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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage« 重生 之 金色 婚姻» Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Sen Hun Yin

Chapter 13: Stealing a kiss

Since the beginning of the school, The Lin Family has been quieter than before, but today it was very lively, because Lin Yu Tong and Zhan Yi Fei have come over and wanted to stay over.

Zhan Yi Fei is particularly tired thinking about The Zhans and thinking about Wang Bing Yan, so he wanted to come over and do his thinking while working in his father-in-law house, and Lin Yu Tong was hoping to discuss with the family, how can they make the wedding simple? He felt that he and Zhan Yi Fei are also developing the spouse relationship, so the wedding is not necessary to be so extravagance and wasteful, so that it can save money and cause less trouble, wasn\'t that a good thing?

However, such a beautiful idea has not been successfully taken out of the door of The Lin Family and it was killed in the early stages!

Lin Zhi Song frowned and said: "Son, other things parents can follow your choice, but about the wedding we can not do this. Why do I have a son who married a prominent family and made it sneaky? This isn\'t simply done. If you want me to say about it, you have to listen to the Zhan Yi Fei and you have to do it big wedding."

Chen Su Ning said: "It\'s not done Ah, I\'m also a mom, I\'m really dying for a big gold and silver wedding, how can I still give them daughter in law sneakiky?"

Lin Yu Tong frowned and yelled at his mother. "What daughter-in-law Ah? I am going to live with Yi Fei, and you are talking to me about me being a daughter-in-law!"

Chen Su Ning looked at her son\'s eyes and said, "You cook food every day, you handle cleaning clothes and clean up the house, also said that youre not a small wife?! You have a good ttime doing it and you dare say you\'re not the wife?"

Lin Yu Tong suddenly screamed. "Where did you get all that Ah! Am I happy have obsessive-compulsive disorder! Is it cleaning wrong?! "

Lin Zhi Song said with a straight face:" We have not seen that at home, how did you became obsessive-compulsive after living with Yi Fei?"

Zhan, Yi Fei sat next to him holding his fist on his lips trying to hide his laughing mouth, but the smile in his eyes couldn\'t be hidden!

Lin Yu Tong was completely speechless. The mistakes of the last world were accidentally brought to this world. Can you blame him?

Sitting in his bedroom after dinner at night, Lin Yu Tong was so depressed that he thought how everything felt wrong. He sat on the floor, put his hand on the knee that was bent up, and he kicked Zhan Yi Fei gently with the straight, long leg that was stretched out. "Zhan Yi Fei, Yi Fei, what you said ....you didn\'t mean it right?"

Zhan, Yi Fei looked up from the book he was reafing and played a fool with a straight face,"What is it that was not meant? "

Lin Yu Tong watched his face, said:" I said we should go directly to The Zhan Family, you came to my house to ask my parents thoughts. You tell me, are you sure that your parents are definitely against everything? "

Zhan, Yi Fei said with a laugh:" how is it possible for me to know that? I am not a god. Besides, I have never seen a couple like Uncle and Auntie. How can I understand them? "

Lin Yu Tong expressed his doubts.

Zhan, Yi Fei then put down the book, spoke with a gentle persuasion:" You do not think of things so pessimistically, but in fact this is not difficult to understand ....isn\'t it? After all, it is the first time that a child has a wedding from their home, and they will naturally pay more attention to it. And who gave birth to a handsome son and wants to hide him in his wedding day? "

Lin Yu Tong thought about it and said:" Aren\'t the Zhan Family not on the same case? "

Zhan, Yi Fei solemnly asked:" What are you saying that I\'m handsome? "

Lin Yu Tong jeered at him" Hey, I found that you recently have more and more thick skin than before? " When he finished talking, he shook my head in silence. "Forget it, if you are sleepy, you will sleep on your own. There are sleeping bags in the cupboard."

They stayed in his house today, and the parents insisted that they could sleep in the same room under their parents roof, so they could only sleep in one bedroom.

Zhan Yi Fei looked at Lin Yu Tong who opened the notebook so late and asked: " Do you want to write a novel? "

Lin Yu Tong spoke a vague response and did not explain much. In fact, he wants to look at the compiled investment materials again. Since he was reborn, he has done a lot of mental searching. If there is too much investment in real estate, he does not intend to intervene, he only wants to intervene incase of insufficient funds. In contrast, he can do relatively little investment and return more money on upstart projects which will end up being a huge hit in the future, such as stocks, and many companies are now doing game development. He knows which games will be a hit in the future, because he himself sold the novel copyrights in the past life, and he is interested in keeping those since he has done a lot of understanding.

Seeing that it is time to enter the era of smart phones, some of the more promising companies that are developing small games for smart phone want people who can can invest in their projects.

Zhan Yi Fei didn\'t take the sleeping bag out, but went to take a shower. Lin Yu Tong was thinking about things too much. After hearing the sound of a shower, the bathroom door was pushed open and Zhan Yi Fei walked out around a towel around his waist.

Lin Yu Tong breathing stopped because he and Zhan Yi Fei did have a lot interactions together for a month, but this is the first time he saw this naked Zhan Yi Fei.

In their apartment, Zhan Yi Fei\'s bathroom is in his bedroom, so Lin Yu Tong will not see the naked body every time he goes for a shower but now Zhan Yi Fei\'s body with wide shoulders paired with narrow waist and long legs, the strong and powerful muscles perfectly covering the skeleton hit his eyes!

Zhan Yi Fei\'s selection of the master bedroom at the time was not just a matter of convenience. Instead, he wanted to create more peeping conditions for himself. For example, Lin Yu Tong took a shower and forgot to bring clothes or bathrobes so that he could raise his eyes and see a just showered Lin You Tong. However, in fact, Lin Yu Tong always wears his clothes in the bathroom after showering, which makes him unable to see him without his clothes on.

Lin Yu Tong suddenly felt that his face was a little tight. He gently turned the chair for half a turn, and with one hand holding his chin, he looked at Zhan Yi Fei. He did not hide his appreciation of Zhan Yi Fei body in his eyes, and said with a slight sigh: "Hey, Handsome guy, good shape.... Ah."

Zhan Yi Fei smiled in disapproval. "I didn\'t find the bathrobe, so I came out like this. I hope you won\'t mind?"

Lin Yu Tong bowed his middle finger and gently slammed it on the table for a while. "Sleeping bag is in the cupboard, can you get it out? "

Zhan, Yi Fei rubbed his hair," I will do it, are you not going to shower? "

Lin Yu Tong said with a little hesitant nod," I will."

Zhan, Yi Fei opened the closet to get a sleeping bag and after a while, he heard the sound of water in the bathroom. As he unfolded his sleeping bag, he outlined Lin Yu Tong\'s body in the bathroom in his mind, and then if he couldn\'t find the bath towel. Those thoughts which were originally a bit random seemed to be completely firing up his nerves. Originally, he was secretly glad that Lin Yu Tong\'s sleeping bag at home was not as big as the one he bought, so he could get closer when he slept, but now he was a little bit worried.

In order not to be discovered by Lin Yu Tong, Zhan Yi Fei couldn\'t wait for the hair to dry before drilling into the sleeping bag, he was trying to calm the fire before Lin Yu Tong came out, but the sound of the water from the bathroom was like a magical stimulus to his tympanic membrane, which gave all kinds of naught thoughts in his mind, was Lin Yu Tong\'s eye-catching look and his look.

However, Lin Yu Tong who was the bathroom was in no better situation than Zhan Yi Fei. He used to look at himself in the mirror habitually. When he looked at his body, he unconsciously compared his body with the body of Zhan Yi Fei. Zhan Yi Fei\'s shoulder was wider than his, his waist is tighter than his, his legs were longer than his, and even his legs are thicker than his. Lin Yu Tong has heard that a person with this kind of body is very vigorous in bed?

Lin Yu Tong suddenly felt a bit uncomfortable. After rushing to shower he went to the bathroom and found that there was nothing in the place where he touched his hand!

The bath towel was used by Zhan Yi Fei and he took it with him!

In a short while, Lin Yu Tong shouted from the bathroom: "Yi Fei, can you help me get a bathrobe! Its just in the brown cabinet! "

Zhan Yi Fei quickly went and found it. He took a deep breath and knocked on the bathroom door. When he imagined that it might be possible to see Lin Yu Tong wearing less than usual, his heartbeat was beating surprisingly fast.

However, Lin Yu Tong just opened the door by a slit, and stretched out his arm to take the bathrobe in. It didn\'t take long before he got dressed and walked out.

Zhan Yi Fei who would to have found the sleeping bag. At this time, he had already got into the sleeping bag. He had only one pair of underpants, but he still couldn\'t get his body heat to calm down

Lin Yu Tong thought that Zhan Yi Fei was going to sleep, he hesitated to follow, and clapped his hands to turn off the sensor light in the house.

In the dark, Zhan Yi Fei seems to have turned over.

Lin Yu Tong turned and said, "If you are not used to sleep on sleeping bag , do you want me to give you the bed?"

Zhan Yi Fei secretly smiled. "It doesn\'t matter, I\'m okay."

Lin Yu Tong said slyly: "This what you said, if I accidentally take advantage of you at night, don\'t cry foul Ah, anyway, I don\'t know if you will sleep well."

Zhan Yi Fei thought: Then if you really take advantage of me, you think I won\'t be glad about it?

Lin Yu Tong listened to Zhan Yi Fei and didn\'t answer, thinking that if Zhan Yi Fei was asleep, he would still write a novel or look at the investment information, or if he really fall to Zhan Yi Fei at night. What? Unexpectedly, it didn\'t take ten minutes and he fell asleep first!

Zhan Yi Fei waited for a long time without wLin Yu Tong reacting, and finally confirmed that he was already asleep. This was the first time they slept in a house after the day at Fuliu Mountain Villa, and they were still in the same sleeping bag.

If he doesn\'t do anything, it seems he will be too sorry for this great opportunity?

Zhan Yi Fei\'s heartbeat began to speed up again, when Lin Yu Tong suddenly rolled over and rolled over to him. Zhan Yi Fei quickly stretched his arm and made an open arms posture, then Lin Yu Tong rolled and rolled to his arms.

Lin Yu Tong didn\'t wake up when he landed on the ground. He put his hand on Zhan Yi Fei, and he didn\'t press much. He also felt that the place he was now was quite comfortable and warm.

Zhan Yi Fei very carefully pulled his arm hand gently on the back of Lin Yu Tong head, and then after a long look a kiss fell on Lin Yu Tong forehead ......