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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage« 重生 之 金色 婚姻» Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Sen Hun Yin

Chapter 17: Spendthrift

The username called the landlord promised. It was a friend that Lin Yu Tong met shortly after signing on the Jinfan Literature Network. He is also a author of a great god leve novell who developed a good following in Jinfan. In the last life, they first talked in the second yuan. Later, they became familiar with each other before they met in three yuan, and became friends who had nothing in common. In the whole process of making friends, Lin Yu Tong was most impressed with the man... He had a sharp mouth. This person can kill a person when he speak, but he is always very reasonable in his arguments.

A man who will give you a lot of money without asking for a return. Who else can this person be besides relatives? Maybe that person may also be a spouse.

Zhan Yi Fei is indeed his spouse, but he is a show spouse. He is just a shield in Zhan Yi Fei\'s life, and he and Zhan Yi Fei are also looking forward to mutual benefit.

Before Zhan Yi Fei took out and gave him 20 million, Lin Yu Tong always felt that he and Zhan Yi Fei developed a "comrade-in-arms friendship" in the process of "side by side against the common enemy", or they can be referred as good brothers. They can do their best to help each other, but they have not yet reached the point where they will give a large sum of money to each other.

So what does Zhan Yi Fei means by this?

Lin Yu Tong was really a bit confused about Zhan Yi Fei\'s intentions. In fact, now he think that there are quite a few happenings that are strange. For example, Zhan Yi Fei knew about him not long before he bought him a sleeping bag. When he registered the marriage and said Lin You Tong is going to be a shield, but in order to avoid Lin Yu Tong and his family being harassed by Wang Bing Yan, he has not confessed with his family until passively let Wang Bing Yan discover. Not only that, Zhan Yi Fei also arranged for Gao Wen Liang to protect him early on. Also, the pen that Zhan Yi Fei gave him on the day of registration, he always felt that such a delicate pen is unlikely to be made in a few days, and Zhan Yi Fei\'s attitude towards his parents, it\'s almost like someone treating them as his biological parent, even more than a biological parent.

Zhan Yi Fei was too careful around him. This is not like what the brothers in arms should have. It is like an attitude of the male pursuer who attaches great importance to express his own advantages.

But how is this possible?

Lin Yu Tong couldn\'t understand. The number of times he had interaction with Zhan Yi Fei prior to the marriage issue was very few. It is reasonable to say that Zhan Yi Fei can\'t really fall in love with him at first sight.

The teacher was talking about economic law at the front of the stage. Lin Yu Tong\'s attention was wandering. His eyes were always on the blue pen in his hand until he had not returned his mind back to the class.

When Xiang Chen Tian got up and saw that Lin Yu Tong wasn\'t getting up. He asked, "Lin Zi, don\'t you want to go to eat Ah?"

Long Le said with a smile: "His soul has been taken away by the person who gave him the pen, do you think he is going to remember to eat? Ah? Walk away, let\'s go eat."

Lin Yu Tong took the book and bya long shot he threw it on Long Le\'s back. "You naughty mind is itchy again?"

Long Le caressed his back. "So am I not allowed to tell the truth yet? You were dazed in class and you dare to say that you didn\'t want to show your family?"

Lin Yu Tong said: "I thought about what you can do?"

Long Le laughed "How can I Ah, when I see you next time with Mr. Zhan, I will say you do not concentrate in class and he would likely chant leave Lin Zi alone, hey tell us did you not meet the parents yet? Mr. Zhan and you have not set a date? "

"We have temporarily set it at March next year, but not necessarily, after all, there is still a lot to be prepared. "Mainly because he and Zhan Yi Fei think that they could take the money from Zhan and do an investment to make a profit, so what about the wedding, it can be pushed further.

"Marriage is a big event it should not be taken not too sloppy." Xiang Chen Tian nodded.

"There is nothing we can do to help, Lin Zi, you are buzzing." Hua Yua Bai is the most reality man

"If you pay for food today, do you want to bribe me so you could be as a best man?"

"Yes!" Long Le said: "I will not only be your best man. You already look like this, whoever you pick to be the best man has to be ugly so as to not overshadow you."

"Then you don\'t eat any." Lin Yu Tong quickly pulled Long Le away, "Cheng Tian, Yu Bai, what do you want to eat?"

Everyone thought that this day was so cold, it was good to eat some hot foods. They all agreed that they should have a rice, with rib soup and a side dish, thats a complete set of a warm meal.

"Then Bai Yu you go buy it." Lin Yu Tong gave his meal card to Hua Yua Bai, "Tell that\'s big sister who sells rice with rib soup that you are the top student, if you say that she certainly give a few more ribs."

"Okay." Hua Yua Bai had to go because even if it was a bit boring, but what Lin Yu Tong said was the truth.

Xiang Chen Tian said: "I will go with him, or he will not be able to carry all of them alone. Lin Zi, you go find a seat with Little Long, and there will be more people in the canteen in a while."

Lin Yu Tong nodded, then he did as he listened. Long Le pulled him and whispered, "Hey, don\'t you think that Cheng Tian seems to like Yua Bai a bit?"


"Why not?" Long Le said consciously: "A man does this when they likes a person. It\'s easy to see, if they\'re rich, they like to spend money for the other person the like, if he has no money, he likes to help the other person, this is what my mom said."

"Hey, Auntie is really interesting."

1]..... Auntie here is not related sort of aunt....but I\'m most Asian culture an older woman who is not old will be called Auntie

"It makes sense. Otherwise, you say what\'s the reason that your man gave you pocket money? He is eight years older than you, and he is so business-minded, he has earned a lot of money in these years, and it is impossible for you he can\'t be stingy."

"What\'s wrong with it?"

"What?.... He did? Impossible."

"Well, I gave me a 302 and a 200 credit card."

"FML! Really Devious!"

1]...... FML means F*ck My Life!!!

"Devious?" Lin Yu Tong was curious. "What is devious about that?"

"302 plus 200 isn\'t it equal to 502? Five-two, I love you, you don\'t understand this? Are you stupid Ah?"


Lin Yu Tong did not understand it at all, and Long Le gave him a hint on the way to the cafeteria, suggesting that Zhan Yi Fei is trying to be special to him. Meaning, Long Le naught mind... this kid actually came to such a conclusion!

Is it a coincidence? Although Zhan Yi Fei was being good to him, he did not tell him anything that would make him misunderstand his good intentions Ah.

"Lin Zi, what\'s wrong?" Xiang Chen Tian saw Hua Yua Bai and Long Le eating very delicious food. Only Lin Yu Tong was absent-minded andhis friends couldn\'t help asking.

"Nothing." Lin Yu Tong returned to reality. "How are your ribs? I have too much on my plate."

Long Le and Hua Yua Bai each grabbed a piece, and Lin Yu Tong gave the last piece to Xiang Chen Tian. After that, he finished the meal with soup and asked Xiang Chen Tian, u200bu200b"Cheng Tian, do you have a cigarette? Give me one."

"Didn\'t you quit smoking ?"

"I only do it occasionally, I will go out and wait for you guys." Lin Yu Tong took the cigarette and lighter that Xiang Chen Tian handed him, and went out alone.

"How do I feel that Lin Zi seems to have something he is worrying about?" Hua Yua Bai and other exchanged a look with Long Le and Xiang Chen Tian spoke after Lin Yu Tong went out.

"I think 80% of it is related to Mr. Zhan." Long Le frowned. "The rest is related to Shen Jun. Lin Zi was still going out with Shen Jun until the eleventh holiday. Even though Lin Yu Tong didn\'t say anything, I think they are lovers. Shen Jun, this kid is too much of a two timing thing, on the eleventh holiday he actually spent it with Xiao Wei, f*cking, who will not be angry about this matter Ah?"

"Isn\'t Lin Zi with Mr. Zhan?" Xiang Chen Tian does not agree with Long Le\'s point of view.

"And isn\'t that just so strange? He as all about Shen Jun. How come he suddenly registered marriage with Mr. Zhan? I want to say that Lin Zi is just doing a slap in the face to Shen Jun. You remember when we went to Mountain Fuliu Villa. What did Lin Zi say before? He said that he wanted to call a person, and he said that he was not familiar with that person. You say that is it not surprising to register with a person who he is not familiar with it."

Hua Yua Bai and Xiang Chen Tian looked at each other withoutan expression on their faces Who knows that someone outside suddenly shouted: "Hey, don\'t fight! Come and help Ah!"

Long Le was the most curious, then stretched his neck and looked out the window. He was anxious, "Lin Zi and Shen Jun!"

The brothers rushed over and pulled Lin Yu Tong away from Shen Jun. Xiang Chen Tian and another classmate pulled Shen Jun, Long Le and Hua Yua Bai pulled Lin Yu Tong.

Shen Jun nose was broken and his lips were bleeding. He wiped a hand and rushed forward. He was stopped and he couldn\'t move. He shouted: "You let me go! Motherf*cker Lin Yu Tong, I\'m not finished! You flipping bullshit Ah? You fucking dare to say that you are not the one who is being sugar daddied? You..."

"Little Long, Yua Bai, let me go!" Lin Yu Tong failed to move even a bit, even when he was suppressed he yelled with anger.

"Release you? What for! Lin Zi, you should calm down and act like don\'t know him!" Long Le was like a bear who held the tree holding Lin Yu Tong.

Lin Yu Tong took a deep breath. "Okay, I won\'t fight, you ....let me go."

Lin Yu Tong and Hua Yua Bai saw that he was really was not going to fight, and they were relieved. Who knows Lin Yu Tong would lie? He rushed to grab Shen Jun, and Shen Jun\'s face got a punch, followed by a long knee kick to Shen Jun\'s stomach. "You son of a bitch, I\'m going to make you unrecognizable, you\'re looking for death... ..."

Originally four people pulled them apart, this time they were sorrounded by more people and things quickly spread, and soon the school police came over.

Lin Yu Tong and Shen Jun were pulled to the teachers office. The director was holding a coffin death-like face and asked seriously: "Why were you fighting?"

"He hit me first." Shen Jun rushed to answer.

"You really have a thick face." Lin Yu Tong arched his cheeks with his tongue, and seemed to be too lazy to care for such a person.

Shen Jun laughed disdainfully. "How can I lie? You have a lifestyle problem. You are a college student. You are covered by a wealthy businessman. You still have a car which comes to pick you up. You can\'t wait for the whole school to see it. Dont you think it affect the school atmosphere, "

The Headmaster asked:" Is this what happened? "

Lin Yu Tong said:" No, I told Shen Jun that I was married, and if you do not believe I can show you the marriage certificate."

In order to avoid letting Zhan Yi Fei feel that he wants to make a fake drama, he rarely mentioned his and Zhan Yi Fei marriage except for his closest relatives, but obviously this time, he must say it.

The director of the school looked at Lin Yu Tong in amazement. Shen Jun turned his head sharply because he wanted to insult Lin Yu Tong because he heard Xiao Wei say that Lin Yu Tong was being sugarbabied by a wealthy Mr. Zhan. He concluded that because Lin Yu Tong is different from his previous attitude.

Lin Yu Tong called Zhan Yi Fei and Zhan Yi Fei came over with a marriage certificate. When he saw Lin Yu Tong\'s lips, he looked cold and when he looked at Shen Jun he had a murderous gaze to the director and said: "The silly X surnamed Shen must apologize to my lover, otherwise I will sue him."

Shen Jun suddenly fell into a strange haze. Anyway, he has to withdraw from school. If he remembers that, he is really not afraid. The Xiao Family can help him smoothen out this stain, but if Mr.Zhan really wants to sue him, as long as it is still the person who is surnamed Zhan. That can be troublesome.

When Xiao Wei said that the strength of The Zhan Family was too high and she was envious, Shen Jun did not have the bottom line to scrape.

The director of the school saw that the situation was getting heavy and the two sides did not have serious injuries. In addition, he did not want to make things end up in that line. After all, if it was really big and it could impact the reputation of the school. He advised Shen Jun to apologize. However, it is also his own fault for spreading such rumors in the first place, but Lin Yu Tong and Zhan Yi Fei are not in the kind of dirty relationship at all, and people who are doing thing through the law are protected by law.

Shen Jun must have been unable to keep up with this tone, but he did not dare to openly confront Zhan Yi Fei. The key is that he did not expect Zhan Yi Fei to actually come. Unfortunately, it is too late to regret.

The next day, the student council informed the school that Shen Jun publicly apologized to Lin Yu Tong. Later, everyone knew that Lin Yu Tong was getting married. It was not as bad as Shen Jun said, so he met almost eighty-nine. All were ridiculing Shen Jun with goodwill.

1]..... I don\'t understand the marriages in China but it seems that they register the marriage and have a celebration in different days. So Zhan and Lin are married by certificate and the actually wedding has been planned but not done yet.

Lin Yu Tong has always had a good relationship with other students. He is even more open in school. Especially when the students know that Zhan Yi Fei wants to donate money to the school to install a new air conditioner, these two have become their saviors. You have to know, in the school the air conditioners have been working for ten or twenty years, and that it is no different from the furnishings, and the heating from the air conditioners is poor. This winter has been cold!

Only Lin Yu Tong knows that every day, listening to people\'s thanks and compliments, his heart will be bloody, 1.2 million followers Ah, how good it is for him! He dissatisfiedly took a seat on Zhan Yi Fei\'s car. "You have ruined me to them. These people are going to leave school in three or four years. You sympathize with what they do Ah!"

Zhan Yi Fei looked at Lin Yu Tong, "I was afraid that you would be cold, what is the relationship with you being cold me caring and them?"

Lin Yu Tong was stunned and when he looked at Zhan Yi Fei he found that since he hit Shen Jun, how does Zhan Yi Fei\'s attitude toward him seem to be different from before?