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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage« 重生 之 金色 婚姻» Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Sen Hun Yin

Chapter 18: Wine cup

If the previous Zhan Yi Fei was always restrained himself against showing his endearment Lin Yu Tong, now Zhan Yi Fei was now brazen enough to show his care for Lin Yu Tong. For example, Lin Yu Tong went and fought and left with a hand injury. Zhan Yi Fei did not let Lin Yu Tong cook, not only he ordered breakfast in the morning and evening, but also contracted all the housework that was in the works during this period, and he did not let Lin Yu Tong move a finger. For example, Lin Yu Tong just said a word about which snack is good, Zhan Yi Fei will go wait in line to wait in advance, just to buy back a small cake which Lin Yu Tong liked.

Lin Yu Tong felt that if he can no longer see Zhan Yi Fei\'s doing it as someone caring lover for him, then he must have a lack of roots in his mind.

Of course, he will not ask Zhan Yi Fei to confirm what he had realized, because he is not sure what he himself felt about Zhan Yi Fei - if this time he said something out of normal, It\'s not just a slap in the face. It\'s not as good as it used to be. Everyone naturally gets along with each other – they have a marriage certificate and a verbal agreement. As long as there are no other feelings, it will take a long time to get through.

In fact, Lin Yu Tong felt that he and Zhan Yi Fei are like an old couple. They maintain a kind of plain and warmth in their lives. They are also like the two old men who know each other while living in the nursing home. They live together and eat together every day. When they are free, they will take a break have fun and then go back to the house to rest at night.

They are still young, so there are still a lot of places to work out.

Yan Shu, the person in charge of Yiyou Technology Co. returned to China, and Lin Yu Tong met with him. Originally, the other party said that he could visit Lin Yu Tong in person, but Lin Yu Tong wanted to look at the other team\'s work team and technical level, so decided to go to the other company\'s company to discuss.

There are only two major classes on Friday afternoon, and he can go after he finishes those. Lin Yu Tong paid for the plane ticket at 8:10 am on thy e next morning, and the appointment was made to return home between 5 and 6 pm. He packed up his backpack and left. Before leaving, he also took Hua Yua Bai, who was going to the city, and Hua Yua Bai was going to give up the tutor class.

Hua Yua Bai put on a mask before getting off the bus and waved with Lin Yu Tong. Lin Yu Tong saw him wearing and suddenly found that the recent smog was very serious. He also went to the pharmacy to buy several masks.

It\'s quite a coincidence that the pharmacy that he came this time was the same one where Zhan Yi Fei got the bear candy the las time. Lin Yu Tong bought a mask and thought about the same that if his purchases reaches a total of more than 200 yuan. Shouldn\'t he enter a lottery in the pharmacy? Just then he asked the pharmatist "Hello, do you still have a lottery in the store?"

The pharmacist said with enthusiasm: "Yes we do Ah, you can take one ticket for 20 yuans, and you bought these for thirteen tickets."

Lin Yu Tong was a happy cat he quickly took out thirteen scratch cards from the box, looking for a place where there was a flat surface so he can scratch.

Not to mention, his luck is more reliable than Zhan Yi Fei. Zhan Yi Fei bought so many medicines to get a bottle of small marshmallows candies, but he succeeded in scraping the second prize ! The second prize is definitely not marshmallows candies!

Lin Yu Tong took the winning card and asked the pharmacist. "What is the prize for the second prize? Is it a movie ticket?"

The pharmacist said: "The movie ticket is the first prize, and the second prize is this." A small box of Wei-Ge, "Do you want it? If you don\'t, I can help you change into a gummy bear."

Lin Yu Tong: "..."

Lin Yu Tong silently took home four bottles of Gummy Bears, after some hesitation when he passed by the supermarket, hewent in and bought some fruits and vegetables, as well as fish. It took him two or three days to finally go out. It is estimated that Zhan Yi Fei would have to return to eati g bread and milk and the food in the office restaurant. Lin Yu Tong suddenly felt that Zhan Yi Fei was a little pitiful, so Lin Yu Tong wanted to make for him some dumplings at home.

Zhan Yi Fei, who had previously asked for a wrapped dumplings said that the dumpling Lin Yu Tong made were delicious several times, but he did not make it but even if he didn\'t, the soup couldn\'t be adjusted. It\'s better to make the dumplings and freeze them. It is still convenient. As for tonight, maybe they should order some wine? So they can at the big weekend.

Lin Yu Tong bought some beer and bought two bottles of red wine. When he got home, he called Zhan Yi Fei and asked him to come back home to dinner in the evening. When he came back, he would do it normally.

Zhan Yi Fei has been fighting to finish work early and heading home on time every night since he lived with Lin Yu Tong. Even the outings were pushed, but for the first time, this is the first time that Lin Yu Tong has called and asked him to return home to eat, Zhan Yi Fei was a bit flattered, so after a while, he calmed down the crazy beatunf heart, butwithout any warmth or giddiness he replied: "I will come back, maybe earlier than usual."

Lin Yu Tong hung up the phone and looked at the time. Seeing that it was near noon, he first made a bowl of noodles for himself. After that, he sorted out some problems that he might encounter when he saw the game developers, and then began to prepare dinner. Usually there are more two hot dishes to accompany man dish, but this time he cooked a few more, and he hven made a dessert - coconut purple potato dessert.

When Zhan Yi Fei came back, Lin Yu Tong just put the coconut purple potato dessert on the table. The small white balls made of coconut were placed on the plate one by one. They were round and rolling. At the beginning, Zhan Yi Fei didn\'t see what it was, his eyes chased Lin Yu Tong and looked at his eyes. Lin Yu Tong took a chopstick and clipped one dessert ball to him. He saw that it was purple inside, and it was so delicious. It was sweet and delicious when he was chewing it in his mouth.

" Is today a special day?" Zhan Yi Fei asked when he returned the chopsticks to Lin Yu Tong.

"It\'s not a special day, it\'s a weekend, just added more food. In addition, I have to take the plane tomorrow morning to go to the city of S, I will see a game developer, I may come back the next night."

Zhan Yi Fei jumped into the room at once. His mood was cut in half, but it was not revealed on the surface. He went to the table after washing his hands, but saw four bottles of familiar gummy bears on it.

"I went to buy a mask today, and drew a lottery." Lin Yu Tong said what he suddenly remembered, then he asked Zhan Yi Fei, "Yi Fei, what kind of prize did you get when you bought the medicine that day? "

Lin Yu Tong got the second prize, the pharmacist gave him for four bottles of marshmallows that Zhan Yi Fei was able to get a bottle for a few like

" Third prize. "

" Third prize? What is the third prize? "

Zhan, Yi Fei would not say it it even if his life was threatened death.

Lin Yu Tong later learned that if you buy things and get a third prize.... The third prize is a box of three a pack condom because activity is to promote a Wei Ge condoms sales. As for the soft candy, it is obviously exchanged for those who don\'t need Wei Ge condoms and the set, but this is also a follow-up.

1]..... Wei Ge means Brother Wei

"Little Tong, what are you looking for?" Zhan Yi Fei asked when he saw Lin Yu Tong turning the cabinets.

"Cups Ah, where are the crystal cups that we bought when we moved in? I obviously took out two and put the rest aside "

"Is there none left l?" Zhan Yi Fei turned and said: "Didn\'t we buy a set? There should be four more? "

" Yes. "Lin Yu Tong yelled back "I can\'t find those two we can only use the new ones first, or the tmfood on the table will go cold."

"Are you still depressed over it?" Zhan Yi Fei seeing Lin Yu Tong was a bit sullen he asked as he poured the wine into the cup that Lin Yu Tong had taken.

"I have obsessive-compulsive disorder. If I can\'t find anything that I\'m looking for I will be particularly uncomfortable."

"... actually I broke them." Zhan Yi Fei heard himself saying it, and he quickly added, "But seeing that you like them so much, so I had meant to say it."

"Ah, It\'s not a big deal. It\'s not for me to forget where I am." Lin Yu Tong didn\'t get awakward and he happily clipped for Zhan Yi Fei a braised pork. "Come on.... It tastes good."

Zhan Yi Fei thought that after the last drink, he secretly kissed Lin Yu Tong\'s forehead. He couldn\'t help but feel a little fluttering so he wanted to drink many times with Lin Yu Tong. Even if he couldn\'t kiss him he could sleep near him at least. Unfortunately, Lin Yu Tong thought that he was going to the airport early in the morning, so he drank but he didn\'t drink too much. When he finished drinking, the whole person was still awake, and he packed all the things on the table and he was all right.

When Lin Yu Tong closed the refrigerator door, he said to Zhan Yi Fei: "I put the braised pork and purple potato balls in the refrigerator. When you want to eat it, you can take it out and use the microwave oven and microwave it for two minutes. But the purple potato ball is wrapped in coconut powder, you can put it in the coconut powder and roll it, so you don\'t have to stick you fingers to it. In addition, I also put some dumplings in the frozen bottom, you can cook it in the morning and use it as reakfast."

Zhan Yi Fei quietly listened to Lin Yu Tong and said, "What kind of cooked dumplings needs to be cooked again?"

Lin Yu Tong thought for a moment and said, "The dumpling are already cooked you just need to microwave them."

Lin Yu Tong finished and gave the bowl to Zhan Yi Fei and when he looked at the newly wrapped dumplings. He only thought that he would not be bored even if he had to eat dumplings in the past two days.

See Lin Yu Tong washing the bowl then he went to take a shower, Zhan Yi Fei returned to his bedroom, he opened the bedside table, took out a box that was smaller than the shoe box inside, and then took out the contents and carefully played with them for a while, What does you think of the treasures he was playing with two cups that Lin Yu Tong was looking for?

Drinking wine with Lin Yu Tong, what a pity if he accidentally break them outside? So still he wanted to preserve the cups as a memento.

On the following day, Lin Yu Tong got up very early in order to catch the plane, but he did not expect Zhan Yi Fei to wake earlier than him, and Zhan Yi Fei\'s purpose was obvious. He wanted to send him to the airport personally.

"You will have to go to see the other person after you get off the plane. It\'s better to save some energy. You can sleep during the time I will be driving."

"That\'s too much trouble to you." Lin Yu Tong took the gift he preapred and sat on Zhan Yi Fei\'s car.

"When you have arrived, please call me or at any time." Zhan Yi Fei said when he walked Lin Yu Tong t the security check.

"Yes, then you be careful when you drive back." Lin Yu Tong waved his hand.

Zhan Yi Fei stood in the place for a while, and suddenly felt that the two days coming were really long, and its enough for him to play Lin Yu Tong\'s appearance in his mind for a hundred thousand times. At this time, he came to the side, and said in a tone that even the murderer can\'t muster: "Hey, how good is it you get to go with him?"

But who is if not Gao Wen Liang?

Zhan Yi Fei is had a black face. "Do you think that I am happy to let him go? Hurry."

If he couldn\'t really, wouldn\'t it be because he was jealousy that Gao Wen Liang would go instead of him and Lin Yu Tong was fighting with Shen Jun? After being hurt, how could he put such a guy who looked like a peacock back near Lin Yu Tong? !

Damn, when is Laozi so unique?

Zhan Yi Fei had a hard time and kept swearing in his heart and after he had calmed his chest he left the airport