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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage« 重生 之 金色 婚姻» Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Sen Hun Yin

Chapter 21: From confused to clear

Zhan Yi Fei\'s room has a large double bed, Lin Yu Tong can sleep on it and easily not be able to touch Zhan Yi Fei completely, but he thinks it\'s a bit too embarrassing to think about his problem of falling in love with the floor, so after seriously thinking about whether or not to wait for Wang Bo to fall asleep and go to his room and "stolen out" the sleeping bag.

At this time, Zhan Yi Fei was taking a shower in the bathroom. Lin Yu Tong didn\'t even have the clothes to change. He also wore clothes that he had to change before going out to eat at noon.

Zhan Yi Fei suddenly shouted in the bathroom: "Tong Tong, my facial cleanser is gone, can you give me yours?"

This time Zhan Yi Fei was really not making an excuse to talk to Lin Yu Tong, and he really needed to use of facial cleanser.

When Lin Yu Tong went to S City, his favorite facial cleanser was naturally brought. Now things are still in his backpack, and this bag is still in Zhan Yi Fei\'s bedroom. He went out and knocked on the bathroom\'s door. Zhan Yi Fei stood out as that time when he had received a bathrobe at home. Lin Yu Tong looked at the empty palm. He didn\'t leave. He stood at the door of the bathroom and didn\'t wait for Zhan Yi Fei to come out .

Zhan Yi Fei only wrapped around a bath towel and rubbed his hair and asked, "What are you thinking?"

Lin Yu Tong looked at the door. "You help me think how can I take the sleeping bag this late?"

Zhan Yi Fei said. "Take it tomorrow, today, the sleep in my room, I can put the quilt to the floor, anyway, the floor has heat, so the cold, is not a problem.

Lin Yu Tong frowned and asked: "What about you?"

Zhan, Yi Fei pointed to the outfit coat in the closet, indicating that he would be using one and for one night.

Lin Yu Tong would agree that there was a ghost. He sighed with disappointment look at Zhan Yi Fei, then he went to the balcony and took in the dried underwear. Then he asked Zhan Yi Fei, who was re-ignited in front of him. "Is there a bathrobe in there?"

Zhan Yi Fei gave Lin Yu Tong the cotton quilt and asked, "Can you use this one?"

Lin Yu Tong took it and went straight into the bathroom.

Zhan Yi Fei bent his lips and looked outside, and moved his bedding and pillows to the ground, leaving only a soft leather bed. It\'s not the first time he had to sleep in a room with Lin Yu Tong, but this time he was very happy, because this time he knows that Lin Yu Tong doesn\'t like Shen Jun, even if Lin Yu Tong probably doesn\'t like him(Yi Fei), but atleast now the idea of full blown relationship with Lin You Tong can be pursued without doubts, not with some kind of pressure.

Just by thinking about it he felt comfortable!

When Lin Yu Tong came out, he saw that Zhan Yi Fei had laid out his things leaving only one pillow on the bed, and a pair of sleeping pants on the light bed to cover the clothes. He felt so funny that he couldn\'t stop himself from smiling. He felt that Yi Fei was pretending to him. He gently kicked Zhan Yi Fei\'s calf. "I haven\'t slept in a bed yet and you\'re wearing a big tail wolf."

1]..... Wearing a big tail..... Excitement

Zhan Yi Fei looked at the towel and held the pillow with a bottom trousers and got into the bed. After a while, Lin Yu Tong also laid down. He looked at Lin Yu Tong and said, "If you are a child, I will only sleep with you alone in a quilt."

Lin Yu Tong said: "Can\'t you now?"

Zhan Yi Fei knows what he meant and explained: "I didn\'t lie to you. I have been a single person for so many years. I have neither a boyfriend nor a girlfriend. After I was born I was sleeping in a crib. I was taken care of by the housemaid. When my mother gave birth to me, her body was seriously hurt. It was a little too difficult to take care of me, so I didn\'t sleep with my mother."

Lin Yu Tong and Zhan Yi Fei have never heard Zhan Yi Fei mention the mother for so long, but even if Zhan Yi Fei mentioned her he did not dare to ask, he smiled and said: "In fact, one person sleeps and two person sleeps its all the same, at least I\'m free when I sleep. And that means that I am sleeping too limbs thrown around. I remember that when I was a child, I used to play with my brother and we slept together. As a result, he was crushed by me every time I rolled..... then he didn\'t want to sleep with me. I am the kind of person who sleeps and never forgets to roll over the mountains, so people who sleep with me say that they are particularly tired of me rolling on them. Haven\'t you been afraid of me when you put such a strange posture last time? "

Zhan, Yi Fei heart lamented: I was afraid that you will run away why would I be afraid of you rolling to me or on top of me Ah? If you regard me as a mountain, I will let you roll over me ten thousand times a night!

Lin Yu Tong didn\'t hear Zhan Yi Fei\'s answer, he stayed silent but Zhan Yi Fei was only trying to calm down the desire that was quietly rising in his pants. The person lying next to him is the one who he has wanted for countless days and nights, but he knows that it is not the time. He has a faint feeling that in fact Lin Yu Tong has already discovered something vaguely about his(Yi Fei) action towards him. It may be because of some actions he Zhan To Fei had done, so there are still some concerns. If Yi Fei said anything about his true feelings, it will only put pressure on Lin Yu Tong, so he still has to press and resist until it is appropriate to speak it.

The quiet environment made Lin Yu Tong fall asleep very quickly. Zhan Yi Fei quietly stared at Lin Yu Tong\'s sleeping form in the dark, and soon he too fell asleep, not knowing that shortly after he fell asleep he was sleeping Lin Yu Tong slowly opened his eyes.

Lin Yu Tong had a dream, he was dreaming that he was back to when he was seven years old, and that the piggybank he had worked so hard for three years was full. Although the pig was full of coins in the money, it was not worth three hundred dollars, but that was a very precious thing when he was a child. It is a pity that he never found it after he lost it.

He hasn\'t had this dream for a long time, and Lin Yu Tong can\'t tell the strangeness of why he did. Later, he vaguely remembered that losing money in a dream is likely to mean that there is money in reality. Think about it lately? Zhan Yi Fei gave him money, and the reader\'s reward was good money too.

After Lin Yu Tong\'s release his breath, he soon slept again, thinking about it before going to bed, throwing it away in a dream, as long as the wealth will come in reality that is is more fierce!

The next day, Lin Yu Tong made another early morning break. This time he ran away from his arms before Zhan Yi Fei woke up. He went to the refrigerator and looked at what ingredients were inside, and then like when he was at home. Usually enter the kitchen and start preparing meals for the morning.

Wang Bo listened to the sound and came out. He saw that Lin Yu Tong was busy, and he felt that it was not right. He used to help him do what he could and said: "Don\'t you, Young Mrs , do you get up so early every day?"

When Lin You Tong heard of this almost made up title, he nearly cut his fingers but he looked at Wang Bo with a little helplessness. "Wang Bo, we talked about you calling me Little Lin, I said that I am a man, you always call me Young Mrs..... my name can\'t be twisted." Wang Bo was tangled for a moment and saif. "But you are the spouse of the Young Master. You are originally supposed to be Young Mrs. ....Ah!"

Lin Yu Tong did not give up, and argued with reason: "But the word \'Mrs.\' That is all used on women, Wang Bo, you can do better than that Ah?"

Wang Bo said: "That, then I will try to do it." The result was just as he finished saying that he next said: "Mrs. Little Lady, we should let the Young Master get a house helper and a chef. You are still at school. It is too hard to wake up so early every day to cook. I heard the young master say that on top of all you are cleaning and washing."

Lin Yu Tong nearly screamed, his heart lamented that the Wang Guan Jia, are you always sending me to my misery? !

Finally he could understand the words from Zhan Yi Fei when he said it\'s pointless to argue with Wang Bo. However, if he is asking for the helper and the chef, he thinks it will be better in the future. But what kind of reason does he have to use to say that? He can\'t say that he doesn\'t have to work hard and he wants to do housework so as to not stay in chair all day. If he say this, Wang Bo will definitely call him the Young Mrs!

Lin Yu Tong thought for a moment, "Wang Bo, Yi Fei likes to eat the dishes I make. He said that they have a feeling of home, so this chef must not be included"

Wang Bo nodded. "This is true, when you were not here. When the Young Master eats the dumplings you left him, he divide the dumplings so they can last. He was afraid that it will be gone after eating."

Lin Yu Tong couldn\'t help but look at Zhan Yi Fei\'s bedroom and smiled and said, "Yes. So the chef will be exempted first. Also about a house cleaning up. This is for my health. You don\'t know, but I usually study and write something, all that require sitting and moving my arms, if I don\'t move for a long time. In time I will have cervical spondylosis and periarthritis on the shoulders. It\'s definitely not what I said its what most writer suffer from. So the helper is not needed for the time being. If you want to use a helper just wait until we move to the villa house and we can talk about it, what do you say?"

Even after moving to the villa, he can\'t let those people in the villa!

Wang Bo began to think, but fortunately, he did not refute again. Lin Yu Tong originally thought that this would be no problem. Who knows that when it comes to eating, he was in trouble again. Wang Bo said that he(Wang Bo) would not go eat at the table, he said that the Masters and the servants are different, they can not eat at the same table! Lin Yu Tong and Zhan Yi Fei felt that they had succeeded in eating together. This meal is more tiring than running a marathon!

Later, Zhan Yi Fei sent Lin Yu Tong to school, Lin Yu Tong sat on the pilot seat and looked forlorn. Zhan Yi Fei asked: "Is it going to take a long time to write a novel won\'t your shoulders hurt?"

Lin Yu Tong said with a smile: "This is the price of \'taking over the mountains and walking over the mountains.\' I have been doing it a while but only once suffered a serious injury once, that is, the left shoulder fracture, in fact, its already healed, but when weather is not good, it is souring with pain, It is not a big deal."

Zhan Yi Fei nodded. "Yes, do you have a class in the afternoon? My aunt said that she would like to have a meal before you go, you and me, and my uncle and aunt, and Little Fei. She has personally contacted Uncle and Aunt, they should be ready for the set a time, it is inconvenient to check your time now."

Lin Yu Tong really has a class in the afternoon, but he think this meeting should be regarded as Zhan Yi Fei\'s elders representing The Zhan Family eating with their Lin Family, which is more formal, so he thought about asking for a leave of absence again. If he couldn\'t escape the class, he should be down.

Zhan Yi Fei said: "I will pick you up at noon."

Lin Yu Tong smiled and got off the car and waved his hand.

Zhan Yi Fei suddenly shouted: "Tong Tong, wait a minute."

Lin Yu Tong turned and looked at him.

Zhan Yi Fei took the scarf around his neck and carefully propped it.

Lin Yu Tong . "It\'s cool, so you don\'t freeze. Go."

Lin Yu Tong: "..."

The Black Bentley turned a corner, Lin Yu Tong looked at the warm feeling that was constantly extending, and touched the scarf subconsciously.

There seems to be still the temperature left by Zhan Yi Fei hand...

How can there be such a warm person in the world?

He doesn\'t know how long it took, and suddenly there was a laughter coming from the side. "Hey, little wife, are you stuck on the road?"

Lin Yu Tong jerked his head, with a hint of surprise. "Aunt? How come you are here now?Didn\'t you say that you only have lunch together in the afternoon?"