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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage« 重生 之 金色 婚姻» Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Sen Hun Yin ,

Chapter 14: We will Be a Family

It was just a light kiss that couldn\'t be lighter, but it made Zhan Yi Fei mind sway for a long time, so that he was barely asleep in the middle of the night. However, it is precisely because of this that Lin Yu Tong first experienced the feeling of waking up in the arms of someone else In the last life, he and Shen Jun did not sleep in the same bed, but often he might go there the next day, because of Shen Jun he will gradually relax after falling asleep to find his comfortable position. Unlike Zhan Yi Fei, who is now asleep, he has always maintained a very puzzling posture - the left arm was bent and stiff and the right arm is wrapped around his waist and placed behind Lin Yu Tong waist. On the sleeping bag this position was like a humanoid cage, but it is not too uncomfortable.

Lin Yu Tong can\'t help thinking, is it because he was afraid of him rolling at night, so he made such a posture? But isn\'t it so tiring to sleep like this?

Lin Yu Tong moved as far as possible to ensure that Zhan Yi Fei did not wake up, he didn\'t want Zhan Yi Fei yo suddenly woke up and made the situation awakward. But just as he was about to succeed moving, Zhan Yi Fei suddenly moved and pulled him back. Zhan Yi Fei is like a man practicing a military posture. It is only been a night, but its like his muscles ratained memories. After he was pulled, Lin Yu Ting was back in his original position.

What does it mean? !

Zhan Yi Fei\'s hot breath slammed on his face, and his enlarged face was close at hand. His dark eyebrows, high nose and long eyes were closed under the long eyelashes. Lin Yu Tong remembered how the quiet, waveless things happened behind the eyes and he was unconsciously attracted to watch for a while.

No, what is he thinking now?

Lin Yu Tong got up and felt that his ears were burning red and such a sudden movement made Zhan Yi Fei also open his eyes. Zhan Yi Fei squinted and because he slept a little late it, caused a hoarse voice when opening.

"What\'s wrong?"

"Cough, nothing, the biological clock."

Zhan Yi Fei saw the morning light in the window and knew that the time should not be too early and he followed. It may be that a new sleeping late left him confused, or it may be deliberately mistake. He had a pair of underwear on and he was very generous down there. When Zhan Yi Fei came out of his sleeping bag, he had no expression on his face.

Lin Yu Tong saw that he was only wearing an underwear with bulging bulge underneath! He couldn\'t help but swear: F*ck! His stuff is bigger than mine!

Lin Yu Tong folded the sleeping bags and Zhan Yi Fei went to shower. Lin Yu Tong thought about it. Afterwards he didn\'t say anything. Anyway, when they went to The Zhan Family, they would go back to the apartment today, and there would be no more problems with sleeping in their own respective rooms.

"Little Tong, can I use your razor?" Zhan Yi Fei asked from the bathroom.

"Use it, the aftershave is next to the towel rack!"

Zhan Yi Fei came out after a busy life shaving and saw Lin Yu Tong was sitting on the ground. He said, " We will go to The Zhan Family for a while, no matter what Wang Bing Yan said or my dad, You don\'t pay attention about them, anyway, it\'s a passing time thing."

Lin Yu Tong nodded and looked away from Zhan Yi Fei\'s body. Before entering the bathroom, he said, "Don\'t worry, I am still quite shock absorber. Besides, even if they don\'t like me, they can\'t kill me. At most, they would be yelling yin and yang, and this is not my concern. They aren\'t scary as my mother has punishment ability is very strong."

Zhan Yi Fei didn\'t say anything.

Lin Yu Tong also learned later that his way of thinking is still too simple.

The Zhan Family\'s old house is located in the south of the city, but it is not too far. Zhan Yi Fei\'s grand manor was already part of The Zhan Family when the grandfather was alive, and it has undergone repeated expansions over the years, and the area has been almost equal to the city large park, it can be said that living in this place represents not only an identity, but also shows that the Zhan Family has been in a stable position of wealth for so many years.

Zhan Yi Fei drove all the way south, all the way he was talking about his family. "My grandparents are not living there. The family usually only has Zhan Yi Ning except for my father and Wang Bing Yan. I originally had a relative aunt, but after she got married, she moved out and rarely came back. The rest are basically servants and chefs. Oh, yes, and the housekeeper Wang Bo, he is an old man who worked at The Zhan Family when his grandfather was alive, he is very kind. I was raised up with my aunt, only other than her he took care of me the most."

These were all meant to be talked about last night, but Lin Yu Tong fell asleep early so he didn\'t say it,

Lin Yu Tong reply was not too good he said: "But I seem to hear people outside say that you still have a second uncle Ah."

Zhan Yi Fei looked a bit stiff, and he kept silent for a while, saying: "Yes, but he is dead. "

Lin Yu Tong dryly said "sorry ", then for the remainder of the drive he kept quiet.

They soon arrived at Zhan Family old house, the carved iron gates slowly opened, and the car drove into a section of the oil cypress road that was carefully laid out in the large green belt. The steward Wang Bo waited for them in the big garden in front of the villa, when he saw the coming guest, he came over and opened the door, and asked with a smile. "Young Master, the lady of the house and the young sister are in."

Zhan Yi Fei helped Wang Bo, said to Lin Yu Tong: "This is Wang Bo who I just told you."

Lin Yu Tong nodded. "Hello Wang Bo , my name is Little Lin."

Young Master\'s wife\'s something sly !

Wang Bo was stubborn. "How can you be little? You are our Young Master fiancé, that is the Young Master..."

Suddenly, he went to Lin Zhi Song and Chen Su Ning who got off the car. He also said hello, and apologized: "The doorman did not report there. The master and the wife still don\'t know that you are coming. If they come or a little late, please don\'t let it go to heart."

Lin Zhi Song said It didn\'t matter, Zhan Yi Fei gently pulled Lin Yu Tong sleeve and said, "You go with Wang Bo. Anyway, on this day, let me deal with this."

Lin Yu Tong felt that his ear was a little itchy. After scratching it, he said, "Just s moment ago what did Wang Bo just say?"

Zhan Yi Fei said that he did not understand.

Because he said he will go home in advance, Zhan Hong Tu was with Wang Bing Yan, and even Zhan Yi Ning did not go out. They were waiting and at the moment, one was drinking tea while reading newspapers, one was having her nails tended by a manicurist, and the other was playing with a cell phone. Seeing Zhan Yi Fei and Lin Yu Tong coming in with Lin Zhi Song. Zhan Yi Ning glanced over at them and continued to play with her mobile phone. Zhan Hong Tu put the newspaper down, saying coldly: "Please come and sit down."

Wang Bing Yan came down from the upstairs and didn\'t look at The Lin Family. He said to Zhan Yi Fei: "Yi Fei Ah, you haven\'t been home for a long time. You tell that your behavior is unfilial how can you register marriage with someone without knowing what your family will say? Don\'t you care what the family opinion is? "

Zhan Yi Fei said:" There was work hang over me Auntie Wang sorry for the trouble, but I secretly liked Little Tong for many years, so he promised me to settle the work issues, then we could come here so he would not back out. As for the parents who care about their child .. It is really outstanding."

Wang Bing Yan was stunned, and Zhan Hong Tu said: "Okay, don\'t say this."

Then he turned to speak to Lin Zhi Song," Lin, do you agree that the two children should be together? "

Wang Bing Yan said, "How can they agree? Isn\'t this almost like social climbing."

Lin Yu Tong glanced at Wang Bing Yan sympathetically. Sure enough, his mother quickly sighed. "I don\'t agree with it but Yi Fei wanted to be with our children, I can\'t stop that. If you break the marriage predestined by fate, everything will spiral into hell."

Zhan Hong Tu squinted. "Since you don\'t agree, it\'s best for everyone, because we The Zhan Family also disapproves of this marriage, so if the two children are forced to be together, then Yi Fei will have to give up the inheritance of The Zhan Family."

Lin Zhi Song and Chen Su Ning immediately stopped, because They really did not expect that the Zhan\'s will be like this to their son. Did Zhan Yi Fei really come from the crack in the stone?

Zhan Yi Fei looked straight at Zhan Hong Tu and did not speak.

Lin Yu Tong sat next to Zhan Yi Fei and felt that this person had an unprecedented low pressure. What kind of home is this? The son of a main house is not as good as the daughter of a mistress! Zhan Yi Fei is the only son of The Zhan Family. Isn\'t this too bullying? !

The indifference accumulated in Zhan Yi Fei\'s eyes seemed to be stabbing Lin Yu Tong\'s heart. Lin Yu Tong himself felt that it was not good. His mouth that had been said to be controlled before suddenly could not be controlled.

He laughed and said: " Uncle Zhan, you really let me see this little issue rise to that point , Yi Fei, is also the only grandson of The Zhan Family, when you say things like this to the outside world its going to be called the embarrassment of the ages, like some of the similar. Ah Ah Ah Ah The flow of the stream, I have to ask Ah why is it in the Zhan Family, is the grandson is treated like this Ah? This is not as good as a small door, I don\'t know if it\'s going to go out on you uncle, everybody said that this family had strict rules, but I saw nothing like this before I do not know if the outsiders if they know what goes inside the Zhan Family is actually like this, will they not laugh at the entire family? "

Zhan Yi Ning who was slow to react immediately pointed to Lin Yu Tong. "Hey! You speak like a bastard don concubine?"

"I saidcas a prominent family your minds should be clear these things will affect the family standing and as for the little missy, and what kind of thing taught you to speak such obsenities but sure enough is her herself isn\'t an obscene person. "

Wang Bing Yan was livid with anger, "You! Hong Tu, I say the door was not properly opened and he does this! Is this what people do? Ah!"

Zhan Hong Tu shouted loudly, "All right! Stop it! Yi Fei, I asked You, are you going to choose being with this kid, or do you want to inherit?"

Zhan Yi Fei didn\'t speak.

Zhan Yi Ning snorted. "I say, brother, you can think about it. If you really have no money, then someone who is looking at your money will end up leaving you?"

Lin Yu Tong didn\'t want to get up and he turned to Zhan Yi Fei. "Yi Fei, don\'t listen to her, you have to inherit. If I want to be with you, who can stop me? ! "

Zhan Yi Fei looked at Lin Yu Tong looked at, and then he said:" I will not give up ...... "

When the words were not finished, the door was suddenly opened by a person from the outside, and woman who looked like a 30-year-old, neat short hair, camouflage uniform walked in.

Wang Bo turned and screamed, "Missy."

Lin Yu Tong and Zhan Yi Fei understood this, what the "Da Shao" that was not finished spoken about.

Zhan Hong Ying\'s glanced at the people in the room and sneered. "I Zhan Hong Ying haven\'t died yet. How can no one tell me that my nephew is getting married?"