Professional Body Double - Chapter 94

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After the two got home, ChenYing went to chat with Aunt Wang while ZhouXiang returned to his room. He called YanMingXiu immediately when he got into his room. Earlier ChenYing was there so it wasn\'t appropriate to say certain things. After the phone call was connected, ZhouXiang quickly asked, “How could you just casually take my mom out?”

YanMingXiu replied without any guilt whatsoever, “Could it be that you don\'t want her to get better treatment?”

“Her condition is good right now.”

“That’s because she hasn\'t been ill too long ago. There are many complications in the later stages of uremia and your understanding of this disease is too limited, including the hospital where she was getting her treatment. That is not a good hospital. Don’t tell me you don\'t want her to have the best treatment?”

The words YanMingXiu said literally pushed ZhouXiang onto a high wall, making it sound as though ZhouXiang didn\'t want ChenYing to have contact with YanMingXiu, even if it\'s at the expense of providing better treatment for her. ZhouXiang couldn\'t dispute this.

He responded irritably, “You\'re capable. What you say is reasonable but I don’t want her to be confused and think of foolish thoughts. She\'s just a conservative old lady. If this messed-up situation gets passed to her ears, she\'ll get sick even if she wasn\'t before.

YanMingXiu responded lightly, “I think she\'s much more open-minded and understanding than you think."

“Don\'t use your lame arguments to make this sound logical.”

YanMingXiu is silent and then asked rhetorically, “ZhouXiang, she\'s not your real mother. Do you really care that much about her?”

This time it was ZhouXiang that is silent. He thought a bit before responding, “Although she\'s not my real mother, I\'ve always wanted a mother. Besides, I took over her son\'s body; I can\'t possibly not fulfill my filial piety in his place.”

“Okay, I understand. Since you treat her as your mother, I\'ll also treat her as my mother.”

ZhouXiang got angry, “Don\'t fucking bullshit. My mom can\'t accept this kind of honor!" After saying that, he promptly hung up.

YanMingXiu didn\'t call back. ZhouXiang took a shower and fell onto the bed. He felt like he had been busy for an entire day so he was especially tired.

In fact, he certainly hoped that ChenYing could be treated in a good hospital. He had actually gone to that hospital initially and waited in line from two in the middle of the night until 6 in the morning just to get a ticket number. In the end, he still couldn\'t get it. Then when he looked at trying to buy a ticket number, the cost was ¥3,000, immediately scaring him. The online appointment to see the specialist was already booked out past four months. And even if the patient could be seen, if there needs to be a return visit, the wait is still a long time. When he thought of how difficult it is just to get an examination for an illness at a good hospital, he was afraid that ChenYing couldn\'t afford the wait so he no longer bothered with it.

It\'s not the same for someone with power and status. The hospital is like a home clinic. Seeking out the best doctors in the country is an easy thing to do. No matter how unjust ZhouXiang felt about this, he can\'t help but accept this fact.

He has a feeling as though YanMingXiu is a hunter, setting a net everywhere around him, waiting for him to have nowhere to go and then he would immediately pull the net. At that time, he may never be able to escape again.

But this is a trap he dared not and didn\'t want to jump into. He jumped into it once and lost his life. Even for a dog, if it had licked a fire pan once, it wouldn\'t be stupid enough to do it again, let alone people.

ZhouXiang heaved a sighed and realized that he couldn\'t fall sleep so he grabbed a book and started to read.

After a while, sensing that his eyes have started to feel droopy, he finally decided to go to sleep. Unexpectedly, his cell phone rang at this time.

ZhouXiang first looked at the clock on the wall. It was already two o’clock in the middle of the night. Who would call him? When he picked up his phone to check, surely it is YanMingXiu.

ZhouXiang didn’t want to pick up but pondering for a while, he still picked up, “Hey.”

“ZhouXiang, you haven’t slept yet?”

ZhouXiang responded lazily, “You woke me up.”

“The lights in your room are on.”

ZhouXiang subconsciously straightened up his body and turned his head, “Where are you?”


“What are you doing here?”

YanMingXiu’s voice is soft like the softest thick satin, “I made you angry, so I couldn\'t sleep. I wanted to come to your home to see but didn’t expect your lights to be on.”

ZhouXiang is silent. YanMingXiu’s caring attitude made him feel very uneasy, especially his heart, pounded beat by beat. He sighed softly, “I\'m going to sleep, (you) go back.”

“Can I go up? It’s cold outside.”

“You\'re not in the car?”

“I don’t want to be in the car, can’t see your windows from inside the car.”

ZhouXiang raked through his hair irritably, “YanMingXiu, don’t be like this. It’s not like you.”

“What is like me?”

“You… I don’t know, just go back.”

“I don’t want to. I want go up. I want see you.”

“YanMingXiu, what is really with you?”

"If I don\'t see you for even a day, I get anxious." YanMingXiu softly muttered, “Very anxious. Xiang Ge, you were so good to me before. At the time, I\'ve always felt that it should be like that because who told you to like me? In this past three years, I\'ve relied on our memories from then to endure. What I\'m most afraid of is that you would disappear again. I want you to move back because I want to be able to see you when I come home and have you by my side when I wake up every day. I no longer wanted to go through life not being able to find you… see you… or hear your voice. That was truly a nightmare."

ZhouXiang\'s hand holding the phone trembled.

“I\'m up. Open the door for me.”

ZhouXiang heard the footsteps from the quiet stairwell on his phone.

“I\'m outside your door,” YanMingXiu reminded him.

ZhouXiang sat on the bed for a while before hanging up the phone. Then he got up, put on his slippers, draped his thick pajamas around his shoulders and walked pass the living room to open the door for YanMingXiu.

YanMingXiu’s body exuded cold air, his ears and cheeks were red. He seemed to have been standing outside for a long time.

ZhouXiang was about to say something but YanMingXiu rushed over and embraced him tightly, his cold lips smashing onto his lips.

The living room is very dark. ZhouXiang took a few steps back and almost fell onto the sofa. The pajamas he had draped on his shoulders fell to the floor. He was only wearing a tank top and shorts to sleep. Being pulled into YanMingXiu\'s embrace immediately exposed him to the chilling air from the outside; his whole body shivered from the cold.

However, his (YanMingXiu) lips that were tightly pressing on his lips are hot, the thrashing of his tongue is also hot and even YanMingXiu’s hand holding his waist is gradually getting hot.

ZhouXiang is kissed to the point where he felt a bit dizzy, his mind blank for a while. Then he pushed YanMingXiu away and reached his hand to cover his mouth and whispered, “Don’t make any sound.” After saying that, he pulled YanMingXiu into his room and shut the door tightly.

If ChenYing were to see YanMingXiu, he wouldn\'t be able to clearly explain to her.

YanMingXiu’s enthusiasm did not get impeded. Right when the door is locked, he immediately pushed ZhouXiang to the bed.

ZhouXiang tried to avoid his advances but his bare skin still touched YanMingXiu’s clothes. He softly scolded, “Your body is freezing cold.”

YanMingXiu took off his coat and threw it on the floor, then clasped onto ZhouXiang’s hand and kissed him intensely.

Seeing the situation as such, ZhouXiang knew that he won\'t be able to evade (sex) tonight. The two didn’t know how many times they had done it before. Although they have numerous barriers in their hearts, at least their bodies are exceptionally genuine. At this time, there is nothing more to say. Might as well just do it.

ZhouXiang said in between gasps from being fervently kissed, “Don’t make a sound, they are just in the opposite room.”

YanMingXiu is thoroughly absorbed in kissing him as he moved down to his chin, his throat, not saying anything.

YanMingXiu very quickly removed all of his and ZhouXiang\'s clothes.

The room is very warm and the heating ignited their internal fires. At this time, the two men are nakedly entwined, seeing the glimmer of abnormal lights in each other\'s eyes. This perverse fire penetrated and filled their minds.

YanMingXiu frantically caressed ZhouXiang’s pectoral muscles, his intensive kisses are like raindrops falling on ZhouXiang\'s chest, leaving spots of love markings.

ZhouXiang embedded his hand in YanMingXiu\'s hair and whispered, “Do you have condom? I don\'t have it at home."

YanMingXiu paused, “I also don’t have it.”

ZhouXiang felt a bit angry, “Then what is there to do?”

“There were a few times that we didn\'t use it before.” YanMingXiu pressed onto him, obviously not relenting.

"Back then, we did it often…now…" ZhouXiang is a little embarrassed, "Fine… get up."

YanMingXiu instantly grabbed onto ZhouXiang’s little brother that had long stood erected. He gripped it gently making ZhouXiang\'s entire body becoming partially soft.

ZhouXiang twisted his body uncomfortably; his willpower is not as resolute. Speaking of it, he had not been fully able to enjoy sex for a long time. From rebirth till present, not even once.

He really missed it.

YanMingXiu kissed his lips, “Xiang Ge, let\'s do it. I\'ll be careful not to hurt you.”

ZhouXiang reached his hand to grab the hand cream from the headboard, “We\'ll just make do.”

YanMingXiu kissed him intensely. Then, he spread ZhouXiang’s two long legs, seeing his (ZhouXiang’s) slightly erected crotch lying in between his pubic hair; he couldn’t help but lowered his head and used his soft tongue to brush the tip of his hardened sex organ.

ZhouXiang\'s body trembled as he looked at YanMingXiu in shock.

In the year they lived together, he had done this (kissed YanMingXiu\'s cock, blowjobs) many times, but not once did YanMingXiu use his mouth on him. He\'s always comforted himself that it\'s because YanMingXiu had mysophobia (T/N), but in actuality it was because the other person didn\'t even care for him.

T/N: mysophobia – extreme or irrational fear of dirtiness or contamination.

He didn\'t expect YanMingXiu to be willing to do this.

YanMingXiu seemed to feel his gaze. He lifted his head slightly, his expression looking a bit embarrassed, “I try.”

ZhouXiang’s heart jumped erratically.

That expression… that expression looked just like the first time he saw YanMingXiu, this beautiful young boy, his face obviously looking embarrassed because he had mistakenly recognized the wrong person. This look is so attractive, striking him in his heart almost instantly.

He didn’t know whether or not he fell in love with YanMingXiu at first sight but at least in terms of appearance, he had never seen anyone more appealing than YanMingXiu. It seems that his shallowness is the beginning of this tragedy.

Having no time to ponder any further, ZhouXiang’s cock is sheathed in a warm mouth. This wet and smooth feeling really makes a person insane, especially when ZhouXiang saw the expression on YanMingXiu\'s face, the face that had once made him deeply infatuated. No matter whether it is psychological satisfaction or physical pleasure, all of it rapidly soared to the extreme at once.

ZhouXiang couldn’t help but moaned once as his hand gripped tightly onto the bed sheets.

This unbearable moan gave YanMingXiu huge motivation. Relying on the memories of how others did this on him, he glided the increasing hardened cocked in and out of his warm mouth. Even though the taste is unpleasant, when he thought of how he could pleasure ZhouXiang, he was willing to do it.

ZhouXiang hasn’t been aroused for such a long time, so very soon, he shot out. YanMingXiu couldn\'t evade it in time and was sprayed on the face. ZhouXiang is extremely embarrassed as he grabbed a few sheets of tissues and handed it to him. YanMingXiu wiped the semen from his face and smiled at him warmly.

ZhouXiang’s face is a burning hot. He had already passed the age of being embarrassed over this kind of thing, but at this time he didn’t know what is happening to him.

YanMingXiu leaned over, gently caressing and stroking his waist while kissing him softly. “Can I?”

ZhouXiang vaguely muttered at “hmm” sound.

YanMingXiu spread his thighs widely, and then squeezed a big amount of hand cream on his hand and smeared it on ZhouXiang’s hole. His meat hole is very tight. YanMingXiu’s finger struggled with much difficulty before finally squeezing in.

ZhouXiang moved uncomfortably, his brows lifted slightly.

YanMingXiu caressed him while using his fingers to probe back and forth in and out of his hole.

He had done it with this body several times. Although the number of times is very few, he is not unfamiliar with it. However this time is different from any other times. In the past, what he needed from this body was to vent his frustrations. Besides desire, there was yearning, remorse, sorrow, and so on. But this time is different, what he wanted is to meld as one with this person. Looking at this person, who is both familiar and unfamiliar to him, this is not the face of his beloved ZhouXiang. He missed the face of the man who always had on a warm and carefree smile. But he could no longer see it again. Everything was his fault. But fortunately, fortunately, the man\'s soul is still here, no matter what his face looks like, just knowing that the person in this body is the person he loves the most is enough.

Under YanMingXiu\'s tantalizing probes and jabs, ZhouXiang’s meat hole softened. The tight mouth opened slightly and shimmered in the light. YanMingXiu pulled out his wet fingers and switch to use his penis to push at ZhouXiang\'s hole. His meaty tip continuously probe at the tender red hole before finally pushing in slowly.

ZhouXiang took a deep breath. All the senses in his body are awakened. His entire body concentrated on his tightened tunnel, feeling YanMingXiu\'s hardened penis penetrating through his tightened meat walls, bit by bit impaling him.

ZhouXiang\'s gasping voice trembled a bit. He gritted his teeth, "Go light… lightly…"

YanMingXiu slowed down. He slowly pressed to rub ZhouXiang’s tight hole and whispered softly, “Relax a bit. I want to go all in. Xiang Ge. Forget all the previous times. I want to give you the best experience, just like how we did before."

ZhouXiang gritted his teeth, the shame of having something foreign invading his body made him speechless.

YanMingXiu held onto his waist tightly and moved slowly. YanMingXiu’s big cock and his beautiful face seemed completely unfitting. ZhouXiang was intimidated the first time he saw it. At this time, this big baby has swelled to an atrocious size from being aroused. ZhouXiang felt that his entire intestinal cavity is filled with YanMingXiu’s cock. Every time YanMingXiu thrust into him, it felt like a hard and hot rod is furiously raging in his internal organs. This feeling of being completely filled can’t be expressed.

ZhouXiang lifted his neck, his face blushing red. Every time YanMingXiu plunged deeply into him and then pulled out, his entire body would shudder. Despite changing to a different body, all his sensitive areas are surprisingly the same. Maybe this has nothing to do with the physical body itself but is directly related to his own senses, so every time YanMingXiu ignited the desires in him, he is able to successfully make ZhouXiang fully aroused.

Soon the two men returned to their passion from before. In the year they lived together, the two were like wild beasts. They almost did it in every positions and locations, frantically and boldly enjoying the excitement and thrilling pleasure that sex brings them. At that time they were familiar with every sensitive areas of the other person\'s body and can very easily make the other person\'s lust surged. ZhouXiang had always been a one before he met YanMingXiu. Mainly because he felt that his appearance, figure, and temperament is not suitable to be on the bottom. After being with YanMingXiu is when he came to realize that he is naturally more fitting to be a zero. The number of times he cum almost immediately were not many, but there were several occasions when YanMingXiu easily made him shot out almost instantly. Now that the two are nakedly intertwined again, all the crazy memories from the past rapidly rose up to their minds. Just merely thinking about it is enough to make ZhouXiang\'s body scalding hot.

YanMingXiu’s thrusts are getting stronger and faster, almost making it impossible for him to close his thighs. He can only lay numb with his legs spread apart to make it easier for YanMingXiu to plunder in and out.

ZhouXiang didn’t dare to make a sound. In fact, he especially liked to moan aloud. Especially at the moment of climax, the pleasure is too thrilling but he didn’t forget where he was. He could only bite his teeth and let the waves of pleasure push him step by step to the peak of desire.

The sweat from YanMingXiu\'s face fell to his chest, it is scalding hot.

ZhouXiang opened his misty eyes at YanMingXiu. YanMingXiu also looked at him. This is the first time that the two are making love face-to-face. No, it\'s not that they haven\'t tried this direct facing position. It should be said that this was the first time they are making love face-to-face with YanMingXiu looking directly into his eyes and not burying his face in trying to pretend he was someone else.

When their eyes collided, ZhouXiang clearly saw the love permeating from YanMingXiu\'s eyes; this tender affection shocked him to his core.

YanMingXiu thrusted vigorously into ZhouXiang body. At the moment when the thrilling pleasure was becoming unbearable and about to erupt, he firmly and tremblingly muttered, “Xiang Ge, I love you.”

End of the chapter