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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage 《重生 之 金色 婚姻》 Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Se Hun Yin.

Chapter 3: Ridicule

The person who came is called Zhan Yi Fei, he is the Young Master of the B city prominent family. If The Lin family is a small wealth family in the local area, then the The Zhan family is a mega rich. He is not too familiar to say that Lin Yu Tong and Zhan Yi Fei are friends, so that\'s why he has not been able to find out why the Zhan Yi Fei came to his family to ask for a hand in marriage. Just because of the position of The Zhan family in the society is higher, does he want to take the initiative to get married and go up in the queue?

Lin Zhi Song also thought this way, so he did not agree to it, but wanted to go go to his son school and ask his son\'s opinion first, but he never thought that his son would actually come home.

Lin Yu Tong pointed out to Hua Yua Bai, "Dad, Mom, this is my classmate Hua Yua Bai, he did not go back to his home for the holiday I asked him to come to our house for a few days."

Lin Zhi Song is a very enthusiastic person. Lin Zhi Song nodded and said: "Little Hua is that right? Welcome....boy, won\'t you ask your classmate to go upstairs and put things down, don\'t just stand him at the door." After he finished he turned to Zhan Yi Fei, " Vice President Zhan, I will ask the child about this matter. If there is a reply, I will contact you again."

Zhan Yi Fei seeing Lin\'s guests and he felt that he also stayed for a long time so he got up and said, "I\'m sorry for bothering you, Mr. Lin. The youngs ones .... goodbye."

Lin Yu Tong went upstairs by a half and stopped to turn around, just to see Zhan Yi Fei at the door putting on his shoes, he could not help but stare at him for a while. In the last life, his father did mention that this person wanted to marry him, but Lin Yu Tong refused it on the spot and didn\'t even ask the reason.

In fact, Zhan Yi Fei conditions are much better than those of Shen Jun. The education, the family, the appearance, the social status, even the man\'s body is several times better than Shen Jun\'s. Unfortunately, he was concentrating on Shen Jun too much at that time. Nothing else is flew in his attention.

Zhan Yi Fei felt that someone was watching him and he couldn\'t help but look back up after wearing the shoes. His gaze was opposite to Lin Yu Tong. Lin Yu Tong smiled and nodded at him. Yi Fei finished and quietly watched Lin Yu Tong for a long time.

Until Lin Yu Tong got upstairs then Zhan Yi Fei went back.

Hua Yua Bai also saw that Zhan Yi Fei. It may be that Zhan Yi Fei was too straightforward. He couldn\'t help but feel confused. He said to Lin Yu Tong: "Lin, did you say tell them that I will be coming? "

Lin Yu Tong patted his shoulder. "Don\'t think too much of it, let\'s go wash hands, so we can go to eat."

Lin Zhi Song and Chen Su-Ning are very amiable people, so this meal is very harmonious, especially Lin Yu Tong\'s younger brother.

When Lin Yu Fei learnt that Hua Yua Bai was a school top student. After eating half of his food, he moved the chair to Hua Yua Bai. The doggy like cute eyes were aimed at Hua Yua Bai and he said: "Brother Hua, you must save me! I have piled up a bunch of questions for homework from the teacher. I am lost, you must help me."

Hua Yua Bai was frightened and shocked, but he was an honest person who would not refuse to help when someone encounter such problems, so he nodded generously and said: "Well, as long as I can."

"Yes , you can." Lin Yu Fei immediately banged the chopsticks at the table and Hua Yua Bai bowl which was topped full of dishes quickly fell off the table.

In the evening, Hua Yua Bai stayed in the room next to Lin Yu Tong. He slept very early after the shower. This is a typical student early morning wake-up and he was just the opposite of Lin Yu Tong. Lin Yu Tong couldn\'t sleep, he took a cigarette and went downstairs to the bar and poured a glass of water on the way. Not long after, the mobile phone text message rang, it was Shen Jun.

[- Lin Zi, I just finished shooting, maybe I will go back home these two days, you should not come to me.]

Lin Yu Tong just put the phone aside and did not reply. He didn\'t want to be fooled again. He got pushed from 9th floor and was reborn. So what about Shen Jun? At this time in the last life, he would have already replied to Shen Jun, so now there is no such message, this world.... What does no reply mean to Shen Jun?

Lin Yu Tong was immersed in meditation. Unexpectedly, he did not receive a text message for a while, then one came from a strange number.

[--Have you slept yet? ]

If it was a thing of the past, this kind of text message, Lin Yu Tong, would have deleted when he raises his hand, because ten or eight times it is not a mistake, it is a one of those advertising people , but he suddenly encounters the "reborn", which is difficult to understand with common sense and may also be sleeping. Looking for a personal chat, Lin Yu Tong actually looked at the text for a while until his father walked downstairs from the bed upstairs.

Lin Zhi Song had put on his t-shirt and the beige cotton plaid pajamas which made him look like a jade and his posture is straight and narrow. He has a consistent smile on his face like Lin Yu Tong and the more he looks, the more elegant he is..... Giving the feeling of being an approachable person.

Lin Yu Tong looked at his father\'s still calm appearance and couldn\'t help but smile in his heart. At this time, Lin family\'s company developed well. His father\'s body was also good. It\'s not like eight years later, he was struggling with the company\'s affairs. He stayed in bed for a long time. He was only in his fifties, but his head was full of white hair.

"Dad, why are you still not sleeping?" Lin Yu Tong\'s gaze quietly moved down with his father\'s body until the person sat down beside him.

"You haven\'t slept yet?" Lin Zhi Song sat next to his son. "This kid, it\'s been a long time since you started school. Are you still afraid that I will win over you when we play chess?"

"It\'s really a bit awkward, who made it so I don\'t grow up with this technology."

"You really have a self-knowledge." Lin Zhi Song sighed and said goodbye: "It\'s late, Dad won\'t go out to play chess with you. The person who came today is Zhan Yi Fei, do you know him? You have seen him before. He came..." After a pause, Lin Zhi Song observed his son\'s expression. "He came to tell me that he hopes to marry into our family and that the object of marriage is you."

"......" Sure enough.

"You are not curious at all?"

"Of course not, at least I really want to know the reason. You also know that The Zhan family is looked up from the whole country and counted on by the people. Zhan Yi Fei is a long-standing grandson of the family. It is reasonable to say that his family is in a better marriageable position than ours. There should be a lot of people for him to choose, but why did he choose our family? And I have nothing to do with him, it is so strange."

"I also asked him about this, but he did not answer, so I am concerned about your choice on marriage. I didn\'t agree. Of course, I have no objection to the marriage, I will respect your opinion."

"So, do you want me to be with him?"

"This question..." Lin Zhi Song shook his head with a smile. "Lin\'s family has developed quite well, but Dad does not deny that it is better to be aligned with The Zhan family. If it is from the perspective of profit, Dad really wants you to get married with him. But I also know that parents should always value their children feelings the most, so the final result depends on your own wish. If you like him, we naturally will not oppose it. After all, that Zhan Yi Fei is indeed one of the best guy out there. Whether it is in term of character, ability or appearance, all aspects are excellent and you just like the same sex people. But if you don\'t like him then it doesn\'t matter to us."

"Do you think I will agree?

" No." Lin Zhi Song answered with a slap in the face.

"I am sorry, you guessed it wrong." Lin Yu Tong stood up from the chair. "You give me his contact information first. I don\'t want to marry him just yet. I have to get to know him first."

Lin Zhi Song: "..."

Lin Zhi Song was like a man who has lived long not knowing his son. He has been dum faced staring at him for a long time. "Tong Tong , are you upset? Or do you understand the meaning of the marriage? In fact, our Lin family is not a wealthy family. However, we have not yet reached the point of using a marriage to develop and grow financial and there is no shortage of capital turnover."

Lin Yu Tong thought that there is no shortage now, but it will soon be in turmoil and once such a situation like that occurs, it is very difficult to turn over. Although he belongs to the well pain-income category in the authors circle, that is also a future event and such a huge hole of cash is not something that he can quickly fill in with his own power. The most important thing is that he really has no business talents. He can work hard to help his father, but he is more likely to be helpless when he encounters technical problems. Therefore, he must be associated with this marriage, so that at least his family can be safe by being associated with the Zhan family

As for the feelings, this thing is there today, maybe it will be gone tomorrow, who can make it clear? This is time to put the family in the first place and think of feelings later. Anyway, when the last life came to an ending, he did not hear who Zhan Yi Fei ended with and there is no problem of destroying that marriage.

Lin Yu Tong licked the cigarette in his hand. "Dad, I know that our family doesn\'t need marriage, but as your son, I want to fall in love and Yi Fei looks very handsome, so I want to try."

Lin Zhi Song frowned and took the cup that his son handed him. "Are you sure?"

Lin Yu Tong took his father\'s cell phone and rummaged for a long time. He found Zhan Yi Fei phone number. When he found it, he laughed and said: " OK!" After that, he saved the number into his mobile phone and returned to his room without returning information.

[- Why are you not sleeping? Mr. Zhan wants me to coerce him? ]