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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage« 重生 之 金色 婚姻» Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Sen Hun Yin

Chapter 19: Partner

Lin Yu Tong got off the plane at 9:45 am, and he had contacted Yan Shu before he got on the plane. So when he got out of the gate, he saw that the man was not tall, he had a baby face and a two small dimples, with the beauty of a typical royal sister Fan Er, was waiting in the terminal. The later generations of Yan Caishen and Bai Jingjing\'s technician Bai Yi He, Lin Yu Tong also saw them on the last day, but when they saw him in the last world, the faces of these two people were not so smooth now. After all, the signs he\'d seen eight years ago were there.

Yan Shu has not seen Lin Yu Tong, even Bai Yi He also heard from Yan Shu who said that there is a client who will fly over and has an investment intention so it is hard to be pulled to support the scene.

Bai Yi He pulled her long black cashmere coat, and observed the passengers who were coming out, and said with a low voice: "Did you say that this person is reliable?"

Yan Shu did not have Bai Yi He sight, this was because Bai Yi He was wearing high heels making her higher than him. Yan Shu subconsciously lifted his heels, speaking not so surely: "He should be from what I heard I have the feeling that he is is quite reliable. Anyway, no matter what, I\'ll invest in you again, or I can only sell the house and start working for you."

Bai Yi He\'s face instantly cracked into pieces, and when she thought that in the skin care bottles on her dressing table inly air was left. She pinched Yan Shu. "Isn\'t it because you lend money to your brother? He said that he will pay back within a month, but he can\'t even give interest. His own company can be maintained above, but our company is missing the money and we are too poor to be slammed. Yesterday Xiao Fang told me that if no one invest in this month, he would leave with Lin Dong and the rent is not going to be paid for this month."

Yan Shu sighed: "It\'s hard for you, when so many people are coming to help me, I can\'t even provide a good working environment for them. Rest assured, this time I will try to make the other side leave investment funds. "

Bai Yi He nodded but did not hold much hope. They have seen so many people saying they were going to invest in them, and the results have failed. When these people hear that Yan Shu still owed a bank loan they turned away. Those people wanted to completely buy out their game copyrights, and even more directly they wanted to take over their company with investment. Anyway, no one has been willing to invest and let them keep their company within their hold.

Lin Yu Tong sent a message to Zhan Yi Fei while he was listening to Yan Shu chatting with Bai Yi He. When they chatted, he directly yelled and smiled and walked over. "Are you Mr. Yan Shu?"

Yan Shu looked at the man who spoke was wearing a beige trench coat and he was a little young, at once he whispered, "You are?"

Lin Yu Tong graceful held out his hand, "hello, I\'m Lin Yu Tong, the one with the intention of cooperation with your people."

Yan Shu looks at the white face and the movement of his hand was somewhat slow.

Lin Yu Tong said, "What\'s the problem?"

Bai Yi He was busy rushing and said: "No, we just didn\'t think Mr. Lin would be so young. Mr. Lin sorry for the trouble? We have already booked the hotel for you. Please let\'s go there."

Yan Shu on the road asked: "Mr. Lin are you still in school?"

Lin Yu Tong said: "I am still in school, so the time is a bit tight. The two don\'t have to be too hospitable. I mainly came here this time to look at the games you are developing now, everything else is secondary."

Lin Yu Tong\'s speech was quite real, and there is absolutely no such feeling that is commonly associated to some rich people, so Yan Shu and Bai Yi He impression was a little better. They are not afraid of anything else, and they are afraid that people with investment intentions will not look at their products.

Originally, Yan Shu and Bai Yi He wanted Lin Yu Tong to go to the hotel first, but Lin Yu Tong was more inclined to do business first, and then he said that he was carrying a backpack that was full of money, and it not too heavy to carry, and several people discussed it. Then they directly to Yiyou Technology Co., Ltd.

Lin Yu Tong saw the media interview with Yan Shu in the last generation. It is really difficult to know what Yan Shu\'s earliest situation was because there was an unreliable Younger Brother who developed two companies at both ends. Yan Shu was dragged down a lot by that younger brother. However, when it was time to go to Yiyou Technology, Lin Yu Tong was a bit awkward. He really didn\'t think that it would be difficult to get to such a situation. In this office environment, it is estimated that people who are interested have become scared away. In the extremely old office building, Yiyou Technology accounts for one-third of the entire third floor, and the office space is a hundred and fifty square meters. This one hundred and fifty-five area is crowded by nearly 30 staff members. With a look at the low-priced office supplies bought in the second-hand market, there is a noodle smell in the air. He just entered the so-called R&D department, and a fly climbed quickly from a programmer\'s desk.

Seeing Lin Yu Tong\'s eyes on the little strong body, Bai Yi He has responded very quickly - "Hey!" She grabbed a folder and calmly slapped the small fly.

"Cough, the person who made the appointment to invest is still coming, are you going to let Mr. Lin see us as a joke." Yan Shu said quickly and cleverly used his body to block Lin Yu Tong\'s line of sight, but he quickly found it hard. Lin Yu Tong figure was too tall, he can\'t stop him from seeing the mismanaged office workers

"Is this a concept map?" Lin Yu Tong resisted the feeling of nausea and pointed to various game-related pictures that were pressed on the whiteboard with a magnetic sticker.

"Yes, it\'s only a small part. If you go to the conference room, our R&D team leader will give you a detailed product display."

"Wait is this?, this is the person who is interested in investing?" Lin Yu Tong and Yan Shu were watched by several people as entered the conference room, a programmer in the R&D department couldn\'t help but say. "Isn\'t he too young? I don\'t think I was serious about anything at that age"

"Don\'t say that, maybe because he is young is the reason he can understand more about this industry."

Artists can only think so.

"Only I alone noticed that he is handsome?"

"It is useless to notice, he is wearing a wedding ring." The game tester said coolly.

"Stop the bus, I can guess at most that he is 22 years old, how can he get married so soon? That is definitely not a wedding ring."

People here usually work hard and are very tired, working overtime is normal, there is almost no normal work gossip, and the salary is not usually paid on time, the staff members will gossip about this.

Lin Yu Tong didn\'t know how much commotion he had caused in his workforce, and he was listening to Bai Yi He\'s product commentary.

There are two mobile games currently being developed by Yiyou Technology. One is a game similar to Happy Music, called "Bugs Warzone", because the objects that are eliminated are all kinds of cute insects. There is also a game called "Scroll Box", it has just finished the first stage of game planning, and began to enter the preliminary system coding. This game is different from the traditional sokoban. The traditional sokoban is the way for the player to push the box to the destination. The easy game is to push the box to avoid the enemy with a box (a bunch of stupid little vegetables attacking the monster).

Lin Yu Tong knows that the "Bugs Warzone" and "Scroll Box" games have been recognized by many players in the later stages.

Bai Yi He said all she could explain and at this time when he finished he sat down in his position and looked at Lin Yu Tong. As the leader of the R&D team, she is naturally one of the most hopeful for gathering investors, but in fact she has no bottom in her heart, because she has seen all kinds of people who are interested in investing, but she has never seen a person like Lin. Yu Tong, sitting there, he listened very seriously, but didn\'t ask a question.

Yan Shu said: "Mr. Lin, if you have any questions, please give us your opinion, we will try to answer you as much as possible."

Lin Yu Tong raised his wrist and looked at his watch and found that he was few minutes away from lunch time. There is still a little distance, and I said, "The game is good, I am very interested, but I hope that you can change your work place in the future. At least when I come back next time, I can change the chair I\'m sitting on. After all, a good working environment can bring more productive power to the employees."

Yan Shu and Bai Yi He eyes shined brightly, and other staff members who were already confused by Lin Yu Tong are also stunned because Mr. Lin Obviously has decided to invest in the company Ah!

Lin Yu Tong saw ecstasy in the eyes of the staff and said: "The details of the investment will continue to be discussed in the afternoon. It is almost noon now. Why don\'t I ask everyone to go out for a meal?"

Yan Shu returned to reality this time. "No, no, of course, i will be coming Mr. Lin."

Lin Yu Tong laughed. "Brother, I am younger than you. If you don\'t give up calling me Mr. I will call you a strict brother. I am ready done. When money comes to the shopkeeper, there are not many people who can come in the future. You can\'t deprive me of the opportunity to contact my relationship with everyone. Ah."

Yan Shu kept his mouth shut, but he still want to wait for dinner he had to pay for him.

A group of people heard that they had someone who is going to invest money, and they felt that the troubling weather in the office would be fine. Don\'t say that they had a meal, that is, they would like to eat three days worth of instant noodles too for this! Many of them are looking at Bai Yi He face, but they are friends. They can\'t always work in a company where wages can\'t be paid on time, or if they don\'t want to have their own games. They may not insist working till today.

Lin Yu Tong has also been to S City several times in the last world. Sometimes when he was a signing novel rights sale. Sometimes he comes to see Shen Jun. Anyway, for various reasons, he is familiar with it. But compared with Yan Shu, a local, he was still a little worse. He listened to Yan Shu\'s arrangement and they went to a mid-range Chinese restaurant he had never been to.

Twenty-six people accounted for one private room and three tables. Considering that they had to work in the afternoon, there was no wine, but the company finally had new funds to inject. Everyone was very happy, and they ate the juice and enjoyed it quite happily.

During the dinner, the person who had said that Lin Yu Tong was handsome had a good atmosphere and jokingly asked: "Mr. Lin, do you have a girlfriend?"

Lin Yu Tong raised his left hand and moved the ring finger. He said, "No, But there is already a legal spouse."

Suddenly someone sighed unbelievably.

In the afternoon, Lin Yu Tong returned to Yiyou Technology and signed a preliminary contract with Yan Shu and Bai Yi He. Lin Yu Tong invested 3 million this time, which is a shareholding contract. Later this amount will be accounted for a 37% percentage of shares in Yiyou Technology company.

After signing the contract, Bai Yi He took the staff to The old S city and asked Lin Yu Tong out to eat the famous snacks in S City. The time was going too fast. During the process, when Lin Yu Tong had any questions. Bai Yi He and colleagues can still give Lin Yu Tong a detailed explanation.

In the evening, Lin Yu Tong stayed in the hotel. He took a shower before opening the notebook and taking a new note in his investment project document.

Just remembered, Zhan Yi Fei\'s phone call came over. "How is it going over there?"

Lin Yu Tong said: "It\'s quite smooth, but it\'s catching up with the weekend, so I haven\'t been able to go through the relevant procedures at the Trade and Industry Bureau. Maybe I\'m going to be two days late."

Zhan Yi Fei\'s eyes were sad. "It seems that I can only wait for the next time. Tian Yi and Cheng Ge have asked me to eat together tomorrow night. I wanted to invite you to go with us."

Lin Yu Tong was silent for a moment and said, "Next time."

Zhan Yi Fei didn\'t say anything. He actually wanted to talk to Lin Yu Tong if he had eaten but when he really wanted to say it, he didn\'t know where to start.

Lin Yu Tong listened to the phone for a while and he said, "I have something to do. If there is nothing else, I will hang it first."

Zhan Yi Fei coughed, " Actually, there is nothing. It is suddenly becoming a person who is not used to being alone at home."

Lin Yu Tong: "..."

Zhan Yi Fei sighed. "You should be tired too, rest early, good night."

Lin Yu Tong looked at the phone for a while, until Zhan Yi Fei couldn\'t hear it. He didn\'t know what he was going crazy. He actually said a few words of "good night" and stared at the wall till many minutes later, then continue to the computer.

He took time to look at the reader\'s comments every day, but today he was busy with Yan Shu and he couldn\'t see it.

This look, suddenly something shocked his big eyes. Not because many readers in the commentary area are those who he had never been seen before, but because there was a bad mood reader online.

The reader was called "Drunk In The Forest" and gave him a reward. He sent him at least 200 jade! A single jade value is 10,000 Jinfan Bean, equivalent to one hundred yuan, the reader brushed his full screen, so now his comment area is like this -

Drunk In The Forest because of a bad mood sent you a piece of jade .

Drunk In The Forest gave you a piece of jade due to a bad mood.

Drunken in The Forest gave you a piece of jade due to a bad mood.


Lin Yu Tong shook his hand and replied: Xiongtai, do you need more comfort?

Drunk In The Forest: No, just send me a hug.

Author\'s reply: hug.

A minute later -

Drunk In The Forest because of the mood is too good he has sent you a piece of jade.

Drunk In The Forest because of the mood is too good he has sent you a piece of jade.

Drunk In The Forest because of the mood is too good he has sent you a piece of jade.

Lin Yu Tong: "........."