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Chapter 2190: Magic potion: You will fall wildly in love with me (9)

[Why is the host so confident in herself!]

Did I say something wrong?

[The host has to work hard, the difficulty of the missions are increasing and the host has to adapt!]

Un! xa0I’ll adapt, goodbye!


She wasn’t that angry, but after having a silent conversation with her system, she felt even more angry.

It was at this time that Ye Si Tian had to jump out!

“Hey, that filthy commoner, don’t you even have a gym uniform?” xa0Ye Si Tian’s voice was filled with ridicule as she revealed a proud look on her face.

Luo Qing Chen knitted her brows and acted like she didn’t hear anything as she walked forward without a single word.

“Damn!” xa0Ye Si Tian angrily cursed before rushing over towards Luo Qing Chen, wanting to push her down.

It had to be said, Ye Si Tian’s move really was direct. xa0It was really explosive, a direct confrontation!

But this depended on the person!

Luo Qing Chen’s ears piqued and she moved to the side, easily dodging Ye Si Tian. xa0She lost her balance and almost fell to the ground.


“Humph!” xa0Luo Qing Chen gave a snort before looking at her twisted face and saying with a shrug, “What a joke.”

“Don’t you be arrogant! xa0Don’t you know that Mu Nan Xi was also arrogant? xa0And then?” xa0Ye Si Tian raised her hand and pointed at Luo Qing Chen’s nose, “You ask her, has the grass in front of her little brother’s grave grown taller?”

Ye Si Tian’s expression was very scary, even having killing intent in her eyes, making Luo Qing Chen knit her brows.

She naturally wasn’t afraid, but she was a bit surprised. xa0A second year student in high school could actually say words like this.

There were many differences between commoners and rich people, but they were all the same in the face of life and death.

“Come all you want, it’ll be my loss if I even take a few steps back.” xa0A few seconds later, she gave a shrug with a calm look on her face. xa0When she passed by her, she didn’t forget to add, “Right, I don’t have a little brother.”

When Luo Qing Chen said this, her lips curled into a faint smile.

It was as if she was the winner, with absolute pride.

She wasn’t afraid of Ye Si Tian finding out who she was since she was someone with status, she couldn’t find out at all.

“Luo Qing Chen, you just wait for me.” xa0After taking a few steps, she heard Ye Si Tian roaring out behind her.

But she was more concerned about the matter with Mu Nan Xi’s little brother. xa0Based on Ye Si Tian’s words, it can’t be that……she killed Mu Nan Xi’s little brother, right!

Gym class went on as usual and there was another girl that appeared by Yu Qian Jin’s side. xa0She was very cute with short hair and a sweet smile.

Ye Si Tian rolled her eyes at her and didn’t say anything else.

Luo Qing Chen didn’t have any impression of this girl, but Ye Si Tian didn’t shout at her which meant that this girl wasn’t a commoner and her status was quite good.

After two laps around the courtyard, the teacher announced that it was free time. xa0Luo Qing Chen’s eyes never left Yu Qian Jin since he was her target. xa0Even if he didn’t fall in love with her at first sight, she should still take a few more looks to see if she could understand him.

Yu Qian Jin was quite good at basketball, shooting only three pointers and causing the crowd to be filled with cheers.

This short haired girl seemed quite obedient. xa0She sat on a stone bench not far away, bringing him a towel and water from time to time, looking quite ‘virtuous’.

Occasionally she heard teasing from the other boys on the basketball court.

“Young master Jin, out of all your girlfriends, I like this one the most.”

“Me too! xa0She seems so good, it can’t be that you’re planning on settling down, right!”

“You don’t know that! xa0Prodigal sons will always be conquered by well behaved girls.”

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