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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage« 重生 之 金色 婚姻» Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Sen Hun Yin

Chapter 16: Unexpected Profit

Because Zhan Yi Fei wanted to transfer the project money himself, even though some managers on the same front line felt that it was not right, he eventually made it, but only afterwards the board of directors came over to specifically to why he wanted yo transfer the project.

Zhan Yi Fei said to the people in a moment: "Brother Zuo , this project was won over by the two of us, but I have seen more problems after I took over it. You know more about it than me. Although it is not finished, I want to do this(marriage). It\'s better to put it in the first place. It\'s better to put them in the first place. In the end, they still have to return to our hands, but by that time they will definitely not dare to do anything else."

Zuo Si sighed. "It\'s hard for you. Your stepmother did have a lot of clout in the company this year, and then Zhan Yi Ning and the chief financial officer have started dating. How do I feel that this is quite... forget it, anyway, you have a few worries. Just do it first, just like this, you can also have a leisure time. I heard that when I was on a business trip, your lover came, I haven\'t seen him yet, I hope we will have the chance to go out for dinner together."

Zhan Yi Fei smiled and said: "That\'s certainly."

After leaving the place, Cheng Xiao walked in. Cheng released handed a A4 paper to Zhan Yi Fei, which was lined with fifteen words.

Zhan Yi Fei glanced down from the top and asked: "Can the name be modified?"

Cheng Xiao said: "Yes. The current password is the one you used to have. If you want to change it, you can change it."

Zhan Yi Fei said "Thanks" He put the paper into the drawer, and then called Lin Yu Tong to say that after work he will be accompanying a customer to a diner meeting and he might not be able to go back on time.

Lin Yu Tong listened to Yi Fei and took a bite before starting to study the stock market. At the time of his rebirth, he had only 600,000 yuans in his hands as the pocket money his parents usually send him, so he could not invest in any big projects, and he bought some stocks that he knew were perform better. These stocks have really earned some money the recent days, at least that proves that these companies development trends are no different from the previous generation. In other words, he can buy a little more. The biggest problem now is that he does not have sufficient funds.

He has the proceeds of his original 600,000 stocks earning which was 73,000, as well as Zhan Yi Fei\'s 3.2 million in cash and a credit card that can overdraw 2 million in consumption. That 3.2 million can\'t be moved, because he recently took a fancy to invest in a game company. He has already agreed to wait for the other party to come back to China to meet and talk about investment, so he can still use only the money in the credit card. He should be able to scrape together atleast half to one million.

Do you want to talk to Zhan Yi Fei about the money?

It seems that he can\'t say it. After all, Zhan Yi Fei\'s meaning is very clear. This money is for him.

But even if he doesn\'t say Zhan Yi Fei definitely will know.

With this in mind, Lin Yu Tong decided to tell him. He opened the document and wrote a novel for a while. He had probably written more than 14,000 words. It seemed to snow when he looked outside. He got up and stretched his arms and moved his limbs.

It was almost eleven o\'clock, but Zhan Yi Fei hadn\'t returned yet. He wants to stop waiting. At this time, he heard the door slamming and rang the door.

Zhan Yi Fei walked in from the outside with a hint of coldness, and saw a warm light in the room. He had been at the door for a while.

Lin Yu Tong only heard other sounds after opening the door. He felt that something was wrong. I went out to see it and smiled there. "Yi Fei, hahahahahahaha, what kind of clothes are you wearing Ah? He pointed to Zhan Yi Fei\'s small grass-green jacket that was completely out of shape on Yi Fei. " .... is this really your style?" "

Zhan, Yi Fei was silent, he took off his jacket to hang clothes, after he hung them he said:" I accidentally spilled wine on my clothes, I can not wear a jacket with a large wet patch so I borrowed clothes to wear from someone else\'s, is the style really so ugly? "

Lin Yu Tong shook his head, he went to Zhan Yi Fei and gave him a cup of hot water then said:" You must be a blind person."

Zhan Yi Fei thinks this should be the best thing he has heard today. He took the water and after he finished drinking he was feeling warmer. After that, he went to the sofa and asked Lin Yu Tong. "How come youre still up so late today?"

Lin Yu Tong sat across from Zhan Yi Fei hugging a pillow. "Yes, I wanted to make some investment, and then I thought I could use the money you gave me. I think this should be discussed to you. "

Zhan, Yi Fei Lin Yu Tong did not ask what investment, but said:." As long as not illegal, you are free to do it "

Lin Yu Tong jeered:" Is it illegal as a confiscation of a sleeping bag? I remember it, "

Zhan, Yi Fei smiled, When he got up and went back to the bedroom, he couldn\'t help but bow his middle finger and tapped on Lin Yu Tong\'s head.

Lin Yu Tong felt weird but he didn\'t expect it to be more strange to be near Zhan Yi Fei, who he thought he went to shower he actually came out he took a piece of paper and handed it to him: "Since you want to invest, the funds are too small to be stretched, you can use this account, if you earn a right you can return me half of it."

A check was handed, 20 million yuans, how much trust can one have to do this?

Lin Yu Tong didn\'t know what kind of expression he had stating at Zhan Yi Fei. Although they are cooperative in the marriage he does have some value for Zhan Yi Fei, but is what Zhan would do for a business partner?

If this is too much but 20 million is not two thousand Ah!

Lin Yu Tong didn\'t dare to pick it up. Although he only earned more than this by writing novels in the last world, can that be the same? This can be equivalent to the other party\'s pure statement

Zhan Yi Fei saw Lin Yu Tong not accepting it, he was swearing in his mind maybe that he was too anxious, but he already gave it out, and then he couldn\'t take it back. So he said, "Don\'t think too much, I have no other meaning than that, I am just I feel that for the friendship and you who I trust the most, this kind support should not be seen as anything other than, the money from Zhan Family is ready and set aside, and it is still a long time till the wedding. It is better to invest in this investment than to leave it there doing nothing."

Lin Yu Tong took it and said:" Then thanks, but after all, its too much, so lets make it as a money I borrowed from you and I will make a promissory note for you. "

Zhan, Yi Fei sighed," you are not being like this to scold me?"

Lin Yu Tong bit his lips, he would like read something from Zhan Yi Fei\'s eyes, but Zhan Yi Fei was drunk and his head hanged down, he did not see it, and finally he said: "Do you want the old rules, or do the verbal agreement, these two million I borrowed."

Zhan Yi Fei said: "Also, you can return the money when are you convenient to give it, the loan is indefinitely."

Lin Yu Tong smiled and said good night, staring silently after entering his room he spent a long time staring at the wall and later, he opened the little penguin and contacted one of his best friends in the second generation.

Duan Chai Boy: Old Fortune, I made a fortune.

Teasing the landlord: Saving money?

San Chai Boy: Not like that, it was given by others. I said that I wanted to invest, my partner gave me a sum of money, and said that I lost him.

Amused landlord: You say who is this partner is you?

San Chai Boy: ...