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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage« 重生 之 金色 婚姻» Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Sen Hun Yin

Chapter 25: Classmates Gift

Lin Yu Tong felt that he had experienced the feeling one feels when they meet their first love. He went to school in a good mood. He just stopped the car and suddenly someone called him: "Lin Yu Tong!"

Lin Yu Tong looked back and saw the squad leader Zhou Jian. He was standing in the same place for a while, until that person came over, smiled and asked: "The class leader Ah."

Zhou Jian is very tall, not only he has good grades, but also high emotional intelligence, he is even friendly with almost everyone. He wore a black wool cap which lined up the already round and big face and made it look more like a full moon. He smiled showing white tooth and said, "You are here too early. Why didn\'t you come to college yesterday? The air conditioner was installed, the classroom was warm as spring Ah, you were a person who he fell in love, we all just borrowed light, oh no, it is all the school which borrowed the light."

The "wound " that Lin Yu Tong just healed was poked again, and he bled out, but he can only say it indiscriminately: "Warmth is good, warmth is good."

Zhou Jian, this person you can especially say, his hand strength is especially strong. He slapped on Lin Yu Tong\'s shoulder and almost pushed Lin Yu Tong to the ground. "That warmth Ah. Yesterday we were very emotional when we were in class. Even the teacher mentioned your name in class, and then the class discussed it and we decided to give you a thanking service."

Lin Yu Tong said: "Is it a bad idea to tests teacher and be able to close your eyes?"

Zhou Jian caressed his chin, " No, when you are married to Mr. Zhan, we must make borrow out the \'great power light\' of your house(relation)!"

Lin Yu Tong almost vomited three liters of blood.

"Right, Shen Jun dropped out. Xiao Wei seems to transfer out out of the school Do you know anything about this?" Zhou Jian said.

"I don\'t know Ah, what a day it must been yesterday?"

"On yesterday, Shen Jun\'s name was not called. Xiao Wei also directly requested a long leave of absence It should be that she transferred to other places. I heard that they are together, Xiao Wei is likely to go in the same university as him to save time."

"Oh, it\'s really tossing."

At this time in the last life, Shen Jun was developing his career in G City, because the company that contracted him was there. Presumably Xiao Wei is going to take the position which Lin Yu Tong had in last life, but he doesn\'t know if Xiao Wei is suitable.

Lin Yu Tong knows that Shen Jun\'s mother, Yiu Yan Qiu, will be diagnosed with stomach cancer soon. When the money for surgery is needed, he would need someone close to take care of the payment. At this time, Shen Jun has no money for surgery. Of course, Xiao Wei is sure to be happy to pay for it Lin Yu Tong doesn\'t know that Little Sister is not happy.

"You tell me.... these two people, go and leave, its so good to classmates, one can not do anything to even stop them and if one does he is not authentic." Zhou Jian lamented.

"It\'s Ah, it\'s really not authentic." Lin Yu Tong bent his face and curled his lips.

Actually, Zhan Yi Fei didn\'t wait for him to figure out the things in the photo which still really have nothing to do with them?

Regarding the fact that someone gave Zhan Yi Fei a photo through the courier, Lin Yu Tong had several speculations in his mind: The first was Shen Jun, because Shen Jun lost face at school because of the way he had to apologize to Zhan Yi Fei and Lin Yu Tong he was resentful, so he wanted to retaliate. Second, Wang Bing Yan, because she has always been looking forward to Zhan Yi Fei fall, the Zhan Family has given such a large sum of money, and he and Zhan Yi Fei did not hurry to do the wedding, Instead of holding that wedding money to invest, Wang Bing Yan is likely to be dissatisfied and want to provoke some troubles in their relationship; as for the third, it is the most unlikely but the most likely one - Xiao Wei.

Since the rebirth, he did not think that Xiao Wei and Shen Jun will be reborn again, but the reaction of Shen Jun is not very similar to the past life and Xiao Wei, she rarely appeared in his sight, when he was in school she was silent, quietly, just like in the last life, but this time she has Shen Jun around her, so every time she sees him, her eyes will always be a little prepared, just like she is afraid that Lin Yu Tong was going to snatch Shen Jun. In fact, this is one of the reasons why he always thinks that Xiao Wei shouldn\'t been reborn.

Imagine if Xiao Wei was born again, then she saw that he was with Zhan Yi Fei at this time, and that means she must know that he did not want to have any involvement with Shen Jun. So why should she be prepared that for him?

Another point, he felt that he couldn\'t endure someone to let his child have some damage. Although he didn\'t have the heart in the last life, it was a fact that Xiao Wei fell to the floor. Xiao Wei lost his life and the child. If she came back, can she endure no revenge? If she can, it is too deeply hidden.

Lin Yu Tong said something else to Zhou Jian, and then he went to the classroom. In the classroom, it was warmer than before. There were more than one grade of warmth. Everyone was wearing a down jacket and when they went straight to class. All of the heavy jackets were taken off at this time. Some people wore shirts on their upper body and put their sleeves high. When Lin Yu Tong came in, many people greeted him, and even the last person the teacher who came in smiled and said, "Hey? Our Esteemed Minister is coming to class today?"

Lin Yu Tong was quite awkward, but still he faced the classmates and teachers in good faith. He can only play silly eyes.

Ten minutes of break between classes, Long Le asked Lin Yu Tong, "Lin Zi, are you going to take a postgraduate exam?"

The Juniors, the people who are preparing for the postgraduate study have begun to review, and those who do not take the exam are starting to find places for internships, or do other plans, only a few individuals still enjoy college life, talk about love, engage in a friendship or something.

Lin Yu Tong thought about this problem before, and he said without hesitation: "I won\'t test."

He has no business mind. He has tried it in the previous life and he firmly know that he can\'t do it. He doesn\'t plan to try it in this life. He likes to write novels, likes to piece together a complete story in one word and one word, and actually his writing is quite successfully. Besides, in this world he can still write novels and get money by investing in some of well performing companies in the past life, and it is unnecessary to waste time to go to the postgraduate examination. After all, the diploma is not easy, and it takes a lot of time to enter the exam. If he really wants to develop in the business world, it will be fine, but he has no idea for it.

Long Le was stunned. "You really won\'t do the test Ah? FML, you don\'t take the test, Yua Bai doesn\'t want to take the test. Cheng Tian still doesn\'t want to take the test. Then I will have to test it all by myself?!"

After the graduation Hua Yua Bai said he is going straight into working for a foreign company, Xiang Chen Tian is vying to start his own business, Long Le does want to do the test, but it seems that he did not have the mood to test.

Lin Yu Tong thought about it: "No matter who is taking the test, anyway, if you want to take the test, you have to study hard. The time for learning is several years. After you have been in the society, you really want to learn and have no learning environment. You think about it yourself and decide about it."

Long Le glanced at Lin Yu Tong. "How is it you speak like my mom?"

Lin Yu Tong slapped Long Le\'s back and Long Le ran away.

Five minutes before the class time, Lin Yu Tong took out his mobile phone and sent a text message to Zhan Yi Fei.

- Yi Fei, the classroom is very warm, thank you.

Zhan Yi Fei received the message and responded quickly.

- Efforts to make money is to make the wife live better, don\'t be polite.

Lin Yu Tong: "..."

In the following time, Lin Yu Tong fully realized what it means to be unconsciously falling in love, and he couldn\'t tell why he was smiling like a stupid, but he couldn\'t control it, so he could only put his mind on learning and try not to always make up things about Zhan Yi Fei\'s gentle tone.

It\'s hard to get through the class at noon. Lin Yu Tong thought that he had to go to Zhan Yi Fei, and he was rushing to leave. Who knows that he just removed his butt from the chair and Zhou Jian stopped him again, the squad leader gave him a box of things and said, "This is a little bit of a classmates wish, as a gift to you and Mr. Zhan, we thank you, and wish you a good year Ah."

The classmates in the classroom shouted in unison: "Lin Yu Tong, we wish you a good match with Mr. Zhan!"

Lin Yu Tong looked at the classmates and smiled and said "Thank you all", then took the box and walked with it to the parking lot.

Zhan Yi Fei was usually out of the office at 12 o\'clock on time. If he does not leave the office, he will ask the secretary to order food for him. But today Lin Yu Tong was coming over. He has not ordered or gone out after finishing his work in advance. He has been waiting for the man.

Also in Zhan Yi Fei\'s office, there are Zuo Si Kai and Cheng Shi. The two should have gone for lunch already but Zuo Si Kai had never seen Lin Yu Tong, and he was so curious that he decided to wait with hunger.

Since it was not the peak period of work, nor was it a holiday, it was not too much traffic jam on the road. Lin Yu Tong took about 25 minutes after he left school and reached downstairs to The Zhan Group company. However, in order to save time Lin Yu Tong did not go upstairs, but directly called Zhan Yi Fei so he could come down.

When Zhan Yi Fei went downstairs, he followed two big tails. Zuo Si Kai looked at the place where his fingers were pointing. He saw Lin Yu Tong and he couldn\'t help but joke: "Ah Yi Fei, no wonder, no thoughts, no thoughts, hurry to go home, this looks like the handsome reason!"

Cheng Shi said: "He is also very good, anyway, I feel that Yi Fei days are spent very well."

Zhan Yi Fei laughed and walked over and held on to Lin Yu Tong\'s waist naturally. He turned back and introduced him. "Zuo Si Kai, the GM of The Zhan Financial Group, you can call him my brother, he is like one anyway."

Lin Yu Tong reached out. "Hello brother, my name is Lin Yu Tong. You call me Lin Zi. I often hear about you from Yi Fei."

Zuo Si Kai said with a smile: "What did he say? Is it a bad thing?"

Lin Yu Tong said:" How could he, the man has always have something good to say." Having looked Zhan Yi Fei he heard Zhan Yi Fei said:"... Just ignore them, talk to me. "

Zuo Si Kai rushed to shout the orders

Originally, Zhan Yi Fei wanted to eat with Lin Yu Tong, but it was all seen above. It was not a problem so Lin Yu Tong suggested that they should eat together, so several people found a private room, Lin Yu Tong After listening to a lot of rumors, Lin Yu Tong also had an understanding of Zuo Si Kai.

Lin Yu Tong felt that the quickest way to get into knowing them is to show up together.

He remembered that when he first went to Zhan Yi Fei\'s office, Cheng Shi spit great things about the company. This time, Zuo Si Kai expressed deep dissatisfaction with Zhan Group. "I didn\'t want to stay in The Zhan Group if Zhan Yi Fei wasn\'t there. My father and I have been doing the work at the company for many years in The Zhan Group. As a result, when he was sick, Zhan Ho Tu did not even look at him when he was sick. Instead, he flew to several times. You said that is that what a man could pay this man. "

Cheng Shi frowned. "Sometimes I really doubt whether Yi Fei is his son. Now even outsiders know that he gave Rongcheng\'s project to his daughter."

Zhan Yi Fei was silent, but Lin Yu Tong has been with him for so long, can feel the depression in his heart, and he gently stroked Zhan Yi Fei\'s legs under the table to show comfort.

Zhan Yi Fei grabbed Lin Yu Tong\'s hand and said casually: "Lets have dinner."

The table conversation quietly stopped, and then basically came out with the collision of the dishes.

Later, Zuo Si Kai looked at Zhan Yi Fei slyly. "There is still some time before we have to go back. Yi Fei is going to walk with your little Lin Zi for a while. Ah, are you coming with me?"

"Are you talking nonsense?" Cheng Shi pushed him.

Lin Yu Tong smiled and watched the two men walking away with a smile and went to the parking lot with Zhan Yi Fei.

Lin Yu Tong had to go back to school, so he took the driver\'s seat and Zhan Yi Fei took the co-driver. Before getting on the car, he saw something on the seat. When he picked it up, he asked Lin Yu Tong. "What is this?"

Lin Yu Tong said: "Oh, it is a gift from the students, they\'re saying thank you for installing air conditioners for them. "

Zhan, Yi Fei was going to put the gift bag down, after listening to Lin Yu Tong he did not," that is that they said they bought? "

Lin Yu Tong did not open so really do not know, he said:" I do not know Ah, there should be something good...... Let\'s open it."

Zhan Yi Fei opened it and saw a red bunch packets inside. The packets were printed with a pair of new people who were worshipping the world. After pulling the drawstring, it was...

Zhan Yi Fei was smiling and looking at Lin Yu Tong, "If this is the value of this air conditioner, your classmates really won my heart Ah."

Lin Yu Tong, f*ck! A bottle of water-based lubricants in dozens of sets of various colors and flavors! ! !

Zhou Jian Ah! Zhou Jian! I really didn\'t think you were such a class leader!

Lin Yu Tong\'s face was hot, because he suddenly remembered what Zhan Yi Fei said in the morning.

Zhan Yi Fei also remembered, and looked at Lin Yu Tong with a joke. "Is this really sent by your classmates? How come I remember I asked if you can bring..."

Lin Yu Tong was busy interrupting Zhan Yi Fei, "Isn\'t it time to go? Go back quickly. When the company leadership is late, how bad morale is it? I will pick you up in the late afternoon!"

Zhan Yi Fei: "..."

Zhan Yi Fei patted the bag. "Thank you, thank your classmate. Also, I will be ready to return."

Lin Yu Tong stunned, "Do you want to bring this thing to the office?"

Zhan Yi Fei said with a smile: "Relax, no matter where we bring it, you will eventually use it in your body. "

Lin Yu Tong:" ...... "

Lin Yu Tong was thinking this class leader who was assisted by a group of part-time pig-headed teammates simply having fun buying things like this, but he wondered if people want to make him take his development with Zhan Yi Fei development is far more than that.

Five minutes ago -

Zuo Si Kai and Cheng Xi slowly walked toward the company. Zuo Si Kai said: "You said that when we were vomiting! Did you see how Lin Yu Tong comforted Zhan Yi Fei?"

Cheng Shi said: "No. I just noticed Lin Zi actions. He touched Yi Fei under the table. And you didn\'t see Lin Zi\'s eyebrows right? Every time we spoke something that Zhan Ho Tu did, Lin Yu Tong would float around Yi Fei clearing the unsatisfactory smell, so I dare to make a bet with you, and I will spit out Zhan Yi Fei and the effect he had on him effect was very good."

Zuo Si Kai said with a smile: "Well, it seems that I have to take the time to sort out the things that Zhan Ho Tu has done, wait for the next we meet."

Cheng Shi gently sighed, "Can it still used? Is it just enough to transfer the Rongcheng project to Zhan Yi Ning after Zhan Yi Fei worked hard for it over the whole year?"

The Zhan Family is diversified and involves department stores, shipping, real estate and other projects, while this piece has been Zhan Yi Fei responsibility. After the death of the old master, The Zhan Family has not broken through in this field for a long time. Not only is the transportation capacity more and more backward, the orders are getting fewer, and the relationship with the government departments is very rigid. Before Zhan Yi Fei took over, it was already over for The Zhan Group. The piece of chicken was ribbed, but it was later re-structured and rectified by Zhan Yi Fei, now it has become the current prospering business. Today, Rongcheng Shipping has become not only the leading shipping company in China, but also has numerous new orders. As a result, Zhan Ho Tu was good at faking it, and the project that Zhan Yi Fei structured and made fat was actually given to his daughter.

When he thought about seeing Wang Bing Yan and Zhan Yi Ning in the company in the past few days, Cheng Shi couldn\'t even fake being happy.

Zuo Si Kai comforted him with a few words. "Well, anyway, I have a calmness in my heart. And in fact, I feel that it is quite good like this. Many people have not said anything about their ideas but they have great opinions on Zhan. Besides you I think everyone knows that Zhan Yi Ning is a straw bag. Even if Yi Fei has already settled the project, she won\'t be able to control. I am just worried that Zhan will not give her any help."

Cheng Yi did not speak for a while, but obviously there are such concerns.

Unexpectedly, a few days later, Zhan Ho Tu planned to announce a message that Zhan Yi Ning is engaged, and her engagement is exactly her current boyfriend, Ye Han Ying, the controller of the group finances.

Lin Yu Tong was not particularly familiar with the "Ye Han Ying", but he is not completely unfamiliar. He saw him several times in the news when he was still alive, so he know that this person is the door-to-door son-in-law of The Zhan Family. He is quite capable, but his character is very problematic. He remembers all the news he saw about this person. The most impressive thing was that this person had done was driving Zhan Yi Fei into an accident. Although this should be a later event, but since this can happen how can this character be a good person?

Lin Yu Tong felt that he should remind Zhan Yi Fei to be more careful, but he did not have direct contact with Ye Han Ying in the past or the world, so it would not make sense to warn him.

How can he make Zhan Yi Fei stay away from him?

Lin Yu Tong was wearing a sleeping bag, Zhan Yi Fei had finished washing, Lin Yu Tong turned to look at him, Yi Fei, how can you quickly convince a person? "

Zhan, Yi Fei asked:" Who do you need persuaded? "

Lin Yu Tong pointed to him," for example, I need to persuade you. "

Zhan, Yi Fei said, smiling:" It\'s easy, you say love things to my ears and I will be the softest thing, would you like to try? "

Lin Yu Tong:" ...... "