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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage« 重生 之 金色 婚姻» Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Sen Hun Yin

Chapter 26: Tong Tong

Lin Yu Tong certainly can\'t really blow the pillow with Zhan Yi Fei, but the Ye Han Ying was an issue which he did care about so he turned his target to Wang Bo.

Wang Bo was now standing on Zhan Yi Fei\'s side, and according to the intimacy of Ye Han Ying and The Zhan Family, this person must have visited The Zhan Family, so maybe Wang Bo will know more about him.

At The Zhan Family, Wang Bo was working from morning to night, and a lot of things were waiting for him to handle but when he arrived at Zhan Yi Fei and Lin Yu Tong apartment, there was no servant, and Lin Yu Tong was doing the housework alone. So what the old man can do is to water the flowers on the balcony, or to help dump a garbage or something, and still have a lot of free time.

On this day, Zhan Yi Fei went to work. When Lin Yu Tong came back from class, he just saw Wang Bo returning from dumping the garbage. He went to chat with Wang Bo and he asked Wang Bo, "Have you ever seen Ye Han Ying? "

Wang Bo said: "I have seen him Ah, this is Miss Yi Ning\'s boyfriend, he is very popular in The Zhan Family. The Young Master does not go home often, so he does not know, in fact, this Mr. Ye started early coming to The Zhan Family."

Lin Yu Tong saw Wang Bo frowning and asked: "When was it very early?"

Wang Bo recalled it and said, "It\'s about three years ago."

Maybe it\'s Lin Yu Tong who was interested in knowing which made Wang Bo talk about everything and not hide anything.

He told Lin Yu Tong. "In fact, Miss Yi Ning is only 22 years old this year, so she was not even twenty when she met Mr. Ye. I remember that. It was also in the winter season. Miss Yi Ning brought Mr. Ye to the house and said that he was her boyfriend, and the husband and wife were very welcoming of him. Later, Mr. Ye came to The Zhan Family from time to time."

Lin Yu Tong remembered what he had seen him at The Zhan Group before. He saw that Ye Han Ying and Zhan Yi Ning were very chatty. So it seems that the two really have a good relationship?

Wang Bo said when he arrived at his doorstep: "But I always feel that Mr. Ye may be more concerned about The Zhan Family name prominence than Miss Yi Ning."

Lin Yu Tong has already heard what Zhan Yi Fei said, so he knows what Ye Han Ying was about. Generally, but when Wang Bo said that Lin Yu Tong was surprised. "How did you find that Wang Han Ying valued The Zhan Family background?"

Wang Bo thought for a moment and seemed to think about how to describe it. Later, he seemed to finally grape it when he thought of something, he took a shot and said, "Because I think he acted differently to Miss Yi Ning and to the Young Master."

Lin Yu Tong: "..."

What is the answer Ah? !

How many people would like Zhan Yi Fei like him? He can\'t wait to take the stars and moons off him as a sleeping bag!

Lin Yu Tong felt that he has never been able to keep up with Shen Jun in his life for one-tenth of Zhan Yi Fei. Zhan Yi Fei was really hurting for him. Sometimes he looks at him like he wants to get him a protective cover, for fear that he will touch him and give him pain.

Although he occasionally felt a little dumb, but who would not like being placed on the pedestal?

People are emotional. If someone is meticulous caring to you, you will be touched for a long time, not to mention that when a person who is so good to you has been quietly paying for you. Lin Yu Tong didn\'t think that this was him. It was a change of anyone. As long as he was loved by Zhan Yi Fei, he would not escape. Of course, even if he can escape, he probably don\'t want to escape.

Lin Yu Tong blew Zhan Yi Fei hair as usual, and then unconsciously squeezed his shoulders when he finished the hair dryer. Zhan Yi Fei saw it and said, "You won\'t blow my hair up tomorrow, is your shoulder in paid ?"

Lin Yu Tong shook his arm. "It may be that the sky is going to be dark again. It just twinged and it doesn\'t matter if I blow your hair."

Zhan Yi Fei\'s hair is cut together and he doesn\'t have long black hair. It can be dried by being blown twice, but Zhan Yi Fei seems to enjoy the feeling of having his hair blown by him, so since Lin Yu Tong first blown it, Zhan Yi Fei would come out to Lin Yu Tong after washing his head and rubbed it with a towel and he will take a hair dryer and looked for his hair blow drier mechanic. He didn\'t need to talk. He looked at him silently with a face like a child and Lin Yu Tongcouldn\'t bear to refuse him. As a result, he also developed the habit of helping Zhan Yi Fei to blow his hair in a few days.

Lin Yu Tong poked gently the person who sat on his sleeping bag and looked at him silently. "Why are you so caring to me?"

Zhan Yi Fei said: " I could be even more caring and it would feel like its not enough."

Lin Yu Tong then deliberately sat down to Zhan Yi Fei. Later, Zhan Yi Fei turned around and continued to groan, and said in a rather uncertain tone: "Tong Tong, is it that I have given you too little security? In fact, with our family\'s living standards, you don\'t have to work a day at all. You write so many Ah, if it\'s just a hobby, can you write less?"

Lin Yu Tong said with a smile: "The sense of security that I can give myself is strong, it\'s like defense, itself. The self defense ability is definitely more reassuring than the teammate\'s defensive ability, so this is not your problem, but, but I think that every man may be having this kind of mentality. I understand that you are good to me, But... I may not know exactly how to rely on you. Besides, what is the sense of security is a second thing, I do write mainly its because I have obsessive-compulsive disorder. Once I start, I must write it quickly. After I finish writing, I feel a sense of accomplishment, and my inspiration as always been a bit like a cloud, drifting from time to time, if there are some thoughts catching up with the inspiration then I take the time to rest "

Zhan Yi Fei sighed and felt that what Lin Yu Tong said had some truth. He no longer argued. He just looked at Lin Yu Tong and he couldn\'t help but feel distressed. He simply went to get a warm wet towel and put it on Lin Yu Tong\'s shoulders, help him to massage lightly.

Lin Yu Tong was not comfortable when he was pulled to sit Zhan Yi Fei\'s legs, but he did not dare to speak out. He was afraid that his butt movement will "wake up" Zhan Yi Fei\'s teddy!

However, Zhan Yi Fei has already started to get hot...

Lin Yu Tong was looking in the direction of Zhan Yi Fei\'s feet, so even if he felt something, he does not see the change on Zhan Yi Fei, but Zhan Yi Fei was unstable. Lin Yu Tong could hear the hard breath, so he got up when he felt almost the same, and silently put back the towel.

Zhan Yi Fei didn\'t call him back anymore. Then he ran the mall after work the next day and chose a full-featured massage chair for Lin Yu Tong to put in the living room. When Lin Yu Tong was tired he could sit in the living room. Sit and relax his body. Anyway, he did not dare to massage him again.

On this day, Lin Yu Tong was rubbing the massage chair. The ringing of the mobile phone suddenly woke him from his housework. Lin Yu Tong found that it was a strange number. When he picked it up, he thought it was the other party who called the wrong number. He didn\'t expect it to be Zhan Yi Fei\'s voice. Zhan Yi Fei said on the phone: "Tong Tong, my mobile phone seems to be at home. Can you help me find it? If you\'re busy, I will ask the secretary to pick it up."

Lin Yu Tong looked through some of the most likely places where the mobile phone could be, but he did not find it, just as he called the phone. He heard the ringing ring that seemed to be coming from the bedroom bed, and went into the room to explore along the bedside. He soon found that Zhan Yi Fei\'s cell phone was behind the pillow. It was probably that Zhan Yi Fei looked at something at night and then fell asleep and forgot to take it in the morning.

The ringtone was still ringing, but Lin Yu Tong didn\'t hang it up, because he saw the name displayed on the phone, is neither a child nor a boy, not a lady or a wife, but "Tong Tong."

Zhan Yi Fei was very careful about this, and it is really reflected in any possible details.

Lin Yu Tong smiled and took the phone out. When he saw that the battery was getting lower he took the power supply and wanted to charge it for a while before he asked the secretary, and then called Zhan Yi Fei.

Yi Fei asked him, \'What with calling me Tong Tong?\'"

1]..... Tong means child so Tong Tong either means children or childish....

Zhan, Yi Fei perhaps forget this crop, rather abruptly asked was some surprise, he was quiet for a moment before saying:" Well, is it a rhetorical question."

Lin Yu Tong added:" Also, the photo on the screen saver is me so when did you take it? Honestly you should confess. "

Zhan, Yi Fei is now using screensavers photos of Lin Yu Tong appearance when he is asleep, Lin Yu Tong lying in sleeping bags, showing only the back part of his face and bare, other places are flat\'s belly, white, hairy. In fact, Lin Yu Tong was especially pure and clean.

Lin Yu Tong felt good looking at himself, not to

mention how many photos Zhan Yi Fei took.

Zhan Yi Fei said "I have a lot of them, but I like that one the most."

Lin Yu Tong has never know that Zhan Yi Fei has this photography habit, he asked Zhan Yi Fei," Can I see your cell phone for other photos? "

Zhan, Yi Fei said:" Of course, mine is yours, and you don\'t need to ask "

Today\'s mobile phones rarely have fingerprint locks and pattern locks, and Zhan Yi Fei only uses password locks. After Lin Yu Tong asked for the a password he unlocked the phone and perused the gallery for a long time. He found that at least 200 photos in Zhan Yi Fei\'s mobile phone are him, reading, code, sleeping, cooking... all kinds were taken by Zhan Yi Fei, if the photo is not of him, it\'s definitely the dish he made, maybe even the one he washed, and all of them are related to him.

He has been turning over and he turned to the last one only to find a white boxer brief, and the name of this photo is - The underwear that my wife helped me wash by hand for the first time!

There is no such thing as a small partner in the family.

Lin Yu Tong felt that since mutual honesty thing was said Zhan Yi Fei has always let him understand what is on his mind, making Lin Yu Tong often feel the illusion that he is soaking in a honey jar. On several occasions, he wants to be directly like what Zhan Yi Fei wished. But in a few days it would be Zhan Yi Fei\'s birthday, so he was still waiting.

He also know that Zhan Ho Tu and Wang Bing Yan usually go out to travel without Zhan Yi Fei. What birthday party can Zhan Yi Fei have? So Lin Yu Ting felt that he must leave an unforgettable memory for Zhan Yi Fei. The more people do not treat Zhan Yi Fei better, the more he wants to make Zhan Yi Fei feel happy. This is his gratitude to Zhan Yi Fei for loving him, and this are his feelings for Zhan Yi Fei.