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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage« 重生 之 金色 婚姻» Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Sen Hun Yin ,

Chapter 27: Happy Birthday

Wang Bo did not know Lin Yu Tong\'s intentions, but he knew that Zhan Yi Fei\'s birthday was coming. In the past when it was during Zhan Yi Fei\'s birthday, Wang Bo will give Zhan Yi Fei a gift, and this year is no exception.

Lin Yu Tong saw Wang Bo buy a bamboo painting and putting it at home, but since it was not a birthday, it was only when Wang Bo bought it to decorate the house. He said casually, "Wang Bo, do you like bamboo paintings?"

Wang Bo said: "This bamboo is for the young master. The young master is going to have a birthday. In the past two days, I have been thinking about going to the villa to supervise its decoration. So I bought the gift in advance, and then tell him later."

Lin Yu Tong touched the bamboo, emerald green and after he saw that this little thing kinda pretty, he said:" OK, but you should not go over there when they\'re painting, the smell is not good for your health. When you are old, you still have to take care of your body."

Wang Bo smiled slyly. "You have a Little Lady\'s mind , but I can\'t go for a few days without work. What I\'m used to do and living with the Young Masters is like two worlds apart. This has not been since I came here. In the moment, what do the young people say? Oh, light bulb! This person is old, Ah is the most taboo, so I planned to go out for two days."

Lin Yu Tong一 Vocal music, "You are avant-garde, then I will not be polite with you. But you will live in the house and if there is one day that you don\'t live in the villa. I will find you a good place to live. I also want to remember you. "

Wang Bo said: "Okay."

Lin Yu Tong said to him again: "Yi Fei did not mention his birthday with me, so he might think that I don\'t know it, you should not tell him, I want to give him a surprise."

Wang Bo glanced at Lin Yu Tong with gratitude. "Then you don\'t have to worry about it. Since his mother died, no one has given the Young Master a proper birthday, so he may not be himself. I remember in the past, at most, Missy Hong Yi came or made a phone call, but Missy was busy with work and often forgot."

Lin Yu Tong said: "You can rest assured."

Wang Bo came along with Lin Yu Tong during this time. He also knew that Lin Yu Tong was a very trustworthy person and he did not say anything. But it may be he wanted to give Lin Yu Tong and Zhan Yi Fei more time to spend in their own little two people world, so he wanted to leave early, and the result was pulled by Lin Yu Tong, did not go.

The next day, Lin Yu Tong went to buy two movie tickets, and then seriously thought about what Zhan Yi Fei would possibly want to eat on his birthday, Chinese food or Western food? However, he was hesitant when formulating what dish to eat

Zhan Yi Fei has been so lonely for so many years, is it better to be busy this time?

Lin Yu Tong called home. "Mom, do you have free time with my dad at noon this Saturday? Its Yi Fei birthday, I want our family to have lunch with him to celebrate, you know, his aunt went back, there will be no one to give him a birthday at his home."

Chen Su Ning said: "Well, Ah, what can we do? Or do you want to come home to eat?"

Lin Yu Tong thought about it, it seems to be that the atmosphere at home is better, he just said: "Then I will see if he has time when he is not there. If he has the time, I will take him there. I will call you later."

After Zhan Yi Fei came home, Lin Yu Tong asked him, "Yi Fei... Do you have time on Saturday? Can you do me a favor? "

Zhan, even thought Yi Fei said:" Say it "

Lin Yu Tong said to him:" You did check if you\'re busy? "

Zhan, Yi Fei said:" If it is outside the scope of my ability, you would not open your mouth, since it is within my ability, do you need to ask? Your business is my business, and what else is there to say. "

Lin Yu Tong didn\'t say much and after he fiddled with Zhan Yi Fei\'s ear he said, "Thank you."

Zhan Yi Fei turned to bite Lin Yu Tong\'s finger, Lin Yu Tong pulled it away and went to bring Zhan Yi Fei a warm a cup of milk.

On Zhan Yi Fei birthday day, Lin Yu Tong got up early in the morning to make a bowl of longevity noodles, a long handmade noodle, cooked with a white bone soup, served with rapeseed and carrots. He cooked an egg and cut it into petals, and the whole presentation was good

There was a problem -

Zhan Yi Fei picked up the noodles and asked: "How did you cook them this thin?"

Lin Yu Tong wanted to say: Then you really don\'t know that you have a birthday Ah? !

Eating longevity noodles is not as a stomach filling food. Lin Yu Tong didn\'t make them bigger but the length is ok, but when you look at that small pile, you know that there is only one bite worth of noodle so do not blame Zhan Yi Fei.

Lin Yu Tong said: "You can eat it, there will be other things to eat in a while, and we will not just eat noodles. Right, eat it, eat noodles, don\'t bite."

Zhan Yi Fei stared blankly at Lin Yu Tong. It seems that he finally remembered that today is his birthday. He carefully put the noodles back in the bowl, and he was willing to eat it so slowly. He looked at Lin Yu Tong and said, "Little Tong, thank you."

Lin Yu Tong smiled. "Happy birthday. You should eat first, and so on. I have to go to pick up something."

Zhan Yi Fei looked at him for a while, he got up and took the camera out, took several photos of the noodles, and took out the other food that Lin Yu Tong took out before he started eating.

At this time, it was not very popular to share photos in a circle of friends, and it is rare to see someone taking pictures of food. Therefore, Lin Yu Tong was stunned and after seeing that Zhan Yi Fei was constantly shooting the food at a table, but it was subtlety different.

Zhan Yi Fei was obviously very happy. He sat down and ate the noodles. Even the noodle soup, plus the eggs he ate it all and did not leave even a little residue. Then he went to poke the small peach looking dumplings in a plate. Only one of the big ones on the table a total of six, the dumpling skin was tender and delicious and there were two green leaves below, which is very cute.

Lin Yu Tong grabbed and shook his head. "I wanted to make them bigger, and the result was they got out smaller."

Zhan Yi Fei caught one and found that there was red bean paste filling inside it, and it was soft and also very sweet.

Lin Yu Tong asked: "Is it delicious?"

Zhan Yi Fei silently took a piece from the plate to Lin Yu Tong mouth, then pulled the rest all over to the front and he did not hear Lin Yu Tong talking. .

Lin Yu Tong took a bite and thought it was okay, he went.

Lin Yu Tong didn\'t have a class at the weekend, and Zhan Yi Fei also deliberately freed his time for "helping", so it was nothing to do after breakfast. Lin Yu Tong washed the bowl as usual and began to clean up the house. Zhan Yi Fei sat in the living room to read some documents which were not in a hurry to deal with, and then he looked up from time to time to see what Lin Yu Tong was doing. Sometimes his eyes fell on Lin Yu Tong, and for a long time he was reluctant to look away. At this time, Lin Yu Tong would look back at him with a smiling face and continued to look down at him.

Lin Yu Tong was busy with housework. Generally speaking, after the housework sit down and start writing novels. But today is Zhan Yi Fei\'s birthday. He took out the two tickets for the movie. "Today\'s first thing to do are these movie tickets."

Zhan Yi Fei shook his head and smiled. He knew Lin Yu Tong\'s intention. He took the ticket and gently tapped it on Lin Yu Tong\'s nose. "Wait for me, I will go and change the clothes."

Lin Yu Tong asked: "Can I choose it for you?"

Zhan Yi Fei nodded," Okay Ah. "

Lin Yu Tong helped Zhan Yi Fei chose a slightly casual style shirt with a pure black wool vest, then Zhan Yi Fei took a black half-length coat doesn\'t look too formal, but it didn\'t cover Zhan Yi Fei\'s eliteness

Zhan Yi Fei was a natural handsome, with those Clo he\'s he looked like a model that came out of the magazine. Lin Yu Tong snorted a little and said, "Let\'s go."

The two went to the cinema and found that because it was the weekend, there were still many people, not parents with children, but a pairs of small couples. The people around them were talking but when they saw Zhan Yi Fei, many people stopped talking and watched Zhan Yi Fei.

Lin Yu Tong felt that this is the fault of being born tall and handsome.

Lin Yu Tong didn\'t buy the tickets for a private room, because watching a movie is sometimes enjoyed as a crowd thing. He felt that there is not much difference between watching it in the cinema private room and watching it at home. If they wanted to watch it at a private box it is better not to come to the cinema. Of course, the time to catch up is another matter.

Zhan Yi Fei has never seen a movie with people, he was watching others people buy snacks and he asked Lin Yu Tong, "Would you like something to eat?"

Lin Yu Tong took Zhan Yi Fei to buy popcorn and drinks. Then, they entered the auditorium, found the location and sat down and started chatting. "How do you feel?"

Zhan Yi Fei looked around and said, "Good, a very fresh experience."

Lin Yu Tong smiled and was about to talk about the film selected today. As a result, Zhan Yi Fei\'s cell phone rang. Chu Tian Ye said on the phone: "Yi Fei, this buddy remember that you should have a birthday in these two days Ah? Which day is it Ah? Do you have any plans? "

Zhan, Yi Fei said:" Today, at the moment I\'m with Tong Tong in the cinema . "

Chu Tian Ye laughed," Yo, so romantic Ah? Yes, then today is not bad day for you, how about tomorrow night? Do you have any time tomorrow night? If you have any, take your Little Lin Zi out, and the brothers will help you celebrate together. "

Zhan, Yi Fei asked Lin Yu Tong and Lin Yu Tong said OK.

Zhan Yi Fei told Chu Tian Ye, Chu Tian Ye said he will arrange the place, Zhan Yi Fei looked at Lin Yu Tong and said they would take time to go back.

Lin Yu Tong said with a laugh: "I don\'t think this Young Master Chu is very careful. "

Zhan, Yi Fei shook his head," I remember what he said was that my birthday is between two days, he did not know the specific day, he was like a blind cat who was killed by a rat just in time. "

Lin Yu Tong think so too, it seems that Chu is the large and small style.

When Zhan Yi Fei concentrated on bigger and are more eventful, but today he went to see the movie, but from time to time his eyes wandered from the movie screen and he turned to Yu Tong Lin.

Lin Yu Tong asked him after the movie. "How do you think about XX acting skills? "

Zhan Yi Fei had a puzzled expression," who is XX? "

Pitiful man tried so hard to perform with feelings, he even screams...... people still don\'t know him!

Lin Yu Tong was afraid that fans will come and scold them, and he quickly pull Zhan Yi Fei away."

When they arrived at The Lin Family, it was as lively as the New Year. Lin Yu Tong opened the door, first sound came from Lin Zhi Song: "Hey, wife, you are such a person Yi Fei is here!"

Then Lin Yu Fei said, "Why didn\'t you call before you came?! "

Lin Yu Lan came from outside, she was carrying the cake," brother, brother Yi Fei, you coming, hurry to help me answer it. "

The family moved around and they finally put on the foods at the table, Zhan Yi Fei had not seen a servant.

Chen Su Ning pulled the apron and said: "I let the maids take a half-day vacation and they will come back at night. Today, there is only family, come and come, Little Fei will you pour the wine."

Lin Yu Lan inserted the candle and asked Lin Yu Tong, " Brother, How many do I have to put Ah?"

Lin Yu Tong said, "Put twenty-nine." After the candles were put in the sister lit the candle, then looked at Zhan Yi Fei and began to sing. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you..."

Zhan Yi Fei never spoke, but his eyes were a little red. Later, when everyone raised the cup, he drank the wine from the cup and said in a muffled voice: "Thank you, uncle and aunt, and younger brother and sister."

Lin Yu Lan said: "Yi Fei, how do you still call my parents, uncle, aunt Ah? ? Its Mom and Dad, did you not change your relations yet? "

Lin Zhi Song quickly took a red envelope out," Who said I do not give these things to my sons...Then he also has to be called my son! "

Chen Su Ning also prepared a red envelope, she got a red envelope and slapped it on the table," everything is in place, only a strong wind. "

Zhan, Yi Fei does not wear grumble, he was happy to corrected himself and said:" Dad, Mom, thank you. "

Lin Zhi Song and Chen Su Ning red envelope were given to him, as well as gifts.

Everyone had a gift, Lin Zhi Song gave him a rooted eagle, and Chen Su Ning gave him a set of thermal underwear, Lin Yu Fei gave him the best aircraft model he has ever made, and Lin Yu Lan gave him a painting of a mountain river that she painted herself.

As for Lin Yu Tong, the number of people in the family fell for a long time and lamented about his gift.

Zhan Yi Fei helped him fend off the laments, and Lin Yu Tong was even more powerful. But he can\'t say it, because only he knows what his gift is.

Chen Su Ning had wanted for them to stay for dinner, but Lin Yu Tong said that he had other arrangements and the two left.

Lin Yu Tong took Zhan Yi Fei to the largest shopping mall in the city, with a large indoor playground. He also took care of the parents who took the children and took up two places to play with sand, with Zhan Yi Fei.

The children around looked at them and they felt that the two uncles were so beautiful, much more powerful than their Moms and Dads!

There was a little girl about five years old who climbed down the chair and walked over. "Uncle, I want to play with you, can I?"

Everyone\'s sandbox is about the size of a square, but this sandbox can be spliced and the sandboxes can also be combined so people can play together. Lin Yu Tong laughed at the little girl and said, "Its okay, but does your father and mother agree?" The little girl yelled at her mother, and her mother said, "Sorry, the child is curious..."

Lin Yu Tong laughed, "It doesn\'t matter."

After he finished, he looked at the little girl again. "Child, you can play with us, but uncle wants to ask you a favor?"

The little girl asked weakly: "What a favor?"

Lin Yu Tong pointed to Zhan Yi Fei. "This uncle its his birthday today. Can you say "Happy birthday Uncle" to him?"

What is the little girl doing? It\'s so simple, she will cooperate immediately. "Happy birthday Uncle!"

Zhan Yi Fei said with a smile: "Thank you."

Then the two big ones started to play, and the three sand tables were raised up all together, and the castle they made was getting bigger and bigger. Later, other children saw it and they came together. Lin Yu Tong did the please say happy birthday uncle, so Zhan Yi Fei listened to the blessings of many children. In the end, there are seven or eight people who played sand together. Lin Yu Tong was like a child king. He divided the children\'s work. It makes the parents who watch the children have a lot of leisure time, because the children will not move to other places if they are focused, so the parents don\'t have to worry about the kids running around.

It may be that when he was a child, Lin Yu Tong always played with his younger siblings, so Lin Yu Tong had a lot of experience dealing with children. Later, when he left with Zhan Yi Fei, the children still couldn\'t bear to let them go. Lin Yu Tong took Zhan Yi Fei to play catch the doll and play the coin pusher and everyone followed.

For Zhan Yi Fei, this is definitely a novel experience. He seems to have done a lot of things that Lin Yu Tong had longed for but couldn\'t do in a day, but he\'s unknowingly playing outside. .

Lin Yu Tong said: "Let\'s go to the food city here? There is a rotating hot pot inside, it\'s pretty good."

Zhan Yi Fei has made a good idea today to listen to everything Lin Yu Tong said and the words were natural. The two of them finished eating by then it was almost until 7:30 in the evening, and then they went home.

When he came out of the gate, there was a gift shop. Lin Yu Tong thought that the family said that he did not give a gift to the birthday guy, he asked Zhan Yi Fei, "What do you want?"

Zhan Yi Fei looked at things for a while and pointed to a very small wooden box placed on the counter.

Lin Yu Tong did not think much, he bought it directly. As a result, when they got in the car he saw Zhan Yi Fei put the movie tickets they used today into the box.

Zhan Yi Fei said: "Let\'s go back and print the photos taken this morning."

Lin Yu Tong leaned over and even when he wanted to kiss Zhan Yi Fei\'s face, he just laughed.

When they got home, there was no one at home. Zhan Yi Fei asked Lin Yu Tong, "isn\'t Wang Bo coming back today?"

Wang Bo said to Zhan Yi Fei before that he was going to the villa today to see about the decoration, but did not say he wouldn\'t return in the evening.

Lin Yu Tong said with a smile: "Wang Bo said that today is your birthday, he will let us two people stay in our own world, so I asked him to go to a farmer\'s house in a friend home to eat wild fish."

Zhan Yi Fei took off his buttons and in the darkness he looked at Lin Yu Tong.

Lin Yu Tong came over and continued to help Zhan Yi Fei open the clothes buttons. His face went near Zhan Yi Fei\'s ear, he asked: "Yi Fei, can you tell me what I wished my parents at noon today? "

Zhan, Yi Fei felt an instant atmosphere of instability," said I\'ll realize it? "

Lin Yu Tong help Zhan Yi Fei taking off the coat and he went hanging it on the side, he smiled and laid hold Zhan Yi Fei clothes corner to pull him into the room, their feet gently hook the door close behind him and then his hands hooked onto Zhan Yi Fei\'s neck "I want to know this kind of thing, I always have to try to find out if I can achieve it..."

Zhan Yi Fei slammed the man on the door panel and kissed him forcefully. There was no flirting, no care, just pure grizzly. He protected Lin Yu Tong\'s head and then locked Lin Yu Tong between himself and the door panel. The way he did was as if he didn\'t do it, Lin Yu Tong would disappear.

Lin Yu Tong opened his mouth and Zhan Yi Fei raged inside his mouth. Lin Yu Tong hand pressed Zhan Yi Fei\'s belt, and Zhan Yi Fei couldn\'t wait to put his hand into Lin\'s clothes and explore inside it. Lin Yu Tong felt that his heartbeat was surprisingly fast. It was as if some kind of repressed desire emanating from Zhan Yi Fei was like a key, which opened his(Yu Tong) inner chains and expectation and completely lighting him on fire

Zhan Yi Fei finally let go of Lin Yu Tong\'s lips. He began to kiss down his neck. Lin Yu Tong\'s body and his skin are like treasures that have never been explored. It is full of countless unknowns mysteries, which makes Zhan Yi Fei fascinated and make him feel like he can\'t stop.

Lin Yu Tong threw away the last piece of clothing from Zhan Yi Fei except the underwear and led him walking slowly toward the bathroom.

Zhan Yi Fei understood his intentions and moved in the direction of the bathroom. When they entered, he only had underwear.

Lin Yu Tong gazed with a sly eyes briefly on the proud standing Zhan Yi Fei\'s little brother then he gently patted the firm thing on the top, while he was teasing and seductive laughing and he asked: "How is this always so spiritual?"

Zhan Yi Fei was already so hard that when he was touched by Lin Yu Tong, and the thing swelled gently, as if he was in a hurry. He hugged Lin Yu Tong, the warm big palm rubbed back and forth on Lin Yu Tong, and finally stayed on his ample butt and he kneaded it lightly. He whispered in Lin Yu Tong\'s ear: "I am going to get the lubricant."

Lin Yu Tong nodded, then he took off his underwear and turned on the shower.

Zhan Yi Fei came back soon. When he opened the door, he saw Lin Yu Tong\'s back and... there were drops of water falling down on the very sexy buttocks, through to a pair of straight long legs.

Lin Yu Tong then smiled and that smile hooked Zhan Yi Fei.

Zhan Yi Fei can\'t wait to push Lin Yu Tong on the sink, but the things he was holding in his hand kept him a little rational. So he walked over and grabbed Lin Yu Tong from behind and gently rubbed Lin Yu Tong\'s crack with his body.

Lin Yu Tong\'s breathing became extremely heavy. He turned his back to Zhan Yi Fei\'s face and raised his neck to let Zhan Yi Fei leave a mark on it.

Zhan Yi Fei\'s left hand kneaded the bulging nipples on Lin Yu Tong\'s chest, and the right hand gently stroked the folds of Lin Yu Tong\'s chrysanthemum. He felt that Lin Yu Tong\'s breath was getting hotter and hotter, and he lubricated his JB and slowly tried to penetrate Lin Yu Tong\'s body.

After a short time, there was a sigh of satisfaction in the bathroom. After this sigh, it was followed by a painful and pleasing X sounds ...... After an hour and a half, Zhan Yi Fei took it out of Lin Yu Tong, and Lin Yu Tong was too tired and too lazy to even open his eyes. He thinks he can probably sleep in bed tonight.

Zhan Yi Fei asked him indefinitely before he put his legs down: "Do you really want to go bed?"

Lin Yu Tong said in a mute: "Well, I have no strength to turn anymore."

Zhan Yi Fei was definitely a warrior inside a pure man, and he was hard for more than an hour since he entered his body. After cumming once, a normal person will take a break and then start again. Zhan Yi Fei can continue to pound a few times after cumming. If it wasn\'t because he really can\'t stand it, he will definitely continue.

FML, this guy who doesn\'t follow the common sense! When they got home, they did had their first orgasm at 8:30, but now it\'s almost 11:00! ! !

Zhan Yi Fei didn\'t know that Lin Yu Tong had completely satiated and instilled more hunger in him. He put Lin Yu Tong down and pulled him into his arms and kissed him. He only felt that he was not satisfied as he is now. He caressed Lin Yu Tong\'s back and said with joy: "Tong Tong, you are finally mine. I am completely yours alone."

Lin Yu Tong "Yeah", it seems that I am going to fall asleep. .

Zhan Yi Fei was still very spirited. He looked at Lin Yu Tong for a while in the dim light of the house, and couldn\'t help but draw a finger on Lin Yu Tong\'s face.

Lin Yu Tong felt some itching, but he didn\'t have the strength to scratch it. He said with a sigh of relief, "Itchy~"

Zhan Yi Fei gently scratched it, then bit it!

Lin Yu Tong: "..."

Lin Yu Tong hasn\'t woken up late since moving into the apartment he lives in, but obviously, the next day he remembered that he can\'t get up. The body was as heavy as lead, and his waist is too sour. The most awkward thing is that a part in his body is overused, and it\'s weird and uncomfortable!

Zhan Yi Fei was feeling too complicated, but he had been in love with Lin Yu Tong for so long, he watched Lin Yu Tong cooking every day, so he cooked a little millet porridge and steamed a few ready-made chocolates hamanakis.

Lin Yu Tong held his waist when he trued to get up and Zhan Yi Fei said, "Don\'t get up just eat in bed, I will feed you."

Zhan Yi Fei brought the tea tray in, and also buy a laptop table when he bought the notebook. The table was moved to the bed.

Lin Yu Tong thought that he would go out at night and no longer insisted. He ate the porridge on the bed, and then asked Zhan Yi Fei, who had waited for him to clean up and went to clean up the tableware. "You are not tired at all after all that? "

Zhan, Yi Fei said:" I\'m tired Ah, but I\'m not physically tired, just my heart is tired. "

Lin Yu Tong frown," heart is tired?"

Zhan, Yi Fei nodded,"In fact, this morning I wanted to continue where we ended last night but seeing you are too tired, I was not willing, and my heart is very tired now."

Lin Yu Tong: "..."

Lin Yu Tong was glad that he has finished drinking the porridge, otherwise he thinks he will certainly be unable to resist Zhan Yi Fei pouty face!

Zhan Yi Fei may know that what he said is too irritating, and quickly took the dirty clothes and said to Lin Yu Tong: "I think you usually separate them..... Can you tell me which ones can be put together?"

Lin Yu Tong glanced at it. Except that a wool vest which could not be washed with the other clothes, the rest could be washed together. He just pulled out the vest and left the rest to Zhan Yi Fei.

Zhan Yi Fei started the washing machine and then went to Lin Yu Tong with a bunch of washed grapes. "Eat. Do you want to listen to music? Or do you want me to turn on the TV for you?"

Lin Yu Tong thought about it: "Help me look at this book, I haven\'t updated it today."

Zhan Yi Fei originally wanted to say that he should rest more, but when he remembered that Lin Yu Tong had obsessive-compulsive disorder and had a manuscript, he took the book.

Lin Yu Tong opened it and a a username Drunk In The Forest had rewarded him with a thousand emeralds in the middle of the night. The reason was he was too happy.

Zhan Yi Fei saw him shaking his head and asked curiously, "What\'s wrong?"

Lin Yu Tong said: "There is a local reader who is happy and rewarded me when he is unhappy he rewarded, and rewards a lot. He seems to be happy again last night. "

Zhan Yi Fei heart said: Of course Ah! That is first time I entered the other half of your body, why would I not be happy? It\'s just a lot of fun! I didn\'t sleep for a whole night!

Of course, this cannot be said.

Zhan Yi Fei smiled and looked at Lin Yu Tong. "That means you wrote well. If you didn\'t write well, you won\'t be rewarded."

Lin Yu Tong smiled. "Probably. Actually, I thought it was you at first. But come to think about it.... it\'s not you."

Zhan Yi Fei hides his curiosity and pretends to be careless. "Why is it not me?"

Lin Yu Tong looked at the comment and said: "The website takes half of what we get as reward. That is to say, he rewards me 10,000, and removes it into only five thousand to my hand. This is really what you appreciate. Then I can\'t feel bad about it. That\'s equal to holding the money from the family to go to the cheap Jinfan Literature Network. Leprechaun! But I don\'t think you are so stupid."

Zhan Yi Fei: "..."

Zhan Yi Fei thinks his cardiovascular system is about to be block. He has to clean the table to comfort himself.