Rebirth of The Golden Marriage - Chapter 14 (2)

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Heaven Imperial Court Kindergarten《天庭幼儿园》Tian Ting You Er Yuan

Chapter 14: Game

As aresult, the Tianzhu jade altar was tied with a red thread, which made it lookquite festive.

Tianzhu wassealed for three days and three nights and Bai Ze kept watch every day, forfear that the children would break it and even when he was sleeping at night.When the moon came up, the children are all slumbering on the jade altar andBai Ze is turned into a lion figure in the middle of the yard. The two frontpaws are still holding a small jade altar.

Fu Lifinished meditating and walked slowly to Bai Ze. The red thread of fate (marriage)on the wrists of the two men looked clearer in the moonlight. The crystal clearmoon essence was overflowing from the invitation cup, inhaled into Bai Ze bodyand then through the red thread of fate (marriage), continuously into Fu Li.Extending a white finger and picking up a soft red thread of fate (marriage),the short hands gradually lengthened to Bai Ze hand, slowly touching the whitepaws.

"Hey..."Bai Ze opened one eye and saw the little Heavenly Venerable Lord standing infront of him. He yawned, put out his claws, pulled Fu Li into his arms and puthis tongue out and licked his face. It was awkward.

"Hey!"Fu Li struggled, but Bai Ze was too strong. He couldn\'t get away from the beastpalms. He had to be half-sleeping and Bai Ze was full of shamelessness faces.Bai Ze saliva is not sticky, he converted it into moist with water vapor andfresh Xian Qi, even so, Fu Li cannot stand it, he raised his hand to pinch BaiZe hair mouth, "Shut up!"

Bai Ze did not wake up completely, he just puthis furry snout close to Fu Li\'s neck, gently sniffing, licking him with a wetbig nose, all in all this scene looked quite stupid.

"What\'swrong with you?" Fu Li felt that something was wrong and grabbed Bai Ze.At this time, a golden stream of light rushed into the meridians along the lineof marriage and Fu Li couldn\'t help but want to scream and immediately gnawedhis teeth to endure the pain of the essence rushing in the body, meditating onthe knees. After a short time, the small body quickly grew and became an adultin a golden light.

The greenjade robes, the beautiful and unparalleled face, the young look of the HeavenlyVenerable Lord Fu Li.... He really looked so handsome that people can\'t movetheir eyes.

Bai Ze felthis his nose had hit a wine cellar and he stretched his claws to catch Fu Li,pressed under his body, in a white light, Bai Ze turned into an adult shape,sitting on Fu Li, smiling stupidly.

"Youdrunk the alcohol?" Fu Li Heavenly Venerable Lord looked at the Bai Zesitting on his body and raised his hand and touched his cheek.

"Hey,Fu Li, you look so beautiful." Bai Ze\'s original white face, now had alayer of faint powderly pink, even the nose became red, so cute.

Fu Lilooked at him with no expression on his face but he did not push away, he let hsat on him.

"Oh..."Bai Ze continued to smirk, not knowing that he had become a human figure, butalso sniffed on the face of Fu Li.

The sweetand moist breath rushed to the face and Fu Li moved uncomfortably and thedrunken beast continued to sniff and sniff all over h. The fur on the clotheslingered on Fu Li\'s neck and it was tickling him unbearably, Fu Li reached outand pushed Bai Ze away and sat up.

He raisedhis hand and the jug on the side floated over and settled firmly on Fu Li\'shand. He gently rubbed it and found that the wine inside was gone by a third.This greedy liquor drinking guy...

Jade liquid syrup is not a wine or alcoholic,especially jade liquid it is extremely light and should not make Bai Ze thisdrunk according to the amount of alcohol consumed, it should be no problem todrink an entire jar. How can he be so drunk today?

Fu Liopened the jar and took some out with a jade scoop. He tasted a bit. It wassweet and refreshing and it has a long aftertaste. It seems to be tasting a bitbetter than the usual jade liquid. After one swallows the wine, a smashing sunessence spreads out and there is a moment of dizziness flashed in front of hiseyes.

Slightlyraising his brow, Fu Li put down the jade jug and closed the tip. This jadeliquid was probably influenced by the sun essence and it makes one became easyto get drunk. Bai Ze did not know it. He also drank a small jade liquor accordingto the amount of alcohol on weekdays.

"Oh..."Bai Ze laid on the ground, because he became a human figure without fur, lyingon the jade ground, he felt cold so he could not help but shrink his body.

Kneelingand preparing to meditate, so that he can save this point of the extra essenceFu Li, saw this scene and sighed incomparably and reached out and dragged BaiZe to sleep, he let him sleep on his lap.

Theposition on the leg is limited and it can\'t make Bai Ze warm up. A white lightflashes and the human form was disappearing. Instead, he became a white-hairedbeast the size of a big palm. The round, fluffy little head slept sweetly on FuLi leg.

The nextmorning, when everyone woke up, they saw Fu Li Heavenly Venerable Lord, whochanged back to the child\'s appearance, curled up on the jade seat, holding awhite ball in his arms.

"Hey?"Bai Ze opened his eyes and there was a magnified child\'s face in front of him.His eyes were delicate and he couldn\'t react at the same time. Standing up andsquatting, he found myself getting smaller, looking up, Lâo Jun, Old Yue TheMoon Matchmaker, Li Jing, the three bratty children were looking at him with asmile.

"Sir,how did you become so small?" Lâo Jun bent over to see him.

"Iwant to hug." The Old Moon Matchmaker Yue Lao reached out and wanted tohold Bai Ze.

"Giveme a hug!" Li Jing squeezed The Old Moon Matchmaker Yue Lao, away.... he wantedto be the first to hug the cute fur ball.

"Hey!"A small hand with a blue wristband stretched out and gave Li Jing\'s back aslap. A few people swayed and Heavenly Venerable Lord slowly stood up andhugged Bai Ze himself.


Bai Ze felt extremely shameful, lifting hiseyes and he curled up covering his eyes.

Jade liquid is effective, but you can\'t drinktoo much too fast. Bai Ze with the body of the beast drunk too much and itwouldn\'t affect him but these children will not be able to withstand it.Therefore, he can only let them drink a cup every day and slowly accumulate mana.

Bai Ze hadheard that the jade liquid was effective and the Jade Emperor sent a few morejars. He put down the Queen Mother Of The West who didn\'t want to go to theHeaven Imperial Court Hall. After a long while, she let him let go. After sheleft, the Jade Emperor explained to Bai Ze: "No matter what you want todo, make them be as they were and do it as soon as possible, at least so theywill be able to survive the peach festival." The 100-year-old peachfestival will be starting in two months. At that time, the immortals of thenine heavens and ten skies will gather in Peach Garden Hall. If the deities andImmortals see the gods who are the state of the milky toddler. It would meansthat there will be something wrong with it.


Bai Zelooked at the children in the yard and suddenly felt powerless. Fu Li now has ared thread of fate (marriage) with him and he can absorbs the essence of thesun and the moon, which is easy to accumulate. And he himself is in charge ofthe control of mana, as long as he cultivate more, Fu Li can still attend thePeach Garden meeting. But others it’s hard to say.

One cup ofjade liquor per day, how much sun mana can survive is still unknown.

Lâo Jun waspulling the cabbage that has just grown out. Queen Mother of the West immediatelywent up to stop him: "Don\'t destroy the grown food, Bai Ze said he willmake us cabbage dumplings after a while!"

"Hey,don\'t make fuss, I will only take one," Lâo Jun pushed on the Queen MotherOf The West and continuing to pull the cabbage, "I want to practice a newkind of elixir and make it with a sour cabbage taste!"

"Sourcabbage elixir, can it make you become an adult when you eat it?" The OldMoon Matchmaker Yue Lao dragging a long roll the red rope came over.

"Freeze!"Li Jing was in one of his rare game for these people and he climbed onto thewall and looked out.

Bai Zewalked over with a headache, grabbed Li Jing, who tried to cross the wall andflee the children\'s kindergarten and threw little Li Jing in front of Fu Li,let him help him look at things and took the cabbage that Lâo Jun had justpullled out: "Don\'t ....I am going to make cabbage pancakes for you toeat."

"Okay!"The three children immediately became happy and they threw out the matter ofrefining cabbage and flavoring the elixir out of their minds.

Bai Ze hadto go to make the pancakes and he shared a look with Fu Li and asked him totake care of these little guys. Fu Li Heavenly Venerable Lord looked cold anddid not respond. Bai Ze had looked at him till he nodded a promise and Bai Zetook the cabbage and the freshly ground flour and walked away.

When Bai Zeleft, the children who were left alone became a mess. Li Jing proposed to playthe snoring game, Lâo Jun wants to play with the marbles, The Old Moon MatchmakerYue Lao wants to tie the two fairy cranes in the pool and the Queen Mother OfThe West wants to play on the swing. If the four people are arguing, they asusually went to the Heavenly Venerable Lord for a ruling.

Fu Lilooked at the group of noisy guys and he was unpredictable: "Playingmarbles, playing with the cranes tied together, hehe." In a word, marbles,swings, tied red thread lines, fights happened.

"Whereis the swing?" the Queen Mother Of The West was puzzled.

"Thecrane rises and the person tied to it is tail is like swaying on a swing!"Lâo Jun explained.

This time,all the games can be played in one go.

The fourtoddler felt that this was a bit wrong, but they couldn\'t think of anythingthat was wrong with it. They stopped talking and happily agreed. Lâo Jun tookout a East China Sea night pearl that the Jade Emperor had gifted hi, he madeLi Jing put the small pagoda on the ground, everyone stood not far away, hedraw a line on the ground, whoever wins the tower first wins, the last on thetower is the looser

Fu Li didnot participate in it he was standing with his little hands clutched to hisback and watching them play.

At first,the Old Moon Yue Lao ran the slowest and they were passed by Li Jing\'s fastlegs. The Old Moon Matchmaker Yue Lao was so anxious about swinging from acrane tail that he was sweating. Suddenly, the flash of light flashed and themarbles were put on the red thread line. One was tied in the pagoda door, onehand was held in Yue Lao hand and the thread was gently pulled up and themarbles travelled in the pagoda.

"Youcheated!" Queen Mother of The West was dissatisfied.

"You didn\'tsay that I couldn\'t use the rope." Yue Lao said with a smile and put thered string with the night pearl on the Queen Mother Of The West’s head. Whenthe Queen Mother Of The West was hiding, she kicked her own beads at the foot.The marble rolled forward and suddenly entered the pagoda tower.

Everyone is a bit dull, how can this be done?Queen Mother of The West shook her head and cussed the little bastard!! Youwill be tied up by the red rope in the sky for two days flying and tasting theair.

The two whowouldn\'t play marbles at all won first. This time, Lâo Jun and Li Jing were theones left. Lâo Jun played with a variety of elixir every day and he was mostfamiliar with the beads and marbles. He rushed Li Jing\'s bead far and wide andeasily won over putting the marble in the pagoda.

Li Jing,who lost, must accept the punishment of being tied to the tail of the crane.The Old Moon Matchmaker Yue Lao tied him up with great interest and he gave hima small bow: "When the cranes fly, you can play on the swing!"

The authorhas something to say: Small theater:

Bai Ze:What are you doing?

Fu Li: LiJing\'s release ceremony

Bai Ze:What is the significance of this activity?

Fu Li:Helps him get out of the woods and find his true self

Bai Ze: Saythe words like the normal people.

Fu Li:Throw all the unsightly eyes out of the Heavens Imperial Court Hall and createa good environment for the love in the house.