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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage« 重生 之 金色 婚姻» Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Sen Hun Yin

Chapter 11: Tasty Candy

Zhan Yi Fei is not the favored person in The Zhan Family. It is not a secret to Lin Yu Tong, but Lin Yu Tong couldn\'t help but feel amazed when he entered Zhan Yi Fei\'s office. He did not expect that the office of the vice president of The Zhan Group was only 20 square meters, which is totally inconsistent with the style of the whole building. This feeling is like when someone is entering the palace. I wanted to see the royal style in the voce president office. The result is that it looks no different from their house. He so lost that he thought that Zhan Yi Fei could be a vice president. Then, the father of Zhan Yi Fei still has him as the only son, but it is impossible for him to sit in such an important position.

Unfortunately, it seems that he is too naive now.

Zhan Yi Fei may be a biological son, but this treatment is really awkward not befitting a biological son.

Zhan Yi Fei didn\'t see any emotions from Lin Yu Tong\'s eyes, but he still said on his own initiative: "I have a small space here, you just sit down."

At this time, the secretary Xu Qiao came over and asked: "Mr. Lin, may I ask you? Would you like coffee or tea?"

Lin Yu Tong said nothing, Zhan Yi Fei said, "He may be a little bit cold. You can call the Four Seasons Restaurant and let them send a bowl of ginger soup."

Xu Qiaoqiao laughed and said: "Okay, please ask Mr. Lin to wait."

Lin Yu Tong said thank you. When Xu Qiaoqiao went out, he took the door and asked him: "Wang Bing Yan went to find me at this time. What do you think will be she wants?" "

Zhan, Yi Fei went to adjust the room temperature setting to one a little higher after saying:" Anything is possible, but most likely she will look to talk to you, by all means do not let that happen. I am so sorry, this time I got you in trouble again."

Lin Yu Tong didn\'t care he waved his hand. "Even if we are not really in a husband and wife relationship, at least we should be friends. Why are you so polite? I just have something to think about. Since The Zhan Family is not good for you, why would you stay in The Zhan Family? Can you make your own business with your ability?"

Zhan Yi Fei\'s heart was depressed because of Lin Yu Tong\'s words, his eyes stayed on Lin Yu Tong\'s face for a while, he said: "Probably but not feasible."

As for where it is not feasible, Zhan Yi Fei did not say.

Zhan Yi Fei is the best customer in the Four Seasons Restaurant, so the ginger soup he ordered here was soon completed, but the person who sent it was not Xu Qiaoqiao but Cheng Xiao. Cheng Xiao put ginger soup in front of Lin Yu Tong and said to Zhan Yi Fei: "The president has come over and wants you to go over to his office now."

Lin Yu Tong subconsciously looked at Zhan Yi Fei, but Zhan Yi Fei\'s face was not shocked. Zhan Yi Fei even told him to drink more in good faith, and then steadily left.

Cheng Xiao shook his head. "It\'s really anxious."

Lin Yu Tong looked at him inexplicably. " What does this mean Brother Cheng ?"

Cheng Xiao said: "The president always wants to control and suppress Yi Fei, this time he knows that Yi Fei privately registered marriage with you, he will definitely use this reason to fight against Yi Fei. I guess Wang Bing Yan did not meet you today, and she would give the president that small report."

Lin Yu Tong thought that Zhan Yi Fei couldn\'t avoid the kind of snake people around him, he can\'t help but frown. "Zhan Yi Fei stepmother is really wicked. But why didn\'t Yi Fei discussed with the family in advance? I mean it\'s just a marriage registration, so at least they shouldn\'t be too agressive about it?"

Cheng Xiao sighed. "About this, Yi Fei has not told me, but I understand that there is two possibilities. First, he does not want Wang Bing Yan to find you and make trouble for you. Second, he does not want Wang Bing Yan to find your family and make trouble for them. The trouble I said may not involve personal harm, but she is a person, how I can say this, she will use a very vicious language to make you give up. Today, it is mainly for this reason that you are not allowed to see her alone. "

Lin Yu Tong laughed loudly," You don\'t say... I\'m kinda looking forward to seeing this woman, people are most afraid of shock, a shock hit me and livens my blood. "

Lin Yu Tong was worried about not having material to write dog blood plot.

Cheng Xiao said: "That\'s a good feeling. Yi Fei is too dull. Sometimes he doesn\'t bother to fight back even if they doesn\'t touch his bottom line. It is better to have you around him."

He sighed after he said, "But he is still going to take a step back. After all, the president and Wang Bing Yan want to steal away the projects in his hands for a long time. I guess the president told him to go up mainly because of this."

Lin Yu Tong usually writes novels, although he has not written this kinds of novel with this kinda plots for the sake of profit, but that is, after all, the things in the book, however fierce he wrote they were fictitious, and as it is now, it is especially difficult for Zhan Yi Fei to live.

At this time, Cheng Xiao was like knowing what Lin Yu Tong thoughts in his heart. He said without a thoughts: "In fact, Zhan Yi Fei, who is envious of everyone, lives more simple than anyone else It is obviously something that belongs to him but it still needs to be spent for others he should try my best to fight for it. And... I don\'t know how to get it. Young Lin , wouldn\'t you say that he is a bit pitiful?"

Lin Yu Tong did not answer this question.


Cheng Xiao guessed it right, and Zhan father(Zhan Hong Tu) and stepmother plan were trying to takeover the project in Zhan Yi Fei\'s hand. But this is a matter that can only be decided on the board of directors. The father input did not count, so he was only very annoyed at Zhan Yi Fei, and he said with dissatisfaction: "You are looking to shame me and your mother. What dissatisfaction is there did we cause you for you to actually ran to register with the son of The Lin Family! Lin Zhi Song, he is just a small builder. When were your eyelids so shallow to pick a family so below you?"

Zhan Yi Fei said calmly "I fell in love with Lin Yu Tong at first sight. I didn\'t think so much about whose family is prominent or not. After that, twe have already registered. What do you achieved by quarreling with me now?"

In Zhan Yi Fei fathers eyes, a flash of sarcasm flashed, "Good. If that is the case, then you bring him to our home to see if this one you picked is wrong, I want to know which point he wants you to be in the middle!"

Zhan Yi Fei got up and put his hands in his pocket and looked down at his father. "If he agrees, I will take him back this weekend."

"Insolence " Zhan stepmother fired back. "What do you mean by this? You think you have to ask him to come to The Zhan Family and he has to agree if he wants to come? What is he?"

Zhan Yi Fei I didn\'t answer this question because he felt that talking to someone who didn\'t understand the true feelings was just a waste of words.

Zhan Hong Tu puts his younger son in such a position, seemingly favoring him. Fortunately, Zhan Yi Fei is full of enthusiasm. Although it is difficult, it has been smashed down, and now that The Zhan Group has its own camp, it is no longer a grand plan that can kick his mood.

In the office, Cheng was in the process of analyzing Zhan Yi Fei position in the company with Lin Yu Tong. By the way, he has already talked about how Zhan Yi Fei sat on the vice president. He said: "Yi Fei intention is like this: he didn\'t want himself in a position that was high because everyone knows that such a position is really coveted, but once the mistake is made, the consequences are very serious . Its like carrying a black pot that should never topple over."

Lin Yu Tong said with a laugh: "Indeed quite like his style, calm and reserved, courageous and prudent, and when he meets difficulties he is more bold and fearless."

Just as he came Zhan Yi Fei heard the last sentence, he was curious to ask: " What were we talking about? "

Cheng smiled at Lin Yu Tong and he said:." Someone was praising you that you\'re calm and reserved, courageous more than anyone when you meet difficulties."

Lin Yu Tong shrugged. "Only the truth, I have a short face like this, as if I said something wrong."

Zhan Yi Fei bit his lips and coughed, suddenly he felt that his heart was particularly warm, and there was a glimpse of calmness and after that the annoyance cause by the discussion with his father also completely dissipated. He said with a good mood: "I\'m not busy with work, let\'s go out to eat together. I usually wait for the ready-made food. I am going to treat you guys to good food today."

Cheng released his hand. "I have forgotten, two days, I smashed into a bit of something and just remembered it. I have to go to do it after work."

Lin Yu Tong and Zhan Yi Fei have been eating the same thing , so he didn\'t even think about whether he didn\'t want to bother. He was with Zhan Yi Fei. He borrowed Zhan Yi Fei computer and then continued to write down the novels written in the morning. This afternoon was passing too fast.

After Zhan Yi Fei was not too busy, he took Lin Yu Tong to have a big meal. When they were going home, Zhan Yi Fei drove and Lin Yu Tong sat on the passenger seat and fell asleep. Zhan Yi Fei stopped the car near the passing pharmacy and patted Lin Yu Tong. "There is no spare medicine at home. I will buy it now. You wait for me in the car. I will be back soon."

Lin Yu Tong blinked and said "Hmm", then quietly watched Zhan Yi Fei crossing the road.

He doesn\'t know why, he suddenly remembered the words from Cheng Xiao--in fact, Zhan Yi Fei, who is envied by everyone, is working more tired than anyone else. The position is obviously something that belongs to him, but he has to spend all his efforts to fight for it. And... Its not necessarily available.

Not necessarily available?

At that time, when he heard the explanations, he did not feel strange. After all, The Zhan Family wealth should belong to Zhan Yi Fei, but Zhan Hong Tu was biased because of Wang Bing Yan and her daughter. What is worse is that the two of them are ganging up on the son, and this is also normal. But now he thinks, how does you feel that Cheng Xiao\'s words still have other indications?

Is he thinking more than the meaning?

Zhan Yi Fei bought the drugs and took such a long time. Lin Yu Tong almost doubted whether this person had some trouble. Fortunately, before he called him, Zhan Yi Fei came out with a big pack of medicine and when he took a look. At least twenty boxes were in the bag.

"What kind of medicine is there ? Why did you buy so many?"

"Cold medicine, as well as antipyretics, cooling paste, anti-inflammatory drugs, band-aids" Zhan Yi Fei said: ".. Anyway, these are usually used in emergency."

"Yes but did you need to get all of these?" Lin Yu Tong pulled a few times and found more gauze..

"The pharmacy is engaged in lottery activities, and there are 20 lucky draw chances."

"Don\'t tell me, you bought so many prizes for a few more prizes!" Lin Yu Tonufelt his mouth go sour.

"Well, I saw the reward was two movie tickets."

"Have you got it?"

"I got something, but it wasn\'t a movie ticket." Zhan Yi Fei silently took out a bottle of marshmallows candies from his pocket which was handed to Lin Yu Tong, "This is for you."

"Thank you." Lin Yu Tong took it, opened the candy and ate one, and found it quite delicious. Later, when he thought that this was given by Zhan Yi Fei, he thought about whether or not if he should ask Zhan Yi Fei to eat or not. Who knows, Zhan Yi Fei looked at him thoughtfully. couldn\'t help but ask: "What\'s wrong?"

Zhan Yi Fei said very unnaturally: "Nothing."

Originally he wanted to ask Lin Yu Tong\'s pen name because he had just inadvertently heard the pharmacist in the pharmacy say something about online novel that you can comment on the authors you like it, and can also send flowers and vote for anything. In short, like the chasing celebs, you can support the other party if you like the author. However, he was worried that if he asked Lin Yu Tong\'s pseudonym name directly, one day he would be discovered by Lin Yu Tong that he was a fanatic follower, it would be bad.

Do you want to let Cheng Xiao check it?

Zhan Yi Fei has been thinking about this and maybe he will do it the next time, but he didn\'t expect that things will soon turn around.

The author has something to say: Small theater:

Zhan Yi Fei: Children, is the marshmallows candies delicious?

Lin Yu Tong: It\'s delicious Ah.

Zhan Yi Fei: Can you give me a taste?

Lin Yu Tong: OK, you take it.

Zhan Yi Fei: I am driving, it is not convenient with my hands.

Lin Yu Tong: Oh yes, then wait a moment.

Zhan Yi Fei was looking forward to it! I thought that the child boy will personally feed him to eat the marshmallows candies \\(≥3≤)/ Excitement! excitement! Be sure to pretend to accidentally kiss the boy\'s hand for a while! ! !


He saw Lin Yu Tong opening the medicine bag, took out the sterile cotton swab, he silently remove the cotton from the top, and used the remaining bamboo stick to give the marshmallows candies to his mouth.

Lin Yu Tong: Let\'s eat.

Zhan Yi Fei: ......

That if he wanted to take advantage of candy hand to Lin Yu Tong\'s kiss, that he will have to swallow a bamboo stick {{{(>_< )}}}

However Zhan Yi Fei soon discovered that this also not the most pothole in his plan!

Lin Yu Tong looked at Zhan Yi Fei and hesitated. He took the sugar back and said: It is unsanitary, we still have to go home to eat.

Zhan Yi Fei: Oh...〒_〒