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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage« 重生 之 金色 婚姻» Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Sen Hun Yin

Chapter 22: Lack of care

Zhan Hong Ying did not wear military uniforms today, but changed to a dress that was very common on the road. It was an ordinary white jacket with a pair of jeans and a very cute wool cap that did not look really good on her at all. For a forty years old, like Zhan Hong Ying, she looks like a college student just out of school. Lin Yu Tong wouldn\'t recognize her if he didn\'t hear her voice.

Zhan Hong Ying said: "It\'s rare for me to wear these back. Of course, I have to let myself look younger. OK, don\'t say anything about it, Aunt is coming to go out and wants to go shopping together, can you come with?"

Lin Yu Tong said with a slight hesitation: "It is OK, but I have to ask the teacher for a leave of absence or skip classes."

Zhan Hong Ying waved her hand at the place where she parked, and there was a tall young man who walked into the school. Zhan Hong Ying said: "Let\'s go, as long as you agree, you don\'t have to worry about taking time off."

Lin Yu Tong went to the car with Zhan Hong Ying, and they went to the most expensive shopping place in the city and after he unbuckle the seat belt in the parking lot. Zhan Hong Ying said: "If my nephew is still free, I should have been with him today, but he is gone, so today, Aunt will take you around, and if you like it, you will buy it today. I\'m doing this is as Yi Fei mother "

The locals really want to go out to buy things with their mother-in-law before marriage. Mother -in-law wants to buy a wedding gift for her daughter-in-law. The more she buys for the daughter in law, the more the mother-in-law is seen as she has chosen the daughter-in-law. . But they don\'t seem to have this problem? !

Lin Yu Tong stopped at the moment, "Auntie, you don\'t have to do this, right? I do not wear any jewelry, Yi Fei and I are men, in fact, there is no need for so much stress between us."

Zhang Hong Ying stared at him. "You are not a soldier. How can you not wear jewelry? Besides, you can buy clothes and shoes without wearing jewelry. Hurry, this is a matter of showing off and not being sloppy."

Lin Yu Tong simply couldn\'t say no no more to Zhan Hong Ying. In the end, he could only passively follow up, and then looked at her silently and he saw that Hong Ying bought him a pair of gold-inlaid jade earrings and a pair of valuable jade buckles! Zhan Hong Ying\'s brows did not wrinkle. Lin Yu Tong glared at his chest for a while, and couldn\'t help but wonder. Was he dreaming of losing money because of today\'s embarrassment?

Later, Zhan Hong Ying chose a pair of identical lavaliere. Lin Yu Tong excused himself on the toilet and hid in the toilet and called Zhan Yi Fei for help. "Yi Fei, your aunt asked me to go shopping and bought a lot of gold jade jewelry she still doesn\'t want to leave here. What do you propose I do?!"

Zhan, Yi Fei on the opposite side opposite laughed and said, "Then you should accompany her to buy those, despite what you say what you want to pick, do not tell her politely it\'s just that she rarely visits a shopping a street, there\'s no one who also could not go with her."

Lin Yu Ying Tong thought of Zhan Hong Ying and that tenacity that is served, he was silent then simply said," Fortunately, you like her, this is the strip steel Ah, most people screw are fixed. "

Zhan, Yi Fei spoke with a low voice," my aunt used to be a female squad leader of a male soldiers squad and later because of her outstanding marksmanship, she was granted special mention in a special team to do a field army training, and now she is the ace sniper instructor. By the way, her fighting skills are also way up there and Gao Wen Liang was taught by her, and you don\'t even know if he is there when you hide."

Lin Yu Tong:" && ...... "

Zhan, Yi Fei did not hear the answer, he was worried and asked:" How? "

Lin Yu Tong Zhang mouth," No, I can not tell you, I will go out looking for her."

Zhan Hong Ying is a living sharpshooter. If you have professional problems, don\'t hesitate to ask for more time now?!

Before he died, there is a novel that he wanted to write. It is a military novel. What kind of story is he going to write? He still remembers it clearly that there are some professional input problems. He still needs to check a lot of information. This is good, and the ready-made informant is in front of you!

Zhang Hong Ying saw Lin Yu Tong\'s mind is not into shopping, she took him to a tea house on the top floor of the mall, the two asked for pot of black tea, and Zhan Hong Ying gave Lin Yu Tong a card. This card seems to have been around for a few years, and the card number printed on it has not been clarified. Zhan Hong Ying seemed to value it greatly.

"This belonged to Zhan Yi Fei mother when she was alive. She gave it over to me before she died. In the past few years, I have found some famous financial personnel in the industry to make some investment, and it has earned a little. Now you\'re here and whatever is inside it, you take it."

"Thank you auntie." Lin Yu Tong took it, he wasvthinking about going back to Zhan Yi Fei and buy a gold jade.

"There is also this phone number, you note it down, don\'t save it anywhere, don\'t tell it to anyone, if you have any trouble in the future, you can call it." Zhan Hong Ying wrote a set of numbers on two separate shopping receipts. When she connected together they became a mobile phone number.

"Thank you aunt."

"You\'re practically family so you don\'t have to be so polite, and in fact, it\'s a good idea to thank you. I will thank you for so many years. After so many years my Little Yi Fei finally found a companion. You don\'t know how he is .... He has been so lonely in these years."

The feeling of caring for Yi Fei in Zhang Hong Ying has always been very strong, but at this moment, her eyes are slightly wet, and Lin You Tong can\'t help but feel uncomfortable. She patted Lin Yu Tong\'s hand and said, "In the future, you will help your aunt to take care of him. He is this type of people, on the surface, it seems that everything is okay and there is nothing missing, but in fact what most people have he does not."

"You mean... lack of love?"

"Yes, his mother died early, I was going to school again, even if I really wanted to take care of him I couldn\'t. Although Zhan Hong Tu is his father, but you also saw it, he is treated as good as stranger. He used to bring Zhan Yi Ning with Wang Bing Yang out to travel, even when they went out for dinner, never went with Yi Fei and even when they went on a trip and got gifts they will only get them for Zhan Yi Ning. Although Yi Fei never said anything, but you think he was still so small, How could it not be difficult to feel like your abandoned by your father? The most annoying thing is Wang Bing Yan. At that time, all the people who treated Zhan Yi Fei better were kicked out if the company or shunned from the Zhan Family. Finally, the Zhan Family did not dare to talk to Yi Fei. He had to handle himself, and be very careful about what he does. I am afraid that if it was me I will be tired of others. Mom, I\'m tired just by thinking about it now!"

"You can rest assured, I will care more about him in the future."

"I know you will."

"Let\'s get together soon." Lin Yu Tong smiled and tasted tea, and he forgot to ask for professional knowledge, because he heard the words from Hong Ying, and his heart was sore. He was silent for a while and said: "I have a question to ask aunt, I am afraid that I was afraid to ask Yi Fei so I did not ask, but I am really curious. I went to The Zhan Family with my parents that day, when Zhan father wanted Yi Fei give up the inheritance right? I don\'t understand, The Zhan Family is now being controlled by Zhan Hong Tu as long as he does not give his property to Yi Fei, how does this look? How can there be a problem for Yi Fei to the point he wants him to give up inheritance?

" Because The Zhan Family\'s family business is not fully controlled in the hands of Zhan Hong Tu, and the Zhan Family has traditions and customs, only the eldest son and grandson can inherit the family business, unless this person has no ability to bear the work or else this is what he must do so. This generation is no doubt Zhan Yi Fei was the inheritor but Zhan Hong Tu wants to hand over The Zhan Family wealth to Zhan Yi Ning, so he certainly hopes that Yi Fei will give up the inheritance."

"Zhan Hong Tu is really the most strange encounter I have ever seen. He not only does not like his son but how can he not like him to this point?"

"A lot of things can\'t be said in a few words. You will know it later. If you are ready, why don\'t you drink the tea? If you won\'t drink, let\'s go shopping?"

"Ah?! Going around again?"

In the end Yu Tong was pulled by Zhang Hong Ying to buy things. Zhan of Hong Ying bought a couple of pajamas, a couple of bathrobes, a couple of slippers and a couple of toiletries, and finally made Lin Yu Tong. There is an illusion, in fact, he and Zhan Yi Fei are simply lovers.

Somehow, Lin Yu Tong\'s mind suddenly flashed the way Zhan Yi Fei gave him a scarf in the morning at the school gate, such sly and caring eyes, if he couldn\'t see the meaning inside, could he only use it? What is he trying to explain?

Lin Yu Tong suddenly stopped Zhan Hong Ying. "Auntie, I have to go buy a scarf, Zhan Yi Fei gave his to me, I will buy him a new one."

Zhan Hong Ying naturally does not say anything. Lin Yu Tong doesn\'t know what Zhan Yi Fei likes. He just bought the same brand as the one on his neck, but the color is not the same. The one Yi Fei gave him was a gray with a kilt design, and he bought a camel plaid scarf.

When the two came, they were not empty-handed. When they walked, Lin Yu Tong was the first to experience the feeling of being hungry. Fortunately, the lunch was booked in advance. He and Zhan Hong Ying went to the hotel. The family and Zhan Yi Fei were all there. What surprised him most was that his sister Lin Yu Lan who was supposed to be abroad was also there.

Lin Yu Lan looks very similar to Lin Yu Tong. She has full eyebrows and big eyes same as him but the sister is more beautiful. She grew up close to Lin Yu Tong, and she came to see him. "Brother! I missed you terribly!"

"Holding, holding Ah beauty!" Lin Yu Tong patted her sister\'s head. "How come you\'re here?"

"I told my teacher that my brother got married and took five days off ." "

Lin Yu Tong disagreed and asked: "What excuse will you use when you coming to the wedding?"

Lin Yu Lan said with a smile: "I will say that my sister in law gave birth to a baby!"

Zhan Yi Fei glanced over and glanced at Lin Yu Lan. He made a flawless appearance to his hands and amused shape of a house.

There is no Zhan Hong Tu and people like Wang Bing Yan on the table. This meal is quite enjoyable, especially Lin Yu Lan and Lin Yu Fei. Both of them are very tired at school. It\'s because of family gatherings and happy events. So they were very happy, and been talking on the table all the time. Zhan Yi Fei observed them silently he felt that Lin Yu Tong was much more stable than the two children. He is really lucky. At least there is no generation gap between him and Lin Yu Tong so far.

The last three adults discussed the date of the wedding and agreed in mid-May of the following year. Zhan Yi Fei had no objection Lin Yu Tong too.

After returning to dinner, Lin Yu Tong considered that after seeing her sister every other time, he thought about going home for a night so he can talk some more with her and talked about it with Zhan Yi Fei in the parking lot. Zhan Yi Fei said good, but did not say if he wanted to go together, because he is not sure if Lin Yu Tong was deliberately avoiding sleeping with him.

Lin Yu Tong also remembered it later. Zhan Yi Fei, who knew the two problems, had no way of knowing this, so he felt that he needed to go home to get along with his family at this time. In Zhan Yi Fei\'s opinion, he might just avoid them. The individual who is used to sleeps together had to sleep alone. Only when he thought of this, Zhan Yi Fei had already drove back alone.

Lin Zhi Song was about to drive the car home. Suddenly, he was stopped by his son. He was shocked and asked: "What wrong Tong Tong?"

Lin Yu Tong said: "I am sorry, Dad, who will take me to school tomorrow. The thing is still I still can\'t go home, I will come back on Friday."

Chen Su Ning said, "You tell Yi Fei he can come to our house to stay while you are there, so it will be inconvenient for you to take a taxi. You can still go together tomorrow."

Lin Yu Tong thought about it, he quickly took out the phone. Zhan Yi Fei phone rang but it is very strange that Zhan Yi Fei has not been picked up even after it rang twice.