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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage 《重生 之 金色 婚姻》 Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Se Hun Yin.

Chapter 2: Roommate

"Lin Zi, I said that you simply put a little bit too much work on it, I saw that you have fallen down two days in the past three days, what if you fall and hit the head one day? When you went to sleep at the bottom bunk, you still had a good time, but now there is no lower bunk. The bed is too high."

"Yeah, I have seen sleeping and moving around, I have never seen you being such a cow, the guardrail can\'t stop you, you say it ..... since we changed the new bedroom, How many times have you fallen?"

"I..." Lin Yu Tong felt as if he was being held in an inquiry. He looked up and fixedly looked at the two college students sitting on the bed.

Is this him dreaming?

Didn\'t he fall from the ninth floor? Why is he experiencing such a situation? This bedroom is clearly a new bedroom that he moved into when they started school. He stayed in a room like this for the first two years of college and when he was sleeping in eight people bed room. He was been sleeping in the lower bunk. Later, when he was in junior year, the school\'s new hostel building was completed. They moved together. There was no lower bunk, because the the dorm room is big there was study table and the wardrobe too, so he can only sleep on the flat bed

Obviously this is not the first time for him to fall, so what time is it now?

Lin Yu Tong slowly stood up from the ground, took the quilt in his hand and consciously patted it, then silently looked at Xiang Chen Tian and Long Le. Both of them were his college classmates. They lived in the same bedroom for nearly three years and he would remember them anywhere.

"Lin Zi, Did you hit you head to bad?" Long Le monkeyed squatted down from the bed, took the head and checked Lin Yu\'s forehead and then waggled two fingers in front of him. "You tell me, how many fingers am I holding? "

"Let\'s it go." Lin Yu Tong patted Long Le\'s finger and sat down on his chair. His eyes were now facing Long Le\'s desk, which was still had a running laptop and going by the date on the computer is that he had fallen back from the 9th floor to eight years ago.

"Lin Zi, are you okay?" Xiang Chen Tian was a much more stable person. He looked at Lin Yu Tong\'s face very strange. He couldn\'t help but drop the book in his hand and jumped down and said, "If you really have a headache or if you are uncomfortable, you can hurry and say it just right now, we can take the time to take you to the hospital."

"It\'s okay, I\'m just bit tired I didn\'t have enough sleep, my head is feeling dizzy, just need to sit for a little while." Lin Yu Tong said that then he climbed to his bed and looked for it. He found a non-smart phone that he had used.

So he really returned to eight years ago?!

In the following moments, Lin Yu Tong was a bit confused. In order to verify that he was not dreaming, he went to see a lot of places because he wanted to find some evidence that he might be dreaming. But it turns out that any place he has been to is the same as eight years ago. There are no flaws, even on the Internet. Some large platforms that are so famous are still not made and he used the pen name for several years to "San Bai Boy." Is still unknown to online people today.

This is really... falling downstairs, it\'s strange to get back to the past.

Lin Yu Tong didn\'t say anything in the afternoon. He didn\'t want to say that he was from the future because then the roommates would be really worried about him, so he spent most of his time thinking about the problem and recalling some things which would be happening during this time.

This year is a very crucial year for him and even for the entire Lin family. At the end of the year, he will come out to his family and tell them about his and Shen Jun\'s love and then he will be opposed by his family. He will run away with Shen Jun and never finish school. It\'s just like the drop-off ripple to his father urban development. This is definitely a bad start and he must change this. But the most important thing before this is to signup his pen name first and find a way to solve the problem at home. His father back had picked up a project in the middle of this year, refurbishing the old buildings of a large general hospital in the country and picking up some new buildings construction. The Lin family money was invested on the project and then there were various problems with it.

Lin Yu Tong was in need to solve this trouble as soon as possible, because just after the year, Lin father will encounter the problem of financial destitute because some loan sharks. Although Lin Yu Tong can make a profit while writing a novel, it requires a long process.

He thought that he had been away from the family for a long time before he learned about the situation at home. When he wanted to help, he couldn\'t because he didn\'t have much money in his hand, he felt that his heart was flustered.

So Yu Lin Tong packed up his luggage looked at Xiang Chen Tian and said, "I have to catch the train. I took his notes. When he come back, you have to remember to help me explain it to him. I will see you seven days later."

Long Le said: "My mom will pick me up in a while. If you wanna go, let\'s go first. Anyway, you can\'t lose those."

Among the four people sharing the 602 bedroom, only Long Le and Lin Yu Tong come from nearby place and Xiang Chen Tian and Hua Yua Bai are far away from school and it usually takes seven or eight hours for them to get home by train.

Lin Yu Tong said: "I may go back later, I will tell him if I see him."

Xiang Chen Tian , Lin Yu Tong and Long Le left the dormitory. Long Le was eating a chocolate pie while shaking his legs. "Lin, if you have nothing come home by the Eleven holiday? You can go fishing with me at the resort. I have made a few friends, it should be very lively."

Lin Yu Tong was trying to hurry going home.

Long Le saw that he didn\'t talk, looked at the door and whispered with a little voice, "Do you want to go to Shen Jun?"

According to the track of the previous world, Lin Yu Tong loved Shen Jun at this time, although no one knows. But these roommates know that he is very close to Shen Jun

This time Shen Jun has not dropped out of school, but has signed a contract with an entertainment company and often missed classes to participate in some interviews and even now he should be in one.

Lin Yu Tong spent a long time to think of it, he should be shooting a TV series somewhere, Shen Jun played a small role with only five or six shots in this play and he used to use the Eleven holiday to become Shen Jun life assistant.

Long Le said: "Lin Zi, we are all just like brothers, I say, I don\'t think you should go out with him, I think people like Shen Jun are really not suitable for being friends. You don\'t know, when you are not there, he can also be a bastard, but he is always snobbish to Xiang Chen Tian and Yu Bai. I feel that this person is straightforward wrong. If you think I am saying this because I\'m annoyed, then I will say nothing."

Lin Yu Tong smiled. "Nothing, I know that you can tell me that these are really friends, thank you. Also, I will not go on vacation with him, I have to go back to my house to see my parents, since I started this school. I haven\'t returned yet and they won\'t come back and fetch me."

Long Le smiled and threw a chocolate pie to Lin Yu Tong. "That\'s also true, anyway, if you have nothing to do, feel free to call me and we can meet ."

Long Le left for an hour and Hua Yua Bai came back. Lin Yu Tong saw this simple old classmate. "Little Long and Xiang Chen Tian are going back to their homes. Are you going back home?"

Hua Yua Bai went to give tutoring lessons, but he spent some money, but he think if he wanted to go back the money won\'t be enough for the bus fare. "I have to wait until the New Year to go back. Otherwise, I can only pay a lot of money for this one time trip. I will have to ask for my parents for returning bus fare. I will not help with anything if I go back. It\'s better to stay here. Right, why haven\'t you gone back?"

Lin Yu\'s said that he will wait for you.

He pointed to the notebook on Hua Yua Bai\'s table. "Xiang Chen Tian said that he had gone out with the notes, he wanted me to tell you. In addition, since you are not going home, if there is nothing you gonna be doing then come with me to my house. I am going home. I\'m going to be yelled at by my dad, but you can say that I am at this level and I have to count down with it. You are different. You can definitely help me with dispersing hid anger at me."

Lin Yu Tong always remembers that he had to go to home in the last world. After knowing the family\'s economic crisis, he wey looking for someone to borrow money. This old classmate(Yua Bai) was in a difficult situation at the time, but he still gave out his hard-earned money. Don\'t worry about spending more money, this friendship is really valuable.

Hua Yua Bai is a school top student, but at this time his family is in poor financial condition. Besides, there is a younger brother who is going to school and a younger sister is at home. He not only has to get his tuition and living expenses every year on his own, but also needs to help his family from time to time. It is indeed very difficult for him. Lin Yu Tong has no other meaning, he just want Hua Yua Bai around so his father won\'t scold him.

Hua Yua Bai is a real person. He thought about Lin Yu Tong\'s meaning and said with a thick voice: "Is this ok? You say it..... if I went to your house to be a guest and then may give your father a chance to scold you even further. How bad will that be?"

Lin Yu Tong opened the bag began to load things in it. "If you do this, I will be relieved. Hurry, pack your things up."

Hua Yua Bai thought that the children he had tutored over during this time also went on a holiday so hexwont be making money, then he decided to just pack some clothes and go with Lin Yu Tong to The Lin family.

The Lin family house is a villa with a single-family house. Although their surname is not famous in the B city, it is also a small family. When Lin Yu Tong was on the road, he said: "My grandparents are not living there. My parents and my brother are at home. I have a sister who is studying abroad. Anyway, my family is very easy going. You don\'t need to be cautious, it\'s just like going back to your own home."

Hua Yua Bai and Lin Yu Tong have been classmates for more than two years. They know who he is and he is not polite with him. Hua Yua Bai is still nervous when he thinks about seeing his classmates parents.

Lin Yu Tong got off the bus and said to him: "You are not my boyfriend, what are you nervous about?"

Hua Yua Bai whispered: "But this is my first time to go to my classmates house."

Lin Yu Tong said with a smile: "After this time then, you can be a very often guest in the future.... Come."

When the door was opened, the housekeeper went in and said that the Young Master had returned and brought a friend. At that time, Lin Yu Tong felt that he had done a right job, but when he entered the house, he found that his decision seemed to be late, because he saw there was a person in the house that made him remember something happening in this year, he not only came out to his family. There is also had two major events in the house picked up on a broken project. There is another thing he has been trying to understand for so many years. That is, someone came to see his father and said that he wants to marry into this family.