Professional Body Double - Chapter 93

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The next morning, CaiWei called ZhouXiang to go back to the company.

When ZhouXiang woke up, YanMingXiu had already awakened and even planned to make him breakfast but he was not as quick as ZhouXiang. ZhouXiang finished cooking and ate, then rushed out.

Seeing that it\'s close to the lunar New Years, the company had a lot of things needing to be done. CaiWei lacks helpers to deliver gifts so he lent ZhouXiang a car and had him help deliver the gifts. ZhouXiang had done these tasks before so CaiWei felt very much at ease in letting him handle it. After ZhouXiang\'s identity was revealed, although CaiWei was furious in the beginning, ZhouXiang could tell that he was very happy. He used to be CaiWei\'s right hand man and his competency had made CaiWei felt very much at ease. So at this time, important tasks were naturally given to him.

After ZhouXiang delivered the gifts, he called CaiWei to ask if he could borrow the car and return it to the company tomorrow. He wanted to use it move. He had very little things in the condo that YanMingXiu transferred to him. All his things fit in the car. Even though YanMingXiu wanted to help him, he didn\'t want to see YanMingXiu all the time. That would make him nervous.

CaiWei very quickly agreed and ZhouXiang drove the car back to that condo. He went in and cleaned up a little. There was really nothing. He packed up in less than an hour and put everything in the car.

He still intended to give this condo back to YanMingXiu, in hoping that YanMingXiu could also return his condo to him.

After cleaning up, he drove back to ChenYing\'s place.

After he opened the door, the home was very quiet. ZhouXiang remembered that today is Thursday and Aunt Wang must\'ve gone with ChenYing to the hospital for dialysis.

When he was about to remove his shoes, the door was opened from the room. ZhouXiang looked up and saw Aunt Wang coming out of the room like she had been sleeping.

“Aunt Wang? You didn’t go to the hospital with my mom?”

"Your mom already went. I didn\'t go."


Aunt Wang said excitedly, “Your friend, that big star YanMingXiu came this morning and took Ying Jie out.”

ZhouXiang froze as he bent down to take off his shoes. He straightened his back, “You said that YanMingXiu took my mom?”

“Yeah, he said that he will take Ying Jie to do dialysis.”

“My mom just went with him like that?” ZhouXiang’s tone unconsciously rose.

Aunt Wang seemed to feel that his tone sounded abnormal and got a little nervous, "Ah Xiang, what’s wrong? Was it inappropriate?”

ZhouXiang realized his attitude seemed a bit off and shook his head with a smile, “It’s okay. I just felt sorry for inconveniencing others. You don\'t have to wait on us for dinner; I\'m going to go to the hospital to pick my mom up.”

“Ah… Ah Xiang.”


“They may not be at the hospital where she usually goes. Your big star friend said that he\'s going to take Ying Jie to a better hospital for checkup.”

ZhouXiang nodded quietly, “Okay, got it.” ZhouXiang grabbed his key, cell phone and left.

As he was walking, he dialed YanMingXiu’s cell phone and the call was quickly connected.


“Hey. YanMingXiu, where did you take my mom today?”

“To the hospital.”

“Which one?”

“XX Hospital. I found someone to do an examination evaluation on her.”

ZhouXiang heaved a sigh of relief. Initially, he was very skeptical of YanMingXiu\'s purpose for taking ChenYing, but at least YanMingXiu brought her to a reliable place. XX Hospital is the best hospital for treating uremia in the country. Unfortunately, he couldn\'t get on the waiting list. “I\'m going there now. You didn’t say anything rash to my mom right?”

YanMingXiu is silent for a moment, “We\'re not in the hospital now. The dialysis is done. She\'s at my home right now.”

ZhouXiang clenched his cell phone, “You…what did you say to her?”

“Come over first.”

ZhouXiang hung up the phone depressingly and drove to YanMingXiu’s home. He rushed to YanMingXiu\'s place as quickly as he could. Once he got to the place, he found that the two of them were actually wearing aprons, making zucchini pancake (T/N). The entire room permeated with the aroma of white radish and chicken soup.

zucchini panckake

T/N: Zucchini pancake: is a traditional staple food in old Beijing. It is a soft cake made from zucchini, eggs and flour.

“Mom?” ZhouXiang looked at them strangely.

ChenYing smiled, “You\'re here. Go wash your hands and wait for dinner; we\'re almost done.”

ZhouXiang then looked at YanMingXiu.

YanMingXiu smiled at him softly, “Take off your coat; it\'s very hot in the room.”

ZhouXiang took off his coat and walked toward them uncomfortably. He had been observing ChenYing\'s expression but ChenYing is immersed in cooking and didn\'t look at him.

ZhouXiang said helplessly, “I am going to check on the soup.”

As soon as he entered the kitchen, a clay pot of chicken soup was bubbling with heat on top of the gas stove. YanMingXiu said from behind him, “It\'s done. Turn off the stove.”

ZhouXiang turned off the stove, opened the lid, and the appetizing aroma suddenly rushed up his nose. ZhouXiang put the clay pot on the table and serve the soup into three bowls to let it cool down.

Soon, the rice and other dishes were done.

The three sat down on the table with ZhouXiang and YanMingXiu directly facing each other. The atmosphere was a bit awkward.

From the moment that ZhouXiang got into the home until now, he didn\'t say anything and ChenYing also didn\'t say anything. Only YanMingXiu leisurely spoke to them. It seemed as though everything is normal, as if it isn’t their first time having a meal like this.

While YanMingXiu is drinking soup, he said, “I took Auntie to XX Hospital today. The diagnosis results are the same as the previous one. However, the experts have some better solutions in the treatment methods. Next time we can go together and discuss it.”

ZhouXiang suppressed himself from asking the questions that he wanted to ask. He nodded and responded, “Okay.”

After the meal, YanMingXiu wanted take them back home but ZhouXiang refused, “Don\'t need to. I drove the company’s car here. We can go back on our own." After saying that, he didn\'t wait for YanMingXiu to say anymore and left with ChenYing.

When the weather is freezing cold, it\'s really unbearable to get directly into the car after leaving the home. ZhouXiang started to consider buying a car again. Although YanMingXiu still kept his original car but because the car was initially bought used and its functionality was just average, adding on that it was left not driven for three years, it can no longer start. ZhouXiang intends to include a car as part of his next year’s plan.

After getting into the car, ZhouXiang didn\'t speak. He waited for ChenYing to speak first.

Sure enough, ChenYing quietly heaved a sigh, “This kid is pretty good.”

“Mom, what did you two do today?”

"He suddenly came to the apartment this morning. I saw him last time so I thought he came to see you. I didn’t expect him to come see me and said that he would take me to the big hospital for an examination.”

“And then you just went? Why didn\'t you give me a call?”

“Your mother is not stupid. If he wasn\'t trying to get something, why would he treat this old lady so nice? I also watched the news. When I saw the promotional event, I\'ve already noticed that the way he looks at you is different. I\'ve said. You shouldn\'t hide these things from me. Lately, you\'ve been staying out all night. Do you really think that I would believe you are working overtime every day?"

ZhouXiang sighed helplessly, “Mom, we are not like what you think."

“And what is that?”

ZhouXiang suddenly became speechless. He really didn’t know how to explain his relationship with YanMingXiu to ChenYing nor could he tell her the truth. A conservative elder like ChenYing would definitely not accept it. ZhouXiang couldn’t help but become more worried about the rumors that could get into ChenYing’s ears. ZhouXiang is especially furious thinking how YanMingXiu just came and took ChenYing away. He said vaguely, “We were in a movie together and he took good care of me, but I don\'t think we are suitable. We’re from different worlds."

“Aiyah, that\'s what I\'m worried about too. Although this child is very good, his family background is way out of our league. I just hope that you can find a person who you can live with sincerely. If you\'re really with him, I\'ve nothing to say. But will his family agree? I don\'t want to see you suffer so I didn\'t say anything today. This matter, it\'s better for you to make your own decision."

ZhouXiang smiled, “Mom, you think too much. We are not even to that extent. How can I say this? Anyways, it\'s not possible between us. You just treat him as a friend of mine okay? But try not to inconvenience him."

“I understand. I just wanted to test him today or I wouldn\'t have taken up his entire day. Who would\'ve guess that this kid who seemed to be quite insensible is especially good. My dialysis treatment took four to five hours but not once was he impatient. He even chatted with me the whole time. Aiyah, he\'s really good. He\'s also handsome and is thoughtful. Ah Xiang, this is your own matters so I won\'t say anymore. Anyways, just remember that whatever you do, I\'ll support you."

ZhouXiang smiled and glanced at her, “Mom, you\'re really not an ordinary old lady, too cool!"

Being teased by him, ChenYing said with pride, "My son will also be a star in the future. I also have to keep up with the times."

ZhouXiang smiled with her but there is no smile visible in his eyes. YanMingXiu has no worries but ZhouXiang do. He can’t imagine how ChenYing would feel upon hearing the unbearable rumors and how disappointed she would be at her son. ZhouXiang gripped tightly onto the steering wheel, with increasing dissatisfaction toward YanMingXiu.

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