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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage« 重生 之 金色 婚姻» Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Sen Hun Yin,

Chapter 31: The Cardbox

"Let’s go I want to take you to see something." Zhan Yi Fei said as he was about to get up.

"Forget it, let\'s go after eating, don\'t worry about it at this time." Lin Yu Tong pressed Zhan Yi Fei down. He was too hungry to gorge, and if he hadn\'t eaten half of it, he\'ll stop. After a while, the taste will not be the same.

"Alright. But I can tell you solemnly that the savior has nothing to do with Xiang Jun." Zhan Yi Fei said and continued eating. Because it was dinner, Lin Yu Tong cooked for him, something that was better to digest. The bite in his mouth was not as strong or crisp as the food he ate during the day, but it was warm and filling.

Lin Yu Tong took the opportunity to shake off all the food thoughts in his head and looked at the issue. He didn\'t know when he saved Zhan Yi Fei. He couldn\'t help but look at him suspiciously. He said that he Lin Yu Tong was the savior or actually mistaken himself?

Zhan Yi Fei was full and before Lin Yu Tong could clean up, Zhan Yi Fei brought him into his study. He went to the same safe that was opened the last time, and he took out a large cardboard box from inside.

This cardboard box Lin Yu Tong also vaguely remembers seeing it last time, but he didn\'t care too much about it. This time, Zhan Yi Fei took it out and found that there were actually two shoe size boxes.

"What\'s so secret about it?"

"There are a few things, wanna guess?" Zhan Yi Fei puts the box on the table. "Guess the reward."

"How can I guess?" Box, Zhan Yi Fei can have anything hidden in such a big box? He thought for a moment, "Yes, is it the movie ticket stumps left after we first watched the movie together?"

"There is no such thing, movie tickets, and the first time we went to the supermarket shopping list together and the tickets that we got after the first time we refueled the car were placed in the small wooden box that you bought for me last time. In here, there is something else."

"... Impossible! You didn\'t pack the rubbers and lubricants that we used for the first time?!" Lin Yu Tong said that and felt it was a bit ridiculous. Who knew that Zhan Yi Fei actually spoke with an angry look: "Yeah, how could I forget them?"

"Don\'t make trouble, do you really want to take those things and store them?" Lin Yu Tong couldn\'t stand watching Zhan. Yi Fei, the result Zhan Yi Fei really went to the bedroom to take the box of the rubber they used now, and said something as he collected the lubricant and other used up the bottle.

“It\'s all memories when I\'m old. I think it\'s more interesting than taking pictures.” Zhan Yi Fei, in disregard of Lin Yu Tong\'s saying no, he folded a box or rubbers and lubricants and put them into a small wooden box. Then he put his hand on the big box. "Last chance, if you can\'t guess it, there will be no reward. You will be fined at night."

"How can I guess what’s in this?" Lin Yu Tong can\'t wait for a pair clues.

"Then, if you can\'t guess it. If you are allowed to look at it, you will be punished."

"What is the punishment?"

"Punishment is..." Zhan Yi Fei leaned on the table in the study and whispered two words to Lin Yu Tong.

"Did you make this plan in the morning?" Lin Yu Tong felt that he was a bit at a disadvantage, but he knew it if he couldn\'t guess it, he would definitely not be sleeping tonight Zhan Yi Fei would overindulge in the bed activities, so he nodded. "Open and see. "

Zhan, Yi Fei action very carefully, he opened the box, and removed two smaller boxes from inside, he opened one which was slightly smaller, which was a shock to him the first drink wedlock wine cups that they shared together.

Lin Yu Tong recognized it at a glance. "Was it not you who told me you broke them... So that was a lie to me?"

Zhan Yi Fei said nervously: "Slightly misdirection, I didn\'t say that I have broken it. I was listening to you saying that you couldn\'t find it, so I lied. This thing was collected for later memento, can\'t be used."

Lin Yu Tong snorted. "I didn\'t know what you had hidden in the box. The result is two wine cups."

Zhan Yi Fei didn\'t like to listen to this sentence he put the cup back again, said: "This is something that is priceless in my heart. I don\'t want to anything happening to it."

Lin Yu Tong smiled, but in his heart this was actually sweeter than drinking honey, but he was more curious about what was left in the other box, and he pointed out that Zhan Yi Fei had never opened it, "Is this another mystery?"

Zhan Yi Fei nodded and smiled. However, Lin Yu Tong can see that thing in here may be more precious than the pair of cups. Zhan Yi Fei opened the box and said, "When I first saw you, you were only seven years old. At that time, The Lin Family had not moved to the current villa you are living at. Do you remember where you lived when you were young?"

Lin Yu Tong recalled that the memory was not too deep. After all, it has been more than twenty years since then. He can only remember that his family still lived in a small county town about one or three hours away from B City. It had a small yard at the time, but it was still a bungalow. His father and mother went out to work every day. Grandparents were busy at home to take care of them. He often played with his younger siblings in the yard, pile up sand, or pour water on plants and taking care of it. He and his sister poured very carefully, but his younger brother had naughty hands. He poured strong and without care. He took a small bucket of water and poured all of it. Then all of the kids were poured with water, and then they were scared and kept screaming at each other.

Zhan Yi Fei then took out a little pig in front of Lin Yu Tong. "Remember this one?"

Lin Yu Tong groaned, "This, is mine?"

This is exactly the same one as the one he lost when he was a child! There is also a small blue flower on the head of the pig. This is the birthday present that his grandmother gave him when he was a child.

Zhan Yi Fei said: "Yes, yours."

Lin Yu Tong was a little dazed, he took it up and found it quite weighty. But this thing couldn\'t have been stolen by Zhan Yi Fei?

“Little Fei didn\'t tell you?” Zhan Yi Fei didn\'t know what to think, and he smiled a little.

"Little Fei? What does this have to do with him?"

1]… Little Fei is Lin Yu Tong brother Lin Yu Fei

"It was he who first liked one of my crystal jingle cat key chains and wanted to exchange it with this little pig. I escaped with it from the kidnappers. After walking a long way, I finally walked to a place where people smoked, but I was penniless. I didn\'t manage to call my dad\'s phone... I was not feeling very good. In fact, when I passed at the door of your house; I just wanted to drink some water. I had to go to the police station when I am finished drinking. As a result, Little Fei saw what I was holding in my hand. Probably because it was not worth anything compare to me. The kidnapping group didn\'t take it either. I had a keychain in my body and your little brother liked it."

"And then he took my little pig to exchange with you?"

That little rabbit! At that time, Lin Yu Tong came back from school, and his little brother was not stupid enough to say he knew anything about the missing piglet!

"Well, he was very interesting when he was a child. I thought it was his first. The money from the piglet I used it to buy food and then contacted Xiang Jun. After Xiang Jun came over to pick me up, I originally wanted to take the money to return to your home. But after seeing you, knowing that the money is yours, suddenly I didn\'t want to pay back."

"Wh? Did I grow a face that said I\'m very rich?!"

But that was all his family at the time! ! !

"No, it\'s because you said that the money you had saved in the piggy bank is for you to store and you will use it for your favorite people when you grow up."

Lin Yu Tong felt his mouth go sour. "Are you sure I said this?!"

"Well, I remember it very clearly."

Lin Yu Tong wore a small yellow half sleeve and a pair of plaid shorts, he was sitting in the yard with Lin Yu Fei, sad and lamenting saying that his pig was full. Lin Yu Fei said that he had plans for the money. Lin Yu Tong said that it was the money that his Mom and Dad gave him, and he said that when he grow up, he will use the money on the people he like. He also said that he was not good at that time. After listening to Lin Yu Tong, Zhan Yi Fei had not been willing to leave for a long time he was just there standing outside the gate and did not return the money to Lin Yu Tong. At that time, he probably only thought that Lin Yu Tong was very cute, but he didn\'t expect to see each other again.

The rich man Liu Yu Ting uncles\'s son had a birthday party, and he was really impressed. At that time, The Lin Family started from the home improvement, and their family status was getting better and better. They moved to B City. At Liu Jia birthday, Lin Zhi Song took Lin Yu Fei and Lin Yu Tong, Lin Yu Tong also followed. Lin Yu Fei and said that he least liked people who are disloyal to their husbands.

"You absolutely don\'t know how much those words touched me at the time, because this is what I often said when my mother was still alive. It\'s really weird, it should be the second time we met, in the middle of six or seven years. But I recognized you at the first glance. Would you say we were meant to be?"

"I didn\'t see you coming over to talk."

"I didn\'t want to say it at the time. I have been lonely since my mother left. But the people from The Zhan Family who could talk to me have all been dismissed. After a long time, I know that before I have enough power to protect other, it is best not to implicate others. Anyway, from that day on, I would always think of you, this little pig was more and more precious in my hands, but when I found out that this is a bit too bad, I couldn\'t stop it.”

“I have been going to your school to see you for a year. It\'s just that you didn\'t know.” Zhan Yi Fei took out two photos that were already yellowed. He doesn\'t know how many times he touched them, so the corners were a bit worn out. They were photos of Lin Yu Tong who was still in high school.

"... Even if this is the case, I can only help you indirectly. The person who saved you should be... is it yourself, or is Little Fei?"

"You didn\'t understand what I meant, my\' "savior" it does not mean that the money from the piggy bank was helping me, but on other levels."

Since the death of his mother, after he saw Lin Yu Tong was the only memorable memory of his years, and the only thing in his heart is pinned on, Lin Yu Tong\'s clear eyes are like a light, which is treasured in his heart, those eyes emit a light that can dispel the darkness in his heart. Over time, it becomes a obsession in his heart. At that time, he had too many negative influences from The Zhan Family, which made him very cold and violent. Especially after Zhan Yi Ning was taken to his family along with her mother the mistress to The Zhan Family home, he wanted to break everything and destroy everything. His mood was out of control, he really had reached the tipping point.

If it wasn\'t for Lin Yu Tong, he really didn\'t know what he would be like. So in his heart, it was Lin Yu Tong who saved him, not anyone else.

Lin Yu Tong has no idea what to say. He knows that Zhan Yi Fei loves him, but he never knows that that love is so deep, deep and even may be somewhat distorted.

Perhaps it is really not knowing what words to use to express the mood at the moment. After a while, Lin Yu Tong hugged Zhan Yi Fei.

Zhan Yi Fei hugged Lin Yu Tong and kissed his forehead. "Little Tong, I love you, I wanted to say this to you from a long time ago."

Lin Yu Tong was holding Zhan Yi Fei more forcefully and his eyes were red. He has never been as grateful to God for giving him a chance to come back, if not, what else would he take to make up for Zhan Yi Fei\'s love for him? He held back the acidity in his eyes and whispered in Zhan Yi Fei\'s ear: "I swear, I will stay with you no matter what happens in the future, and will never make you feel lonely."

Zhan Yi Fei thinks that these are are the most beautiful words he has heard so far today. If he can, he can\'t wait to hand over the world to Lin Yu Tong.

However, it was not long before he entered the house, he found that he wanted to play Lin Yu Tong! Saying that after reading the contents of the box, he had to be punished, but he took off his pants, and Lin Yu Tong actually grabbed his hand and prevented him from moving!

Yi Fei, I promise you I need to do something really fast! Just click, we can do it after cutting it? Lin Yu Tong saw that each nail of Zhan Yi Fei was very round and smooth, but the small nails on the right hand were slightly longer than others. He was obsessed with obsessive-compulsive disorder. He had to cut the nails and shape them, it was like he had to do that before doing anything else for his peace of mind.

Will Zhan Yi Fei can agree? he has held the flag for a long time!

"Either let you finish the cut, or will you not have enough strength to cut, you choose. "

"It\'s enough.... Just to cut ten at this time!" "Lin Yu Tong was going crazy.

"Then I push it in and you can cut the nails again!" This is Zhan Yi Fei\'s last concession.

So, there was a strange scene in the bedroom that was going between the two . Zhan Yi Fei\'s huge JB was buried in Lin Yu Tong\'s body, but he didn\'t move, but quietly handed Lin Yong Tong his hand to let him cut his nails.

Lin Yu Tong was also anxious, nail cut is cut, will the cut be cut shorter than the other nine. What should he do? If he cut horizontal or vertical? He can\'t redo it up again, so you can only find it in the remaining nine.

Zhan Yi Fei couldn\'t hold it at the time, he grabbed the nail clipper and threw it on the ground, and hugged in Lin Yu Tong waist and began to move in the body with indulgence.

Lin Yu Tong glared at the nail clippers on the ground, but Zhan Yi Fei wouldn\'t let him go down, and finally forced him to squash after the hole was being invaded slowly and Lin Yu Tong soul almost didn\'t manage to stay put

The couple had been tossing until the middle of the night. Lin Yu Tong didn\'t really have the strength to remember the nail clippers, but something else was on his mind, so he didn\'t sleep so well.

Wang Bo mentioned the news that Xiang Jun had returned to Zhan Yi Fei when he said that Zhan Ho Tu had never looked fot Zhan Yi Fei at all, otherwise Zhan Yi Fei would not have eaten so much outside, and later he also said that the kidnapped person committed suicide. Does this mean that Zhan Ho Tu being having suspicions on him? Or is it that Wang Bing Yan is also very suspect? Otherwise, why is it that when the phone was not available at home, Zhan Yi Fei mentioned that when he called Zhan Ho Tu, he left a half sentence and did not finish it? Tiger is a poison that ate its kid, Zhan Ho Tu is really too confusing a person . Also, how did Zhan Yi Fei\'s mother die?

With Zhan Yi Fei\'s insight, Lin Yu Tong was afraid that he has already known something...

Once Zhan Yi Fei was not at home, Lin Yu Tong decided to talk to Wang Bo. Wang Bo has worked in The Zhan Family for decades, and looking after the three generations of The Zhan Family, he definitely knows a lot.

Lin Yu Tong rarely but this time he walked closer to the balcony and watched Wang Bo pruning the branches that were not so such as the golden leaves.

“Wang Bo, I have some questions to ask you. Yi Fei\'s mother... How did she die?” Lin Yu Tong remembered when he first went to The Zhan Family, Zhan Hong Ying said that twenty years ago, both the nephew and the niece were dead, and listening to her tone, Lin Yu Tong always feel that this thing seems to be incompatible with Zhan Ho Tu.

"Little Mrs, how come you suddenly ask this?" Wang Bo put down the flower-cutting scissors in his hand, and followed.

"I am very curious, but if I ask Yi Fei directly, maybe I will make him revisit an old injury, so I decided to ask you first."

"You have a good heart. This matter, it is really difficult to ask Young Master. Because when the lady die, it was..." Wang Bo stopped, it seemed a little sad, and he did not know where to start. He repeatedly thought about it for a long time before telling Lin Yu Tong, "When the wife got married to The Zhan Family, she liked The Master, but everyone later learned that the Master did not care for the Lady. The Master married with the wife at the time, purely because he need the help of the wife\'s family to help him make some achievements, so he can get recognition in front of his mother, Zhan Yi Fei grandmother on the Zhan\'s side, because, because Young Master has a second uncle, the second uncle business prowess is more outstanding, so although the Master is the eldest son, but the Second Master\'s voice in the Zhan Family is also very high. Many people in The Zhan Family were in favor of him inheriting the family business."

"Nobody knows that the old man already has someone he likes, so he and his wife, The Zhan Family, have always been very optimistic. Who knows that once the Master has gotten the momentum, he began to neglect his wife, Zhan Yi Fei\'s mother? Or he never really cared about his wife. I remember that the lady knew that she was not happy when she was pregnant, but the grandfather listened but was not happy at all with a divorce. On the other hand, the lady did not live with The Zhan Family during pregnancy but the period when she came to raise her baby. She had to return to The Zhan Family. At that time, the Master began to blatantly disgrace his wife by not going home, but the lady watched the Young Master, and the old man could not let Young Master his only son leave The Zhan Family, so the wife did not divorce the Master, I lived in The Zhan Family. Although the two had a bad relationship, but the Lady didn\'t ask much, so everything was safe. If it wasn\'t for the Mistress.. Maybe, maybe the lady would not go so early."

"Because of the Mistress?"

"Yes and no. At that time Master has been has been separated from his wife for a long time, so his wife getting pregnant, The Master did not believe the child is his."

"It wasn\'t something he drank too much to do in his own forget it?”

"No, Young Mistress . "

"...... "No wonder Zhan Yi Fei expression becomes like that when it comes about Wang Yan Bing,

"Yi Fei, he wouldn\'t be..."

"No! Big Young Master is the eldest son of The Zhan Family, no one can doubt this!"

Wang Bo said arbitrarily, but Lin Yu Tong looked at him. He was too excited to react, but he felt that something was not quite right. But Wang Bo doesn\'t seem to want to say more, so even though he didn\'t get the answer he wanted, he had to stop and talk about it.

A week later, Lin Yu Tong completed the final exam, and was able to pass the green light and officially began to enter the winter holiday stage, which means that he had more time than usual. In the daytime, there is no need to go to class, the time spent typing becomes longer, and his first novel "Ghost" has also come to an end. Although his update is less than two-thirds of the entire story on the website, in his computer, the manuscript has been finished

Night worm: Someone wants the copyright of the game in your book. Now the editor of the copyright department is already talking to the other party. Boy, you have been spending too long to give me a long face! I have the opportunity to invite you to dinner so I can get those rights!

San Chai Boy: I am going to finish the game soon, and I will start on a new novel next week.

Night worm: Really?! Ooh my, are you a real code machine?

San Chai Boy: Just like typing it, I will have more trouble in the future.

Night worm: I welcome this truck with a lot of trouble! That doesn\'t bother you, you hurry up with you, if there is news, I must find you first.

Lin Yu Tong thanked him and sat in front of the computer for a while.

It\'s almost a Chinese New Year. In the past two days, Bai Yi He and Yan Shu both called him. They hoped he had time to go to the city and attend the company\'s annual meeting. Although he is not working in Yiyou, he is the major shareholder of Yiyou after all, and the easy development of Yiyou is also a blessing for him, so the two were very persistent. He is now hesitant to go, because it takes at least three days to go. The key is that Zhan Yi Fei is too busy during this time. Otherwise, if two people can go together, he will certainly not hesitate.

The main reason is that I don\'t want to leave Zhan Yi Fei and Wang Bo at home. Zhan Yi Fei is getting greedy every day, and it is a little bit distressed to eat.

Zhan Yi Fei likes to eat what he cooks

Zhan Yi Fei heard the words and he retorted: "Who said I do? I obviously like to eat the big girl dish you made."

Lin Yu Tong thought back, and said, "When did I make a big girl dish?"

Zhan Yi Fei poked Lin Yu Tong\'s ass. "This."

Lin Yu Tong "Aah" at Zhan Yi Fei and smacked using the back of the hand, "Don\'t make trouble, I am serious. Wait until tomorrow, I will teach Wang Bo how to adjust the soup, so that you can eat when I am not there. If you don\'t have to return to The Zhan Family in the New Year, then we will bring Wang Bo and go to my mom together, it is estimated to be lively.”

Zhan Yi Fei nodded and said, “Yes.” After a while he asked: “When you said that how about we buy some things for our parents in the New Year? What sort of things do they like? There are Little Fei and Lan Lan, what about them?”

Lin Yu Tong thought about it: “My dad likes my mom, my mom likes my dad, Little Fei likes to have a holiday, Lan Lan likes Mona Lisa.”

Zhan Yi Fei: "..."

This time he wants to fight.

Zhan Yi Fei asked Lin Yu Tong: "What do you like?"

Lin Yu Tong looked at Zhan Yi Fei and smiled without hesitation. "I like you."

Zhan Yi Fei eyes lit up and he put down the book in his hand then he pulled Lin Yu Tong on the bed, "Come on baby, let\'s try to empty an entire lubricant bottle today!"

Lin Yu Tong: "..."