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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage« 重生 之 金色 婚姻» Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Sen Hun Yin

Chapter 12: Out for Blood

Lin Yu Tong was getting used to getting up early and won\'t be as sleepy in the mornings as the beginning. Zhan Yi Fei, like in many mornings, came out from the master bedroom because of the cooked food smell and stood at the door of the kitchen looking at the busy Lin Yu Tong. "Tong Tong, what are you eating today?"

Lin Yu Tong stirred the spoon in the pot a while then he said casually: "Hey."

Zhan Yi Fei looked at the wood panel that had not yet been cleaned up. He saw dry flour on the top and couldn\'t help but ask: "What are you making?"

Lin Yu Tong said without turning his head: "Yes. Ah, the weather is getting colder. I wanted some hot soup in the morning for a comfort stomach. You can go to the wash first, and you can eat it right away after you come out."

Zhan Yi Fei looked at him for a while before he went to the bathroom.

Lin Yu Tong saw that it was almost cooked and began to put dumplings in the bowl. First, five dumplings on the left bowl, then five dumplings on the right side, and there were left five dumplings in the bowl, so one to the left and one to the right, and when there three were left in the pot. He looked at the direction of the bathroom like a thief, and then fished the last three dumplings into his bowl at a speed that was too fast!

Zhan Yi Fei didn\'t find any abnormality when he came out. He only thought that the smell was getting more and more fragrant, and he couldn\'t help but swallow his mouth. Just then, Lin Yu Tong\'s cell phone suddenly rang in the bedroom, and Lin Yu Tong clap his hands walked into the bedroom. When Zhan Yi Fei saw him gone, like a ghost he looked into the kitchen and couldn\'t help but sneak two dumplings from one bowl and put them in his mouth!

When Lin Yu Tong, he came out! He asked a suspicious question: "Yi Fei, what are you doing? "

Zhan, Yi Fei who had the dumplings in his mouth, used his hand to address the man infront of him, this food was just cooked, it\'s was too hot, he can not chew nor swallow, he was embarrassed to death, not knowing that there is a small piece of food was also exposed!

Lin Yu Tong said with happy voice. "I said that you can eat and you eat, what is your worry? "

Zhan Yi Fei\'s ears were red, and his face was burning, but he ate it all. He couldn\'t spit it out again, so he had to put his heart on the two bowls, he went to to the table, and then continue to eat.

It\'s strange to blame Lin Yu Tong for the food being too delicious. The thin dough was wrapping in a filling that should be mixed with meat and greens, plus a bowl of thick bone soup. A little parsley sectioned with seaweed. One by one is cooked to be translucent, a gentle bite, slippery and delicious!

Zhan Yi Fei took a bowl of glutinous rice and ate for a while, and there was not enough. But he vaguely remembered that there was no more in the pot so didn\'t say anything more.

At this time, Lin Yu Tong didn\'t mention how painful full he was. At first he thought he could eat a lot. As a result, he found out in there was still good in his bowl and he couldn\'t eat so much! But this is not the right to throw out food Ah! He could see that Zhan Yi Fei didn\'t eat enough at first glance why would he throw the food away. Isn\'t this a great unity that undermines stability? !

Zhan Yi Fei looked at Lin Yu Tong\'s appearance and knew that Lin Yu Tong couldn\'t eat any more. So he chose between the two and the decided on going to Lin Yu Tong. He silently tapped Lin Yu Tong\'s bowl with a spoon. "Can you finish it?"

Lin Yu Tong looked at Zhan Yi Fei silently. "What ? Do you want it?"

Zhan Yi Fei nodded.

Lin Yu Tong quickly rushed to the Zhan Yi Fei bowl and fished several times to his bowl. "Come and come, the person can do more, not enough to catch ."

So Zhan Yi Fei ate six more dumplings, so this finally did not become a waste, all went into the stomach.

Lin Yu Tong felt a bit strange at first, but when it came to Long Le, the kid often steals carrots from his bowls, and it didn\'t seem to be a big deal. Isn\'t it just eating something in the same bowl? How can this situation be awkward?

Zhan Yi Fei packed up his things and stood at the door and changed his shoes. He said, "Tong Tong, do you want me to drive you today?"

In addition to the first two days, Lin Yu Tong got up early and was in a bad state. It was Zhan Yi Fei who sent him to school. In addition to that Lin Yu Tong was used to driving to school by himself. Lin Yu Tong himself has a white Lexus. He has two years of driving experience and can fully drive. So when he heard Zhan Yi Fei suddenly wanted to drive him, he couldn\'t help but ask: "Won\'t you be late?"

Zhan Yi Fei said with a smile: " Not at all, its mainly because I have an appointment with the customer this morning, I do not have to go to the company. It is still a little earlier than the meeting appointment time, I can just sent you to the school and then rushed over. Can I?"

Lin Yu Tong said happily: " Yes , but most I don\'t want to be caught by my roommates."

Zhan Yi Fei thought about it and said with a smile: "I am negligent. I should ask them to eat out,right?"

He abducted their roommate, of course , they will go out for bloody drama. Now there are many universities like this.

In fact, Long Le spoke on this matter several times. Even Xiang Chen Tian, u200bu200ba very seldom-minded person, couldn\'t help but say, "Lin Zi, your man is really not a bit respectful."

Lin Yu Tong heart is said to be bogus, can you get any respect? So he was bothered by what Long Le had said about Zhan Yi Fri not meeting his roommates and he was all self-sufficient. But obviously, he could make an excuse and the roommates didn\'t buy it. When he ate it, he said it was quite good. After that, he then turned to Zhan Yi Fei.

Zhan Yi Fei sent Lin Yu Tong to the school gate and said before leaving: "If you have nothing to do this weekend, please ask them to have a meal together. The place can be booked you."

Lin Yu Tong waved his hand and it was supposed to be an easy thing.

Long Le knew that Zhan Yi Fei was finally going to treat them as guests and paying the bill and he quickly started to talk Xiang Chen Tian and Hua Yua Bai to pick the place.

At this time, it seems that the best is to eat a spicy fish hot pot, Xiang Chen Tian said: "Would you like to eat hot pot?"

Hua Yua Bai also felt that was good, eating together is lively and the food is not too extravagant.

Long Le immediately objected, "Isn\'t it too cheap to eat hot pot? He is abducting out brother from our room. Besides, we must have a little pursuit after he goes back to the big family!"

"Oh, right? Let\'s go eat spicy fish pot? We all love spicy food. We can have a few more good fish. It won\'t be too expensive, but it won\'t be too cheap for him."

Xiang Chen Tian and Hua Yua Bai thinks this is feasible, Long Le has booked the place, just waiting for the big family to come.

Zhan Yi Fei has a strong time concept. Lin Yu Tong told him the class time. He arrived ten minutes earlier. A total of five people, did not waste the 20 minutes to enter the fish pot shop, sitting around the room that appeared too crowded, it will not make people feel too deserted. Zhan Yi Fei was very polite, but his expression is too little stiffened like when he was facing outsiders, but fortunately everyone knows that he is not aimed it at anyone, so this meal is also delicious and every one forgotten the expressionless face.

During the meeting Lin Yu Tong excused himself to go to the bathroom, Xiang Chen Tian asked: "Mr. Zhan, how did you meet with Lin Zi?"

Zhan Yi Fei said with a faint smile: "It\'s love at first sight."

Long Le gawked "Hey? "Then he continued "Isn\'t it an online dating? It\'s the kind of chat on the Internet, and then if you found out that the other side is quite comfortable with your own feelings, when you meet, otherwise I honestly don\'t really believe in love at the first sight "

Hua Yua Bai said:" Lin Zi also has been on the Internet recently at school. He is a little bit seriously than before, he does not go out out of class too much I usually see him write a joke and write novels or something, I really have not seen him going online like this before."

Long Le didn\'t mean to but he went on to say: "He just wrote and played games. Now the online novels stuff is getting deeper and deeper. It was not very popular at first. But his pen name is quite funny."

Xiang Chen Tian asked: " Do you still know his pen name?"

Long Le said: "Not exactly sure, but I have accidentally seen him landing on a literary website with the name "San Chai Boy". I was still laughing at what his name was.....Throwing firewood sticks all over the sky."

Zhan Yi Fei listened, and his heart suddenly became clear, and his heart felt that the pen name was finally figured out. He quietly thought about when he was going home and he will and must look for it online, and then he asked everyone about what they wanted to eat. "You mustn\'t be polite, order whatever you want."

Xiang Chen Tian asked for a box of beer. Zhan Yi Fei and Lin Yu Tong were not drunk, and the rest are completely drunk. Zhan Yi Fei finally had to call the driver for them.

The driver sent Long Le and the group back first, and Zhan Yi Fei walked outside with Lin Yu Tong.

Lin Yu Tong said: "You rarely eat outside with a few people like this? I mean most of them should be about socializing?"

Zhan Yi Fei looked at the sky and said: "Almost, basically with some kind of purpose is either to reach a consensus or to complete a task."

Lin Yu Tong said with a jesting tone: "Are you not so accustomed to the idea of u200bu200basking everyone to eat the meal and not having a project to discuss for it?"

Zhan, Yi Fei turned around and looked at Lin Yu Tong," Who said that? "

Lin Yu Tong looked at him with a questioning face.

Unfortunately, Zhan Yi Fei also learned badly. He looked back and said, " You guessed that?"

It is impossible for Lin Yu Tong to guess this kind of thing, but since he considered it a project that he asked Lin Yu Tong to invite his roommates to eat, what should the roommates know? With this in mind he turns to ask Zhan Yi Fei things again, he look at a loss with the answers, since the answers are the same, "project? What project Ah?"

Asked.... That\'s just like saying there is nouestion!

Later, Hua Yua Bai had a new answer. He said: "Lin Zi, Mr. Zhan said that it is not your man to win the project?"

Lin Yu Tong thinks this is even more unreliable.

Long Le thought that Hua Yua Bai had guessed it and asked Lin Yu Tong, "Lin Zi, when will you have a wedding with Mr. Zhan? Will your book be finished by then?"

Lin Yu Tong wss even worse. Because of the wedding, he is also having a headache.

Zhan Hong Tu and Wang Bing Yan did not know that he registered with Zhan Yi Fei. At that time, he could completely hide in the apartment, but now that they know it, they have no reason to intervene, so they have been pressed for a long time. Lin Yu Tong will be on the agenda and he will be going to the Zhan\'s house on the weekend.