employees who have only heard of Lin Yu Tong, but they have neverseen him and they are curious, so when Yan and Bai brought people into thecompany. At the time, many people in the company looked over.

Lin Yu Tong has been greeted with peopleand he immediately responded to them one by one. Everyone who has seen himremembers him and makes people secretly scared.

Yan Shu invited him to the new conferenceroom. It is not the same as the small broken building in the past. Not only isthe space large enough, the air is fresh enough, and the office supplies areall brand new. Yan Shu also specially placed a special comfortable chair forLin Yu Tong. There is also a game room inside the company, which can be usedfor visitors to experience and to relax and when employees are tired of workthey can also relax there. Lin Yu Fei said he not come out when he got in. BaiYi He gave Lin Yu Tong a product report as well as the company\'s next majordevelopment projects.

Lin Zhi Song and Chen Su Ning didn\'tunderstand each of the things here very well, but when they watched their sonwho could accurately raise some related questions and talked with Yan and Baireasonably, they felt that this was nothing like they thought.

Making Lin Yu Tong learn about businessadministration was Lin Zhi Song\'s idea. At that time, Lin Yu Tong wanted toshare his parents idea and then gave up his preferences. Lin Zhi Song is notwithout regrets, but now, he felt maybe his push was also good?

Lin Yu Tong didn\'t explain much to hisfather\'s thoughts. Anyway, the past has passed, and he is not completely unproductive.

Bai Yi He reported the progress of the workand sat opposite Lin Yu Tong. When Lin Yu Tong no longer had any otherquestions, he changed the subject and said, "For Mr. Little Lin, ourcompany recently intended to buy a fantasy novel. The copyright of the game hasalready been contacted by the other party. If it succeeds, it will become a newproject that the company will focus on after the year. The company has a groupof people here last month, and more than half of them have experience in pagetour and marketing. They are very good,we want to make new attempts.”

Lin Yu Tong asked: “Can I meet thesepeople?”

Bai Yi He took Lin Yu Tong to the officearea in the west. Now the office is divided into two major pieces, and the pagetour department is separated from the hand travel department. Lin Yu Tong sawthe master planner in the page tour department - Ye Zhen.

Ye Zhen has a long hair reaching hisshoulders. He is similar to Lin Yu Tong. You can see that the facial contourare from a mixed-race. This person gives a feeling of a little sway, but Lin YuTong knows that this is a famous game planner in his last life. Although he islazy about life, it has a very high talent in game planning.

Bai Yi He said: "This is Lin Yu Tong,the second largest shareholder of our company, Mr. Little Lin."

Lin Yu Tong shook hands with Ye Zhen."You should not be polite in the future, just call me Lin Zi."

Ye Zhen laughed and said: "I also feelthat the name \'Mr. Little Lin\' is a bit strange. Lin Zi, hello, can you callme... Ye?"

Bai Yi He patted him, "I rarely see ahandsome guy! Lin Zi just got married.”

Ye Zhen\'s chin fell directly to the ground.“Isn\'t it?! How old are you?”

It\'s hard to see a caller! Do you want to beso cruel!

Lin Yu Tong smiled and said, "I\'malmost twenty-one."

Ye Zhen sighed and said: "Forget it,okay, I still have my dream lover."

Bai Yi He rolled his eyes. "You saidthat his name is something san-boy right? The man\'s work can sell gamecopyrights, there are six figures for rewarding money, I said you will notremember."

Ye Zhen was not satisfied, "How can Inot remember? As long as our company buys the game copyright, I will definitelyhave a chance to meet my dream lover in the future. I am telling you that whenI am going to chase him, I have to invite him to dinner."

Bai Yi He said: "Please, please, incase the other party is a big dinosaur. I think you can\'t discuss theprice!"

Lin Yu Tong finally couldn\'t help but ask:"You want to buy a copyright novel... What is the name?"

Ye, Bai: "Ghosting!"

Lin Yu Tong: "..."

He wondered why is it he would hear his penname...

Ye Zhen sees Lin Yu Tong\'s face a littlestrange and asks: "What\'s wrong? Is there a problem?"

This is his male god, who dares say thatthere is a problem with whom he is anxious!

Lin Yu Tong\'s eyelids are always ready tofry, but he smiled and said, “No, I hope your dream lover will not let you patyour chest.”

Ye Zhen said: “I will definitely not, Ihave to work hard to earn a wallet form him."

Lin Yu Tong: "..."

Lin Yu Tong talked with Bai Yi He and YanShu and then left with his parents. Lin Yu Fei was still reluctant to leave,but it is not easy to come out here and he can not spend all his time here. LinYu Tong saw that his brother did not play enough. He said, "As long as youhaven\'t gotten a chance to play you can come here,"

Lin Yu Fei thought about it, and suddenlyhe got the spirit. "Brother, Sister Bai looks really sexy "!

Lin Yu Tong:" Get out "!

Chen Su Ning then whispered to thesentence," That Bai girl is very good, but with little Fei is a bit toomuch. "

Lin Yu Tong whispered." Mom, are youthinking too early? I am only a case of early marriage and Little Fei has a lotof good time to decide later.”

Lin Yu Fei also said: “Yes, Mom, if youwant to have a grandson, you have to wait a few years."

Lin Yu Fei said: "You are happy,everything goes with the flow. Right, do you have to find a hotel so you canhit the floor for a while? Otherwise, do you want to buy a sleeping bag?"

Lin Yu Tong was also a little crazy. Hehasn\'t slept on the ground for some days. He is a little unhappy to sleep onthe ground, especially in the hotel. But if there is no one is holding him, hewill end up on the floor.

Later, Lin Yu Tong booked a hotel with aparticularly low bed, not the one he stayed on the last time, but a place hestayed when he opened the signing ceremony. The price of the room there is veryhigh, but the win thing is in the service and the environment is worth theprice.

In the evening, Lin Yu Tong was taking ashower and Zhan Yi Fei\'s number called. Zhan Yi Fei was just busy with thingsin his hands, and it was in the car.

"Were you thinking about me?"

" You know why." Lin Yu Tongwiped the water of his body indiscriminately. In fact, he has not finishedwashing, he came out in advance just because he thought it might be a call fromZhan Yi Fei.

"Be careful when you sleep in bed atnight, don\'t forget to lay something around you."

"Well, I found a hotel with a very lowbed. Are you in the car?" He heard a car horn. Lin Yu Fei asked withouthesitation: "What did you want me to do? Don\'t you want to pick it up whenit\'s okay?" Lin Yu Tong mind returned to his brother\'s mysterious smile,saying it was a secret. When the family came to the mall to buy things, Lin YuTong first brought a new set of clothes, a gift to each of his parents, andthen bought a new smartphone for his brother. Every time Chen Su Ning took thecard out, the result her hand was pressed by Lin Yu Tong. Afterwards a few people found a casual restaurantinside the mall to eat something and rest, Lin Yu Tong asked Chen Su Ning,"Mom, what kind of gift do you say one can send people in their forties?Yi Fei has several aunts, and its not bad to send them new year presents. Ifeel that I should send something to them”

"Yes, it won\'t long before I\'m busy,I\'m going home.” When he thought of going home and he wouldn\'t see Lin Yu Tong,Zhan Yi Fei heart was missing a little beat.

"Are you still going to worktomorrow?"

"Probably I still have a busy morning,I am going to find you the day after tomorrow."

"Okay, be careful on the road, I haveto take a shower."

Lin Yu Tong took a look at the mirror andfound that his hair was a little longer. He hasn\'t cut his hair since he wasreborn again. When he looked at Ye during the day, he feels that his hair islong. Now, looking at his own, it is really not much shorter than him

The cut is cut.

After eating the meal early the nextmorning, Lin Yu Tong asked Chen Su Ning, "Mom, do you want to cut hair? Iknow that there is a modeling style that is doing very well, I have to cut myhair, if you wanna do it, Let\'s go there together. Dad, do you want to gotogether?"

Lin Yu Tong looked at it if he doesn\'t gohe has to be with him now. Just for the New Year, he also wanted to change hishair style. He had forgotten to pay attention to his own image. Look at hisbrother, looking at himself again! One is the Young Master of the landlord\'shouse, and the other is the son who is the hired farmer\'s unloved son. This istoo much.

Lin Yu Tong went to the modeling room hewas familiar with. Later, someone came to cut his hair and when he asked himwhat to cut. He thought about it: "It\'s the shorter trending style now,the hair style is the same. But cut it down. I have to keep some of myhair."

The customer who stayed in the store aftercutting the hair was not without it, but the short hair cut was the first thingleft, and the hair stylist squatted. "Then I will try to ensure that thecut part is not too long or too short."

LinYu Tong said thanks, and after seeing the length of the cut, he couldn\'t sayanything.

A family of four finished their hair, LinYu Tong took a bag of black hair.

Zhan Hong Ying can\'t come back from thearmy, so for the time being, he didn\'t think about it. So Lin Yu Tong thoughtit is good to only send his husband\'s family, but Zhan Xin Hua is differentfrom Zhan Xin Jie.

Chen Su Ning said: "Women, most ofthem are the same. They basically like bags, makeup, clothes, etc., or jewelry.Or do you want to give them a brooch?"

Lin Yu Tong really loved his mother. Hehasn\'t reached a conclusion for this question for a long time. This is goodsuggestion from her.

Lin Zhi Song and Lin Yu Fei were stilleating. Lin Yu Tong took her mother to the place where they sold the brooch. Hechose two brands of the same brand but different styles, and finally bought onefor his mother.

Chen Su Ning is very fond of holding it,but still can\'t help but want to say no, "Yi Fei is not having an easytime to make money, you can\'t be spending too big. "

Lin Yu Tong said:" I know Mom. I spentall my money today, and then I will be nervous if I don\'t spend his money."

Chen Su Ning does not light a powerhouseshe only pinched her son," You fell into the oil pan. "

Lin Yu Tong sent back to his mother,"Mom, you should talk to my dad and Little Fei for a little while, I have somelittle errand to do, it will take about twenty minutes to get back. "

Hey Zhan Yi Fei is ready to get a New Yeargift.

Say on the other hand, Zhan Yi Fei also gotto Lin Yu Tong set of gifts, and now he was with Wang Bo, as well as Cheng Shiand Zuo Si Kai in aircraft Cheng Shi and Zuo Si Kai were coming and givingpeople a blessing in advance.

"I heard that Zhan Yi Ning and Ye HanYing had to go out to travel. As a result, there were some problems inRongcheng Project. Ye Han Ying rushed to the event overnight. Zhan Yi Ning hada big temper this morning." Said Zuo Si Kai.

1].... Rongcheng Project is the projectwhich Zhan Yi Fei had to let go in exchange for marriage wedding money.... Itswas going smoothly but since the girl took over....well

"This time Ye Han Ying went to piss ofa layer of skin." Cheng Shi smiled.

Thesecond-in-command of Rongcheng Shipping was trained by Zhan Yi Fei. He is alsoa well-known person who remembered that Ye Han Ying grabbed the benefits of thework made by Zhan Yi Fei. Can that person do anything to help the thieving girland her husband?

Zhan Yi Fei looked at the time and took asuit jacket. "I found that you have been particularly gossip-y recently.Are you that free?"

Cheng Shi sighed. "Not too free, Ifeel that the atmosphere in the company is too tight recently. I have to adjustto years later...”

Zhan Yi Fei nodded until he finishedspeaking. “I will go to Rongcheng in the next year, and you will have to gothere. As for now, Yilin\'s dividend should be paid, you go check it out. Also,I wish you a happy New Year in advance.”

Zuo Si Kai shook his head and sighed. “It\'sjust quite good. If you want to board the plane you should do so and so justyou know you will be the gossip.”

Cheng Shi said with a smile: "Finally,I don\'t have to worry about you this year."

"I\'m happy with Lin Zi.” Zhan Yi Feinodded. “I wish you a happy new year in advance.”

Zuo Si Kai waved his hand. “Happy New Year,let\'s go. I think his heart has already flown."

After saying that he took Cheng Shi\'sshoulder, he turned and left.

Zhan Yi Fei smiled and smiled when hethought of going to see Lin Yu Tong!

Lin Yu Tong had just finished the busythings he was going to do. He went upstairs to pick up his parents and hisbrother. He was prepared to go back to the hotel because after two hours, itwill be the start time of Yiyou\'s annual meeting. He wanted to deliver thethings bought for the two aunts before that.

"Dad, Mom, do you want to continueshopping or go back to the hotel to rest?"

"Go back to rest, I can\'t walk around.I now know why I don\'t like wearing high-heeled shoes." Chen Su Ningpatted her legs.

"I also want to go back to sleep, Ihave not slept in this free for half a year." Lin Yu Fei yawned.

At four o\'clock in the afternoon, Lin YuTong took the suit out and put it on and asked the hotel to run the taxi so hecan go to the annual meeting.

The annual meeting is held at a hotel. Inaddition to eating and performing programs together, there will be some gamesand sweepstakes. Lin Yu Tong did not go to work since he left school, so heonly attended the author meeting but did not attend the annual meeting. But inan era of developed information, there is such an advantage. Even if he has notparticipated, he probably know the process.

Yan Shu was speaking in front of the stage.The employees in the company were silently aware that there is no more bossthan the podium. Lin Yu Tong sat at the table with the company\'s backbones andlistened to Yan Shu for a while. At this time, Bai Yi He said: "Lin Zi, Iasked employees what benefits they want in addition to bonuses and prizes. Theysaid that they are asking for the lucky prize that is they want to dance withyou, can you do it?”

Lin Yu Tong dancing is not any good, butit\'s okay to go through the courtesy and say no, “Well, don\'t be afraid to stepon me."

So when the lucky prize was finished, therewas such a link...

Ye Zhen bent on Lin Yu Tong and made aninvitation. Lin Yu Tong also had no reason to refuse, and went to the dancefloor with Ye Zhen. Ye Zhen put his hand on the waist of Lin Yu Tong. "LinZi, are you really married?"

Lin Yu Tong said: "Yes."

Ye Zhen said: "Fortunately, I have ababy boy. When we meet him, I must find a way to catch him, and then let himshow me the manuscript he writes every day."

Lin Yu Tong really didn\'t want to play Ye,so he didn\'t say anything.

Ye Zhen asked at this time: "Yes, whatkind of person is your other half? I heard that it seems to be a man too?"

Lin Yu Tong "Well", just as hewanted to say something, who knows that he turned around, I saw the person henever expected to see here was here. He saw the man in a black suit and hisbody was very tall and straight. He leaned against the wall not far from thedoor, and was glaring at him, next to him was a suitcase that had not yet hadtime to press the lever.

But who else than Zhan Yi Fei? !