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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage« 重生 之 金色 婚姻» Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Sen Hun Yin

Chapter 24: Piggy Bank

Zhan Yi Fei was frozen like a popsicle in a cold store. He was so stiff because it couldn\'t be like the way he imagined it because he imagined countless ways he would confess to Lin Yu Tong, but he did not expect Lin Yu Tong to be the first one to ask questions and then he would have to answer them passively.

This kind of scene is completely way out there from the plan he made.

Zhan Yi Fei silently organized the speech in his heart. As a result, a thousand words in the making only formed a single word: "Yeah."

Lin Yu Tong came to the interest, holding a chin with one hand and looking at the chin. Zhan Yi Fei of Suo, slightly asked: "What is \'hmm\'?"

Zhan Yi Fei saw that Lin Yu Tong had no disgusted appearance on his face. He suddenly fixed his mind and said seriously: "I want to remember first love only once in my life. I want to only love one person, only be in one marriage, just one with you."

He said that as he extended his right hand and gently stroked it on Lin Yu Tong\'s cheek, staring at Lin Yu Tong\'s eyes, trying to make him a believer, focused and devoted. "Do you want that Tong Tong?"

Lin Yu Tong didn\'t talk. He looked back at Zhan Yi Fei, his eyes were a bit complicated. This is not because he does not like Zhan Yi Fei back, but because he has just emerged from a failed emotional experience with Shen Jun. He is not sure if he wants to enter another relationship so quickly.

Zhan Yi Fei who waited for an answer, and he couldn\'t help but be disappointed when it didn\'t come. But when he wanted to take his hand off, Lin Yu Tong put his hand on his hand.

Lin Yu Tong himself was stunned because he didn\'t expect Zhan Yi Fei\'s disappointed face to affect him so much.

Zhan Yi Fei was ecstatic and pulled Lin Yu Tong out of the chair. "Tong Tong, do you agree?"

Lin Yu Tong sighed. "I don\'t know if this is a correct choice, but it hurts me to see you sad like that."

Zhan Yi Fei pulled and hugged Lin Yu Tong and took a deep breath in his neck, with no gasp.

Lin Yu Tong said with a smile: "In fact, when I said that when I registered, I thought, even if there is no love between us, I can probably become a good friend, but now it seems that I am underestimating you, or underestimating the time we spent together."

Zhan Yi Fei said with an flabbergasted look: "Who said that there is no love between us?"

Lin Yu Tong thought, maybe it\'s true that he had feelings for Zhan Yi Fei.

If not, how can he explain that he felt sad when he saw Zhan Yi Fei falling face? How do you explain the joy on Zhan Yi Fei\'s heart rising slowly when he felt happy because of his response? The most important thing is that knowing that Zhan Yi Fei has been wronged at home by his family, he will be unable to control his anger and distress. What are the obvious symptoms? If not those then what?

Zhan Yi Fei turned slightly sideways then he gently kissed Lin Yu Tong\'s ear, after that he looked at Lin Yu Tong, although Lin You Tong was embarrassed but he did not dodge it, Zhan Yi Fei held his face and wanted to take the kissing further. Who knows that there was a crazy footstep from the outside, and then the door was forced to slam, Lin Yu Fei said in a hurry: "You are charging your... Ah!"

Lin Yu Fei instantly closed his eyes he was yelling and looking at the two people inside, "Lin Yu Tong, you are really my brother! Can\'t you change the place to play that play Ah?! How can you be doing that thing with Yi Fei here?"

Lin Yu Tong was a little uncomfortable after a light cough he spoke, "Is there something wrong, why are you looking for me this late?"

The stinky boy, doesn\'t even think about it, can he deliberately fight there?

Lin Yu Fei\'s gaze looked around. "I wanted to borrow a mobile phone charger from you. Mine is broken. I am going to sleep and do some stuff but my phone is going off, fast."

Lin Yu Tong took the charger to Lin Yu Fei. After Lin Yu Fei took it he picked up the "murder weapon" on the ground and walked away. He saw what the "murder weapon" was. He suddenly mourned, "Fuck, It\'s all looking like ham sausages, why are they too urgent?!"

The ham is one of the snacks prepared by Lin Yu Tong.

Zhan Yi Fei saw that the atmosphere was destroyed but he was not angry. After all, the fact that he and Lin Yu Tong had what they had today and those results are something he couldn\'t dream of. He gently clung to one of Lin Yu Tong\'s hand and said, "You said that the thing you wanted to give to me has not been given to me."

Lin Yu Tong took the box and handed it to Zhan Yi Fei. "You will wear it for me later."

Zhan, Yi Fei opened the bix and found a scarf after a second pass he joked:" I wanted to buy this color before, but not before the election, but are you sure you want to wear this old thing?"

Lin Yu Tong grabbed the scarf in Zhan Yi Fei hands and wrapped it around his neck and used it to pull Zhan Yi Fei. "Hey, now you are old too."

Zhan Yi Fei looked at Lin Yu Tong with a bad look.

By the time Lin Yu Tong took a look at the time. Just as he turned the notebook on. He took out his sleeping bag and laid it out. Zhan Yi Fei, who didn\'t know what he was thinking, said, "I will send your bath towel and bathrobe to the bathroom then I will go to sleep first."

Zhan Yi Fei nodded and walked quietly into the bathroom to take a shower.

This time if you changed to Lin Yu Tong he couldn\'t sleep listening to the sound of the water. He didn\'t know how awkward it would be with Zhan Yi Fei who will be coming out in a while. It stands to reason that they are all legal spouses. As long as they have feelings for each other, even if they are a little bit normal, they are still young and are in a strong age for that thing.

But he has no mental preparation at all!

Zhan Yi Fei in the bathroom is also thinking about this question. How will Lin Yu Tong face their "new relationship" in a while? He absentmindedly grabbed a bottle of something and poured it out and began to wipe it on the body. After using it, he found that the more he washed, the more greasy he felt. He stopped and picked up the bottle and after taking a closer look he saw that he was not using shower gel but a body lotion!

I really knocked my own knees!

Zhan Yi Fei took the shower gel again and suddenly speeded up the flushing, because he suddenly remembered that Lin Yu Tong had the ability to fall asleep quickly but the two just showed the relationship, any noise he makes he would still be unable to squat in the state of waking Lin Yu Tong said that he would talk to her, and Lin Yu Tong would go to "God Of Dreams" first.

Zhan Yi Fei hurried out after washing, even the bathrobes were not put on he only had a bath towel, and there was water on his hair.

Lin Yu Tong glanced and smiled and said, "What do you hurry out for? You forgot to even wipe your hair" Then he got out of the sleeping bag and took the hair dryer - plug in - power on, indicating that Zhan Yi Fei should be sitting on the sleeping bag."

Zhan Yi Fei enjoyed the intimate service from Lin Yu Tong. He was very uncomfortable. He looked up at Lin Yu Tong and said, "I miss you."

Lin Yu Tong was hot and smiled and said: " Missing me? aren\'t I still so close?" After closing the hair dryer switch, he put things back and drilled into the sleeping bag.

Zhan Yi Fei also followed in, then touched the quilt for a while, grabbed Lin Yu Tong\'s hand and held it in the palm of his hand.

"Tong Tong, would you say that I am dreaming?"

"It is possible."

"Then I still don\'t want to sleep tonight."

"Don\'t want to?" Lin Yu Tong said, looking sideways at Zhan Yi Fei. "When did you start to like me?"

"It started a long time ago, definitely much earlier than you think." Zhan Yi Fei also turned around. He raised his hand and gently traced Lin Yu Tong\'s face. He sold the secret and said: "But I still am not going to tell you, I want to leave this secret to share with you when we really become a husband and wife."

"...Do you miss the lovers quarrel?"


"I have obsessive-compulsive disorder, you know Ah!"

"So didn\'t l give you a choice?"

"Why are you like this Ah? I\'m too lazy to deal with you!" Lin Yu Tong laid flat, no longer looking at Zhan Yi Fei. This is also ruined his mood. If this is a lie, then he will not be killed by this one ! Think beautiful!

"Don\'t you want to know?" Zhan Yi Fei pushes his hand and shook Lin Yu Tong\'s pajamas sleeves. "Tong Tong, you were still young at that time."

"When you want to you will say it not drop it!" Lin Yu Tong shook off Zhan Yi Fei\'s hands, and he always wonders when he had a special intersection in life with Zhan Yi Fei, but he didn\'t think so. He has no memory of friendship with Zhan Yi Fei.

"That\'s okay." Zhan Yi Fei also returned to his position, and it seems that he really does not intend to say. But judging from the pleasant scent of his body, this guy must have thought of something interesting in the past.

Lin Yu Tong was exceptionally unbalanced. Damn, why only Zhan Yi Fei remembers?

However, only Zhan Yi Fei knows that he is doing this just to distract Lin Yu Tong\'s attention. At least make Lin Yu Tong find that he is eager to get crazy with him. His love for Lin Yu Tong has been too deep, but Lin Yu Tong was just beginning to like him. If he accidentally hurts Lin Yu Tong at this time, it will definitely affect the future happiness, so he must do this easy and its good to be prepared.

Lin Yu Tong didn\'t think about how Zhan Yi Fei liked him until he fell asleep, but he had a dream of losing money. In the dream, he kept looking for his piggy bank but he didn\'t find it he got depressed, it was at this time that a big brother who was so tall and tall gave him an unopened dollar coin bag! Long and heavy!

Zhan Yi Fei has been watching Lin Yu Tong. He saw Lin Yu Tong\'s arms stretched out and seemed to be looking for something. He pulled Lin Yu Tong\'s hand in his sleeping bag. Who ever thought that this kid was so good kid he actually grabbing around and caught his underwear and gripped it! The place that was hard and uncomfortable was caught and he doesn\'t know when it will be soft. It is the cruelest torture in history!

In the dream, Lin Yu Tong had found "new money" and regained happiness. In reality, Zhan Yi Fei was "robbed" because of "money" and as he said, he didn\'t sleep at night.

This is one of the few things that Lin Yu Tong didn\'t roll out of his original sleep two meters away, because he was competing with "money" all night. When he blinked in the morning, he still had no trouble to touch him twice. But when he saw the situation, he couldn\'t laugh because the real master of "money" was wearing a pair of big black circles and his lips holding a fascinating smile on him.

This is obviously the "stolen money" and the master\'s grasping the rhythm...

Lin Yu Tong quickly pulled back his hand, his face staring at Zhan Yi Fei, "I, that, no, not intentional."

This time its not even if he changed his words.

Zhan Yi Fei was tortured for a night, and now he didn\'t want to talk at all. He turned over and pressed Lin Yu Tong to his back with a hard, hot thing pressing on Lin You Tong stomach. "Little Tong, for a full night, it was fun for you right? "

Lin Yu Tongs throat swallowed saliva," you, you mean, I gripped it for a whole night?! "

Zhan, Yi Fei was gently biting Lin Yu Tong\'s earlobe," I take my hand and grip yours. What do you say?"

Lin Yu Tong: "..."

No wonder that the "coin" was always moving in his hand, which made him go and grip it harder many times! FML!

Lin Yu Tong opened his mouth and he felt that Zhan Yi Fei was opening his pajamas button and suddenly he became worried.

In Zhan Yi Fei\'s eyes, the rhythm of the storm is coming. He kissed Lin Yu Tong\'s body every inch, and Lin You Tong breath of exhalation seems to be warmed with flame.

However, just as he was about to kiss the key parts, Lin Yu Tong held his shoulder.

Zhan Yi Fei stopped and gently stroked Lin Yu Tong\'s hair in a swaying heart. He whispered "What\'s wrong?"

Lin Yu Tong was breathing a little unsteady and apologized when he spoke. "Sorry Yi Fei, I may, I maybe still need a little time to prepare, so..."

At the very least, I have to buy the lubricant? ! He almost forgot that the first time if there wasn\'t a lubricant, it would be very painful, not to mention no condom! And that just showed that the mind is like this, is it going too fast?

Although Zhan Yi Fei was somewhat disappointed, he understood. He also was being impulsive, and it is really unbearable. He kissed Lin Yu Tong again and turned over to pull him into his arms. "I am too excited, is it scaring you?"

Lin Yu Tong spoke the truth. "I am not so little its just a little too sudden."

Zhan Yi Fei was slightly relieved and promised: "I will not force you anyway, so don\'t be too stressed."

Lin Yu Tong nodded.

Zhan Yi Fei added: "But don\'t let me wait too long, because I really waited for too long, I hope you can give me some hints when you are ready."

Lin Yu Tong nodded again.

Zhan Yi Fei caressed Lin Yu Tong\'s back, and struggled to calm the fire of burning desire and he no longer made any further moves. Lin Yu Tong looked at his repressed appearance and thought, as long as Zhan Yi Fei was good to him, those who made Yi Fei miss love and warmth he will make up his loss, whether it is the love of the elders or the love of lovers, or wealth, status, fame and fortune, all this, he will eventually help Zhan Yi Fei get them. Some people may think that this kind of person who suffers from a loss of love will not have a long-term need for it, thats is too stupid, but there is no way. Who will let him die once and learn that he will not have reservations about the person he likes?

Zhan Yi Fei seems to be very uncomfortable but he still stayed with Lin Yu Tong for a while. Lin Yu Tong saw the height of the tent he had in his underwear and Lin Yu Tong suddenly felt his scalp go numb his, but when he thought of Zhan Yi Fei\'s bearing that hard on all night, he was somewhat unwilling to let him suffer.

Lin You Tong spoke a hot question: "Yi Fei, do you need me to help you with that? "

Zhan, Yi Fei blinking eyes instantly shone with a ray of light, but he still hesitated to say:" Well, today if you touch it I really won\'t be able to handle no touching you and I do not want to hurt you. For the sake of you safety, you better stay away from me temporarily."

Lin Yu Tong:" ...... "

In the following hours until the breakfast, the two kept a certain distance, and even when they got on the car, they were divided into front and back seat. Lin Yu Tong was sitting in the driver\'s seat. He rushed Zhan Yi Fei to the back seat. On the one hand, because Zhan Yi Fei didn\'t sleep at night, if it he was driving then it wouldn\'t really be safe. On the other hand, it was because of Zhan Yi Fei\'s scent. It was a bit too exciting and Lin You Tong was shocked by his addiction to it.

Zhan Yi Fei was not very embarrassed to say that he has already converged.

Lin Yu Tong said on the way: "I will send you to the company first then I will drove off with the car. Today I have a class in the morning. I will come to pick you up for lunch at noon?"

Zhan Yi Fei didn\'t talk back he had his eyes closed until Lin Yu Tong thought he may have fallen asleep, just like a child who talks with his parents about toys: "Can you bring a lubricant and a packet of condoms?"

Lin Yu Tong nearly hit the trash can in the car!

Zhan Yi Fei held his side face with one hand, opened an eyelid and smiled and looked at Lin Yu Tong, then closed it again.

They soon arrived at Zhan Group company soon and Lin Yu Tong parked the car at the door. He turned and saw Zhan Ho Tu and Wang Bing Yan with Zhan Yi Ning walking to enter the building. Zhan Yi Ning stood next to a man. The almost tall young man seemed to make them look like the real family of four. The most annoying thing is that Zhan Ho Tu has seen Zhan Yi Fei come over, but he has not said anything. The four people have passed and laughed, and Zhan Yi Fei has become more and more single-shaped loner.

Lin Yu Tong sat in the car and looked at the scene. He felt very uncomfortable in his heart. He was very upset. He called Zhan Yi Fei.

Zhan Yi Fei heard the phone ringing, subconsciously slowed down the pace, took a look at the phone, smiled and said: "Miss me so soon?"

Lin Yu Tong looked at the "four evil dogs" who were farther and farther and said to Zhan Yi Fei: "No, just suddenly thought that I forgot something."

Zhan Yi Fei: "What?"

Lin Yu Tong coughed lightly then said, "Fighting!! Ah, mua~"

Zhan Yi Fei heard a word, and the employees of The Zhan Group found that their wise Vice CEO almost tripped!

Lin Yu Tong sat in the car and looked at this scene and smiled. Zhan Yi Fei turned and looked over at him. He also looked at him and then the two had a gentle moment with a smile in the eyes.

It\'s all the same, but when this mua~ was done by Zhan Yi Fei. Why is it so special? It made his heart go away!