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Rebirth of The Golden Marriage 《重生 之 金色 婚姻》 Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Se Hun Yin.

Chapter 1: Rebirth

Lin Yu Tong was awakened by a disturbing ringtone. He rushed to write the manuscript for a day and he only slept when the sun just went down and it was not yet a waking up hour. If it was not because the crazy ringing mobile phone is just the one number that the more important people know, he would hang up instead of answering.

"Hey? Who is this?"

"I am Old Ye, what happened to your boy\'s new book? Now someone is accusing you of plagiarism!"

"What?" Lin Yu Tong was in a briefly silence after a moment of silence he yelled. "You said ....me .....plagiarism?"

"Yes, plagiarism, but this is not that I said, but others have accused you! You are now on the Internet and trending so contact me as soon as possible after reading!" The editor night Ye Ming on the phone was eager, like he wanted to gloat over and immediately come then hang up after he finish.

Lin Yu Tong opened the computer with the fastest speed and looked at the forum. Sure enough, the post that plagiarized his plagiarism had been topped and the amount of comments was quite amazing. The poster uses the palette to mark the two articles with similar or similar settings and paragraphs. When you look at it, the countless places are almost written exactly the same, just like someone is deliberately following a template from the top.

But how is this possible?

After reading the post, Lin Yu Tong directly called Ye Ming Chong and explained to him to calm down. "Old Ye, I don\'t know how this happened but I have absolutely not done this plagiarism and I have evidence to prove that I haven\'t made the framework myself. I just put..." Suddenly, Lin Yu Tong, who opened the working folder stopped crying.

The folder that was originally dedicated to the placement of people and story outline documents is now empty and nothing ca be seen in it.

Ye Ming Chong feels something is abnormal he was busy asking: "Boy, what\'s wrong?"

Lin Yu Tong smiled and said with a smile: "Nothing, I will contact you later."

If you get to this child, he doesn\'t know anyone wants to slander him, then that person is really stupid. But it doesn\'t matter, even if his electronic manuscript is gone, he has other things that can prove his innocence.

Lin Yu Tong thought that Ye Ming Chong was in a hurry, his face could not be washed and he hurriedly went out to find Shen Jun. Shen Jun is his lover, but also a famous artist. Although his popularity is not particularly high, he is also very popular. They used to live together. Later, considering that the paparazzi was troublesome and he was very busy in the past six months, Shen Jun proposed that they be separated for a while. He thought that this time it was really inappropriate to see him but he agreed to come down.

There is a manuscript in Shen Jun place, where there is a backup of all his manuscript story settings. Originally, this manuscript has been in his hands, but once he accidentally mentioned that these manuscripts are like his children, because they were created by him and after Shen Jun listened, he took all the manuscripts away. He said that it is his child too, that is its their child, so everyone has the obligation to take care of them

Finally, I did a good job.

Lin Yu Tong smiled and stood in front of the apartment where Shen Jun lived. He took out the spare key and opened the door. He knows that Shen is not there, because Shen Jun told him half a month ago that he was going to film in the field. It may take a month or so to come back.

However, the picture that came into view after opening the door was a whole different to the person who was on the spot.

There are five people in the house, two men and three women, Shen Jun, Shen Jun\'s mother, Lin Yu Tong and She Jun college classmate Xiao Wei and the remaining two people. It\'s easy to see from the looks. Ten-eight-nine are Xiao Wei\'s parents.

The person who should be Xiao Wei\'s father came over at this moment. " Who is this?"

Shen Jun\'s face became a bit ugly, but he still didn\'t speak. His mother Yiu Yan Qiu had already spoken. "This is one of my relative. He is from a far away relative, he said that he wanted to come over today, I forgot to mention this. I am sort." Speaking as he was getting up and pulling Lin Yu Tong, "Little Lin, I have something to tell you, you first come upstairs with me?"

Lin Yu Tong didn\'t talk or move, his eyes fell on Xiao Wei\'s stomach. The apparent bulge is obviously pregnancy.

Xiao Wei lowered her head and did not dare to speak. Lin Yu Tong turned to look at Shen Jun. "Why are they here?"

Shen Jun only hesitated for a moment and his eyes broke into a firm, "I will tell you later, you should go upstairs with my mom."

Lin Yu Tong suppressed his doubts and dissatisfaction. "Where is my manuscript?"

Shen Jun roughly said a position, Lin Yu Tong and Yan Yan Qiu entered Shen Jun\'s study. When the study door was closed, Lin Yu Tong asked again: "Auntie, why are those people outside there?"

Yiu Yan Qiu was silent for a while, then said: "Little Lin, those outside... The girl, her name is Xiao Wei, she has been pregnant for six months and he is planning to marry her." As Yiu Yan Qiu said that Lin Yu Tong\'s face was blue and green and she grabbed his wrist and said with a slight urgency: "Aunt knows that you like men, but Auntie asks you, it is not easy life today. If you let Xiao family know that you are in a relationship with Shen Jun isn\'t it ruining his future?"

"Ruining his future "Although he had guessed that Shen Jun could have something to say to him when he was downstairs, when he heard it, Lin Yu Tong still found that he could not calm down. He dared not look at Yiu Yan Qiu. "Auntie, why don\'t you say who made his future? When he was working outside and you were sick. Who took care of you? When he needed the money to bribe for the jobs... Who was giving him the money? And now you say I\'m now ruining his future? Me... Lin Yu Tong!"

Lin Yu Tong violently raised his voice. "Yes, I am angry, otherwise how can I disregard my good family? Run away with him? How can I help you when I was needed my most at home? Can you not help it? All this is because of who?!"

"Do you still have to blame us for bankruptcy? It\'s too unreasonable for you!"

"Yes, I\'m not reasonable." When it comes to this, Lin Yu Tong can\'t help but smack his forehead and he feels dizzy, but his self-deprecating smile has not changed at all. "Since I\'m said to be unreasonable, then what is the point?"

"Where are you going?" Yiu Yan Qiu grabbed Lin Yu Tong, who turned and walked away. "You can\'t go out!"

"Let the fuck go....let go of me!" Lin Yu Tong took a hard look and went to the side of the coffee table. Yiu Yan Qiu\'s gaze was facing the fruit knife. She went and, she picked up the knife and rushed to the door to block Lin Yu Tong\'s way. "Little Lin, you, if you want to go out you won\'t go unless you kill me! Otherwise, no one is going to ruin this for them!"

"I can\'t let people bully me and not fight back!" Lin Yu Tong raised his hand and went to grab the knife. Unexpectedly, he didn\'t have much strength in comparison. He couldn\'t get it all at once and he was pushed away from the door by Yiu Yan Qiu.

In Yiu Yan Qiu eyes, she was all rushed and flashed. She was holding her knife and screaming at herself. "Good boy, let\'s let us all go won\'t you?"

"Impossible!" Lin Yu Tong struggled under anger. Once again he struggled and finally grabbed the knife. However an accident happened at this moment. Shen Jun suddenly went upstairs without knowing how the knife ended up in Lin Yu Tong hand. He did not hesitate to walk over and gave him a punch!


Lin Yu Tong knocked down the flower pot on the window sill.

Shen Jun looked at him with anger and burned. "You fucking dare to take the knife and pointing it at my mother?!"

Lin Yu Tong\'s heart was torn apart and the pain changed even. "Shen Jun, I am Lin Yu Tong. Who the kind of person do you see in your heart?!"

"I can see if I see it with my own eyes !" "Yes, can you see if you see it with your own eyes? If this is the case, then you tell me that the plagiarism is not you who found someone to do it?"

He dared to glare at him and like he did not do anything? On the road, he secretly told himself that the alleged plagiarism must have nothing to do with Shen Jun!

"What about it? I can\'t easily hope that your Lin family will go bankrupt. Do you think I will give you a chance to turn it over?"

"Fuck your Grandpa Shen Jun!" Lin Yu Tong slammed over and grabbed Shen Jun\'s collar. "You ..... What do you mean by saying this?"

"Lin Yu Tong, I told you that I have already had enough of you! Is it great to be reborn? Weren\'t you the one helping me when I was in trouble? You are guilty of letting people all over the world know me. Shen Jun owes you love to spend your money?! Do you have a shameless face with a special taste, ah?!"

"You fucking bloody annoying fuck! When did I do this!"

"If you did or didn\'t do it. You know better than anyone else!"

"You!" Lin Yu Tong stretched his face and pointed at the person who appeared slowly at the door. "Is she right? If we have nothing, you will know that your mother will not say it. Who else besides her?"

"You ....don\'t push your responsibilities to others! It\'s your own fault for being lax! Besides Xiao Wei, she is pregnant with my child. What reason does she have to do something that is not good for me? But you always want to hold me in your hand and make listen to your pendulum..."

" Hey !" Lin Yu Tong swung his fist in Shen Jun face. Xiao Wei screamed and rushed to stand in front of Shen Jun. "Lin Yu Tong! You can hit me if you want to fight, don\'t hit him! I was the one who seduced him first!"

"You get fuck away away!" Lin Yu Tong said while pushing Xiao Wei away, picking up the vase next to him and smacked it on Shen Jun\'s head. Shen Jun\'s head was cut by the broken vase and the blood dripped down to blur his sight. Lin Yu Tong didn\'t give him the slightest breathing time. He was like a wild beast. He threw himself down in his body and went for death.

When Shen Jun saw that Lin Yu Tong pushed Xiao Wei away. He took advantage of his strength and fiercely turned Lin Yu Tong to the ground, but Lin Yu Tong did not know the pain. After he got up, he continued to rush and tear him apart.

Lin Yu Tong was excited by the bright red stimulation and more eager to have something to free him from this predicament.

For eight years, he thought that after seven years of playing around, Shen Jun\'s heart should have been settled, but he did not expect the ending to be like this.

Shen Jun was able to kick him a few times at first, but then he lost some blood and gradually became unable to hold back. Xiao Wei came over and pulled Lin Yu Tong and Shen Jun, who looked straight and turned his eyes, she was scared. In her memory, Lin Yu Tong has always had a sunny smile, so she never thought that this person would have a day when he would turn like a devil.

"Don\'t hit Lin Yu Tong! You will kill him like this!" Xiao Wei refused to pay attention to her body and was busy trying to pull them apart.

"Yeah, Little Lin, do you want to go to jail?!" Yiu Yan Qiu also pulled Lin Yu Tong hard.

However, Lin Yu Tong couldn\'t stop it. His fists fell on Shen\'s face. His sweat dripped into a bright red, smudged a strange picture. The picture stung his eyes and stings. His heart. If it is not because of the need to save Shen Jun development, how can he not help when his family encounters problem? How can he spend his self-blame every day, but is this how Shen Jun rewarding his trust?

They are all Shen Jun! No, it\'s all about him, he\'s looking at something in front of him not as good as a pig or a dog!

Lin Yu Tong didn\'t realize that his fists were getting heavier and heavier and heavier... Xiao Wei finally couldn\'t stand it anymore. Shen Jun, who was completely paralyzed at the bottom, made her look straightforward. It happened that she was swaying and saw something on the ground reflecting. She found that it was a fruit knife. She took it up and shoved it on Lin Yu Tong\'s back!

"Aah!" Lin Yu Tong stopped the action painfully and tried his best to push Xiao Wei away. Xiao Wei went back a few big steps and hit the guardrail with a slight gasp. Lin Yu Tong was shocked and saw that Xiao Wei was holding the guardrail. Unexpectedly, the next second, the unfinished guardrail turned back, Xiao Wei\'s heavy body suddenly lost balance and she quickly fell down!

"Ah, ah, ah, ah!"

"Xiao..." Yiu Yan Qiu fainted on the ground without finishing what he wanted to say.

"Lin Yu Tong, are you crazy!" Shen Jun was completely mad. The pain of losing his fiancee and the child forced him to forget what was calmness was. He got up and forced Lin Yu Tong, who had difficulty standing in the direction of the guardrail. Lin Yu Tong was unable to resist, but just one second before he fell, he suddenly caught Shen Jun clothes!


The heavy voice was clearly passed into the ear, but the pain he expected did not come.

Lin Yu Tong opened his eyes sharply and then he found that there was two people opposite him, who were staring at him silently.

The author has something to say: The troupe has come to open a new pit, this time is the warm blood of the dog, love and marriage, more courage to revenge for it~

PS: This background supports same-sex marriage. This background supports same-sex marriage. This background supports same-sex marriage. The important things are always said three times.