Professional Body Double - Chapter 96

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ZhouXiang definitely has a psychological hatred toward this name. Before he met YanMingXiu, he’s always felt that he is an open-minded tolerant person who would not be petty over little things. But toward WangYuDong, he is full of jealous hatred. This kind of petty jealously is something that even he is unwilling to face because it is a bit humiliating.

But he can’t control his gloomy emotions. He thought, if he could just have a fight with WangYuDong, it would actually give him some relief. But unfortunately, that is not something he could do. So the more he suppresses himself, the harder it is for him to endure.

Thinking about it, he hypnotically used his finger to gently push the “end call” button, hanging up the call. He thought, WangYuDong probably had never experienced having his phone call hung up by YanMingXiu. Seeing the phone screen gradually darkened, ZhouXiang suddenly realized what he had just done and can’t help but feel annoyed. How could he be jealous of WangYuDong to such extreme, it’s too fucking shameful.

Perhaps it’s from guilt or to cover up, when YanMingXiu came out of the bathroom, ZhouXiang looked at him and says, “WangYuDong called you.” Then he got up to go to the bathroom, brushing past YanMingXiu.

YanMingXiu is slightly startled. He picked up the phone from the bed with no intention to return the call. There is obviously something more important at this moment. But just when he was about to put down the phone, it rang again.

So, he could only pick it up, “Hello, Dong Ge.”

“MingXiu? What were you doing just now?”

“In the bathroom.”

“Is someone else at your home??”

YanMingXiu paused, “What’s the matter?”

“The phone call was disconnected earlier.”

YanMingXiu is stunned. He couldn’t help but glance at ZhouXiang’s back, “Nobody’s here. Don’t know what happened. Is something the matter?”

“Yea, Dong Ge wanted to talk to you about something. Are you free this afternoon?”

“I have something going on this afternoon. Whatever it is, just say it on the phone.”

WangYuDong heavily exhaled a breath, obviously not very satisfied with YanMingXiu’s dismissal. But he could only respond, “The country is cracking down on the real estate industry terribly at this time. My dad funds are trapped. Last time, I used the company’s funds to cover for him but I also got caught in the end. MingXiu, can you help me out?”

YanMingXiu furrowed his brows and went to gently close the door and then walked a few steps into the room. His voice sounding a bit harsh, “When I got the news last time, I’ve already told my sister to let you know. How could you still invest in it?”

WangYuDong quickly responded, “My dad wouldn’t listen to me at all. He is my dad after all. I can’t not help him. MingXiu, we are a family. Help me think of a way?”

YanMingXiu’s expression is gloomy as he took a deep breath, “How much do you need?”

WangYuDong didn’t say. It was as if he didn’t want to say it on the phone, “This… let’s talk when we meet. Are you free tomorrow?”

YanMingXiu’s voice is a bit unsympathetic, “Dong Ge, it’s not the first time I’ve helped you. If my dad or older brother finds out about this, you think about the consequences yourself. How many times do you want this to happen again?”

WangYuDong’s voice is a bit flustered, “MingXiu, I… I’m asking for your help because I have no other way. MingMei is pregnant. I don’t want her to worry.”

“What? My sister is pregnant? Why are you just saying this now?”

“We also just found out two days ago. Isn’t mom’s birthday the day after tomorrow? I had wanted to announce it on her birthday to give you guys a surprise.”

“MingXiu, right now is the most crucial time for MingMei. You know… you know that a pregnant woman’s mood is very unstable. I don’t want her to be affected because of my matters. You must not tell older brother or dad. Help me, you have a way.”

YanMingXiu drearily responded, “Fine, I know. Bring Lao Liu to my company tomorrow morning.”

After hanging up, he opened the door and walked out. ZhouXiang had just finished washing up in the bathroom. The two men looked directly at each other.

ZhouXiang saw YanMingXiu holding the phone; he obviously shut the door to talk. ZhouXiang couldn’t help but creased his brows, then swept his eyes passed YanMingXiu and turned to the living room.

YanMingXiu followed behind him and explained, “That was just family matters.”

ZhouXiang was setting the table. He responded indifferently with an “oh,” and then said, “I had wanted to pick it up for you but the touch screen is too sensitive. It accidentally hung up.”

YanMingXiu tightened his phone in his pocket. He was initially very upset because of WangYuDong’s phone call, but ZhouXiang’s added explanation made him catch onto something. He squinted at ZhouXiang, his mouth lightly raised, “It doesn’t matter even if the call was hung up.”

At this time, ChenYing came out with a pot. The house permeated with tempting aroma.

“Mom, let me (hold it),” Seeing ChenYing’s thin arms holding such a big pot, ZhouXiang is terrified. Just as he was about to take it from her, YanMingXiu, who was closer to ChenYing, had already stepped forward and took the pot into his hands and placed it on the table.

ChenYing wiped the sweat from her forehead, “Aiyah, it’s so heavy. Had I known earlier, I would have just served it in the kitchen.”

ZhouXiang took a glance; the pot is filled with aromatic dumpling soup. He said on the side, “In the future, let me carry it. What are we going to do if it gets spilled and burn you?”

ChenYing smiled embarrassingly. She glanced at YanMingXiu and softly muttered, “Thank you.”

YanMingXiu gently nodded his head, “Auntie, have a sit.”

The three people sat together and ate breakfast.

ChenYing first asked, “The both of you. How long has it been?”

ZhouXiang choked and looked at ChenYing in panic.

YanMingXiu calmly responded, “Two to three months.”

“Oh, no wonder Ah Xiang didn’t come back here often during this time.”

ZhouXiang awkwardly uttered, “Mom, let’s talk about this later.”

ChenYing looked at him, “What are you embarrassed about? Even I’m not embarrassed.”

ZhouXiang shamefully lowered his head to eat the dumpling soup.

ChenYing asked YanMingXiu, “Xiao Yan, is your grandfather YanDeJiang?”

YanMingXiu nodded.

ChenYing’s face emerged a trace of anxiety, “Aigh. If the elders in your family were to know…wouldn’t this be a problem?”

“Auntie, I have my own plans. I will not make it hard for Xiang Ge.”

ChenYing shook her head and sighed, “Still a child. Other things I won’t say, but as a parent, I’m definitely clearer than you. You guys ah… don’t think that this is so simple. Consider it carefully, think about the future. Don’t be so impulsive. Feelings will fade one day. Don’t regret it then.”

“Mom,” ZhouXiang couldn’t continue on listening anymore. He put down his chopsticks and said with a trace of serious tone, “Let’s stop talking, just eat, okay?”

ChenYing also realized that she had said too much and helplessly lowered her head.

YanMingXiu glanced at ZhouXiang and didn’t say anything. But the message conveyed in his eyes made it impossible for ZhouXiang to look at him directly.

After breakfast, YanMingXiu use the excuse of work to take ZhouXiang out.

YanMingXiu didn’t lie. He really took ZhouXiang to a film studio, seriously wanting to customize a movie for ZhouXiang. In his view, ZhouXiang is surely hoping for some level of achievements in his acting career. So naturally, YanMingXiu wanted to fulfill that for him.

Over the years, besides WangYuDong’s film, YanMingXiu has not played a supporting role for others. He had only participated twice in WangYuDong’s movies. The first time was because YanMingMei asked him and he couldn’t refuse. The second time was because of ZhouXiang. There was something about him (ZhouXiang) that made him want to pay more attention at a closer distance. Although at that time, he didn’t yet know that this (younger) ZhouXiang is that (older) ZhouXiang.

Now, he intends to solely focus on acting to support ZhouXiang’s movies. He really didn’t care at all whether or not he is popular. His sole purpose of exposing himself initially was because of his hope that ZhouXiang could still be alive somewhere in the world and could see him on TV. Now that ZhouXiang is back, he no longer needed to expose himself anymore.

YanMingXiu introduced ZhouXiang to an especially renown movie studio. Its establishment was led by a famous director and two gold label producers. It has all the best resources in the circle. To participate in one of their movies, the future prospect would be unimaginable.

ZhouXiang didn’t expect YanMingXiu to find such a big-name studio to work with a minor actor like himself. He knew very clearly of his own (meager) importance so he was a bit terrified. However, it’s likely that YanMingXiu have already gotten this settled. When they arrived, JiangYuan was already waiting for them as he very familiarly chatted with the people inside.

The people in the studio provided ZhouXiang with two scripts, both of which are the focus of being produced right now. One of them uses the People’s Republic era as a backdrop with an anti-Japanese theme script and a lowborn character as the protagonist. It is an extremely attractive role. Several people felt that ZhouXiang’s appearance and temperament are in line with the image of this wooden and slow but upright and honest role. Although the theme of this film is mostly serious, the studio intends to invest heavily into making it a classic. The protagonist has an image of an average civilian who is heroic and extremely righteous. This role could push ZhouXiang’s career to a peak.

For a person who had been a stuntman for nearly a decade, the sense of loss in not being able to reveal his own face for even a second in a film he had worked hard on is something others can’t possibly understand.

ZhouXiang is fully aware of the value of this film, he is very tempted. YanMingXiu had been observing ZhouXiang’s expression. When he saw ZhouXiang eyes glimmering from time to time during their discussion, he knew that he had taken the right step.

JiangYuan discussed in more details with the person in charge. After a while, it was lunchtime. YanMingXiu planned to invite these people for a meal.

At this time, the beautiful woman at the front desk knocked on the door and rushed in to tell one of the responsible parties, “President Zhang, WangYuDong is here.”

YanMingXiu and ZhouXiang both stiffened.

President Zhang smiled and responded, “You guys go ahead first. I’m going to talk to YuDong about some matters. President Yan, want to come with me?”

YanMingXiu shook his head and responded, “No need to. You go right ahead. We’re going to leave first. Let’s just meet at the restaurant tonight then?”

“That works too, please forgive me, there are too many things going on every day.”

The few people said a few pleasantries then President Zhang led them away.

WangYuDong’s voice came from the outside. Although his voice is not loud, it is very clear, “I saw MingXiu’s car downstairs. Is he here?”

YanMingXiu could only stand up and open the door.

ZhouXiang also followed along and stood up. Right when he turned around, the door is opened. His eyes colliding with WangYuDong’s, who clearly conveyed emotions of surprise to dissatisfaction.

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